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  1. Here's my recipe for a good time: 1. Load every mod you have into your launcher 2. Remove mods that cause game to not load until it finally works 3. Welcome to hell
  2. Thank you to everyone for your replies! There's a lot of things to respond to so I'll try my best to comment on the slew of information I've been given. ////////////////////////////////// This surprisingly is not something I was considering. It is definitely something I'll have difficulty trying to work around. I may end up having to just use default enemy and weapon behaviors then, if I end up going this route, though I'll still need something to replace story and other text no matter what way I slice it. Decorations and textures aren't an issue for me, but the monsters might prove difficult if I can't get HHE working in my favor. That depends on how much I'll even need to change, though. This is a good idea. I can imagine tall maps and settings this could work in, possibly even scaling a vertical level with flight, though if the player isn't careful about clearing flying enemies they'll run out of energy and crash before making it high enough. Of course they could make it to the top without it too. Thanks for the thread link about artifacts too, by the way! Hm. There are a lot of good additions here, but my maps would need a lot of tune-up to better suit this theme. I don't have much of a puzzle aspect to them, and focus solely on run-and-gun. I won't need the extra two episodes so hopefully it's the former. Lucky me I don't use PE's very often, and I don't think I had yet to even place any AV's. The lack of Manc may be difficult but I kind of like having more enemies with lower health, seems like it might suit a more frantic style gameplay rather than taking down behemoths with crazy amounts of health. Interesting that different attacks have different effects depending on the monster and weapon class. Any info lying around that's more detailed on that? It's nice to know the last difficulty isn't a joke thrown in as a rebuttal to a magazine. :p Lucky for me I prefer the level design of Doom 1 over Doom 2, though I usually utilize more Doom 2-esque monster encounters. Would you say it's just the weapon visual and sound design that makes them feel weaker/less fun, or just all around not right? I do agree that there's something off about them compared to Doom or even Hexen. That was my idea I was having. I'd likely support a bunch of the notable source ports that support Heretic through their own scripting languages, likely going GZDoom, then 3DGE, Eternity when support is finished, and Doomsday. ////////////////////////////////// Overall, I'm way more on the fence about this approach than when I first made the topic. For the type of project that I'm developing, Heretic's strengths in gameplay over Doom's are limited when compared to the downsides and lack of vanilla mod vs advanced mod source port parity. I'm happy for all of the responses, but unless anybody has information that could change my mind, there's a good chance I'll just end up keeping it a Doom 2 mod, and just use a more advanced port/set of ports. Maybe I'll take advantage of newer cross-port features, like the upcoming UMAPINFO, or maybe I'll stick with Eternity and help give it more reasons for players to give it a chance. Eitehr way, thanks for the help!
  3. I do have that, works like a charm and I use it near daily for pixel art. However, nobody can really modify it or add features to it since there's no source. I'm saying I would love to see people improve what already exists, I myself have ideas but I know too little programming, let alone the fact there's no source to mess with.
  4. I am looking into the possibility of moving an IWAD project I've worked on for a long time from vanilla Doom 2 to vanilla Heretic. In regards to how this project will be in comparison to Heretic, think less what Freedoom is to Doom 2, and more what REKKR is to Ultimate Doom. While I have extensive knowledge of how to work within the limits of the vanilla Doom 2 engine, what I can take advantage of and what I should avoid, I have no experience working with vanilla Heretic, and barely any experience with Heretic in general really. I want to as many of the intricacies of the engine and if it would fit the project that I'm considering. I have a wide variety of questions about the differences between Doom 2 and Heretic as well as questions regarding Heretic specific things. I don't expect one person to answer all of this; in fact, I would rather I get answers I should mention most testing will likely be done with Chocolate Heretic so I assume the project will work with the vanilla .exe, but if there's anything I should know please tell me. I can see there's a Heretic equivalent for DEHACKED called the Heretic Hack Editor. I have questions specifically regarding just that: How easy is it to work with? DEHACKED has had program after program to improve the ease of working with it, and it's pretty fast to get it down with the latest WhackEd editions, whereas this .exe from 1995 seems to be the latest edition, so I imagine the GUI is dated. Is there a list of HHE code pointers? How many of Doom's code pointers are hidden in the code? Could I end up remaking Doom enemies and/or weapons with this? Does HHE work built-in with Chocolate Heretic in the same way DEHACKED works with Chocolate Doom by simply loading it? I can't say I'm looking forward to the prospect of having a vanilla Heretic .exe lying around that I have to patch and then load up in a command line with DOSbox every time I want to test something. I know that with Doom 2 it is possible to add new enemies by taking advantage of unused states, or repurposing