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    Imgur is about to purge unregistered image uploads

    It's a good thing all of the pictures I uploaded on Imgur are attached to my account. As for Imgur banning porn, it's Tumblr all over again. Imgur is convenient for me, as I used it to upload textures that I want to display on the forum. What do you use to host images on forums?
  2. I probably should have been a bit more descriptive before, but here's an alert message I would get if I were to try to save the WAD I'm working on in Slade as the WAD was modified in Ultimate Doom Builder: I'm aware that Ultimate Doom Builder has a Reload Resources feature, but what about Slade? Would I just have to close the WAD in Slade, and then reload?
  3. I recall that you were able to edit lumps such as MAPINFO and DECORATE from Ultimate Doom Builder's script editor. However, according to an answer from a collaborator I got from this GitHub issue I wrote, they said it was removed since they felt it was pointless. I am aware I can edit those lumps from Slade, but I would have to be careful to see if there were any differences in the map loaded in Ultimate Doom Builder and Slade so that no progress is lost. So is there a plugin that returns that little lump editor panel in the script editor.
  4. I've sort of gotten the hang of the Color Remap tool in Slade, but it can be pretty frustrating trying to find the colors the texture uses from the PLAYPAL palette. This is because I have to mouse over very tiny pixels in the texture preview window to find the colors the texture has. Is there an easier way to get all of the PLAYPAL colors used in a texture without having to mouse over all of the tiny pixels?

    Post your Doom textures!

    So I managed to make edits of the flats NFBRWN01 and NFBRWN02 (both from the Useful Flats Texture Pack) based on the textures N_BNGN01, N_BNGR01, and N_BNTN01 (both from the Recolored Doom Texture Pack). I didn't make an edit of NFBRWN02 for N_BNTN01, as that wall recolor doesn't have any rust on it. I also made Arabic language variant doors based on the textures BIGDOOR2-BIGDOOR4, as well as an Arabic language variant of the texture SHAWN1. The text of course translates to Union Aerospace Corporation, as I used Google Translate to translate the name, even if using a translator isn't 100% accurate. I tried to make an Arabic variant of the texture BIGDOOR1, but I couldn't fit the text into the small brown box the texture had. Also, if anyone has better textures based on this idea with better translations, then please show me.

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Is there a Doom WAD that has all of the levels of The Shores of Hell that are modified to look as if Deimos wasn't corrupted by Hell? (which would probably exclude modifications of E2M8 & E2M9) What I mean is that maps of episode 2 in this WAD would not have what the episode's Doom Wiki page describes here:

    Regarding Texture Widths and Heights for Vanilla Doom

    Thanks for the answers guys, and according to @TheHambourgeois, @Uncle 80, and @SMG_Man, looks like I would have to find a workaround for textures higher than 128 pixels. I do have one last question. Just to be sure, the 128 pixel height limit also applies to patches in the PNames lump, and not just the textures in the TEXTURE1 lump, correct?
  8. I have a question to ask when it comes to custom textures for a vanilla Doom WAD. Is there a limit on how tall or wide a texture can be for a vanilla Doom WAD? I'm aware that textures should at least be 128 pixels high to avoid the Tutti-frutti effect, but let's say I wanted to add a texture that was at least 256 px by 256 px, or even 768 px by 384 px. Would vanilla Doom, which would include the original MS-DOS Doom and Chocolate Doom, be able to support textures of those dimensions?

    Post your Doom textures!

    Does anyone have any alternative exit signs that could fit with an Egyptian-themed map?
  10. I'm glad to see more and more people becoming interested in this PWAD. Also, I didn't think of that before, so I decided to make an update to the beginning of the plot in the original post.
  11. It's made to be compatible with the classic DOS Final Doom TNT executable, but it can be played on classic and modern source ports. Thanks, and it's not everyday you find a Doom WAD made for any of the Final Doom IWADs. Also, can anyone please make recolors of the flats NFBRWN01 and NFBRWN02 (both from the Useful Flats Texture Pack) based on the textures N_BNGN01, N_BNGR01, and N_BNTN01 (both from the Recolored Doom Texture Pack)? I would like a "rust" variant of the NFBRWN02 recolors for N_BNGN01 and N_BNGR01, as no "rust" variant is needed for N_BNTN01. I also included the original BROWN1 texture from the original Doom game so you could have a better idea of what I would like. 2/13/2023 Edit: Never mind. I did those flat edits on my own, as seen here.
  12. Not too long ago this year, I decided to make a new 32 map megawad, as it is my biggest Doom WAD I decided to make since Illuminatus. It's an unofficial sequel to TNT: Revilution (or at least, this could be one of many timelines), and I have plenty of cool ideas for this new megawad. It is of course made for the TNT.WAD IWAD, and it will be made to be vanilla compatible. It will also have new textures and flats, including some textures from Hexen 2. I will include music from the Doom IWADs, as well as some music from Duke Nukem 3D. I will make updates to this thread when necessary, and I will upload the WAD to Doomworld's /idgames when it's done. Progress so Far: 9 out of 32 maps done (8/30 normal maps, 1/2 secret maps) [28.125% Done] The story so far... Screenshots (may differ from final version)
  13. I've been thinking of making a map utilizing the ghost monster glitch, as seen in MAP24 (The Haunting) of Icarus: Alien Vanguard, but I have some questions. When I tested out the map of the aforementioned Doom megawad in Doom 2 in MS-DOS via DOSBox, the ghost effect took place. I also tested the WAD in ZDoom and GZDoom, where it also took place. However, when I try to replicate the effect by making a test map, the Arch-Vile didn't resurrect the crushed corpses. I then read about compat_corpsegibs, which can be found in the compatibility options. I also read it can also be activated in the MAPINFO. When activated in GZDoom, the ghost monsters appear, but in ZDoom, the crushed monsters are only resurrected as normal monsters instead of ghosts. I have some things to ask. Does the ghost monster glitch mostly happen in MS-DOS Doom? How can I assure this can happen for a vanilla Doom map regardless of what source port I use without the glitch failing?

    Looking For Three 1024x128 Skybox Textures

    Apologies for double-posting, but I have an update. I was able to create two of the three skies with a resource pack found here. However, I would like to ask something. Could someone please make a PNG of the Giza Pyramids (like this one or this one) look like it came straight from a Doom WAD rather than just a cheap image rip, so it could fit in with one of those skyboxes from that one page I linked? 12/3/2022 Edit: I decided to test out the Doom palette conversion in Slade with the pyramids myself. Does it look good to you?

    Post your Doom textures!

    I would like some help regarding converting textures to the Doom palette. I have converted some Hexen 2 textures to the Doom format in Slade as seen below. Most of them turned out fine, but some of them are those I'm not 100% satisfied with. Can anyone please help make some of these textures better in the Doom palette, such as making the blood more visible on the middle texture?