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  1. Should there be a new subforum in Source Ports dedicated to discussion of adding port-wide new features? There's already a good 10+ topics about it here already.
  2. I'm too lazy to find it but asshole.wad on the archives is a map I did stoned as fuck.
  3. Haven't heard of this OS, good compatible is it with programs from other operating systems?
  4. Why not use Fragglescript as a base, change it up to suit things better and give it a different name to separate it?
  5. I hope someone puts together a team of sorts and tries to make a Sonic Hack based off this concept. It's really interesting how different it is, no mention of the iconic Death Egg that I can see. (Glad they changed that ;) )
  6. I still think that what should happen is that GZDoom should get it's own C/S multiplayer and, once it's completely stable and on par with Zandronum, move the dev team over and just have GZDoom. That still leaves the task of deciding what to do with the monumentally different ZDoom and Zandronum communities, but why not just leave them separate and use the same port? All Zandronum is anyway is GZDoom with better multiplayer and less features. I imagine it would be years for that to take place but it'd be worth it. Regardless, this is getting offtopic. Feel free to ignore this rant or split it into a different discussion if it keeps up.
  7. Is there a GitHub or Sourceforge up out there somewhere for this? Maybe a Vavoom 2.0 could ride from the ashes of its predecessor. 3DGE certainly is doing a good job of carrying the torch for EDGE... Maybe call the new port just Voom? Or is that too silly? (Not that Vavoom wasn't already a humorous title...) Or perhaps VDoom...
  8. If it counts for anything, I liked DECOLITE too.
  9. But if 3DGE were to add such features wouldn't it then be fine for it to implement it? What all would it need to add for it to work?
  10. Nothing wrong with including the older ones too for posterity, though. :)
  11. @XaserYou think with there being a commonspace for UDMF now you might see if other source ports that'll adopt it could be supported? Only one I know of offhand is 3DGE.
  12. iirc in the Minor Sprites thread there was a discovery involving the chaingun on the Spider Mastermind changing appearances during the death frames.
  13. Small bump but I had some questions regarding Legacy: One, if Doom Legacy 1 is still going to continue as a port even if/when Doom Legacy 2 is officially released, why call them both Legacy and create confusion? Plus Legacy send to be gaining more and more of a negative reputation these days, which is unfortunate, so maybe DL2 would do better without the stigma. Call it something like Doom Progeny perhaps. Two, any plans to support Hacx v1.2 as it's own IWAD? Three, any plans to add support for UDMF mapping format some day? Four, since ReMood is officially dead, any chance some/all of its features will get backported to Legacy?
  14. I have yet another reason to add port-specific blocks; for a mod I'm throwing around the idea of having port-specific maps to get people to try and get out of their comfort zone. Would UMAPINFO adding this feature be the best way about it?
  15. Oh, one other thing, any aim to support more than just Jaguar Doom, and possibly do 3DO Doom, 32X Doom, GBA Doom, etc. with this? (32X Doom already has an IWAD file you can extract via here)