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  1. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    "Well, the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount But nothing really matters much, it's DOOM alone that counts..." I haven't really posted anything in awhile. I've been trying to work through some major depression. But better late to the party than never. With all the Plutonia-themed wads lately, I thought Plutonia should have some switches of its own like TNTR had. Notes: The valve wheel is from Hexen. I put it on a different base and played until I got a little depth on it, because I couldn't get the Hexen drop shadow to look good. The original Doom WARNx0 switch is 17x23. I never understood that size choice so I made one at 16x24, which I used here. I couldn't decide which concrete switch I liked better, so here's both. The blood brick is Xaser's. I made an 8-high version of it. Which I just realized I should also post here separately. As well as full sets of the re-colored switches I made. Those I'll have to organize. I also peeled the moss off the two Plutonia textures and played with them on other Plutonia bricks. These turned out the best. I'm sure they could all be used as visual hints to secrets. Oh, and converted them to red like TV did for his TVBLOOD to see how it would look. Plus some more playing. Edit: I added one more brick, the plain black one. I realized I had used it as a base for a switch, moss and blood, but it's not an original Plutonia texture. It's an 8-high version I made from a 6-high I found in one of my folders. Don't know where I ripped the original from.
  2. EffinghamHuffnagel

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    Wo ist das Klo? Edieren: Ich habe es gefunden. Es ist legendär. Gut gemacht, Jungs.
  3. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    The second one looks like a giant brownie cookie. Perfect for a Christmas level if you use the Gingerbread Hell Knight. Now I'm hungry.
  4. EffinghamHuffnagel

    [RC4 Out!] Ozonia Boom Megawad

    Damn. I was halfway through RC3 and didn't realize RC4 was out. It must have dropped off the first page before I saw it. Have to start again. Since I tend to sort big wads before playing them, things I noticed that were still in RC4. Enjoying it so far. Edit: forgot one.
  5. I think the sound fade distance will limit the white noise effect, except directly under the waterfall, of course. I added a 'crackle' sound to torches in my default setup. Spawn: TRED A 0 NoDelay A_PlaySound("misc/torchburn", CHAN_ITEM, 1.0, 1, 3.75) Burn: TRED ABCD 4 BRIGHT Loop It took a little playing to get the distance right, but it adds to the ambience nicely. I know I've played other games with waterfall sounds that fade with distance. I just can't remember them right now. My instinct is to say Serious Sam, Half-Life and Tomb Raider, but I'm not sure.
  6. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    "Gold fever... Nothin' can help you But the golden stuff" Here's some flats to go with them. I re-colored the first two from some red ones I found. The last two were in the same folder, so I guess I ripped them from some wads. Sorry, no idea which ones.
  7. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Mr. Don Ramon's Duke Nukem 3D (Doom) Weapons Upgrade

    The download file above includes an mp4 of Offspring "Pretty Fly for a White Guy". Ignore.
  8. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    I assumed the original version, which @thelamp posted, would be the other red partner. Your red version was darker. Edit: --------------- I made a Three sand texture. which one is better? --------------- When I edit textures, I always do a 3x3 in PSP to see how they tile. Then I make fixes to the center layer, copy it, and repeat until I like it. Here are yours. You can see the patterns that will show up in maps. They also doom-paletted a little darker/browner. The first reminds me of stucco/plaster. Personally, I like the third one except for the obvious seams.
  9. EffinghamHuffnagel

    POOGERS.wad [RC3.11 Update]

  10. EffinghamHuffnagel

    POOGERS.wad [RC3.11 Update]

    You mean 34 maps. There is no MAP29.
  11. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Shades of Azure - 12 short, blue maps [/idgames, Boom/cl9]

    Compared it to previous version. New version has: A duplicate FF_START marker. A patch named PP_END. Flats named FF_END and S_START. A sprite named S_END. Likely to cause problems.
  12. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    @ViolentBeetle Seeing your bricks made me remember something, so I went looking through old storage DVDs. Found them. I had split the brick and the grout so I could play with them separately. The gray one I just did now. It's yours, darkened and contrasted. I remember I did the brown one using a palette I found called 'Enjay 1920'. I had a couple of others, but they were too close to your colors. They won't line up exactly with yours. I'm sure I duplicated a different row than you did. Edit: OK, I added the blue one. Not hugely useful, except maybe in CTF, but it's different. Edit2: Forgot to mention, I originally separated the brick and grout to make it easier to do multi-color and brick patterns, like Adelusion's bricks in Gothictx, but I never got to it. If someone wants to play, have at it.
  13. I found one thing, but it's ZDoom only. Tag 45 and 46 switches have textures on mid and lower. ZDoom animates lower before mid, so they don't animate when used. Works fine in GZDoom. Not sure how important a thing that is.
  14. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Very nice work, both of you. Kind of a clean Quake. But you missed one. If you didn't actually make it, here. I cobbled it together out of the ones you posted. Also made a running wall out of one of them.
  15. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Wow. Didn't remember that. Haven't played it in years. But since there's now a secondary frame for the red, here's secondary frames for the others. Works as switches or just as pulsing animated textures. Edit: forgot to add a 'dead' one.