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  1. I tested the DoomZero in gzdoom 4.2.1, UV difficulty pistol starting each map. This is one amazing megawad and seems to be highly polished, I really couldn't find anything wrong with any of the maps (and I was looking out for problems). All maps are uvmaxable and 100% k/i/s obtainable. The difficulty curve stays fairly steady throughout with the exception of the map29 boss fight. The secret hunt is a big part of this mapset, with 197 secrets in all or over 6 secrets on average per map. There are some tricky ones too. For the most part I found the fights, encounters, monster placements to be quite fair. The worst cases were on map18-19 where enemies would approach you in the distance and then suddenly teleport behind you. Progression at some point requires you to solve a puzzle or some platforming, but most doom vets should be able to get by. Ammo is a little tight on some maps for the pistol starter. The two worst offenders being at the beginning of map31 (have to cause a lot of infighting from the side rooms with the wall of barons outside) and map17 where you end up having to berserk fist 3 barons before ammo becomes available. Unless the ammo starvation is intentional, I'd consider adding a bit more ammo at the start of those 2 maps (possibly taking some away from later parts of the maps to maintain ammo balance). The only map I had trouble with is the boss room on map29. It makes sense that this is a challenging encounter since it is the final boss showdown, but it is quite a bit harder than I expected. My overall conclusion is that the addition of another second to the shield down time would still result in a challenging fight with a chance to still succeed with bad rng on the monster spawns. As it is now, bad spawns are a killer that you can't recover from and are likely to occur after you've been in the boss chamber for a minute or two. I'd like to see the DWMC select this megawad to play through some time soon!
  2. tmorrow

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    There is only one secret map to find.
  3. The trigger is repeatable (on the current release).
  4. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Methinks that the difficulty curve on this mapset oscillates chaotically. Reminds me of mayhem17 with a quaint little Killer5 submission in the map11 slot. I think I know what map you are talking about - map17. I'm still having nightmares after making the mistake of tackling that map. At the time I was having a quick peek at each map, trying to assess whether I would be attempting to uvmax the entire set. Map17 helped me decide the answer was resounding NO! It was a case of thinking there's a cute little kitten in the basement and after investigating "here kitty, kitty, kitty", discovering it's actually a wild, ravenous, and extremely upset mountain lion instead - roar! I'm looking forward to a uvmax through from the doom gods on that one. I could handle what was being dished out in this wad for the first seven maps, then the wheels started falling off on map08 coming up. I look forward to the clubs reactions.
  5. tmorrow

    6 new maps special "25 Years of Doom 2"

    This is an magnificent mapset and an excellent homage to doom2. I had a great time playing it, from start to finish. There's a bug on map05 that @JDR already mentioned, but i'll add a couple of details spoilered below.
  6. tmorrow

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Testing on MAY19_V1.3 with prboom+ and gzdoom 4.2.1 There are some troubling monster count discrepancies. Take map01 for example. With no monster spawners or archviles the monster counts should be straightforward. But, prboom-plus reports 66 monsters total but if you use the "tntem" boom cheat it proudly claims to have killed 77 monsters. Now 8 of the extra monsters are "balls of lightning" (the lost soul replacement) that prboom considers to be lost souls and ignores as usual but I have no idea what the other 3 "monsters" are. The situation in gzdoom is even more strange. Gzdoom normally includes lost souls in its monster count and so should report 74 enemies after the map loads, but it doesn't, it ignores the "balls of lightning" and reports only 66 monsters. Even stranger when you use the "kill monsters" console command, it kills the 66 monsters but does not kill the balls of lightning, as if it doesn't recognize them as monsters. BTW, what is the correct title of map03? It seems to be something to do with "Entry" or "Entryway" as in vanilla doom2's 1st map. The CWILV02, DEHACKED and MAPINFO lumps report its name differently and its name comes out strange in DoomBuilder, gzdoom console and the in game automap.
  7. tmorrow

