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  1. Celestin

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    +++ Number One Kill & Number One Kill The Next Generation +++ Fragport
  2. Celestin

    DBP53: Plutonian Sunrise

    Yeah, this one. Took me a while to find it.
  3. Celestin

    Relaxing Megawads for Doom 2

    Revolution, UAC Ultra, JPCP and Auger;Zenith are my go-to chill wads, combining great visuals with accessible gameplay.
  4. Celestin

    Worst map in The Plutonia Experiment

    Temple of Darkness. If feels like outtakes from other maps stapled together, plus that part when you get the red key, teleport back only to have a firing squad of chaingunners behind you. I know Plutonia is known for its traps, but come on.
  5. I was thinking about it from time to time. The list would welcome a bit of an update or, better yet, a second installment regarding post-2003 wads (a lot has changed since then). What would I add? Brutal Doom is a pretty obvious one, lilith.pk3 for the drama surrounding it, UAC Military Nightmare for spawning Terry wads. Maybe Plutonia 3: Return to Surface for trying to create a sequel to one of the most revered mapsets of all time without required experience and completely falling on their face. I'd like to see what others think, it's indeed an interesting subject.