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  1. map09: The Palace, by John Bye zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played We have another brown themed map with a layout involving several corridors and a whopping 10 secrets. None of the fights are particularly challenging and as long as you keep your eye peeled for switches and backtrack after triggering them, you'll find almost all of the secrets. I feel that the east side layout would have been better off it was shrunk in size, it is rather larger than it needs to be given the enemies placed there.
  2. map08: Focus, by Ola Björling and John Bye zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A brown brick and metal themed map with some marble in places. Good lighting helps build the mood nicely. With no secrets to be concerned with, you get to go about the business of beating up the enemy right away. There's a step up in difficulty on this smallish map. The enemy density has increased over earlier maps although the monster composition is much the same with mostly low tier enemies to tackle. The most interesting, dangerous, and simply unfair fight occurs in the room with the archvile. A nasty trap is sprung on the player involving a chaingunner concealed in each of the 4 corners while the player is distracted by several shotgunguys that have been revealed. With only 4 units of armor provided up to that point you can easily be mown down if you aren't careful.
  3. map07: The Church, by Malcolm Sailor zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played Out of the fort and into a dark, dank church. Malcolm Sailor delivers a "Dead Simple" styled map where you first clear the outer, then the inner. Your super shotgun will get plenty of use here as you work your way around the outside corridors and collect the keys needed to get into the center where the action really picks up. As others have observed, it is unfortunate that any threat posed by the enemy can be trivialised by door camping. If you run short of ammo or health note that all of the pillars in the surrounding outer corridors can be lowered for top ups.
  4. map06: The Fort - II, by John Bye zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played Apparently exit strategies are for wusses. After blowing up the fort's computer network, it's time to get out of what remains of the fort. The map consists of half the old fort with a new area opened up to the north. It plays much like the previous map with backtracking for secrets after hitting mysterious switches. The enemies are not overly threatening, but the 2 archviles that appear this time are more free to roam if you are caught unaware. John Bye makes excellent use of lighting in the corridors to help build the mood.
  5. Shoot the console behind the red key in the room north of that hallway. That will lower the corner wall in the hallway so you can wipe out those 2 chain gunners and shotgunguy. You'll pick up 2 boxes of rockets and 2 medikits in there too. This stumped me for quite a while with my uvmax run. Pretty sneaky trick to hide enemies in non secret areas like that.
  6. map05: The Fort - I, by John Bye zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played So we're in a fort, below the surface of the 3rd planet of the Talosian system. A long, spread out fort it is too, full of corridors and doors with a low monster density. Quite a bit of backtracking is required, especially for all of the secrets. If you are uvmaxing beware that there are a few switches that open side cubicles or rooms that can easily be overlooked. There is ample health, ammo and weaponry for all the fights you encounter. The 7 secrets will reward you with plenty of health and ammo. There are 2 archviles on the map but they are easily contained and aren't really free to roam. At the end you have the pleasure of blowing up the fort's computer network. I hope our space marine has thought up an exit strategy ...
  7. map04: The Chapel, by John Bye zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played It's time to go subterranean. That artefact has got to be somewhere! John Bye gives us an underground cavern to explore. There are some buildings, even a chapel that contain the keys needed for progression and a final cavern with a blood river running through it. The toughest encounter is probably the one at the beginning before you collect weapons.
  8. map03: The Cliff Top Fort, by Dan Huff zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played This map has a large outdoor area, a building complex and some silos. Unfortunately the map is fairly bland with few decorations. There are several teleporters to facilitate getting around the building complex where you will spend most of your time. Most of the enemies are low tier with a handful of pain elementals thrown in to spice up the battles. The secrets are extremely simple to find, in fact almost impossible to overlook. Most of the encounters are far too easy given the weaponry and ammo you are given. You are provided with super shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher and chainsaw but most of the ammo is for the super shotgun so you'll be using that the most of the time. The enemy density marginally increases in the silo area where the yellow key is located. I enjoyed that area the most with the exception of the slow ride down the lift after collecting the yellow key. At the top of a flight of stairs is a teleporter and a window into a room with a silo that you can't get into . There are 2 lost souls in there and only one of them triggers. This won't matter for sourceports that use the doom2 way of ignoring lost souls in the monster count. The circular area where you find the blue key has a huge hall of mirrors in zdoom and to a lesser extent in glboom and you can't see the chaingunners shooting at you. The area seems to work fine in prboom and gzdoom though.
  9. map02: Desolation, by Malcolm Sailor zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played Leaving the ship our hero starts at the base of the Transport, the underside beautifully detailed. Staring out at a desolate landscape of the 3rd planet of the Talosian system, it's time to duke it out with some of the local denizens. A chainsaw and berserk pack are provided for some hand on hand combat ala tyson style. With so much room to move, the fights are pretty easy. Hell, just sit back and let the buggers fight it out. You do get a super shotgun and shotgun later on for the final leg of the journey through some bloodfalls. While the outside views of the landscape and sky were pretty, what I liked best was the sinister trip through the caves lined with floating skulls. The excellent use of lighting kept me alert and expecting traps with each step.
