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  1. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Good Morning Phobos Version 2 (BETA VERSION)

    I don't remember if this was asked in the original thread, but why do so many of the CWILVs have different names than what you listed in the OP?
  2. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Plutonia Revisited: Community Project 2 (Boom-compatible)

    @Joshy Looking through the texture pack, I noticed you 're using the 8-high versions of the Plutonia bricks, but the 6-high version of TVBLOOD1 from PL2. FYI: I made and posted an 8-high version early in the texture thread, if you wanted to use it to match the others.
  3. EffinghamHuffnagel

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    HUSTR_E4M3 entry is missing from Dehacked. Both inside the wad and the deh.
  4. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Good Morning Phobos Version 2 (BETA VERSION)

    Your link has 'home' in it. That takes me to my dropbox home.
  5. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    When you use the switch, you have to jump down to the right and do a figure-8 run up the steps to run off the platform with the two Rockets and two Shells (sector 150) to land on sector 162 before the door closes. From there you can SR to sector 219. There is some brilliant design in these maps, but also some frustrating mechanics, even for long-time Doomers. Outstanding piece of work.
  6. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Because of the rough nature of the original drawing, some of the darker ones remind me of ancient cave paintings.
  7. EffinghamHuffnagel

    RAVEN MIDI Pack II - Breathing Life Into "Deathkings"

    The first time I played through Deathkings was the vanilla 1.1 version in a DOS window in Win95 or 98 and I couldn't place them. When I played it again, maybe 10 years later using ZDoom, I could place them. That's when I checked and found that ZDoom had added a compatibility fix. I was just pointing out that I don't know if other ports did the same thing.
  8. EffinghamHuffnagel

    RAVEN MIDI Pack II - Breathing Life Into "Deathkings"

    I must say, I'm looking forward to this. I haven't played Deathkings in at least 15 years and I love the thought of original music for it. But since the point of the project is to get people to play Deathkings with the new music, I need to point something out for those who have never played it before. The original MAP54:Nave could never be legally finished. Two of the gear placement linedefs are tagged "Player Uses Line". The other two are tagged "Player Crosses Line", so you can't place the gears to open the exit. I kept waiting for Raven to fix this, but they never did. ZDoom and GZDoom addressed this with a compatibility fix, but I don't know about other ports. I doubt Chocolate Hexen would, and AFAIK, the Steam release is version 1.0. I don't know anything about the Unity port. So I think that limits playability to ZDoom and GZDoom. Does anyone know more? A musical question: I looked through the thread and didn't see it, but this is the perfect place for it, so I have to ask: has anyone written a song for this yet called "Even in the Quietus Moments"? @Jimmy I don't know if you have another project lined up after this, but I was playing the first Community Chest wad and noticed there are only eight pieces of music in it. I don't know if any of them are original.
  9. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Yeah, they're very 'bubbly'. Although in red, they might work for new lava. Slowed down in brown, maybe mud pits.
  10. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Man, you've got that Industrial Style down cold. It's like a 'slightly cleaner' Quake. If there's ever another Bloody Rust project, your textures are perfect for it. Great work.
  11. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Outstanding! Wonderful motion. What really makes them great is that each pair can be used to give an unlimited height waterfall; the first at the top of a cliff, the second, 128 units lower and one unit in front of the first, the rest of the way down. You might need a third in the set for the bottom with white water spray coming up as it hits the rocks. That's the thing that's always bugged me about the standard Doom falls; they're not seamless vertically. Any height over 128 and you can see the seam pattern. I'll assume you're also working on matching water flats. These are way too good to pair with the standard water.
  12. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    I didn't. I ripped the patches from some wad seven years ago. No idea from what anymore. I take no credit for it. But the style of it looks very much like the Caustics Generator that @elend discussed back on page 42 of this thread. For the flats, I just re-sized each frame of the patch. I'm not an artist, I'm an editor. @ViolentBeetle Inside the wad I posted I put a readme which refers to the 'TNT trick', which is how they added new animations and switches to TNT before Animated and Switches lumps existed. Doom has certain 'hard-coded' animations. It looks for the first and last images in each pre-defined 'set' and animates everything in-between. If you add each patch image except the first and last (which I already named W65B_1 and W65B_2) to Pnames and then to Texture1 in-between FIREBLU1 and FIREBLU2, it should work fine. For the flats, you'd have to replace an existing animated flat set in vanilla. Meaning: if you re-name the first flat to SLIME05 and the last to SLIME08, and two in between to SLIME06 and SLIME07, the whole set would replace that set of flats and all animate. I use a 32-frame BLOODx replacement like that. Edit: If anyone knows the author or the project/wad the 32-frame patch came from, please post or let me know.
  13. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Here's what I use in my default setup. At one point I posted asking if anyone had/knew about a 32-frame Fireblu replacement I lost. I found it on an old HD when I was trying to recover files. I don't know who made the patch or where I got it. Images were dated 2013. I've seen a 24-frame version since, but not this 32-frame. I made the flat version from the big one when I played an all-fireblu secret map 31 or 32 in some wad. Works as a gate quite nicely, and the flat can be an 'exit pad'. Since it's seamless, it doesn't have to be 'on grid'. Threw them into a separate wad. Png graphics. Tried Doom-paletting them. Works, but they don't look as good. Works as is in GZDoom. FirebluWallsFloors.zip
  14. EffinghamHuffnagel


    I like the look if it. It's on my list to play as soon as I get through 180mpv, the re-release of Baculus and MAYhem20. Because I'm a little OCD and I notice things like this: There's a duplicate copy of D_DM2INT in the wad and no CWILV20.
  15. Oh. So you're suggesting this be expanded to a full episode, possibly as a Community Project? What a wonderful idea. So E1M8 would be, what? A gynecological examination to kill the Imp Goddess from within? Placing an IUD so she can never create more Imps? I'm intrigued.