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  1. When my main rig is fixed I gonna playtest this one for sure, can't wait
  2. [Boom] Btlgs1

    Looks awesome, I'll play it later this day
  3. Quantum Strike (V2) [now on /idgames]

    Screens look very cool, gotta give this a go!
  4. The siren idea reminds me of the endfights in the L4D2 chapters. Really nice stuff here
  5. Lookin good! Cant wait to see some of the maps
  6. Maybe something of a urban style/hell - combo? I know we already got lots of hell from other Doom stuff, but with your style that could be awesome! Or do you plan on basing everything of 100% real locations? In that case, maybe an abandoned shpooing center could be cool
  7. Lookin awesome! Can't wait to shoot some stuff with the gatling gun hahaha
  8. Cant wait for more videos :)
  9. Highest upgraded sounds nice! I really hope you get some more attention with this, I have no idea why this doesnt get more replies...
  10. This looks awesome! Cant wait to see more
  11. TNT: Resistance

    Amazing, On-spot diffuculty
  12. My first map (for Doom 2) + Dropbox download link

    Looks very nice for a first map, looking forward to play it!
  13. Skulldash Expansion - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

    Loking fantastic I cat wait to play this!