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  1. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Ran across this texture in a map. The original 'static' fire didn't seem right, so I animated it using the flame from Hexen. Also ran across the GATEB1 face; thought the others should exist too. And a couple of yellow versions of orange textures. Since I use actual yellow Skull Key sprites, orange textures used as yellow key indicators bothers me. I had a bunch more things, mostly switches and hints for secrets, and was trying to organize them into groups when my HD crashed. I'm going to have to start posting things as soon as I do them.
  2. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    No, i just found it too. They happen rarely. I call them 'sector holes'; a seemingly solid sector with a space that monsters and players can fall into. The underground Imp I mentioned on MAP25 was probably the same thing. I've never understood what exactly causes them; joining/splitting the sector, stretching its dimensions, changing its height, don't know. Re-building nodes fixes the problem.
  3. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Escalation Titan [GZDoom, 6 maps]

    Open the wad in Slade. Inside the wad, he has three entries which are other wads: Equinox, Suspended in Dusk, and TNT.wad. That's about 80% of the wad's almost 40Mb size. I'm guessing TNT.wad is the reason it was rejected.
  4. EffinghamHuffnagel

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    The door from the outside is DR Yellow Open/Close; from the inside it's D1 Red Open/Stay. So once you leave the room, the door should never close. You would have to 'open' the open door from the outside to initiate its action and close it. I suppose if you were fighting your way out of the room and closed the door, then kept opening it to kill monsters in the doorway, you would get stuck going back in for ammo afterwards. So you are 'technically' correct, but getting stuck is not automatic. I finished this a few months ago, but never posted my notes because my HD crashed. I suppose with current talk of 'fixes' and 'vaccinated' versions, I should play it again. I remember two non-automatic softlocks, a few monsters that didn't teleport in and a couple of maps where I couldn't get all the Potions. Oh, and watching the Cyber-Barons in-fight and kill themselves with rocket splashes was amusing, too. Yeah, maybe over Christmas week, if I'm not too depressed.
  5. EffinghamHuffnagel

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    Wow. I haven't heard that phrase since college. And I still remember the joke the teacher told as an example. A man walks into a small country store in the hills of Kentucky. In a glass case on the wall behind the counter is an old, weathered, well-used woodsman's axe. A sign under the case reads 'Once belonged to Abraham Lincoln.' The man is amazed. He asks, "That axe really belonged to Lincoln?". The proprietor says "Yep. It's had two new heads and three new handles, but it was Lincoln's." To get back on topic: when Revilution was released, the links to Convilution were removed. The reason given was 'because of Devilution'. Does that mean some maps from Convilution could end up in Devilution?
  6. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Radiated Chambers (Old map I found)

    Insanely dark, which made it frustrating. Most things attacked me before I could see them. Couldn't see the Blue Key door until I ran into it. That said, once I cheated and turned the lights on, a fun way to spend a few minutes. Things I found:
  7. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    Forgot one minor thing. Dehacked lists MAP30 as "The Devil's Capital", but CWILV29 has it as "Mind of Enmity".
  8. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    Finally finished using GZDoom.
  9. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    You're right. The flats are there. My stupidity. I probably clicked the wrong batch file before playing that map. Geez, I hope the other notes were valid. Edit: Not that it matters, but I had taken the original AK_E1E2.wad (which did not have those two flats) and went through the thread, adding all the E3 maps posted, because I wanted to play the whole thing. I have to remember to delete old batch files when new versions come out. Sorry.
  10. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    Half done using GZDoom. Originally started playing the first compilation, so any notes before MAP10 may have already been fixed.
  11. I remember playing an early version of this. I was waiting for a full release. Your Mapinfo has some issues. You commented out all the music and skies. If a Mapinfo doesn't have music specified, GZDoom doesn't play any default music. It doesn't play any music at all (unless there's some setting I'm missing). All the maps are silent except for MAP31, because MAP31 is not listed in the Mapinfo. But there is a MAP30 listed as "Secret shit". The wad also has an unnecessary CWILV00 (defined as 'Oceanside') since you didn't specify titlepatches in the Mapinfo. I assume that's just a leftover from a previous release.
  12. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Claustrophobia ('Caged' remake)

    Nice map! Constant pressure. Definitely E2. Only suggestion would be to have the Blue Key bars open from both sides, not just the one side, for people who find the back way into the area. Also noticed two missing textures in the door jambs of this closet. FYI: it looks like there's a third missing texture on the left-central column, but there's no error in GZDoom, only in ZDoom. I've seen that happen before, but I don't know why. I'm also trying to figure out why this map works (I opened it up in Slade because I couldn't figure out the Megasphere secret). It's Boom format, but there's an Endmap entry, which is UDMF. You have a Pnames entry, but no Texture1. All your textures except RSKY1 are between TX markers. Does that eliminate the need for a Texture1? I had no idea. I haven't gotten around to playing Abaddon's Nightmare yet, but now I'll have to move it up my playlist. You do really nice work. Looking forward to your first megawad.
  13. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    CRC error on the download.
  14. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Aliens Doom

    You're right! I just compared them. The version posted here is only episode 2 without the secret level. The version on the archive is all three episodes, with slightly edited Ep2 maps. The version here also has a few additional sounds. The author of the archive version states in the text file, "Originally this was all done by some other person, so i cannot and DO NOT!!!! claim credit for this. I just made a few changes, deleted some unneeded stuff and re-done it." I assume the original author gave permissions, but since that readme is a compiled executable and won't run on Windows10, I can't tell. So this version here is for archaeological interest.
  15. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Aliens Doom

    Just an FYI and a question. The download contains a copy of Doom.wad, but dated 2/17/94. I looked inside and E1M4 has the swastika, which make it version 1.2(?). I don't remember this particular Aliens mod and don't know if it requires this version of Doom to play. My question: is it considered 'bad form/illegal' to post an older, out-of-date version of the iwad, since it's been updated/replaced and is not being sold anymore?