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  1. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Map19 - Linedef tag 44 switch can be triggered from the low floor before you've raised it to switch level. Not a biggie. You still have to kill Cybers to get out of the room. The exit is kinda obvious, but there should probably be an exit sign somewhere just to be consistent. Sector 644, the light sector on either side of the BFG secret is also tagged secret. Can't be scored.
  2. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Played MAP13 (RC6) twice in GZDoom. The first time, 14 monsters never teleported in. The second time, 16 monsters, always from the same closets. I assume most of these are missing/un-joined sound sectors and blocked teleport landing spots, but sector tag 87 is 32 units below the teleport linedefs. There is no linedef tag 87 which raises it so the Revenants can teleport out, like sector tag 76 on either side of it. Was that a typo? Was that one supposed to be sector tag 76 also? Also, sector tag 61, the AV column sector in the exit room - sector walls should probably be tagged impassable so an AV can't jump you into it. You'd be stuck. Assuming you don't die fast. Also also, noticed STFGOD0 is in the wad twice. The original with the yellow eyes is still there. Edit: Forgot to mention, there is a missing second sidedef lower texture on the step on line 6414. It's only visible after the sector tagged 36 next to it drops to NNF.
  3. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Using GZDoom. The message on this door in MAP05 is "You need a Green Key to activate this object". The key in the map is a Red Skull Key. Is that a fixable thing in Dehacked, or does the door tag need to be a Boom 6-key-type action? I thought I also saw this occur in one of the first four maps, but I'm not sure.
  4. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Minor clean-up before you upload to the archive; you have the Credits graphic in the wad twice.
  5. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Jaguar Doom Conversion

    https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14126&p=1045845#p1045427 I think Pixel Eater's google drive 'fixed' link still works. Haven't tried playing it myself. There are other posts and files on that page. Not sure what they are. Can't help you with the music.
  6. EffinghamHuffnagel

    The Incident - My very first map

    For a first map, outstanding. Thank you for using slopes more for decorations and panels rather than forcing the player to constantly walk over an uneven floor. Big. Sprawling. Fun. Using GZDoom 3.4.1. I had a problem easily identifying some lifts because you had other similarly-shaped structures also using the same metal textures which weren't lifts. The only two things I found were that a Manc and a PE didn't teleport into the final room from their closet. GZDoom requires monster_radius +1 to cross a teleport linedef before the monster teleports. Your teleport line is too close to the wall. The other thing is that the music didn't play for MAP01. Don't know why. It looks set up correctly in the Mapinfo. Does using $MUSIC_RUNNIN in Mapinfo require a Dehacked or Language lump where $MUSIC_RUNNIN is defined? I'd think it would use the default. Other than that, great work. Edit: Figured out the music problem. I have it set up to use Fluidsynth. I just checked. Found the error 'unable to load. invalid argument'. Haven't had this problem with other midis. Odd. Changing it fixes the problem.
  7. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    Was the correct version uploaded? The wad in the idgames version is dated 3/17. The wad in the OP Dropbox link is dated 3/27. The idgames wad has a 'less-blue' Titlepic, no Interpic, no CWILVxx and no Demo. At a quick glance, MAP04 has a different size Things lump. Not sure about other maps.
  8. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Astral-Doomers wads

    My WinZip wouldn't open it either. Checked in WinHex. It's actually a .7z file. Re-name it; it opens fine. No idea why OP did that. Edit: Just ran through this fast. Not bad. Wondered why the wad was so big. The first entry after the map is labelled '5RTXT'. It's cc4-tex. You included the wad inside the wad. Also wondered why there were two exits in the map. Then I saw this was part of a megawad. So a secret exit from MAP01. Okay. Lots of non-switch textures used as hidden switches to activate things not immediately nearby. Never liked those, but author's choice I guess. That first room is VERY big and just feels so empty. I do like the grating to the outside areas. The west odd computer panel hid a secret so I tried the east one. It acted like a switch but didn't do anything. Editor showed it has a tag and action, but a missing sector. A clean up issue? Noticed that the two SHAWN1 sectors in the middle of the first room have their ceiling heights lower than their floor heights. Not an issue in GZDoom, but I don't know how other ports handle that. You have three secrets that shouldn't be tagged secret because they can't be reached; the three outside sectors west of the Green Armor. You have a fourth secret that can't be scored; the narrow sector outside the sector tag 6 door. It's too narrow to enter before you step up into the doorway. You have a missing texture next to the linedef tag 9 switch. It shows up in the editor as "COMP2 8A". The switch is pointless, btw. You can use the blue circle by the room entrance as a step to get to the Chaingun. The Imp inside the Soul Sphere secret crossed a teleport linedef as soon as it saw me. Don't think that was your intent. I've never liked secrets you only have one chance to score, but again, an author's choice. The secret RL is badly placed unless it's intended for the future maps. By the time you find the hidden switch to get to it here, there's really nothing left to use it on. I'm guessing you'll still adjust difficulty levels. I'm not sure a Caco AND a Revenant in the exit room of MAP01 is appropriate on Easy mode. With that level of progression, you'd have to have several dozen Cybers by MAP29. A good start.
  9. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Innocence X3 - Beta v.3 Uploaded

