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  1. RestlessRodent

    Am I Cool With You Guys?

    I have not really been here much, but if you were an asshole you probably would have already been banned. Not to diagnose, but it is possible you might have GAD and/or RSD which can really mess with you and give a false sense of danger or not being liked. Best of luck with your career goals!
  2. RestlessRodent

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Fun with a FLIR camera.
  3. RestlessRodent

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    Since under the shadow of Halo, the game will be a ring that repeats itself over and over under a different name and theme until the end of time.
  4. RestlessRodent

    Chocorenderlimits/CRL 1.6 (September 7, 2023)

    Thank you! I tried to keep the code as simple as possible and make it as standalone as I could. Yeah I know the code is a bit ancient in today's terms, but at least back then it was bleeding edge! Passion projects are always fun projects!
  5. RestlessRodent

    Adrian Carmack texture sketches

    I always wondered why these textures looked pretty different from the others.
  6. RestlessRodent

    Chocorenderlimits/CRL 1.6 (September 7, 2023)

    Hi! Original developer of ChocoRenderLimits here, glad to see someone picking it up again and enhancing it! I do wish you the best of luck with it!
  7. I am making this post here to gauge interest in a captioning/subtitles system, of which I would implement myself with two simple C source code files which are agnostic to source ports and the games being played, additionally licensed under the Public Domain and CC0 for jurisdictions without a Public Domain. Any source port would be free to bring in the files and utilize and modify the API and library as they see fit, credit would be appreciated but not required at all. Such an API would only request to know which sounds have started to play, their duration, and their X/Y position along with the current player X/Y position. It would then use a callback and/or potential hooks into the game tic subroutine along with the rendering subroutines to draw the captions on the screen, however the source port deemed fit. Since there are many source ports in different languages, some might want to use a more accessible font or at least fall back on the Doom font. The drawing command would be kept simple. The captioning system would keep its own state and just be a simple input/output system requiring hooks only for audio queueing/playing, graphics, configuration, and general timing routines. Such a feature would be a benefit for those of us with hearing issues. For myself I played with Mono audio, which works although it can be hard to distinguish sounds and there is no direction as to where they are coming from. I also mostly played with PC Speaker effects as they were simple tones, although they lacked any kind of direction or distance indicators, although the beeps were distinct they were very shared between monsters. I have implemented both of these features into my own source port because it helped me much. I never did finish captioning/subtitles for my own source port and the code was lost because of the severe pain it was to be in the community. This is a feature I want to finish not just for myself but for others as well, albeit from scratch and something that can benefit every source port willing to attach to the API. I am hoping in the time that I have been gone, 5-6 years, that the vast amount of ableism within the Doom Community has gone away or at least lessened to be a minor element. I know previously I have been told that the community is different so I am taking a risk with this, has the community really improved to where a discussion can actually be had about this? I know this is wordy, but I have always expressed myself with written words because it is how I have done so my entire life.
  8. RestlessRodent

    Should I get steam?

    I personally prefer the Steam Deck since it is an all in one game device, there is no need to have Steam installed on my computer anymore when I can just use that. It does play games well and offers much customization in controls, so it adapts well to many games including ones such as Starcraft.
  9. RestlessRodent

    How has mapping changed the way you enjoy Doom?

    I have not made many maps, however maps I made tended to start with a basic concept or theme that expanded outwards continually being built upon. Keeping players engaged with a level whether that be killing monsters continually or solving a puzzle while doing so. One more difficult thing is play testing, there is testing as the developer of a level and then also as a player of the level which is more difficult to get into. If you can make an experience that you enjoy playing, even for your own map that is definitely a start for it. Having worked on source ports and otherwise diving very deeply technically into the engine, the internal logic of the game does not really play into things much except in very specific situations where you would want to use such a thing. One example is the teleport in Final Doom that instantly telefrags you if you choose the wrong path, definitely a gimmick and not required but it puts down the consequence of running through the maze blindly without looking at the candles. The best way to get started doing something is to do it, your first creations will seem not the best but if you continue on you can definitely obtain the skills to create a level. Whatever tools exist mostly just exist to be your canvas for your creation.
  10. Congrats on this release, really happy to see this project come to such fruition.
  11. RestlessRodent

    Why I left this community.

    Thank you, I have had this for so long and now it is finally gone. I do not know if I will be back, maybe I will visit now and then more.
  12. RestlessRodent

    Why I left this community.

    Why I left this community. It has been a few years since I last posted. A few weeks ago a prominent person passed away due to bullying and harassment on the internet. I never really talked about why I originally left here, but it was due to this. If you looked at my rank you will see it says "uroFeR mdrat". This is an anagram for "Forum R*tard" and this has been here for years, just one small piece among many. I am an eccentric person, but this has not been deserved at all. It is just a label but one that is painful to have. Why did I leave? Because I do not feel welcome here at all, with all requests to change this rank completely ignored. It might be a fun game to label people with, but there is still a person behind that label. Maybe it was for shits and giggles or for the lolz, maybe it was due to some deep seeded hatred or jealousy. But the end result was the same. I joined August 4, 2005 and you probably know the contributions I have made. I am not a random person begging for attention, but someone who just wants to be heard after so long.
  13. RestlessRodent

    New Forum