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  1. Death Egg

    Animosity ("Freestrife")

    Yeah I just thought there should be a free version for each IWAD at the time, it's more worth just making a new game if someone really wanted to do something like Strife. Doom and Heretic at least have map packs that can be used with free IWAD variants. There's like five Strife mapsets in existence or something, maybe less, idk I don't play them. If someone wants to lock this thread that'd be cool.
  2. Death Egg

    Was there ever an attempt to create a hubless Hexen?

    Reminds me of an idea I had once of merging all strife maps into one large map. Would be easier now that GZ has portals.
  3. Death Egg

    Classic DOOM General Survey 2023

    Closed! Thank you everyone for your responses!
  4. Death Egg

    Classic DOOM General Survey 2023

    Will be closing it some time in the next 15 minutes or so, last call for responses!
  5. Death Egg

    Classic DOOM General Survey 2023

    I'll probably be closing the poll tomorrow at some point, and will be writing my report soon after. At some point in the next week or so I should be posting the results.
  6. Death Egg

    Classic DOOM General Survey 2023

    As stated by @Rudolph, it's meant to be your gender identity. Thank you to everyone who's answered so far and for all of the things you've pointed out. I definitely am getting good information both for my assignment and for what to do for the next time should I do this again in the future. I'll use another site like Strawpoll next time since, as pointed out by people on Discord, Google wasn't really the best choice. I also want to fix the wording of some questions next time and introduce a few questions mentioned here. (A couple I even thought about but forgot to actually put in the survey like the controller/mouse and keyboard one. Whoops!)
  7. Death Egg

    Classic DOOM General Survey 2023

    Did some minor edits to remove accidental implicit bias and make some questions clearer. Only 8 responses at the moment, but worth noting still.
  8. Death Egg

    Classic DOOM General Survey 2023

    Hello! For a user research class I have to survey a population and analyze the results, and I decided that I'd choose the Doom community! I've put together a series of questions to get information about current trends for people into classic Doom; questions about source ports, multiplayer, demographics, etc. I plan to release the anonymized results (If I get my schools consent anyway) to somewhere eventually, and might even make this annual if the response is strong to track trends over time. Feel free to share this survey with any fellow Doom fans or Doom groups that you're a part of, the more responses the better! Click here to take the survey
  9. This wad looks and sounds broken in the latest ZDoom
  10. Discovering people have been speedrunning a shitpost megawad I made 13 years ago put a smile on my face.
  11. The hyperlink appears to be broken; the actual link is fine, but clicking on it just links to this very thread. EDIT: It's also worth noting you should add screenshots, it'll help on selling the wad too.
  12. Death Egg

    North and South Korean flag

    lmao at the radioactive texture connecting them
  13. Death Egg

    UMAPINFO "episode" Unspecified Behaviour Resolution

    Specifically, I was the one who did the initial implementation. It was a direct port of the code from PR+UM, I tried to be as faithful to that implementation as possible, also using GZ as reference too when necessary.
  14. Death Egg

    Most Excruciating Gaming Accomplishments?

    I've done this (More than once, given I've played Randomizers and gotten those rooms. Doing rooms backwards can almost be worse than forwards) and gotten every achievement for the game. Meaning, defeating Iron Soul at 100%, beating the game in under 5 hours, and beating all Pantheons. I've also tried to get radiant in every boss. (I only have 8 left but I do it when I feel like it) Only thing beyond that in the game I haven't done is getting every Pantheon binding, which I probably will never do because beating Pantheon 5 alone was one of the most difficult challenges I've ever done. As for other personal achievements, Celeste World 9 probably counts for something, plus the Moon Berry. I've gotten a few golden strawberries (World 1 and 2, some B-sides I forget) but honestly I probably won't ever get many more. (Lmao at even thinking of trying World 9 golden strawberry) I beat Hyper Light Drifter without dying, with the guidance of a friend on the best paths to take. Once you've played the game a few times it's not too bad, but definitely a case of "messing up once in certain areas means you die". Undertale Sans I guess? These days feels like anyone try-harding has beaten him though. I got quite a few in The End is Nigh. I completed the entire regular game itself 100%, got every tumor in every stage, and got the secret ending. I obtained every cartridge, and beat all of them except the Tower of Ascension. I also 100%'d every regular cartridge. (Meaning no Glitched ones or the Super Mega Cart) Beyond that the only other achievements are for gaming gods alone. Playing through Everhood at the moment and getting the non-main routes sure is difficult. I've been replaying and no-hitting a bunch of the earlier bosses but we'll see how far I get with those given I've already encountered a few bosses that feel like they're nigh-impossible hitless.
  15. Death Egg

    New Project: Insidious

    someone in hell saw a picture of a guillotine with no context and thought it was supposed to crush heads instead of decapitate rich people