other states. Does Heretic have the same thing going for it, where I could add multiple new enemies? Do they count in final monster count? Are there any other tricks or tips regarding HHE that I should know? Unrelated but has anyone made anything cool with HHE that has gone under the radar? Also unrelated but someone should make an in-depth Doomwiki page for this... What level editing features will I not have access to that Doom 2 has? What huge benefits do I get by using Heretic? I know Heretic has at least one distinct addition with the ability to make sectors slippery like ice. Since I am making an IWAD what considerations would I keep into account regarding how data is stored in comparison to Doom 2? To the vanilla Heretic mappers, all five of you, I have some questions for you and how you map for Heretic. Other people who have modded Heretic for more advanced ports can probably answer too. Please keep in mind that, the IWAD being a whole new project with new textures, specific map detailing or architecture is not something I will need suggestions for for the most part. What suggestions would you give in regards to how Heretic plays in comparison to Doom 2? It has a slightly different type of gameplay that I would say is more strategic in some places, yet at the same time just as fast paced if not even more fast paced as Doom 2. Heretic admittedly has some problems with feature bloat I've noticed, with a ton of extra abilities that really are difficult to find useful ways to employ across 9 map episodes. I am considering evaluating the powerups and not using a few as a result. What do you use least/not at all? In comparison to Doom 2, what mapping conventions are not explored that Heretic could better take advantage of? What mapping conventions usually used in Doom 2 should I avoid? How do you utilize the enemies? Do you have tips on how to use them in combat? They have vastly different abilities at times from the monsters in Doom 2, for better or worse. More personally, why do you map for Heretic? What do you get out of it that makes you choose it for your project? What topics would be useful for me from Doomworld or elsewhere regarding its gameplay? Any good topics with different deconstructions or analyzations I should read? This is all that I can think of at the moment but if I have more questions I'll ask them.
  5. I should really look into getting the Vista version to work on Windows 10. MSPaint past that is garbage for pixel art, but for the brief time I used it on Vista I could tell that the few subtle changes made a difference. I hope someday there's either a GNU MSPaint clone or they actually open source the original. I want to see what people could do do with its source code.
  6. I wouldn't say 3DGE is more popular than Doom Retro these days, but otherwise you got me there. ;p
  7. I agree with absorbing the few missing features from prBoom+ (let's see someone volunteer and actually add them though) but I don't agree with just renaming it to something like prBoom++. If the aim is to get more players I'd recommend something that sounds less like a "programmer name" so to say. (GZDoom, 3DGE and prBoom+ don't ready roll off the tongue or have the same zing to them as Eternity, Doom Retro or Doom Legacy imho)
  8. Before anyone else beats me to the punch.
  9. Any of these new skies public domain also? If possible, maybe for future versions you could find a way to differentiate free use ones in the wad itself?
  10. Doom Life? Meh, I'd try it.
  11. I'm excited. I used to be obsessed with Doctor Who, but stopped watching because I got tired of Steven Moffat and his contrived, hole-filled plots and weirdly dated gender stereotypes. His first series was great but the quality drastically dropped every season, and I had stopped watching midway through Peter Capaldi's first series. The new writer already shows that he wants to take things in a bold direction, but I await to see how his writing stands up, as some of the episodes he's written for Doctor Who already I've found a bit meh. (The Power of Three has one of the worst endings to an otherwise great episode and wonderful throwback to the RTD era, which I found overall more entertaining) Also the new Ghostbusters being female is such a stupid thing to point to, it failed because it wasn't a good movie, not because of the ridiculously overblown controversy of e casting choice. If you seriously think women aren't funny go watch some Parks and Rec or 30 Rock.
  12. This is really exciting, I've wanted this feature for so long and we're finally on the brink of it becoming a reality! @bradharding @DaniJAny plans for your source ports to add this?
  13. How many of you other fuckers out there toke it up before or while posting? 

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      I tend to be in a marijuana-influenced state most of the time, I rarely take breaks although as a "palette wipe" I think they're quite necessary after awhile. I've gotten a bit better, over time, having more incidents of "okay he's high but that's interesting" posts and fewer "he's stupidly high, this is stupid" posts.

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      Yeah I've definitely made a few stupid suggestions while high. Most of my more annoying ones are like that for sure,  ones asking source port programmers to add features are usually when I'm stoned and forget the insane amount of work some of those take. 

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  14. I thought there already was a sequel???
  15. What else is left to tweak or debate about UMAPINFO? Why not consider that alone "Phase 0" so at least SOMETHING can be introduced that drastically improves both port parity and convenience for modders.