  10. The Talosian Incident It appears that the routine scouting mission on the third planet of the Talosian system has gone wrong, horribly wrong. With several of the crew dying grizzly deaths and the rest in suspended animation, our trusty space marine manages to pilot the space transport to enter the orbit and safely land on the planet, only to discover that all outgoing signals are somehow being blocked. So our hapless hero gets to suit up, find and shutdown the artefact jamming communications and save the surviving crew. Yeah, it's a typical day in the life of our marine. Let's see how the mapset plays out the story. map01: The Transport, by John Bye zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played You start aboard the Transport, which has come to rest on unfamiliar soil, that of the 3rd planet in the Talosian system. The ship is empty save for the dead pilot in the control room and the remaining crew in suspended animation somewhere on the ship. There's a stash of ammo, health and armor in the middle of the ship that can give you boost if you are playing continuous. The first map is really a story intro. You can explore the halls of the space transport, find a chainsaw secret and visit the room full of the remaining crew, suspended in cryogenic chambers. Another room has a specimen revenant behind glass that can't be killed. I'll bet there's an alien inside that revenant! You can find a blue key card in a pain sector that is not really required.
  11. tmorrow

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Yeah, poor cybie, first lured and immobilised onto the lift, then tickled with bullets, finally to go down to an incessant hail of flying berserk fists. Oh, the humiliation!
  12. map08: Star Control, by Matthias Worch zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A step down in difficulty for the largest map in the set. The pistol starter will have to suffer with shotgun, chaingun and berserk despite the loads of plasma ammo strewn around. None of the fight are overly challenging. I wasn't as impressed with the switch based progression as I was on the earlier maps. The keys could have been guarded far more vigorously as well. There are some teleporters that can be used as shortcuts but depending on your route, the destinations may already be cleared. My favourite section was the hunt for the yellow key. The rewards for finding the secrets were quite helpful on this map, providing armor, health and ammo. map09: Deliverence?, by Matthias Worch zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played An extremely simple and quick icon of sin map. Collect the rocket launcher and a bunch of rockets then shoot through the windows in the middle and let splash do the rest. ttpbonus.wad: map01: by Matthias Worch zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played Some people may not have noticed but Matthias has a bonus map (ttpbonus.wad) included in the TTP package. It is the first map Matthias ever created and is worth a play. I was not too fond of the rooms with the extreme lighting experiments going on but enjoyed the rest of the map. Overall WAD Comments A thoroughly enjoyable wad by a gifted mapper, the strength of these maps is how danger and progression is achieved by changing and rebuilding a level right before your very eyes. All of these maps are well worth playing today, my favorites being map06 and map07. Seeing what Matthias was able to do in 1996 makes me wonder what kind of work he could produce today in doom. After his amateur work designing doom and quake maps Matthias went professional and has made a career as a video game designer and computer graphics artist. A quick search around the internet shows that Matthias has a wiki entry, his own website and a youtube channel. His level design retrospective videos are particularly interesting.
  13. map07: Three-O-Matic, by Matthias Worch zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played One of my favourite and most difficult maps in the set. You are confined to shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher and berserk for weapons. There is quite a bit of health but very little armor (9 bonuses only). This map has some devilish traps that can easily ruin your uvmax. The traps/fights to look out for: The Evil Trooper tag team in the blue key area. The archvile tag team beyond the blue door. The chaingunner tag team when you collect the berserk pack. The chaingunner room on the way to the yellow key. The one on one, your rocket launcher skills vs cybie's fight near the end. The secret rewards are again a mixed bag, the soul sphere and health pickups are helpful but not so much the computer map and partial invisibility.
  14. map01 - Yes, I noticed the "half way up the stairs" cubicle secret didn't want to trigger sometimes. map02 - The soulsphere pit bug. This one is new to me too - fortunately! map04 - I was not aware of this one either. map06 - I noticed this one too in the area leading to the 2 medikits, an old favourite, sector too small to step into. I was not aware of the baron teleporting problem though, I must have been lucky. I did spot the non official rad suit secret though. map08 - The red key special effect? You mean being able to walk over the invisible floor? I might have missed something here.
  15. map06: Deep Down Below, by Matthias Worch zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played The first time I began this map (before others in DMWC mentioned the connection to Requiem) I instantly recognised its unique start as one that I've played before. This was very confusing because I was sure I've never tackled TTP and the Evil Troopers before. Then I found in the Doom Wiki that a modified version of map06 appeared as map09 of Requiem with the same title and it all made sense. A thoroughly enjoyable and ingenious map that unfolds through clever use of switches to raise or lower sectors and alter the environment for further progression. The plasma rifle finally shows up for the first time. My favorite area is the tease for the red key. Once again the enemies don't pose that much of a threat, I think they were tougher in Requiem's version. The secret hunt is excellent with a couple of caveats. Be careful with the megasphere secret since you can easily miss it and then block yourself from being able to get it later. Also, one secret does not register due to a sector that is too small to step into. There is a helpful non official secret on the map: