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  1. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Mapset: MedEvil

    Serendipity - the thing you find when you're looking for something else. Just found this. Using GZDoom, version 1.3. Very pretty. Nice texture use. Noticed a lot of bars textures bleeding into the ground, though. Setting ClipMidTextures in Mapinfo should fix it. Or create sectors and have different light levels on either side of the bars. I like the use of the Nightmare Imps. Not overdone. Also like the music. Very appropriate, but MAP02 seems to cut off suddenly in a weird way. MAP03 does also, then pauses for awhile and seems to start a new song, which also cuts off suddenly in a weird way. Odd. The only issues I found were on MAP02. Thing 89, a Spectre, tries to come up the angled water hallway S of the Pool of Blood, Shells, and Short Green Torch. It can't squeeze past the torch to attack. Easy kill. The bloody room secret opened by linedef tag 13 - there is a second secret in the room that can't be scored. It's the thin barred window sector. Don't think you intended playing this way, but I expected monsters to pop in and attack when I grabbed the Blue Key, so I grabbed it at a full run and was up the stairs out of the area by the time the third Imp teleported in. I went across the water and waited by the blue key door until everyone had gathered, then picked off whatever in-fighting hadn't killed. Kinda cheesed it. Really liked this. Thanks.
  2. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Post your Doom textures!

    Really like the red light bleed on the edges of the second switch. Nice touch. The light spill doesn't Doom-palette properly, but it'll certainly work as is in GZDoom. Playin' with crayons on your canvas.
  3. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Lake of Bones and Fire- my Vinesauce map, beat it for -9999999$$!!!!

    Were the contest requirements "use as many Revenants as possible without slowing your computer to a crawl"? Geez. Really pretty, though. The red lighting with the red sky and lava work nicely. Thanks for the Invulnerability Sphere. Fast death otherwise. A handful of monsters didn't teleport in. In one of the closets south of the exit area some HKs; no teleport linedefs in their closet. In one of the closets east of the exit area teleport linedefs not tagged as 'Repeat'.
  4. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Eternal Damnation [UDoom Vanilla Mapset] (new update)

    Very nice! Maps feel appropriate to their episodes. I had a lot of fun. Only found one thing. On E4M1, two Cacos didn't teleport in. The closet sector with linedef tag 33 doesn't have a tag to lower it. Good stuff.
  5. EffinghamHuffnagel

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - musicians wanted (see OP)

    Crap. Didn't notice you'd updated the wad yesterday. Just finished it. Hope my comments are still valid. Played seasons.wad before this. Seasons is wonderfully designed, amazingly textured, complex and beautiful. I enjoyed playing Doom 404 more. Small, compact maps that open up new areas like a puzzle box. Lots of fun. I will say that secret hunting could be frustrating. Some of the hints are SO subtle. To have to notice that on a long wood/metal wall one small section has the wood grain offset by y+64; wow. Took a while to figure out to look for a slightly different texture. I had to look up a bunch of the secrets in an editor afterwards. @ArmouredBlood mentioned MAP07. The two side pillars are exactly 32 units from the wall. Too small a space to squeeze through to get to the end lifts. MAP18 - So you don't need the Yellow Key to open the Yellow Key door. But finding the Yellow Key is a secret? That isn't used anywhere? Odd. Did I miss someplace else the key could be used? If this weren't vanilla I'd suggest using Mapinfo. Finding the Yellow Key closes the normal exit (to MAP19A) and opens the secret exit (to MAP19B) which is exactly the same, but has a voodoo doll that gives you the Yellow Key to start and lets you open some big secret/goodie on that map. Sort of Hexen-ish. But then, I like playing continuous. MAP21 - Two Cacos never activated in the hidden area just north of the starting room. The walls to the main area are tagged soundblock and I don't think their sector is joined to any other 'hearing' sector in the map. Not sure if I missed shooting in a particular sector which would have activated them. MAP27 - Sector tag 5 is also tagged secret. Since it lowers to 16 units below current floor level, I actually ran over the top of it without touching/triggering the secret. I didn't find it until I came back at it from the other direction. Also wondered why map had four secrets, not three. Fourth secret can't be scored. It's the recessed wall sector around the secret opened by linedef tag 9. Inherited the tag. Dehacked missing Level 29 name Dehacked Level 30 name listed as 'Term'. Good stuff. Well done.
  6. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Blue Doom - a joke wad

