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  1. I have an odd fear of the deep sea and deep space. I guess I just don't like deep dark things that are uninhabitable and have things designed to fucking murder you. At least space looks cool if the scaling is incredibly daunting.
  2. I can't have more love for a character than my good old gravelly gear-throated shades donning JC Denton.
  3. It's a trick that's been around since the dawn of FPS where your character has a sprite or model in the 3D world but it's rendered invisible to your first person view besides mirrors and stuff. If you went into third person, you'd see it. Deus Ex Human Revolution has an odd little way of doing it because in the third person cover mode some things act differently like holstering/weilding weapons are more simplistic and enemies won't see you hiding in a corner (more likely to do with how the cover system works than anything) but if you were to jump out of the cover you'd be seen. Speaking of DX, there's probably a good reason why the first game doesn't let you see your own model too often outside cutscenes. It's also an oddity in Counter Strike because shadows and wider-than-your-view body models are a very important thing to keep an eye on yet you can't see your own so you have to use guesswork.
  4. I only play csgo online and there are rarely any women playing. They get a bad rep for being terrible at the game. Even the "pro" female players are some of the worst teams in the scene. On the off chance there is a girl on my team I treat them normal anyway even if they do act somewhat immaturely in a flirty kind of way which I dislike though it makes it easier to get some banter going.
  5. People with links to their cool stuff as long as it's not an eyesore are ok
  6. Valve are cracking down on gambling by sending out cease and desists to gambling sites and basically shutting down gambling site bots and a bunch of other stuff from the inside of steam. warning there's some earrape at the start but its just a joke
  7. Literally none. It doesn't even drop below 5'c in south west England.
  8. This game.
  9. This is old news only sparked into the mainstream by 2 fucking idiots.
  10. Why not settle it in 8-bit Megaman Deathmatch?
  11. I exclusively use headphones because my room isn't 100% soundproof and the only speakers I have are in my monitor. No thanks on the speaker front.
  12. Shakin' my god damn mo'fukkin head y'all don't know the only good thing Scotland has made that I know of
  13. 6'2
  14. I'll have a video out later of me ham-fistedly working my way through the first 5 levels. I lost my patience towards the end and ended up resurrecting a couple times. I'll probably just do individual daily videos after this one. Edit: Apparently it didn't even record the audio for some reason so there'll be a tad of a delay. I'll do them separately instead of spending 30 minutes on 5 levels.
  15. It is a rather uninspired design and I'm pretty sure I've killed a million of them in Darksiders 2 but it was a fun fight.