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  1. Death Egg

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    Odamex kinda counts, since it has almost every Boom/MBF feature (except voodoo dolls in MP games) but also adds some stuff, along with being one of the big three Multiplayer ports... but its additions aren't quite on the same level as the ones in EE.
  2. Death Egg

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    I feel it's a multitude of things, and I'll probably end up repeating what others have said here, but if a few of these things (not all of them, but even two of them would really boost popularity) ever happened for Eternity it'd definitely see an increase in users: 1. A killer app map set that shows off Eternity Engine's features and isn't playable on anything else. 2. Good multiplayer. There was a split screen branch that would be awesome to see finished, since no other popular source port out right now has that, and C/S support has also been considered. 3. OpenGL renderer. I don't care about this but enough people do that even something as simple as what prBoom+ offers would suffice. 4. Support for remaining features prBoom+ supports, namely demo compatibility. Since prBoom+ isn't actively worked on outside of the Graf Zhal branch, this would essentially turn Eternity into the successor of prBoom+, and over time users would migrate over to it. 5. Complete Heretic/Hexen/Strife support. Heretic is almost done, but the other two are not even close, if started. 6. Better release schedule and more developer support. There's not much that can be done about this other than just having more people interested in maintaining the port who aren't busy. Of course all of these are huge endeavors that require dedicated people to pull off, so the best way to get this done is for people who have the time to invest it in helping the port out.
  3. Death Egg

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

  4. This actually makes an interesting idea for a wad. Introduce a new enemy that's unkillable, fast as fuck, and kills you in one shot. The main goal is to never awaken them, and if you do then to get out as fast as possible. Start off with maps solely featuring it, then move on to having to deal with regular doom enemies as well. Would be a cool community project to see what people could come up with...
  5. we know lost souls come out of the mouth but what comes out of the holes on the back
  6. Death Egg

    Lists for Doom source port unique lindef actions

    Oh yeah, this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
  7. Death Egg

    Can you make episodes like Doom 1 in Doom 2?

    UMAPINFO is also partially supported by Doom Retro, among other poets that plan to support it.
  8. Im trying to find lists for source ports of the new linedef types that they added in addition to the originals in Doom map format. So far I've managed to find EDGE and Doom Legacy, but not ZDoom. Im curious as to how many overlap each others new linedef. (I know this is the case with Eternity Engine and ZDoom) EDGE: https://3dfxdev.net/edgewiki/index.php?title=Line_Types Doom Legacy: http://doomlegacy.sourceforge.net/docs/editing.html
  9. Death Egg

    Cacodemons live-birth or lay eggs?

    But is cacodemon cum as electric as their fireballs?
  10. Death Egg

    Early Doom for Sega Genesis test

    I mean regardless of if it's a hacked Zero Tolerance engine, it still already has walls of varying heights working, which is more you can say for every other Sega Genesis first person shooter.
  11. Death Egg

    Early Doom for Sega Genesis test

    Haven't seen this mentioned on here before. It only seems to be a rendering test, but it's still impressive. The video is from 2017, but a comment from the creator on the video as recently as 5 months ago says he's still working on it.
  12. Death Egg

    Cheat codes

    Secrets you only have one chance at getting before being permanently locked out of them are dumb and I feel no pity no clipping to get them.
  13. Death Egg

    Ridiculous Doom deathmatch maps

    So my brother enjoys playing deathmatch with me in Doom on WAD's that are ridiculous in concept and just fun to play. The two we've found the most joy in playing together so far have been Barrels of Fun and The Nutty Wad. Anyone have suggestions for other ridiculous DM wads? (Amusing co-op map packs are also welcome)
  14. Death Egg

    Good doomclones to put on CD?

    Also Chex Quest.
  15. Looks great! Is there co-op support by chance?