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  1. I feel like streaming some glitchy SNES Mortal Kombat over on Mixer, come check it out if you are bored:

  2. Wow, nice find! I was extremely surprised to see that he was also responsible for the cover art to "Powerslave", another rather obscure FPS for the PS1/Saturn:
  3. I'm gonna be streaming some SNES Doom from the actual hardware:
  4. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have gotten a legit copy of GBA Doom II off of eBay about 5 years ago or so. It was in a lot along with Duke Nukem Advance and 007: Nightfire, and I ended up paying about 20 bucks for the entire lot. I also managed to get the original Doom and Wolf 3D for GBA around the same time for pretty reasonable prices, so I'm guessing this is before the prices on them really skyrocketed. I thought all the ports were really enjoyable. They aren't really my go-to versions to play, but they are very good nonetheless. That being said, even though I own my original Game Boy Advance I find that I get more enjoyment by playing all my Game Boy games through the Game Boy Player add-on for the Gamecube. I've never been too big a fan of portable gaming, so the Game Boy Player gives me a chance to play these games without having to strain my eyes.
  5. Hmm, that's pretty interesting since MacWolf was coded by Burger Becky and was released AFTER both SNES and Jaguar Wolf 3D. It pretty much seems like Carmack back-ported the game behavior of Wolf 3D into the Doom engine to make this version work from what I can tell so far. The GBA version of Wolf 3D was actually handled by ONE programmer. Pretty crazy that it's the most accurate of all the ports as well...
  6. Did you also have Cybermorph and Kasumi Ninja by any chance? Those were the other two games with the listing. I bought it on eBay earlier this month, and was primarily interested because the listing included Doom, Wolf 3D and the composite cable (most other listings only had the RF cable, which mine also came with).
  7. Looking into the "IWAD" data at the end of the ROM a little bit more, I've also managed to figure out that the definitions for each of the midi "instruments" appear to be stored right at the end after the music. Along with that, there also appears to be several color palettes scattered about around as well, including RGBPALS, CRYPALS, PALMAP, and BRIEFPAL. I also see what looks like the info for BJ's face in the status bar (FACE 1-25, plus FACEL and FACER as well), and also the definition for the logo screen at the start of the game (called BALLMAP).
  8. So I've recently bought an Atari Jaguar, and with it both the ports of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. The source code of Jag Doom has obviously been available for a long time now, but the Jag port of Wolfenstein 3D has been a little bit harder to get information on. As we know, the Jaguar port of Wolfenstein 3D came before the port of Doom, and was ported by id as a way to test the abilities of the Jaguar to see if it would be able to handle Doom. The Jaguar port of Wolfenstein 3D is noted for having numerous similarities with Doom. The sprites for the pistol, chaingun and rocket launcher are all borrowed from Doom, the lives/treasure system is completely removed and those items now act like the health potions and soul spheres from Doom, and higher difficulties randomly have treasure pieces removed and replaced with enemies. Like I've done with previous games in the past, I figured to open up the ROM of my copy of Jaguar Wolfenstein 3D in a hex editor just to poke around and see if there was anything unusual in there. I'm not sure if any of this has been documented any where else on the web, I've done a quick google search about the Jaguar port of Wolf 3D, and I haven't really found all that much info about the port. Perhaps if someone has some knowledge about this they can come forward about it. Anyway, the first thing that I noticed right away towards the beginning of the ROM were some of the same "error messages" that I've been seeing in pretty much every Doom console port that I've viewed in a hex editor. Upon also looking at the Jaguar port of Doom and the SNES port of Wolf 3D in a hex editor, here is how Jag Wolf 3D is broken down: Starting at memory address 00011310 in the ROM of Jag Wolf 3D are the same set of info/error messages that also appear in Jag Doom, these messages are: -NuIWAD.Wad file doesn't have IWAD id -NuW GetNumForName -NuILumpLength -NuIReadLump -NuiCacheLump Then, several error messages (I'm leaving out some of the descriptions here): -NuZFree -NuZMalloc -NuZCheckHeap -NuZChangeTag Following these are several error messages that have been brought over from SNES Wolf 3D, and generally relate to both actor and door behavior ingame, as well as a message for static overload, actor overload, door overload, etc. In Kaiser's extremely old thread about Console Doom Hacking, he stated that the IWAD address of Jaguar Doom was at 0X4000 in the ROM. Upon doing a search in Jaguar Wolf 3D, this port ALSO has an IWAD, and it starts at 0X2000 in the ROM. The difference in values is likely due to Jag Doom being a 4 meg cartridge, whereas Jag Wolf 3D was only a 2 meg cartridge. The rest of the ROM is rather uneventful, but the end of it reveals another curiosity. Starting at Address 001ED670 is what looks very much like how a Doom IWAD file is laid out: The first "category" features a list of all the maps in game (numbered from 0-29). The second category lists out all the sprites (1-154). The third category lists out wall textures (1-36). Following that is what looks like the information for the intermission screen, followed by information for the main menu(?). Other stuff that I'm able to distinguish here include what look like the references for the 3 demos (listed as DEMO1, DEMO2, DEMO3), a list of all ingame sound effects (ex. D BONUS, D OPENDR, D FTHROW, D KNIFE) and a list of all the songs ingame. For comparison, Jaguar Doom has the list of all it's data at the end of the ROM as well, and it's arranged in a very similar way (Sprites, then textures, and ending with sound effects and music). To wrap this up, I think it can be said that Jaguar Wolfenstein 3D is a hybrid which uses elements from both the Jaguar Doom engine and SNES Wolf 3D engine. Again, I'm not sure if any of this information is common knowledge, but it is fascinating none-the-less. Any thoughts? EDIT: Fixed some grammatical errors, guess that's what happens when you post while half-asleep. :)
  9. Gonna be streaming some PSX Doom from the actual hardware on Mixer (formerly Beam), come check it out:
  10. Not too often honestly. I played some Skulltag a little bit back in the day before it folded but that's about it. I've been meaning to re-download Zdaemon to get back into the hobby though.
  11. I don't have too many games at the moment, but I do play the first three Quake's every now and then.
  12. Roger Moore was also great in 'The Saint' television series (Not to be confused with the terrible late 90s movie remake). If you enjoyed his Bond films, then I would highly recommend watching the series:
  13. Welp, this is the first time I sign in to the new forum since the upgrade. Overall I'm impressed. I finally had to retire my old Crowfish icon though since the new software made it look WAYYY too pixelated. I've been using this Batman '66 avatar on a few other gaming sites however, so I figured I'd bring it on over here.
  14. How can you have an Avant-Garde thread without Yoko Ono? Even George Harrison got in on the Avant-Garde act as well:
  15. Just download the official PSX Doom TC located here: You'll find all the PSX/Saturn exclusive levels contained within.