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  1. Here's my 33rd crappy Doom WAD quadruple feature: And here's my 12th crappy Doom WAD double feature:
  2. Here are my tenth and eleventh crappy Doom WAD double features:
  3. Here's my fifteenth random Doom WAD double feature. And here's my ninth crappy Doom WAD double feature:
  4. Here's a video of me playing my eighth set of two crappy Doom WADs: And here's my fourteenth random Doom WAD double feature:
  5. On October 1, 2017, over 50 people were killed in a shooting during the Route 91 event as Jason Aldean was performing. The shooter, identified as Stephen Craig Paddock, shot from a window of the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. The shooter later killed himself as the authorities figured out where he was. This massacre broke the record of the deadliest massacre in the USA. This is just terrible, and it's sad that there are people who want to do this. What's scary for me is that my mom and step dad went to Las Vegas months ago, so if they went later during that time, they might have been hurt or even killed. Go here for more information:
  6. Here's a video of me playing my seventh set of two bad Doom WADs: And here's another video of me playing a good Doom WAD from Yusuf Dunphy:
  7. Armor isn't pointless, as it can be useful when it comes to reducing damage of more powerful attacks.
  8. Here's a video of me playing yet another crappy PK3 file: And here's my second random Doom WAD quadruple feature:
  9. I've been affected by this, and it sucks. Some of my Doom videos have limited or no ads because of this, and I've requested reviews for all of them. Some of them have apparently been approved, but one was confirmed as not suitable for all advertisers. Most of my reviewed videos haven't gone through yet as well. FPS games like Doom, Doom II and Final Doom may be violent, but they're pretty cartoonish, as well as fictional. It's also funny how some advertisers will advertise for Adult Swim and similar programming blocks/networks, yet they don't like certain content of YouTube. What's even worse is that I never got a real job despite me filling out applicant forms, so I would be glad to get a physical job. I sure hope the people at YouTube fix this crap.
  10. Here's a video where I play a good Doom WAD called molehill.wad: And here's a video where I play four crappy Doom WADs from the Doomworld Forums user named Awesome64:
  11. So I've been looking for a movie for some time that I remember seeing on TV years ago, and here are some details of it  that I remember, which are also NSFW just to warn you.


    -The opening has some boy without a shirt and an afro wig dancing to some funk song, where he does a split on the floor and says "I hurt myself!".

    -We then see the main character in high school (I'm sure it was high school) after the scene.

    -Apparently, he had a wardrobe malfunction, where maybe his junk was hanging out of his pants (yes, I saw this movie on TV). Or maybe his underwear was hanging out of his pants.

    -Then, a teacher proceeds to grab his junk, and she rips something.

    -The main character than screams in agony as lots of students around him laugh at him, where he then faints.

    -He then goes to the the nurses office with bagged ice on his junk.


    And that's all I remember of this movie. Does anyone know what that was from?

  12. Glen Campbell, the legendary country singer, has died at the age of 81. I liked some of his songs such as "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Southern Nights", and he really made some great music. With that said, he will be missed, and my condolences go to his friends and family. Go here for more information:
  13. I know this thread never got another new post in over two years, but I have a big update to this project. The WAD has offcicialy been released to Doomworld's /idgames! Here's the official YouTube video for it: People on YouTube and Doomworld Forums helped me get the beta testing of this WAD finished. I also fixed many bugs that the released beta had. With that said, I want to thank everyone who helped me get this megawad finished once and for all.
  14. So my megawad Illuminatus was rejected from /idgames due to the use of an unmodified resource named PS20A0. I'll have to get this fixed somehow.

    1. galileo31dos01


      Which compatibility has your wad?

    2. Glaice


      The poison sign? Don't some other uploads have that included?

    3. Voros


      Remove it from your WAD for replace it with Freedoom's.

    4. Glaice


      Or just use the patch referenced from DOOM/DOOM2.WAD in the texture?

    5. riderr3


      May be it is related to this... I noticed, sometimes SLADE3 insensibly creates stock textures in pwads. It can be happened after textures editing.

  15. So I'd like some help when it comes to getting the WAD Illuminatus (which is the WAD I'm getting really close to finish as of this post) to work on DOSBox. I keep getting the W_CacheLumpNum error as I try to play the WAD in DOSBox, as custom flats show up in certain maps. I attached a picture of how the custom flats were inserted into the WAD. What's weird is that I do believe that I didn't get this error before in the past. I am also trying out this WAD on Doom II v1.9, so could it be a version issue? Either way, I would like some help.