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Map03 item counts appear to be screwed up (or I have overlooked something). Both prboom+ and gzdoom 4.2.1 report 19 items that can be collected on the map. I can only find 16 items (15 health bonuses and 1 berserk pack) and nothing else that normally counts as an item. Even the gzdoom console "items" command does not report any other items to be picked up. Everything else about the map appears to be working fine, even the strange walk over line triggers that whisk you to different parts of the map in a surprising manner.
  8. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    In the bathhouse, there's another switch that opens the secret area your marine is looking at in your screenshot. Once you get into that secret area, the switch you are talking about can be used to get back out of the secret area. Also take heed of the bathhouse plaque "Caution: Do Not Drop the Soap!". Apologies - I missed your later post where you worked out the map02 secret for yourself.
  9. Thanks @Andromeda, I meant e1m8, I'll correct my post.
  10. Thanks for the outrageously excellent doom episode that is Shotgun Symphony. The maps are all beautifully designed and detailed, with well thought out, surprising, and challenging enemy placement. This mapset had my marine running the gauntlet from start to finish. There is nothing more delicious than out-sniping the snipers and these maps are full of them! I managed slow uvmaxes for all of 9 maps, but not without some retries on the harder maps that are chock full of nasty ambushes. With a total of 71 secrets, a lot of my time went into tracking them all down. Some of those secrets are extremely sneaky, the way to the secret exit on e1m3 had me stumped for quite a while! I like the way the rewards in the toxic waste secret areas always give back more health than you lose provided you play them efficiently and without making too many mistakes. All the maps are of extremely high quality, but I guess my favorite maps were: e1m7 - 633 enemies and 13 secrets with a slaughtery finish. e1m8 - 2 very large fights, the first while you are precariously perched over a toxic waste pit with cybie, cacodemons and lost souls and the final room with 3 cybies and friends. e1m5 - I just knew that final room was a gigantic trap, cacodemons chasing you round and round the toxic waste room. Oh yeah, about the secret map - best Miley Cyrus concert ever!
  11. tmorrow

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    @almostmatt1, demos of all categories are welcome here. It's a special interest area and the no monster category is definitely appreciated and relevant, especially improved and/or efficient routes and skillful play. Keep them coming if you are enjoying making them.
  12. tmorrow

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    The trailer of the lmp file indicates it is a prboom+ demo with command line: PrBoom-Plus -iwad "doom2.wad" -file "cchest2.wad" "cc2_m24f.wad" I expect @j4rio forgot to update the exe in the his template file. Awesome demo on a tough map with little ammo and health.
  13. It is great to see the participation this month. Sorry I'm too busy to join right now. I've managed to find time to uvmax Sigil and had a blast doing so. There's a lot to love about this mapset. I know some will object, but I'm seeing that several people regard Sigil as a 5th episode of Ultimate Doom and it may become common to tack on Sigil to Ultimate Doom run throughs in the future. I thank John Romero for making Sigil and generously offering it free of charge for the Doom Community as a 25th Doom Anniversary present. Likes: Mood and aesthetic of the mapset. The evil eye mechanic/gimmick. The added cybies really helped to keep me scared and on edge for many of the maps. The slight difficulty ramp up from ultimate doom episodes 1-4 makes sense. Players are better now on average after having played for many years. Tight map layouts. No space wasted. Mild dislikes: The map exit gimmick. All maps end at a walk over line trigger at a recognisable wall but it's easy to accidentally end maps before ready. Switch would be better. Oversaturation of lost souls on some maps (cacotunnel in e5m5 and the opening cage room of e5m8). Ammo starvation (at least for pistol starts). It forces you to make shots count (a plus) but can be unforgiving, limit options when you have to resort to infighting.
  14. tmorrow

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    No you didn't. Your post was riddled with accusations and what you thought his motives were. Basically facts not in evidence. Even your last post starts off with an offensive sentence about those people that think your approach was heavy handed and non productive. We could use a lot less of these kind of posts in the forum.
  15. tmorrow

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    These sure are some incredible, awe inspiring maps with a beautiful startup screen. Congratulations on the release! I've had a blast playing the first 2 maps so far. On my system I'm getting quite a fps range of 50-150 but the maps are beautifully presented, very playable and with no sluggish behaviour. I'm using gzdoom 4.1.1. On startup there are slew of warnings and errors spit out onto the console log about unknown properties, textures self references, truncation of floating point constants, brightmap not found in texture, dynamic lights attached to non existent actors. I'm assuming these warnings are associated with the unused resources referred to in @Bridgeburner56's last post and that they are mostly benign since the maps seem to play properly. I ran into some trouble on map02. The portal trickery can be quite confusing when attempt to backtrack to find missing secrets, items and enemies. In fact not a lot of backtracking is possible due to irreversible environment changes (not a criticism, the dynamically map changes are brilliant). The first problem is that even after playing the map twice I was unable to spawn any of the 51 enemies tagged with TID:279. The second problem is that one of the soulsphere secrets (at the end of a trail of candles) appears to be duplicated. The secret is accessible early on but then in the final area to the north you can look and see a duplicate of the entire secret area where the soul sphere secret is but you cannot reach it without cheats to register the secret a second time. The portal trickery does lead to some other odd but hilarious effects. After picking up the red key, my marine could see himself at the end of a long hallway and after shooting rockets at his evil image, watched in fascination as the rockets disappeared in the distance and mysteriously reappeared behind him and sailing harmlessly through him. I look forward to playing the remaining maps soon.