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  1. Cool update! Can't wait for the new content
  2. omegamer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Looks like a place for some nasty traps! I can hear the revenants already lol
  3. omegamer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Bat shits crazy
  4. omegamer

    Improvisation Station

    Nice little map! Tbh I didn't even know of the baron being able to teleport behind the player, for me it was just stuck in it's place, making it completly harmless. The map could profit from 2-3 sections where the player is not only able to see open windows, but the outside of the map, to give a better feeling of space. Maybe even include a secret outside for the player to find and explore like the og E1M1.
  5. omegamer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Thx! Im not sure, If i'll keep that sky gfx, depends on how it will work with the other themes I have in mind for the set. Look at it as a placeholder atm :-)
  6. omegamer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Just started working on my first Doom mapset after a break of around 12 years. Will be mostly vanilla textures, with some minor replacements, additions & tweaks. I want it to feel classic, while not being as underdetailed, as most early PWADs. Also I want every map to have a surrounding theme, that slowly melts into the theme of the next map, before reaching the exit.
  7. omegamer

    Visual artifact in PrBoom

    this way easy! thanks it worked
  8. omegamer

    Visual artifact in PrBoom

    Hey, after a pause of 11 years, recently, I've started working onsome Doom 2 maps again. However, when testing in PrBoom+, I get some visual artifact in one outdoor are of my map and I have no clue, why. In GZDoom this HOM kinda issue is not visible... There are no missing textures or anything obvious that causes this issue. Does anybody have an idea what causes this?
  9. The 2 episodes out already are some of my favourite gaming experiences in the last decade, not only in a Doom engine, but in general. I really can't wait for more! Will the expansion also feature a hub world, or is it more of a linear experience?
  10. omegamer

    A Silent Hill map for GZDoom

    I love the SH franchise! Gotta play this asap
  11. Really dope mapset from what I've played so far. But for some reason I can't complete map05. I've killed all the chaingunners in the last arena and powered the switch in the room with the 4 archvilles. A big platform went down, but nothing more happened. Where is the exit? I'm to dumb to find it
  12. omegamer

    The holy trinity of FPS games

    Doom ofc, but for me also Far Cry 1. I think I'm the only human on earth with this opinion, but I just love that game.
  13. omegamer

    P.R.I.S.O.N (DOOM 2 MAP)

    are you actually serious or trolling?