    That's funny. I would have thought "Vampyr", but then I love old movies.
  10. EffinghamHuffnagel


    Very fun stuff. Yeah, it certainly has an Egyptian-Alternate World/Time feel, but not so much that it's no longer Doom. Loved the first three maps. Not so much the fourth, but that's probably me. I kept dying like a dog so I had to cheat my way through it. Once I got to the end, I appreciated your design choice. I liked it. I just wish I was able to handle large crowds better. No bugs that I found, but a couple of aesthetic things on MAP03. In the SW area I knocked the AV off his platform with a rocket, through the bars. I did the same in the NE room with a couple of the Imps in the alcoves. Probably need to be monster-blocked. And the bars on those alcoves are not offset, so there is a cut-off half-face on the right edge of each alcove. Really enjoyable. Thank you.
  11. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Goetia 1

    This was fun. Felt more like an E2-E3 episode. If you really meant it as an E1 replacement, then I really want to see what your idea of E3 will be. Good mechanics. Maps felt like they were thought out and planned, rather than "What can I fit in here?" FYI: Remember that doors open to 4 units below ceiling height. One spot (don't remember where), a closet door opened and the Shotgunner couldn't exit. I couldn't enter to grab his dropped ammo. Don't think that was intentional. In short sectors, dropping a wall to the floor is probably a better option. ------- E1M3 ------- Secret exit area is tagged secret. So is the sector with the secret switch. Odd. If you really want both, (a secret inside a secret), then add some goodies to the first area and hide the switch sector. ------- E1M4 ------- Two Spectres never teleported in. They're tagged deaf. Should probably have a sign or some indicator that the exit is an exit and not another teleport. ------- E1M5 ------- Inescapable death pit. Hate those. Also hate forced pickups (ammo in front of switches or in middle of path). Linedef tag 9, which lowers the Box of Shells secret - switch sector is also tagged secret for no reason. If you really meant it to be a secret, it can't be scored because it's too narrow to fully enter. Hidden Blue Armor has no hint. Not tagged secret, either. Odd. ------- E1M6 ------- Blur Sphere secret area tagged as two secrets. ------- E1M7 ------- Rocket Box secret area (linedef tag 12) tagged as two secrets. Not sure why it's a secret at all. Obvious switch on the wall. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Also really liked the music. Good stuff!
  12. EffinghamHuffnagel

    TEAM ROCKET: Blasting Off at the Speed of Mapping - RELEASED

    What is the purpose of the trocket_exitfix.wad? It's not referenced anywhere in the documentation and I couldn't find it in this thread either.
  13. EffinghamHuffnagel

    [ZDoom] Persephone - The Best of Phobus vol. 1

    Just crashed to desktop. No errors. Upon further testing, I think it was because I had turned on idbehold L in a dark area. Crashed in random locations after that. This happened to me once before. Last time it was a truecolor png sky with idbehold L causing the crashes. No pngs here. Hey wait. Wasn't that one of your maps last time too?
  14. EffinghamHuffnagel

    [ZDoom] Persephone - The Best of Phobus vol. 1

    Also crashed with ZDoom 2.8.1 final on the secret map when you go play outside.
  15. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Finally had some time for this. Good. I was just about to post about the missing lift switch. I also had a question about E4M4. Lines 4 and 36 near the start are monster-blocked, so the Spectres couldn't get to me. Was that intentional? Edit: forgot to mention - A lot of fun!