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  1. Z86

    Exploding barrel endings

    Oh, I'm guilty of this in Hellbound too. And this is the reason why I made it so that the barrel pushes you through an exit line instead of a Romero head. No time to restart then.
  2. Oops, leftover doom 1 textures. Removed them all, and ninja uploaded the file (has same name and url). PRBoom is way too tolerant with this it looks like. Also made some minor changes: swapped a bfg and a plasmagun, and added a radsuit instead of an unnecessary green armor.
  3. Z86

    The /newstuff Chronicles #440

    Thanks for the review! I have been waiting for it :)
  4. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Yes, it was made way before it was brought up here - I just forgot to post it here (yes, I'm a lazy bastard) Anyway if that issue remains (that is it is not fixed within the engine) I'm willing to make a quick fix for that, just to make it a bit more playable in more ports - it is, after all supposed to be port independent. Also, those misaligned Supports are embarassing enough :) - idk how I overlooked that...
  5. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Updated the Mediafire download link with the latest (bugfixed and slightly improved) version. It's the same zip name, but replaced with the new wad.
  6. Hi.. Just popping in to post my map: Infernal Alignment Theme: a mix of all E3 Maps, polished up and interconnected, while keeping a consistent style. Difficulty: AV-Hard (many archies and a few cybers - has 4 spiders at the end that can infight) It's on MAP21 (so that non-zdoom ports have the correct intended sky). Uses only vanilla Doom2 textures, Limit-Remver compatible (has a few areas in visplane-red) http://www.mediafire.com/download/wunkdtnfkgtt8ft/Infal.wad Edit: Forgot to mention, the music midi is from SilentZora's Project Doom
  7. This is correct. This is correct too. I understand the skepticism, this is a quite unusual measure. There was basically no problem implementing it. As far as I remember being a student has always involved a contract, they just added this to it. Originally they wanted to heavily restrict the amount of places that are allowed to each university, this would also mean less governmental subsidy to universities (they get it per enrolled student). Actually some universities did kind of abuse this by allowing a lot of students to enroll, and then just waiting for them to drop on the harder subjects, but this cut would have been pretty brutal. Because of student protests they took this one back, but not the contract (students protested againist that as well). First option will not work, but second does. You can find a job that is way under your qualifications and can spend your "time" that way. I don't think there's automatic employment for anyone here. The jobs that the government offers for unemployed people woithout condition is usually menial physical labor for below minimum wage, meant as a substitute for social allowances. These are not automatic jobs, you have to enroll to them, but it's basically just your decision, I think the only condition is not to have a job contract anywhere else. Job market is not super hard here. Some would probably disagree with me, but our unemployment rate it pretty much similar to neighbouring countries or western europe. Romania is in a much worse shape for instance. This measure basically has nothing to do with helping people to find jobs on the market. Hell, degrees don't do anything here, all the job interviews I have been here basically just acknowledged the degree exists and required to take their test instead. Only my current emloyer actually checked it, but only when they decided to hire me. What this is meant to do is to stop the very heavy emmigration of young people from this country to others. Basically a brain-drain as you described it. OFC this does not stop current people, I myself am considering leaving the country. I don't think Orbán is planning on retiring any time soon. He has been the leader of his party ever since it was founded (in the 1980's), and has been ruling that party with absolute power. He kind of think he's the king of Hungary right now. Also, the EU is quite powerless to stop Orbán. He has been basically playing a game with them - promising them changes and compliance - but doing only cosmetic measures or nothing at all that is in accordance with the EU rulings.
  8. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    An update to the wad will be soon coming up. Changes include: General - Lots of little texture alignment fixes MAP04 - added some stairs next to the first elevator. No need to fight on elevator anymore if you don't manage to get off from it. - Made some doors D1. MAP05 - removed secret flag from the Rocket Launcher room, added 2 extra rocket boxes here - added secret flag to Light Amp room - made some doors D1. MAP06 - moved trigger that opens the hellknight, imps and the cacodemons in the blue corridor to the stairs from the plasma pedestal MAP08 - made some doors D1 MAP12 - changed teleporter area around the exit, so that it is only accessable from one way MAP14 - fixed a clipping issue with the elevator to the rooftop - added slightly more health MAP21 - moved trigger line that raises hellknight a bit further back. Also extended said trigger line to the lava MAP24 - fixed some monster pathing issues
  9. I think I will kindly sign up and contribute something
  10. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Well, it is personal preference for everybody, I guess. I think visually MAP03 was updated to a decent quality, but it still has some marks of very early gameplay design. After all, I think it was the very first map I did in DoomBuilder. MAP12 was kind of hard to update from it's skeleton, I mostly just added stuff everywhere to make corridors less boring. The infested part is kind of good, it did not neet that much tampering.
  11. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Finally had some time to watch it. Thanks for the time and effort to play it. Feedback is definitely appreciated. I always found doom movement to be quite bouncy, so for me floor deviations don't feel that extra bouncy, but it is noted anyway, with the next projects I'll be a bit more careful with floor evenness. As for MAP03 and MAP08, they were some truly horrible maps. I almost threw them out, but I decided to keep them because I was too lazy to remake them. MAP12 is also a big offender with corridor stuff. Maybe I'm just too attached to my work to throw it out and remake it. Also I am less troubled by lift/stair fights, maybe because I oftentimes use freelook. I'll do some vanilla/limit remover maps in the future and try to keep this in mind. My next big project will be GZDoom only, so freelook is a given there (especially since I made decorate weapons for it with +pitch recoils), but the floor/trimming thingy is good to keep in mind even there.
  12. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Yay I love UV max! I'll watch them when I'll get home. BTW my pipeline so far: - Doom64 to Doom2 maps - I want to do a little "expansion" to Hellbound, with an EPI3 and an EPI4 style medley maps - And a super secret GZDoom project...
  13. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    I'll advertise this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv0AJnw4AKI&list=PL-SY_UspBtHl5IzfR30nv0hyGBB1a-d41 pretty entertaining blind walkthrough BTW there will be a patch with some changes, including: - Minor texture alignment fixes - MAP12: shortcut teleport to exit now opens from exit and it is one way (so you can't avoid a part of the map) - MAP14: added a bit more health, fixed the glitchy elevator
  14. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Well, I just realized that on MAP12 I left in an unintentional shortcut. Maybe I'll need to make an update eventually, so if something else is still fishy too, just let me know and I'll bundle it together in the next fix. BTW if anyone who youtubes let's plays or speedruns would choose to do this wad, just let me know to catch up on it (you can gain a subscriber :) )
  15. Z86

    Hellbound - Updated

    Post 1 is updated, final version is released. It is now up on the /newstuff Some changes from Betas: - bugfixes (ofc) - MAP17: added an extra teleporter that leads to the runway and back - MAP21: the trigger that raises the Hellknights at the start is now wider - MAP27: the teleport crazy cyberdemon now goes to the exit area after you get the blue key - MAP30: slightly changed layout of blue key area, added more ammo - MAP32: is now much more cross-port friendly and multiplayer friendly