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  1. A.K.

    Quakecon 2023

    Holy crap, Carnevil and Shaikoten and the meme-drama material Shai had created. My god I never have laughed so hard until now. The pure nostalgia. Thank you for this.
  2. I like the cyborg/robot cacodemon/pain elemental fusion at the 12:15 mark in the video. Cool stuff!
  3. A.K.

    How often do you take a break from Doom

    Doomkid Construction Co. Hahaha. /OnTopic I have come and gone into my interest with DooM and its community since 2005. I personally have always had a lot of responsibilities outside that take up my time so there never was any time to relax until recently. I'm actually working on a megawad project right now featuring MBF21/DEHEXTRA goodies. The last time I was apart of any project was the 2048 Unleashed Project coordinated by Paul Corfiatis in 2015.
  4. A.K.

    Share Your Sprites!

    You know, I think this version of the spidermastermind may be even more powerful than the Demolisher (Spidermastermind with 2 chainguns and a BFG cannon). Simply because having 3 hitscanner weapons can stunlock any doom enemy with relative ease.
  5. A.K.

    QYARIA [a wip GZDoom game]

    Like what everyone else said. Based on the presentation, this is beautiful and looks to be engine defying. I honestly cannot believe that this is running on the GZdoom engine.
  6. D_COUNTD is pretty boring simply because it sounds like it really doesnt belong in any environment (maps) in Doom. It doesn't provide any atmosphere.
  7. I guess ill answer. I was able to get a hold of kraflab on their DSDA discord server and kraflab was able to identify and fix the issue. Apparently the engine was only checking to verify any of the SPXX sprites defined in DEHEXTRA up to SP98. The fix will be pushed to the next DSDADoom release. Closing as answered.
  8. Hey there, Im not sure if this is the correct thread to post this to but I did find a bug where the 26.2 DSDA engine doesnt like to swap frames. In this case SHT2 -> SP99. Please let me know if you need anything to re-emulate the issue as posted in the thread above. Thank you and thanks for your time.
  9. Hello there Doomworld, I have an issue where I'm working on a mod that will feature DEHEXTRA and MBF21 features which according to the DoomWiki MBF21 and DEHEXTRA is supported by DSDA Doom. Im simply adding more frames to the SuperShotgun weapon slot to make it a smooth animation. However, DSDA Doom seems to crash when it switches from calling the SHT2 frames to the SP99 frames. Here are the troubleshooting techniques i've tested. I've tested this on the now defunct PrBoom+ version 2.6.2 and PrBoom+ does not crash when calling frame SP99. All graphics and sounds in this mod are using the Doom Graphics/Sound Format, no wizbang mp3/ogg/PNG files here. Here is the dehacked code I have setup in the DecoHack editor as a reference. And here is the screenshot. I would appreciate any feed back as to what causes this and if I need to make changes on my end to fix it. Seeing as it wasnt a problem on PrBoom+ 2.6.2, I would assume that this could be fixed under DSDA Doom. Thank you for your time. -Baph/A.K.
  10. A.K.

    He Came From Beyond

    Ahhhhh, im very much looking forward to this!
  11. Im genuinely looking forward to this project being completed. All the maps displayed so far have such unique variety but they all look like they will handle very well in a deathmatch setting. :) Honestly havent seen this much hype since Crucified Dreams came out.
  12. Just got around to playing it today and am quite impressed that there is more tactics in use to fight off enemies rather than attempt to slaughter enemies one by one. Pretty impressive music track as well (blackened doom metal?)
  13. I honestly thought MAP32 in Eviternity was just, "The Darkening Part 3" but representing itself as one level.
  14. Next on Doomworld Mysteries!