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  1. Aquila Chrysaetos


  2. Aquila Chrysaetos

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    In theory, yes, but in practice, the actual limit is however many you can have with the linedef maximum of 65,535. Many Boom maps exist that have over 100,000 sidedefs because Builder and PRBoom do sidedef compression, allowing Boom maps to be huge (ZDoom and Eternity also do this, I believe).
  3. Aquila Chrysaetos

    What are some good Earth maps?

    Valiant Vanguard Both by skillsaw, the first two wads to come to mind. Both have city maps somewhere (in Vanguard's second act and Valiant's first and third episodes), but they are Earthly, partially.
  4. Aquila Chrysaetos

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Yo, have I got the wad for you!
  5. Aquila Chrysaetos

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Doom-style textures on Realm667, scroll down to Doom Potpourri, there are locker textures in that wad, and other very useful textures, too.
  6. Aquila Chrysaetos

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    What I'm told is monster balance has been changed in the resources, and I wasn't inclined to have to rebalance a map because something might have been changed last minute. I wasn't told what, specifically had been changed or how much. rd has already asked me what I meant, and kindly told me that only the chainsaw zombie had been nerfed to 160 health and there were no plans to change the balance again so as to avoid invalidating submitted maps, which was my primary concern.
  7. Aquila Chrysaetos

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    So, I've heard some weird things about what's going on with this, I don't know if they're true (I'm inclined to believe it is, the person who told me has always been reliable), but between this and having another large scale project I'm working on, I'm going to have to bail out. It's halfway through the month already and I have nothing to show, so this is probably for the best.
  8. Aquila Chrysaetos

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    The most obvious solution in my mind is to draw a 1 unit triangle in front of the texture you want to glow and make that tiny triangle sector glow. Its floor and ceiling will still glow, but the sector will be so small that nobody will complain about it.
  9. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Got to speak up on what's going on with me. Had my computer crash on me (just like last year, I almost can't believe it), and as a result I lost most of what was on the hard drive. I hadn't backed up my map, so I don't have that anymore,so I'll have to give up the E1M7 slot.
  10. Aquila Chrysaetos

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    I shouldn't join, but I will because the last one was a good time. Count on a map from me in time.
  11. textxtra-compiled.zip Compiled using the assets from b7 and what I saw needed to be changed. Wrote a ZMAPINFO lump, edited the DEHACKED, and added Jimmy's CWILVs to the wad. Unnamed maps are named in ZMAPINFO (maybe DEHACKED, I forgot). Rebuilt the nodes for all maps using a ZDBSP configuration to build normal and GL nodes. Wrote reject files for all maps using ZokumBSP. Map order is the same as b7.
  12. Aquila Chrysaetos

    My first wad.

    I played this, but didn't quite beat it. One thing I noticed was a lot of DOORTRAK textures weren't lower unpegged, so they moved upward with the door when it opened. Also there were a lot of barons to fight in this map, and while I had the 'zerk most of the time, fighting them was often grindy because the tight hallways made me use the shotgun and chaingun. At around 9:24, I use a bump trick to grab the secret BFG (which I wasn't planning to do) to fight three barons in a hallway I refused to fight without it or the rocket launcher, which I could not work out how to get. The cyberdemon at the end, well, I don't really know what to think about him. The combat is pretty much dictated by door and corner camping, which I don't find very fun (hence me often forcing my way into a room to fight directly), and it relies too much on the shotgun and chaingun for how many barons there are (and at one point, cacodemons). I would suggest bringing rooms together, merging them and knocking down walls and taking out doors to improve how the map flows and to alleviate a lot of the door camping. It's a solid wad, and I would like to see more from you.
  13. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    You madman. Sign me up for testing.
  14. Aquila Chrysaetos

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Not sure. Your dehacked strings can be edited directly in Slade, and I can tell you the string you need to write so it shows up properly. GOTREDSKUL is incorrect (for some reason, maybe to keep an "even" number of characters or something), it turns out the proper name for this string is GOTREDSKULL with two L's. Even the ZDoom Wiki has it written improperly (which is beyond strange), in its Strings page which tells you the name of each string so you can modify it in DHE.
  15. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    The best thing to do for them would be to make the pillars 64x64 boxes, so the monsters will be able to walk around on them. The reason they don't do anything is because part of their hitbox overlaps a sector that's more than 24 units below their feet, so they get stuck. This is the same reason monsters can have difficulty moving on stairs if the steps are narrow and/or steep. A solution would be to either put them on the floor or make the pillars at least 48x48, preferably 64x64, or to lower the pillars so they're only 24 or 16 units off the floor and the monsters can walk off of them.