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  1. Pretty nice and actually fun. Two things I noticed. 1. You used animated switches twice. The first time you used BLOD3, which makes it an animated texture, but doesn't change the texture when you use it like a switch. You'd have to use SW1SKULL for that. The second time you used it correctly. I wasn't sure if the first time was intentional or a mistake. 2. The tops of the columns in the exit room are only 32 units below the ceiling. The Lost Souls on top of them are stuck and can't move. Overall, nice work.
  2. Use GZDoom. It uses a compatibility text file that removes the extraneous secret tags from the maps. If you open E4M3 in an editor and search for 'Sector type 9', the secret tag, you'll find 22 secrets (mostly each stair step). If you run the map in GZDoom, the automap only shows a maximum of 2. I always assumed all ports handled those bugs the same way. What port are you using?
  3. Monster closet teleports are W1, not WR, so an HK didn't teleport in. I assume his spot was blocked at that instant. Also I didn't trigger the Soul Sphere secret. Not sure how I was able to trigger the lift without scoring the secret. I guess I didn't fully enter the sector, but walked across the corner to trigger the lift?
  4. I don't know ZDaemon. Does it read a Language lump? I know you can set the music for a MAP33 by adding MUSIC_MAP33 = "MAP33"; in the Language lump, where the music entry is named D_MAP33. I think there's a way to add that code to Dehacked, too, but I'm not sure what it is.
  5. MAP05. Ooh. Harder and more intense fighting. Love the centralized Cyber who you can usually avoid, but dare not ignore. Things not already mentioned: Starting area - the blocking bars to the west are bleeding into the ground. Design issue - Linedef tag 25 near the Red Key raises the stairs giving access to the Soul Sphere back near the Yellow Key door, but the Chaingunner pits around the Soul Sphere are raised by linedef tag 40, which is near the Blue Key. After I got the Red Key, I assumed there would be a big fight when I grabbed the Blue Key, so I went back looking for health, saw the Soul Sphere, and fell in one of the pits. What is the deal with the one solitary SP_FACE2 wall texture near the Red Key? I saw it and wondered if it was a hidden switch, or hiding something. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was making me nuts. Then I remembered MAP04 (which I did not comment on. The hidden Megasphere, which you can't see from the window, and is not tagged secret, and requires an AV jump to get, pissed me off). In an area full of SW1LION textures, there is one single SW1GARG texture on the back of an SW1LION texture. Is it the hidden switch which opens a secret? No! That's actually one of the other SW1LION textures. This one does absolutely nothing! Again, nuts-making, trying to figure out why it's there. Is the SW1GARG and the SP_FACE2 an example of the 'Impish nature' of your design philosophy? If I know to expect it, I can get used to it. All around, really good work and fun to play. For the most part. FYI: When I posted earlier about 'mis-aligned switch textures'; I meant that standard Doom2 has incorrect texture definitions for some switches. They were corrected in cc4-tex, which is part of my default load since so many maps use it. So when you use SW1BRN1 or SW1STONE, they look exactly like SW1BRCOM and are aligned correctly. When I play the map with cc4-tex, they're mis-aligned. My problem, not yours.
  6. Dagon's Wide-mouth Ale? Pickman's Modelo Especial? FYI, there actually is a Dagon Lager Beer made in Myanmar. Unfortunately, the logo is a lion, not a fish.
  7. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I went secret-hunting after everything was dead. The platform hadn't lowered. I just ran through it again superfast in god mode. I used the kill command on everything except Barons and Cybers to see what happens. When the last Cyber dies, I saw the tower door open. And that may be the problem. The E1M8 default action of 666 is LowerFloorToLowest when the last Baron dies. Here, you have it open a door when the last Cyber dies. But you also want it to lower the floor on the Baron platform. I don't think the tag can perform two different actions at the same time without voodoo doll trickery. I think it's also trying to 'open the door' on the Baron platform. Maybe it works differently in pr-boom. Don't know. Edit: Late edit for completeness to anyone reading through the history of this project. I also tested the above map version in GZDoom 3.2.5. Same issue. Not just a problem in a no-longer supported port like ZDoom.
