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  1. Death Egg

    Give Me Your Skin! - A community project about teamwork

    Rather than reposting you should just edit the first post of the original thread, fyi.
  2. Can't wait for the map with 1 sector, 1 enemy, 1 item, and 1 weapon.
  3. I've seen someone rewriting Doom in Rust in a Discord server, but I don't think it's seen wide release yet. Also for fun, has anyone tried porting Doom to Lua?
  4. asshole.wad is truly a master piece. do you mind if i try to remake it?

  5. Death Egg

    Should I upload on Doomword my first sh*tty megawads?

    I literally got stoned af once, made a level called asshole.wad, uploaded it to /idgames, and then forgot it existed until I got a ping regarding it recently. If anything that's what the archives are for, anything outside of actual real spam.
  6. Death Egg

    Good non mega wads to try out?

    Epic and Fava Beans are 2 favorite small episodes of mine
  7. Anyone know what all requirements a mod must have in order to be added as an official add-on?
  8. Death Egg

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    Did anyone ever finish this map?
  9. Without bumping a four year old thread, any Nereid updates?

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      • A handful of maps from that were merged into a project I should be releasing before the end of this year :D
      • A few more maps were basically cancelled or put on hold, along with the overall plan in terms of episodes and setting (which I still like but haven't been focusing on for some time)
      • One big map will probably be released on its own when I get round to tidying it up (or I could put it in the aforementioned project-releasing-this-year as a bonus map I guess)


      Thanks for your interest :D

  10. Death Egg

    Revelations of Doom megawad?

    Anyone take up this offer? Been wanting to see these maps for a long time... Ironic since I don't even remember what they look like, just the feeling I got from the now dead screenshots.
  11. Death Egg

    [WIP] Vela Pax (on hiatus)

    I would be very excited to see how this turns out if it happens.
  12. Death Egg

    Whats your favorite Doom Source Port?

    At the moment, Odamex.
  13. Death Egg


    At the very most maybe make replacements for the one custom texture, but what's the point when the wad is free to download anyway?
  14. Has anyone considered creating a category for beating multiple Doom games in row in the fastest time? I'm thinking something like the multimario category. Perhaps Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and both of the Final Dooms in a row.
  15. Death Egg

    Port Compact: Doom Format Instadeath Floors

    I'm putting my money in the pot for sector 18 since Caverns of Darkness/Risen3D already support it on that slot. (I also like their sector 19 that heals you)