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  1. I haven't tried this port yet. What benefits does it have over other ports, any port unique features?
  2. How would one get a custom .pk3 to load as an IWAD in GZDoom without modifying the gzdoom.pk3?

    1. Death Egg

      Death Egg

      I should clarify; and get it to load with the ZDL launcher.

    2. Voros


      use -iwad.

    3. Death Egg

      Death Egg

      No effect. I'm trying to get my own .pk3 to load as an IWAD, changing that won't do anything.

    4. Voros



      Note that an IWAD is actually identified by its content rather than its name. Also, any archive format supported by ZDoom can technically be an IWAD.

      Interestingly, I compressed Doom 64 Retribution WAD into a ZIP/PK3 file, and it worked fine. Although all of a sudden and very recently, it's not working anymore :/

    5. Death Egg

      Death Egg

      You apparently you need to add a PLAYPAL to it for it to be considered an IWAD.

  3. Apologies, made that post on my phone minutes before the end of a break at work. I meant a secondary weapon fire.
  4. Does 3DGE Have the ability for weapons to have a second during ability, and will Eternity add it?
  5. Yeah, it definitely would be a difficult task, but not one I would consider impossible. I would want to use Boom mapping format to keep things simple, with DEHACKED monsters due to the lack of a better shared scripting. To get people to want to try the other ports though, I'm considering ways of having each have their own unique features; at first I thought of each port having exclusive maps but that would be more time mapping. Now I'm considering each having a different weapon set per port, almost like player classes but to show off advantages of that port, but that would require decent programming and a lot of balancing. (Not to mention Eternity doesn't even have finished weapon scripting yet) I don't want any of the three to offer too much more than the others. (Except maybe Eternity since it gets no love) PNG's are a nice advantage, but at least one of the ports doesn't use truecolor for rendering so it wouldn't really be worth it there. Though, I don't know if that applies to things like skies, the HUD or title/intermission screens.
  6. There's a lot of very useful info so far, thank you to all who have relied! I have another question that's somewhat related: if I only aimed to support Eternity, GZDooom and 3DGE, would there be benefits in relation to both scripting and possibly other features that those three together have in common that Doomsday and Doom Retro would not? This can apply to both scripting and other features only those three offer.
  7. TBH I just want a proper KDIZD upgrade first, it has so many issues that need addressing, not the least of which is broken multiplayer.
  8. Does anyone have any good links/tips to making new or new-ish weapons through .deh/.bex? My target ports are Eternity, GZDoom (And Zandronum by extension), 3DGE, Doomsday and Doom Retro, and the lack of a better scripting language that works on them all requires me to use this. (I'm hoping UMAPINFO is done by the time it releases) I have a few questions in particular: * I know homing rockets that target monsters are impossible, due to them homing only on players, but what about a gun that shoots a homing projectile that chases you? * What are some creative DEHACKED weapon mods? Both silly and serious apply. * What would be a good way of going about "removing" weapons? I don't need the entire Doom 2 arsenal but I don't want serious bugs for people who decide to try idkfa-ing through the game. (Though the idea of preventing cheating using this is tempting)
  9. Why does GZDoom have to support demo compatibility again?
  10. Apologies to Marcaek about the bug testing; I hadn't accounted for the vacation I had coming up and forgotten about this topic. Luckily the bugs that I could see weren't severe and probably didn't take long to fix.
  11. Wait, you've seen the mythical KBDoom? Also, since this is active again, should it be added to this list?
  12. Please be sure to upload this to /idgames so future generations of Doomers can experience true fear.
  13. What type of multiplayer do you plan to add, P2P or C/S?
  14. This is the most terrifying Doom mod I've seen in my entire life.
  15. I shouldn't have worded it like that originally. By the time you get to ports like prBoom+ the spirit of vanilla is already pretty faded. I should have said something more like it being against a more purist style of gameplay, even though having it is nothing but convenient for modders and players alike, plus it doesn't even detract from any part of the doom experience unless that experience is "when I finish a map pack that's less than 32 maps I expect to be taken to the rest of the original Doom 2 levels".