  8. I have the flu so I had time to go through this today. Played with ZDoom. Really liked most of it. Favorites: E1M7 followed by E1M9. Found a few things. ------- E1M1 ------- Lines 5416 and 5419 (linedef tag 8) - second sidedef missing lower texture; only seen when the lift drops to nukage level. ------- E1M3 ------- In the level name, what is 'Reckon' short for? 'Reconnaissance'? There's no K in Recon. ------- E1M5 ------- The Soul Sphere secret is tagged as two secrets; one when you cross through the hidden door, one when you enter the courtyard. The IR Goggle secret can't be scored. The secret sector is only 16 units wide. The center of the player can't cross into the sector to trigger it. ------- E1M7 ------- Sector tag 2, the big floor that lowers, only goes back up twice with two W1 linedefs. Was that intentional to show the player that is was possible to slide around the edge of the hole? ------- E1M8 ------- The Red and Blue Key bars which block the entrance are all tagged D1. So you can only go back outside four times? Was that intentional? Going outside and shooting through the bars came in handy with the Caco swarm. How are you supposed to get to the Baron/Cell Pack/Rocket Boxes secret? Nothing is tagged as a lift and there are no teleport spots. Is the short Support2 lift to the east supposed to lower one of the other blocks? Good Stuff!
  9. If you open the wad in Slade you'll see that MAP02 has no blockmap and MAP03 has two of them. Did something get moved wrong?
  10. So you're saying Memfis shouldn't have asked if it worked in GZDoom, and I shouldn't have responded to his question?
  11. Are those the four zips in the 'D3RetroTex\V3' folder?
  12. I started playing in GZDoom. Lots of 'Exclamation-Mark-Missing-Objects'. Didn't seem to affect anything. I had to cheat right away. There's a G1 switch I couldn't even see from the starting spot under normal lighting. Played MAP01 until I hit an area where three walls dropped, but the fourth didn't, and that was the path forward. Quit and checked in an editor. Linedef tag 20 is a W1 'Lower Floor to 8 above Highest Adjacent', but the sector next to that fourth wall has a floor up to the ceiling. It'll never drop. Okay until then. If I have time, I'll go back, clip through that wall and check out the rest.
  13. Okay. 1. In some map editors (not sure which), when you edit and save a map, it adds the new version of the map at the end of the wad and just deletes the old map header (in this case MAP33) without deleting the rest of the map entries. When that happens, whatever entry is above the old map can take the place of the old map header (in this case MAPINFO). You now have a map titled MAPINFO with a map header with unviewable data in it (at least in Slade). Just delete the 10 entries between MAPINFO and MAP02. Then select MAPINFO. You'l get an 'Invalid Map' error, but after that you'll be able to read MAPINFO as text. The worst case of a map header with data I ever saw was Zones of Fear. The header of MAP29 is actually a 14MB wad of alpha versions of some of the maps. Don't think it was an Easter Egg. Never was fixed. 2. Yes, all the DM maps are gone. 3. The unknown graphics were flats. Slade requires flats to be between F_START and F_END markers to display them correctly. You can always tell flats because they are exactly 4.00kb in size. 4. Yes, the patches are gone. They were all console versions of Doom graphics. Don't know why they were there, but since they hadn't been added to Texture1 and Pnames, they weren't being used anyway. Interestingly, what had been added to Texture1 and Pnames was Nick Baker's 5th episode textures, but the patches were never added to the wad. Again, no idea why they were there. I hope this addresses all the issues.
  14. "We are generating a new download key for this file." Broken.
  15. Just finished this. Enjoyed it, for the most part. Nice design/flow. Found a few things. MAP06 - Sector tag 17 does not have a teleport landing spot for the Revenant. MAP08 - Linedef tag 6, W1 OpenDoorStayOpen is not necessary. The only way to cross that linedef is while the door is open, during its Open/Close action, so it will never work the way you want. It doesn't break anything, but it does put the previous SR DoorOpen/Close sector in an open state, so if you decide at the last second to go grab ammo before exiting, you have to go back and trigger the first switch which is now up in the ceiling. MAP10 - I think your linedef tags 17, 18, 19, 20 are wrong. They're all closet linedefs which teleport Cacos and a PE to some MonsterBlocked columns near the Red Key. The columns are exactly the same size as the Cacos and PE, so they can't move. More importantly, the switches which opens the closet doors for them are in the exit room and also open the exit. I think you meant for them to teleport into the exit room with the other monsters. Also, those linedefs as well as 27-30 are all W1. I would think the second teleport linedef in each Caco closet (18, 20, 29, 30) would be WR, just in case the landing spots are blocked. I can't really comment about gameplay. I died way too much, so I saved way too much. But I was surprised that the Chainsaw and Berserk didn't show up until MAP09. There were some close-quarter fights earlier where either one would have been a life-saver. Literally.