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  1. I used to think porting SRB2 to ZDoom was an inevitability too, but now I like how it's ended up forging it's own path as a separate source port of sorts. It doesn't have to restrict itself to weird Doom limitations either. Also, the way it handles secrets has been said in the past to be against GZDooms spirit, and network support is a big part of SRB2 too. (Nothing against its way of networking but the client server approach is so much easier to set up and get going quickly)
  2. I mean prboom+ is the continuation of a port that was the continuation of two other ports, and it basically became the new Boom standard. If prboom+ doesn't adopt the new stuff and the other port takes off, it'll end up either becoming obsolete or best case scenario the lesser of two ports.
  3. Would love to see a small resurgance of Legacy maps come about some day. Wonder if there's any features from Legacy or 3DGE that wouldn't seem out of place in prBoom+? I recall 3DGE having wall linedefs for scrolling textures up, down, and diagonally rather than just left or right.
  4. Yes, I should have specified a bit more clearly. I didn't mean Chocolate Doom or other ports that try to be exactly like the original, more the limit removing and up. Though this does make me wonder about the possibility of a patch file in the vein of DEHACKED that would work for vanilla. Is that possible or do i just not know enough about how the source code works?
  5. I vote the name of this, should it not just be MAPINFO, could be UMAPINFO for Universal MAPINFO, in reference to the same way UDMF is Universal Doom Mapping Format.
  6. Lately there's been a lot of questions regarding how ports should advance I've noticed. A lot of this is focused on map features or scripting, but MAPINFO is something I've felt should have been adopted widely for a very long time. How is using it considered against the spirit of vanilla? I'm not sure if I have seen it directly, but there seems to be a consensus among people that this is the case. What's so important about, say, loading up a 5 level map pack and once you beat MAP05 you're sent to MAP06 to quit the game on your own? What about unfinished projects that release and have blank map slots so the best they can do is tell the player to skip to the next map and lose all weapons and items in the process? Deus Vult II wouldn't have had to put those filler maps in with MAPINFO. What about people who want story text between each map but can only have it after random specific ones? What about people who don't want that text at all? Some people prefer the episode format of Ultimate Doom but want Doom II enemies, and vice versa. There's no option for them in prboom+ or Crispy Doom, so their only choice is to upgrade to ZDoom or Eternity and the likes. What about mapping projects that get so many map submissions they have to cut ten or so into that ZDoom-specific episode only a handful of people play? There's probably plenty of other reasons to list, but honestly this should be enough just to bring up the topic for discussion. There plenty of projects this would benefit, and might even help get rid of the all powerful and great "32 map megawad" that half of anyone who joins the community feels obligated to create and finish as some sort of ritual to prove your mapping worth, or help some struggling community projects find an easy way to finish.
  7. Fucking golden. Plan to do Hexen's weapons right afterwards by any chance too, get a head-start on supporting it?
  8. I put this request in a different topic but since that topic was closed before it was discussed, I figured I'd bring up the idea: And please nobody use this as an excuse to revive those arguments.
  9. Maybe both sides could be made happy by making it an optional holiday mode, set off by default? Perhaps other holidays could have special things too, Halloween could automatically set all lighting to be much darker, St Patricks Day could replace some of the enemies with that old Leprechaun skin from Legacy (Unless a DEHACKED patch is loaded), etc. I'm sure a bunch of creative ideas could be come up with.
  10. Aw. :(
  11. I have another suggestion, but it's a bit more drastic so it might be denied. When the IWAD for a Doom 1-based game, whether Ultimate Doom or Freedoom Phase 1 or even The People's Doom has a M_EPI4 lump in it, that's what activates the fourth episode. What if, when a modder puts an M_EPI5 or higher lump, along with relevant files, they are able to add episodes in? There would probably be a lot of logistics to figure out to get it working in a way that's easy, accessible, and doesn't break the spirit of the original. Just offhand I can imagine it being great for Xaser's The Lost Episode to be ported to a limit removing engine without replacing the original maps. Just like my previous idea, it wouldn't effect legacy mods or ones that don't have relevant data in the wad, only mods that are specifically designed for it. This might be getting a bit close to MAPINFO so hopefully that doesn't deter people from the idea. Especially since MAPINFO seems too advanced for a port like this. EDIT: Also doesn't the original Doom have code for a fifth episode but it isn't finished? One big issue I also thought of after posting is secret map locations, no idea how that would be implemented. Does the "fifth" episode I just mentioned have one that's coded in already? Maybe it could be a system where each lump has two numbers; the first number would be the episode, and the second would be the map the secret level exit returns to. M_EPI55 for example would mean that the secret exit is on E5M4, and beating E5M9 has the player return to E5M5. This could also work for episodes 1-4, for people who don't want to stick to where the secret maps are currently.
  12. How goes progress on this? Having a common modern mapping format I think is really important and I would hate to see the idea die.
  13. I think Eternity can do it too iirc.
  14. It's better to have it in so people know what to expect from the next Freedoom version. They should expect unfinished content downloading a daily build.
  15. I requested this for Crispy Doom, but this port might want to implement this too: