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  1. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Best games?

    I felt E4 was intended to be its own thing, and I thought it accomplished that pretty well. I do, however, agree with you that there isn't a real sense of place and it doesn't make sense as a continuation of Doom. Had it been released as a standalone with maybe about 12 maps, I think it might've been received a little better.
  2. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Best games?

    E4 > Doom II > E1 > E2 > E3. Fight me.
  3. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Is fully workable ladder possible in zdoom or not?

    script 1 (void) { SetPlayerProperty (0, 1, PROP_FLY); } script 2 (void) { SetPlayerProperty (0, 0, PROP_FLY); } Attach script 1 to an "Actor Enters Sector" thing and script 2 to an "Actor Leaves Sector" thing, draw a small sector in front of the ladder, and make the lines block monster lines. Basically a "swimmable" ladder without the drowning or the sinking.
  4. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Which Floaty Enemy Is Cutest?

    Yeah, why no skulls? I like them. Voted Pain Elemental because skulls.
  5. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Who Would Win?

    The fifty viles. Their attack does 20+70 blast damage, but cybers are immune to splash (as is the Mastermind), so he would only take 20 damage per attack, but the viles would kill him in two attacks. 20*50=1,000. He couldn't kill them fast enough. The odds are against him. A vile typically takes four rockets to kill. Assuming he catches a lot of them in the blast, we're looking at over 30 repetitions of his attack, which takes almost two seconds to complete. Conversely, the vile can complete its attack in 2.7 seconds, about, so he could get off a full attack before any one vile finished his, but there are fifty of them, so the cyber doesn't really have enough time to kill enough viles to make a difference. Edit: Had my numbers backwards.
  6. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Who Would Win?

    A single vile would win. Viles have the NOTARGET flag, so the cyberdemon would never target it.
  7. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

    There's probably already been such a thread before, but I haven't seen one, and there's a thread for your favorite Heretic and Hexen weapons, so why not one for Doom? So what is your favorite weapon in Doom? Mine is the rocket launcher. It's a powerful weapon best used at range that can mulch lower enemies and easily down tougher ones. My second favorite is the berserk fist. It is just so much fun to punch things like this, and punching barrels into enemies never ceases to amuse. So please, feel free to share your favorite weapon and why it is.
  8. Aquila Chrysaetos

    What are you playing now?

    I don't know. I think I might've taken a rocket from the other cyber in the map or I really screwed up elsewhere. Doesn't change that I had to do it. And did do it. Playing a little Eternal Doom to break up the mapping monotony here and there. Need to get back on Sunlust and start Stardate.
  9. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Lila Feuer It arguably looks worse in software mode because the glare becomes really pixelated and ugly. I'll see what I can do about the skybox corners, though.
  10. Aquila Chrysaetos

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished Doom 64 in Doom II. It was a fun little romp, though it was somewhat annoying at times (Having to kill 3 cybers at 11 health was, interesting to say the least). Kind of going to put off playing any others since I've got about eight maps queued up, though.
  11. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Since today is Moon Day, I decided to start a moon base map in recognition of it. This plasma rifle may be a secret, but you'll have to earn it. Moon textures from Lunatic.
  12. Aquila Chrysaetos

    What are all the "reactions" supposed to mean?

    Probably partly because of me. I always use the invul, as I detailed in the thread I linked.
  13. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Also, there's this handy chart from Wikipedia that is pretty accurate on the source port genealogy. Every port save WinDoom and Doom95 is based to at least some degree on Linux Doom 1.0, but ZDoom itself also has roots in Heretic, Hexen, and Strife, as well as ATB Doom and NTDoom. It's also worth noting that Heretic is based on the engine of Doom v1.2 (and thus, the Hexen engine is, too, by virtue of being based on Heretic) and Strife is based on the engine of Doom v1.666. None of them are based on 1.9, which does indeed suggest that ZDoom's engine isn't based on the latest Doom engine. However, Linux Doom was based on the later Final Doom version of v1.9, so ZDoom really has the DNA of many of Doom's engine versions, so they do sort of all exist on the same engine. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Versions_of_Doom_and_Doom_II#v1.9
  14. Aquila Chrysaetos

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Killer5 and @MegaBlast Here's a review of Tesseract on HNTR. I love puzzle combat and platforming, so when I played this, I enjoyed myself. The first room had a neat dynamic, whereby making the viles aggro to the monsters around turned out to be the best strat to get through with minimal damage, and it was fun to execute twice like that. The next room was, to me, just a UV-lite version, with many fewer monsters, which is fine, but I didn't find it to be terribly interesting, unfortunately. Our good Killer5/MrZzul kindly told me what I had been doing incorrectly at the yellow card and I had no problems from there. The hell knight room was a good room to put pressure on the player, and the one vile made him a primary target because with him there, the fighting space is extremely limited. I liked the next large fight, but the suicide bombers' screams really gave me a headache. Figuring this one out only took a couple attempts, and once the suiciders were all dead, the fight tapered. The last parts with the red line mazes were cool and an interesting method to constrict player movement, and a couple cybers are here for you to two-shot if you can, but they're not quite mandatory. It was a fun map overall, but the second fight is the only one I have a real issue with, just because it was somewhat uninteresting to me.
  15. Aquila Chrysaetos

    How to prevent people from jumping on a UDMF map?

    Create a ZMAPINFO lump in your wad and write this: defaultmap { nojump }