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  1. Don't forget this classic resource: http://www.doomlegends.com/emporium/skinpacks.html
  2. Death Egg

    DOOM Retro v2.7.4 (updated November 4, 2018)

    It's probably because those sounds are just empty lumps, not actual sound files.
  3. Death Egg

    How does one make high quality sprites

    I just remembered Eriance (goes by a different username now I forget) had a tutorial on the ZDoom forums that used GIMP on the process he uses, if you can find that I'll bet it'd be helpful.
  4. Death Egg

    How does one make high quality sprites

    Well aside from the drastic difference in price, it has built-in features for animating, as well as a whole slew of tools tailored specifically for pixel art rather than regular photo editing. It also has RotSprite built-in to optionally use for scaling sprites, which I used to use all the time for my sprite editing. There's a laundry list of other features that it has but if there's a Trial Version that you can try out for free, I'd recommend it.
  5. Death Egg

    How does one make high quality sprites

    If you can shell out $15, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend the spriting program Aseprite. Imagine Photoshop but made specifically for spriting. Things that took days for me before can be done in five minutes now. (They're also set to be adding an Aspect Ratio mode within the next year or so, which will come in handy for Doom spriting)
  6. Death Egg

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    I'm pretty sure the devs didn't mean it as a joke about over political-correctness, and if they did then people who are being overly politically correct are the ones who fell for it. To me it felt the point of the joke was less like a stab at mentally challenged people and more like the UAC attempting a PC-oriented campaign at incorporating demons into society contrasted against a literal hellish environment caused by said demons. (If you want to get politics involved that's more comparable to the normalization of Neo-fascists over the past decade to me than anything)
  7. Death Egg

    Eternity Netplay

    I thought I remember reading @Edward850 was working on a C/S version of Eternity, so if that ever comes to pass that'll be leagues above just the below-average P2P methods being used currently. (As he says in the post linked, it's provided only as a formality in its current state. I doubt anyone's used it much.)
  8. Death Egg

    Zandronum Shadows?

    There's no way to do it in Zandronum proper afaik, but there's a GZDoom mod that Nash made floating around that does just that. Might not be compatible with Zandronum though, I think it uses ZScript.
  9. Death Egg

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    It's if GZDoom gets client/server support then Zandronum will switch its codebase to it, essentially giving Zandronum every GZDoom feature if not outright merging the two source ports into a single source port. Basically nothing but good things will come out of it.
  10. Death Egg

    Doom Legacy 1.47.2 Release

    Are there plans to move this to Github eventually? Seems most Doom source ports use it and I imagine you could get more contributors that way.
  11. I would respect his wishes, but also let him know there's a shitload of people who would probably pay him real money to play it too. (I'm broke af but I'm sure there's others here who would) Screenshots look awesome!
  12. Death Egg

    Beyond Hell

    My body is fucking ready
  13. Death Egg

    Spanish-speaking Doom community?

    I've been slowly teaching myself Spanish through reading it whenever possible, using Duolingo and the occasional butchered conversation with a native speaker. I figure that if I start reading through a forum about something I love that's in the language I might be able to pick it up quicker. Does anyone know where the Spanish-speaking community is most active?
  14. They can finish it if they want, or really anyone for that matter. I figured I didn't want it going to waste so I'd donate what I had done.