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  1. Looks very nice for a first map, looking forward to play it!
  2. Loking fantastic I cat wait to play this!
  3. Didnt play the original but when this comes out Ill definately try! The trailer looks insane!
  4. Hey mate, What exactly is the problem? Seems like you got everything you need to run that WAD. Or do you not know how to run a specific WAD like Mordeth? More information would be great.
  5. As I already said on ModDB, I really look forward to playing this. Looks very exciting!
    Very nice map from Paul, as always
    Fun little map
    this fucking sucks
    great map!
  6. An hour ago I played trough map 1-4, the little details in the map designs are very cool and creative, Go on with this!
    for a first map its great!
  7. This looks pretty promising I'll go and check it out!
  8. Just played trough map01 and died a few steps away from exit on map02. Designwise it looks pretty damn nice. What I dont cant really get the hang of is the random factor like some of my pre-posters said. If maps are more on the challenging side it can get pretty annoying to not be able to learn a specific strategy on how to approach things, but thats just my 2 cents, you said you're aware of that so I think its a matter of taste. But as I said, the design is very nice IMO and I enjoeyed the choice of music.
  9. For some reason I didnt get a chance to get my hands on your WAD, even if its WIP for such a long long time until now. Just played trought the first map, I think I'll save up the others for another session these days. The flow of the gameplay was really really nice for such a big MAP01. And seeing how much of an effort was put into this is pretty darn impressing, thanks for this awesome contribution to the community :)
    top notch