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  1. (Risen 3D) Some Features I'd Like in Risen 3D

    If you're looking for a source port aiming for realistic graphics you should try Doomsday, Risen3D split off of it years ago. While Risen3D has better support for Doom maps, Doomsday all around just looks better. Of course this is all just preference...
  2. "UMAPINFO" discussion

    So I assume the syntax is decided on then? I haven't read the topic in some time but I know that was an issue for a while.
  3. "UMAPINFO" discussion

    So, has any source port implemented this yet? Or are there still improvements that need to be done?
  4. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    I agree, having it on the automap just feels right. It's more fun looking for secrets when I know how many there are left to find.
  5. Do any Doom ports support Ambient Occlusion?

    It's been years since I used the port but I'm pretty sure Doomsday has this too.
  6. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    This minus the last part. Chex Quest should be pretty easy, it's basically just a built in DEHACKED patch and a single episode that ends at E1M5. Edit: Wait a minute there's already Heretic and Chex Quest support apparently.
  7. DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    So... How about some of those recent Heretic-related commits. ;)
  8. prBoom+ and Eternity

    Since it's been quite some time since I made this topic and I haven't kept up with Eternity's progress, how much (if any) of this has been implemented now?
  9. Port with Doom Alpha/Beta support?

    I'd love to see something like Calico that supports them exactly as they were, and then a port like Eternity support them with improvements.
  10. DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    Another related question: is there any way to make it so exiting a level leads you to the final screen yet for Doom II, or do I have to send the player to MAP30 for the final level for the time being?
  11. prBoom+ - Using secret exit on levels besides MAP16

    I also took advantage of that in Ultimatum since there weren't enough maps to fill the entire episode before the deadline was reached. It's why I was considering doing something similar with Doom II, but alas...
  12. prBoom+ - Using secret exit on levels besides MAP16

    Yes, they do. That was a mistype.
  13. DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    Sweet, thank you! Is there any way yet to set what maps have an intermission text screen yet? Also, what does TITLEPATCH do? Edit: Looks like using MAPINFO to send you to another map that originally had an intermission screen causes that intermission screen to not play. In the case I've tested, I have an exit on MAP01 send the player to MAP31, and it doesn't display the name of the map or the intermission before the level starts.
  14. DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    Does someone know where I can find documentation on all of the features you can do with MAPINFO, along with the syntax that I should use? I thought the wiki might have it but I couldn't find any information.
  15. prBoom+ - Using secret exit on levels besides MAP16

    Figures. Ah well, I suppose this will give me the chance to play around with Doom Retro for once, I haven't given the port any attention before now.