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  1. omegamer

    A Silent Hill map for GZDoom

    I love the SH franchise! Gotta play this asap
  2. Really dope mapset from what I've played so far. But for some reason I can't complete map05. I've killed all the chaingunners in the last arena and powered the switch in the room with the 4 archvilles. A big platform went down, but nothing more happened. Where is the exit? I'm to dumb to find it
  3. omegamer

    The holy trinity of FPS games

    Doom ofc, but for me also Far Cry 1. I think I'm the only human on earth with this opinion, but I just love that game.
  4. omegamer

    P.R.I.S.O.N (DOOM 2 MAP)

    are you actually serious or trolling?
  5. omegamer

    D3 | GZDoom mod | TBA

    This looks so sick, cant wait to try it out myself some time!
  6. omegamer

    Bloodspeed (Final)

    Sreenshots look great, gonna test this out soon!
  7. omegamer

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Gonna check this out tomorrow, looks stunning!
  8. omegamer

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    Brilliant screens,gonna test this out ASAP!
  9. omegamer

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

  10. omegamer

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    holy shit... just amazing
  11. omegamer

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    This is hands-down the best mod Ive ever seen on the Doom engine! I cant fucking wait to play this
  12. omegamer

    Shadow over the Pathoras 1.4 Anniversary Edition

    This looks promising gonna take a look
  13. omegamer

    3dm: 3 Deathmatch Maps

    These look great, especially the last screen!
  14. omegamer

    D3 | GZDoom mod | TBA

    Amazing! Imagine how this'd look with specular & normal mapping