    I played the first two maps. Finding doors, hallways and passages with pass-through blue mid-textures was interesting. Ok, I get editing all the maps to make everything blue, but I don't know why OP also left everything else from the original iwad in there; all patches, flats, sprites, sounds, music and graphics. Completely unnecessary. If you want to be thorough, here's a link for a custom palette called coldwave. It makes everything blue, grey, green and purple. That should take care of re-coloring the monsters and items too. http://quicknbrite.org/wads/coldwave.zip
  7. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Having 'home' in a Dropbox link always takes the person to their own personal Dropbox folder.
  8. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Demonic Deviation - 11 Map episode for Doom 2 (Released)

    Played through it again. Still fun. Always like your maps. Two things on MAP10 that I don't remember noticing last time. Linedef tag 20 switch - no way to open closet from the inside if lift closes behind you. You have two Blue Key doors. Both are S1 and have linedef tag 34, but only the lower one has sector tag 34. I assume the upper door is missing the tag rather than that the upper door can never be opened. Awaiting the next great adventure.
  9. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Ah, got it. I see my problem. I kept trying to go from one purple step to the next in a straight SR line, whereas the first red step is a jog to the right, so I was missing it completely and falling. That's a devious mechanic - forcing the player to look up for the path as he walks forward onto nothing. Damn, that's hard. Especially trying to get the purple key. Tough map. I suppose the only (minor) qualm would be the two unreachable Soul Spheres on the structure to the west of the exit. That prevents getting 100%. Really good final map. Edit: Forgot to mention something interesting. The Suicide Bomber acts as an exploding barrel; in effect an AV jump. If you get hit by only one (and survive), you could get jumped out of bounds. And since it acts as a barrel, it can cause in-fighting. In different maps I saw two Grells fighting each other, two HKs fighting and two Mancs fighting. Very amusing.
  10. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    GZDoom, RC4 MAP18 Linedef tag 14 switch. Normal texture is visible, but switch texture is also on lower. GZDoom animates lower before normal, so switch not animating when you use it. MAP19 Odd Imps locations: The first is placed on the ground but over-lapping this sector, so he pops up here almost immediately. The second looks like he was intentionally placed there. To highlight the need for 3 keys? Just realized that the default version of W108_2, the Blue Skull Key indicator, is being used for the Purple Skull Key. Intentional? Or was there supposed to be a Purple (Green) version to match the key? Edit: MAP20 - I have no idea how to continue in the map. I'm guessing I'm supposed to lower the red sectors to complete the stairs to get to the Yellow Key and then into the building, but I can't find a switch that will let me do that. Am I missing something really obvious?
  11. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    GZDoom. MAP17 RC4 Mapinfo error. MAP17 'next' is MAP17. Some monsters didn't teleport in. I'm guessing blocked teleport landing spots. That may always happen on a random basis. I don't know.
  12. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    MAP08 - Seven monsters didn't teleport in. GZDoom issue. Center of monster (radius + 1) has to cross the linedef for the monster to teleport. In sector 710 the first monster is an Arachonotron, radius 64 units. The distance from the corner of the closet to the center of the teleport linedefs 18 and 29 is 64 units. Can't cross. @Obsidian To answer your question from the Orange thread, I was using RC6. I think I clicked on my RC5 batch file the last time. Explains why my save wouldn't load. I thought I corrupted it again and started the map over.
  13. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Two Maps Added to WIP Limit Removing Project [9-22-18]

    Long-term individual projects and CPs I'll create a folder and throw updates in there as I notice them. Once they're finally released I'll usually go back and delete alphas, betas and early stuff. Glad I could help.
  14. EffinghamHuffnagel

    Two Maps Added to WIP Limit Removing Project [9-22-18]

    Here ya go. CROSS.rar
  15. EffinghamHuffnagel

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Map19 - Linedef tag 44 switch can be triggered from the low floor before you've raised it to switch level. Not a biggie. You still have to kill Cybers to get out of the room. The exit is kinda obvious, but there should probably be an exit sign somewhere just to be consistent. Sector 644, the light sector on either side of the BFG secret is also tagged secret. Can't be scored.