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  1. Rest in peace.
  2. Favorite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi. Favorite Food: Junk food. Favorite Holiday: Christmas and New Year's Eve -- simply because of the atmosphere. Favorite Memory: There are many memories I remember, but I guess one that sticks out in my mind is playing video games with my brother. We used to play the classic Mario Bros. arcade game and Contra all the time. Worst Memory: Getting bullied in kindergarten. Age: 18 (in July). Favorite Outfit: Black polo and navy blue jeans. Favorite Genre Of Music: Electronic rock, industrial, electronica, drum and bass, metal, ambient, and smooth jazz. Most Hated Genre of Music: Grindcore. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right handed. Worst Injury: Hit my head when I was 8; started bleeding everywhere. Favorite Hobby: Video gaming. Your Definition of Success: Enjoying your life, and being at a state of contentment. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Not always.
  3. I can't believe these hacks have the audacity to call it the ''Restoring Freedom Act''.
  4. I'm excited for it. Hopefully it'll be good.
  5. This one is my favourite. Catchy as fuck.
  6. [edit] nevermind.
  7. 17 exactly one month ago.
  8. It was... I don't know, I never saw it.
  9. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime?
  10. Nice tunes for a GBA game.
  11. in no particular order... Doom series Final Fantasy series World of Warcraft Super Smash Bros series Castlevania series Persona & SMT series Sonic Adventure Halo 3 Contra The World Ends With You Pokemon Ruby Metroid Fusion
  12. Cherry Strudel of the Red Velvet party.