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  1. Now that's my kind of lightsaber
  2. Depends what kind of game and the tone it's going for
  3. George Lucas stated there were only green, blue and red ones so this makes me internally angery.
  4. That was cancelled a long time ago
  5. Hitscanners in real life good joke. Reminds me of the FPS Doug video where he's like "what if I get lag in real life, I heard there's no respawn points IRL, if I get shot i'm fucked"
  6. Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded was the apparent title of their Duke FPS
  7. Starting out with no ideas on what to do.
  8. It doesn't even look good either like where is the poison coming from, dripping out of pure solid ceramic tiles?? Why is half of that texture on the block in the middle going into the ceiling? Why would there just be a random block of stones in the poison? If you want your maps to look good, have at least some artistic consistency and build them as if they were a somewhat real place, even if it's incredibly abstract. The original Doom managed to do this but the point of modding is to make something better than the original.
  9. Get practice and make something worthwhile before you post anything. Far too many people just post their first test wads they made in 30 minutes without really knowing what they're doing and get absolutely nowhere with them.
  10. Post babby's first map Literally links a video calling it shit Gets shat on "I t-tried really h-hard on this one g-guys!"
  11. GZDoom caps out at 200fps for me and nuts only tanks it down to about 70-100ish so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. The Duke Nukem game that Interceptor were working on before Gearbox shat on the entire franchise and acted like the big boy in the playground saying the whole IP is theirs just because they had something to do with the worst game in the series.
  13. I think Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the first game I played that had a true reload system. I played it very young so my doughy child brain was still able to be molded to do new things.
  14. Oh wait that's because that thing is from 40k lmoa I'm dumb
  15. This looks incredibly similar to this