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  1. hey @epicyolomaster420 some personal and work stuff has come up and i'm afraid i don't have the time to complete my map. i'm gonna have to back out, apologies!
  2. yes, i'm going to get back to working on mine, just got sidetracked the past few weeks with school and work. i'll send a preview once the first few sections and the exit is completed
  3. good with this idea, since my secret level's gimmick is: also i might have to take up on the offer for a deadline extension as i've also just been working on P2M9 bit by bit, i'll send updates on it once the second portion of the map is textured and modeled out
  4. @epicyolomaster420 i want to throw my hat into the ring, is it alright if I do P2M9?
  5. News: Breakneck Rampage!! out now on IDGAMES! Updated the OP and added new screenshots LINK: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/brkrmpg Changelog: Implemented a fast-travel system for speedrunners. Finalized and added final touches in map design. Slightly rebalanced items and monsters, fine-tuned Difficulty settings.
  6. News: Breakneck Rampage!! v2 Release breakneck rampage v2.zip Changelog: Significantly reduced the total amount of monsters by 300 (lol) Re-balanced the combat and gameplay difficulty on all skill levels Locked off some areas and converted them into secrets in order to fix the navigation problem Added several markers to clarify areas and to "light the way" ;) Made the final area switch-and-platform puzzle more convenient and less confusing Screenshots of Updates Thank you all so much for your feedback! They helped me fix some problems I overlooked!
  7. panopticono.zip Title: Panopticono Author: Clamgor Game: Doom II, Boom format Editor(s) Used: Doom Builder, SLADE, WhackED4 Port: PrBoom+ or GZDoom Slot: MAP01 Files: panopticono.wad, panopticono.deh, panopticono.txt Zip file size: 2.30MB Build time: 12 Days. Tested with: prBoom+ 2.6.1um, GZDoom 4.8.2 Bugs: slime trail(s) Description: A high tech hellish monstrosity. Made up this map to test some design and gameplay ideas, the central area is a circular courtyard with access to the four other branching rooms. Have fun. Additional credits: DiR for OPal Custom Palette Tormentor667 for 2mbrown Texture WAD Doomkid for Riff v2 MIDI Screenshots
  8. I see. It's not necessary to uncover a secret wall in order to get the blue key. The stairs off the side of the northern hall lead up to the elevation where the blue key room can be found. In the large area where the two rooms that unlock the blue key can be found, I placed a teleporter there that lowers immediately when you press the button that lowers the bars that block off the blue key as an anti-frustration measure. I designed this map to have a lot of zigzagging in mind, and I've played it too many times that I didn't consider that a player with fresh eyes will get lost and frustrated at the encounters with demons, I deliberately made it so that multiple paths and side rooms with extra ammunition, power-ups and weapons would be available to the player. Your observations are already a great help, I'm going to consider blocking off some areas and nerfing the monster encounters for the next version of this map to avoid overwhelming and frustrating the player. I actually traced the paths that lead to the blue key, and you're right, it's a doozy. Tracing of Path on Automap In-Game Screenshots of the Concerned Areas
  9. oh yeah, it's only a coincidence, but i suppose "redneck rampage" was in the back of my mind when I was spitballing the title as for the difficulty, I might need to dial down the monsters and make the progression more balanced, would love to see how other players tackle the map though so I'll wait for that video!
  10. Breakneck Rampage!! is a hefty one-map WAD. You must explore a sprawling base with many hellspawn who are waiting to ruin your day. Godspeed! LINK: Breakneck Rampage!! on iDGames DETAILS PWAD brkrmpg.wad PORTS prBoom+ 2.6.1 (-complevel 9), GZDoom g4.8.2, any other Boom-compatible port GAMEPLAY Single and Co-op Play Generally Vanilla Gameplay (No Freelook/Jump/Crouch) freelook, jump and crouch and mods are fine with me though, i accounted for it Addt'l Credits @Tormentor667 for the 2mbrown Texture WAD @Doomkid for the MIDI rendition of Damage, Inc. Screenshots Older Versions: Original Description: Old Screenshots:
  11. clamgor

    [released] Panic Switch!

    Hey, thanks for the feedback! The Spider Mastermind sometimes spawns in the corner teleports instead of the center because it sometimes takes the lower teleporter instead of the one directly to their north and I couldn't find a way around it, so I'll check that teleport tutorial out! Thanks!
  12. Heya. Made another vanilla map! It's called Panic Switch. You have been instructed to inspect an abandoned research base that has been lost to the forces of hell. Rip and Tear! LINK: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/pswitch DETAILS PWAD pswitch.wad IWAD, Map Doom 2, MAP01 PORT prBoom+ 2.6.1 (-complevel 9) Single and Co-op Play Vanilla Gameplay (No Freelook/Jump/Crouch) Base New from scratch Build Time 9 days. Editor(s) used Doom Builder 2, Slade 2 Known Bugs Slime Trails (if you find any, let me know of other bugs!) May Not Run With Chocolate Doom Tested With prBoom+ 2.6.1, ZDoom 2.8.1, GZDoom 4.4.2 Screenshots
  13. clamgor

    [released] Meatbox Slam!

    UPDATE: idgames link is LIVE! Thanks for the feedback!
  14. clamgor

    [released] Meatbox Slam!

    thanks! I tested it on ZDoom with these settings enabled and found that playing it with Vanilla settings might hamper the player during the starting area, honestly didn't think about it because I was focused on executing the concept. I'm not used to all this complevel stuff and don't know which sourceports are ideal for mapping and testing vanilla WADs. Is prBoom+ the ideal?