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  1. map04 zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played An amazing, epic map, the highlight of the wad. This map is more difficult than the earlier three. You start the map with a ton of hitscanners trying make short work of you. Super shotgun and the rocket launcher are early pickups with the plasma not coming along for a while. You need to use all your weapons against the onslaught of mid tier enemies you run into. There are problematic archviles you need to deal with at each of the 3 key traps. Each is guarded by a nasty trap, especially the final red key which has 5 archviles to take care of as well as pain elementals and barons. Fortunately all 3 traps can be managed if you play carefully. There is a fair amount of non linearity to this map and the blue and yellow key sections can be done in either order. The toxic waste section can be tackled starting from either end as well. You need to be quick in the toxic waste area to clear enough enemies and get to the second rad suit before the first runs out. The secret hunt is quite fun and well worth it for health and ammo, there's a soulsphere and megasphere which help out quite a bit, almost essential pickups in my opinion. One of the secrets to a rocket launcher is not obvious. I agree with @memfis on his criticism of the monsters on 3d bridges in the second large room, they don't work properly.
  2. map03 zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played Another enjoyable map with a good mix of enemies right throughout. There is quite a bit of nonlinearity so you can tackle the map in many different way. There is ample ammo and health so you can afford to be cavalier or even reckless at times. All of the traps can be managed fairly easily. Probably the worst traps are the one where bars come down on both sides of you (as noted by @Pirx), sandwiching you between enemies and the final room trap with hellknights and an archvile.
  3. We moved it up one day because map12 of UAC Ultra was accidentally assigned a day when it is only a credits map with one room, so for ROS we have map01 starting on 21st rather than 22nd.
  4. map02 zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played An excellent and long map. You start in the middle of a building. There are concentric rectangular sections leading out to an large rectangular outer where you fight 2 cyberdemons at different times. There are some inner buildings and outside buildings off the large outer. You face a lot of snipers outside and it takes time to clear them. The most dangerous spawns are the swarm of cacodemons and pain elementals spawned towards the end. The cacodemons are free to move outside and inside and it's hard to keep track of them. There is an excellent secret hunt, official and unofficial. One building full of imps and demons is easily overlooked and there's a megasphere that can be difficult to reach and requires a lot of backtracking to retry. You will want to find all of the secrets, especially the rocket launcher secret and also the one loaded with shells and rockets. You don't have plasma or bfg to help on this map if you start with pistol so you have to make due with shells and rockets.
  5. Starting Realm of Shades a day earlier than scheduled since the credits map12 of UAC Ultra was accidentally allocated a day. Realm of Shades (1998) by NokturnuS Based on an idgames search, NokturnuS was quite an active mapper in 1998 with 4 releases before going quiet until 2012 when he came out with Can't Run Frm Evil (Part I), 4 large, extremely difficult maps that I haven't tried yet. If you read the description NokturnuS still has "lots of incomplete maps which never see the light of day". I hope he gets motivated to finish off and distribute more of his maps. Let's enjoy Realm of Shades for now. map01 zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played The first map is fairly challenging, a taste of things to come? Enemies are well placed and some clever fights and traps are arranged to keep the player on his toes. After a couple of replays you will notice that there is quite a lot of variation as to what monsters pop up when due to the rng of monster movement and which monster teleport lines they run across. While it can be frustrating when you teleport into a bad monster combo during a good run, it does give the map plenty of replay potential since the map will never play the same way twice. I am also impressed with the map layout, in particular the way the halls are reconnected so that earlier areas can be reused for new enemy waves. The first example is the west hallway which wraps back to the outside area. Later on you will notice that the toxic waste area leads back to the start or to the blue door room depending on which path you take. One aspect of the map that I do not like so much is the secret hunt. Secrets are meant to be found and subtle clues left to hint at their whereabouts. I may have overlooked something but 2 of the 4 secrets on this map have absolutely no visual or sound clues, including the one with the megasphere which you will definitely want to pick up on this map. Additionally, there is a non official secret with a shotgunguy and an invisibility sphere that you need to find if you want max kills and items. Most players don't want to have to resort to punching and actioning every surface looking for missing secrets, items or enemies . I resorted to watching Belial's demo to find the missing secrets.
