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  1. You can add this to the big boys list
  2. If you can't put cartridges in this thing and it doesn't come with Donkey Kong Country 2 then what's the point in it?
  3. We didn't have any arcade machines here but I guess the closest I got was Killer Instinct on the SNES.
  4. The biggest one I have is Codename Hunk. A few top contenders are this weird pk3 I have no idea what it does called serpent-hqmus.pk3 at 207mb then Aeons of Death and Hell on Earth starter pack.
  5. GZDoom has some fancy new filter effects. I managed to make it look like that and worse.
  6. I don't know why people don't like this game. It's pretty good. The only reason to not have bought it was the lack of players, but now there are more players than Lawbreakers (fucking lmao)
  7. There's a reason Doom completely stomped Wolfenstein engine games even back then, so what the heck are they gonna expect nowadays
  8. Something along the lines of a cave mixed with some Doom 1 looking base parts
  9. why not both
  10. Now that's my kind of lightsaber
  11. Depends what kind of game and the tone it's going for
  12. George Lucas stated there were only green, blue and red ones so this makes me internally angery.
  13. That was cancelled a long time ago
  14. Hitscanners in real life good joke. Reminds me of the FPS Doug video where he's like "what if I get lag in real life, I heard there's no respawn points IRL, if I get shot i'm fucked"
  15. Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded was the apparent title of their Duke FPS