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  1. Death Egg

    Why Eternity

    Yeah, exactly. I also think the subforum should be renamed from just 'Eternity' to 'Eternity Engine' to give people who have no idea what it is a slight indication.
  2. hey are you a furry

    1. bonnie
    2. Death Egg
    3. bzzrak


      Bonnie once made me write "Nick Wilde is the hottest fox in Zootopia" in a map of mine. In Hebrew.


      (I still play that map sometimes and laugh my ass off)

  3. Death Egg

    Why Eternity

    I still think putting it under Source Ports is best, and potentially giving other source ports without forums their own subforum if they request it. So not GZDoom, Zandronum, Doomsday, EDGE, Odamex, or ZDaemon, something more like Doom Retro since it's been growing in features for a while now and could use more than a single sticky topic. (Anyone watching the GitHub updates would know the leaps and bounds towards Heretic support it's gone through lately)
  4. Death Egg

    Doom 64 for Doom II - Released!

    Glad to see this finally making it to the finish line! A huge round of applause to everyone who got this out the door, drinks are on me. 😉
  5. Death Egg

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    How would you feel if I dropped a mostly completed map from a now cancelled project that just needs rebalancing and some touch ups here? It was for a project that some to make an episode of Pandemonium style levels that disipated, and I reworked it for Doom II for a project I never pursued. I have no time to finish it so someone else would need to.
  6. Death Egg

    Game Franchises in the Doom Engine Thread

    Does Sonic Robo Blast 2 count?
  7. Death Egg

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Personally I like it with the outline more.
  8. Death Egg

    Odamex source down?

    Ahhh, got it. I figured it was a bit strange that it wasn't SDL2 but since didn't question it given the ports current development status.
  9. Death Egg

    Odamex source down?

    This one, which is the one that's linked on the wiki. Perhaps I just put in incorrectly?
  10. Death Egg

    Odamex source down?

    I'm trying to build the latest Github version of Odamex but keep getting this error: I'm basically a complete programming newbie so what should I do to correct this?
  11. Death Egg

    Odamex source down?

    It appears the Subversion for Odamex is down: https://odamex.net/svn/root/ Anyone know where I could get the latest source instead, or knows someone who can fix this?
  12. Death Egg

    (Risen 3D) Some Features I'd Like in Risen 3D

    If you're looking for a source port aiming for realistic graphics you should try Doomsday, Risen3D split off of it years ago. While Risen3D has better support for Doom maps, Doomsday all around just looks better. Of course this is all just preference...
  13. Death Egg

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    So I assume the syntax is decided on then? I haven't read the topic in some time but I know that was an issue for a while.
  14. Death Egg

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    So, has any source port implemented this yet? Or are there still improvements that need to be done?
  15. Death Egg

    Features you would like to see in EDGE

    I agree, having it on the automap just feels right. It's more fun looking for secrets when I know how many there are left to find.