  6. Wrapping up UAC Ultra today (20th) with map11. Map12 is just a credits room. I guess we start Realm of Shades tomorrow, a day earlier than scheduled because I think it was overlooked that map12 is only a credits map. map11: Sick zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A final map with a difference, fortunately not an icon of sin map. The mappers have come up with a new boss called the Chimaira, a mountain of flesh with tentacles that you meet at the end. The most dangerous part of the map is probably the area where you release each of the 3 archviles, one at a time. Fortunately there is cover once you know where the spawns occur when you trigger each switch. The final room is a lot less dangerous than it could be. You go in topped with a megasphere and can easily tank the haymaker that is skateboarding toward you to begin with. After that you can take care of the surrounding enemies. Finally you can take on the Chimaira that is a lot easier than it looks! map12: The End zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A tiny, inescapable, one room credits map, not much else to say about it. Overall Comments A thoroughly enjoyable wad. The earlier maps are in some ways harder than the later ones since they feature a lot of claustrophobic, in your face traps with mid tier enemies while the later maps provide more room to fight. The map layouts are excellent and the mappers make the most of the grimey, tech base theme with their custom textures. Favourite Maps map05 - a great official and non official secret hunt map10 - a map that keeps you on your toes Most Difficult Maps map10 - it's easy to go down in the high radiation canyon area despite the ample rad suits map03 - being tag teamed by a pair of very upset archviles
  7. We are being treated to a lot of top quality maps in recent weeks. It took me a couple of hours to get through this map using saves, most deaths being in Wilou84's map VII (no surprise there). I like how you can visit the seven map areas off the hub in any order you like. One thing I couldn't quite work out was that there's a switch near the teleporter back to the hub in each of the seven areas. I'm not sure but I'm assuming the map exit in the hub won't come down until all 7 switches have been hit?
  8. map10: Skagway zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A tougher, longer map than the earlier and in my opinion one of the best in the wad. Roughly two thirds of the map is in the high radiation canyon with damaging floor with rad suits placed along the way so as to keep you blasting away, staying on the move and planning when to top up your next rad suit. There are enough rad suits to avoid the floor damage but you can't linger. Two of the secrets are in the radiation and so you'll have to plan to pick them up as well along the way. The final fight is with arachnotrons and 2 cyberdemons in a large tiered arena. There is quite a bit of room to run, so it isn't that difficult.
  9. Great demo Roofi. I like to watch demos by the map creator, you can pick up subtle clues.
  10. map09: Counteraction Terminal zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played Another fun map, I had a different experience than @Capellan. This time we get challenged at different times by a pair of spider masterminds, a pair of cyberdemons and 2 haymakers. The map is fairly linear but monster placement is fairly good to keep you on the alert. You will want to find the secrets since the rewards are quite helpful, early rocket access and health.
  11. map08: Worst Case Scenario zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played I like the map layout. The view through dirty glass into the main battle room near the start is the nice touch. There is limited armor so you need to be careful about not taking too much damage. You pick up chain gun and shotgun early but you have to make them last for over half the map before you get the super shotgun. There is limited ammo if you are starting from pistol and you will want to encourage infighting where possible or use you non berserk fists (berserk only shows up near the end). You unleash a spider mastermind and a cyberdemon towards the end. There are two ways to play it, you can "kill as they appear" or you can run the gauntlet and try to cause a big slaughter party at the end, both methods work quite well. As others have noted, this area does not turn out to be as dangerous as it could be.
  12. map07: Haymaker zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A small arena survival map in the map07 tradition, some arachnotrons and mancubi but then for something completely different, the introduction of our first new monster the Haymaker, the wolfensteinss replacement. The second new monster doesn't appear until map11. We are treated with double the fun because 2 Haymaker's are released. This foe skates along the floor with a large hammer which it uses to spit out mancubus like fire but 3 at at a time rather than 2 (as Roofi notes above). With 2500 hit points you will need to lob several rockets to bring them down.
  13. map06: Collapsys zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played A long map. Progression is mostly linear except for a couple of minor branches where you have the choice of which room to tackle next. I like the map layout and monster placement. Rewards for secrets is a bit odd on this map. For example the invulnerability secret has no particularly dangerous traps nearby and so is largely pointless. Another example is the berserk pack secret which you find after most of the demons and spectres have already been dispensed with.
  14. Another fun map Roofi. I was scared the entire way through, expecting to get p0wnded at every turn. I admit I ran way and hid from the cyberdemon and sniped him from safety! One of the secrets had me stumped - What took me almost as long to work out was how to progress after finding the red key -
  15. map05: Hardware zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played An excellent map with a fun secret hunt, my favourite in the wad so far. This map is much harder at the start than at the end due close encounters with limited weapons early on. There is a non official secret to unlock the bfg that is sealed by 4 security barriers. You need to find 4 cleverly concealed transparent switches located throughout the map. The bfg unlock is kind of pointless for pistol starters since it becomes available when there are few enemies remaining. There seems to be a bug on this map. Maximum secrets is 85% (6/7) because you can't register one secret because you can't step into sector 579.