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  1. Herr Dethnout

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    God, I'm super excited. I can't wait for it to be May 31.
  2. Herr Dethnout

    IMAJANA - A Vanilla Single Level Challenging Map

    UPDATE 5/23/19 (Maybe Final) *Changed some sector brightness *Added new details and two (pretty obvious) secrets! *Fixed some texture alignments -Removed Demo, I will upload it later as separate File Download link in the OP
  3. Herr Dethnout

    Best map ever made

    At least can you put what source port was made for?
  4. Herr Dethnout

    IMAJANA - A Vanilla Single Level Challenging Map

    NEW UPDATE 5/12/19 *Fixed some missing textures. *Added the missing lower textures in the yellow skull room, now it should work on Source Ports with a defined missing texture (Originally a was intentional use of HoM) *Fixed a secret door that was unable to open. *Added new details in areas where feel pretty empty. *Changed the Bars Raise trap in a secret room for a "Door Wait Open" trap. *Fixed the map's song and added some new effects, now it works flawessly in Vanilla! *Added a Monster Ambush in a secret room. *Fixed typos in the INFO file. *Added a update DEMO (Vanilla). -Due the use of a "Lower Floor" linedef to avoid the player to be stuck in the courtyard area, now every time that you crossed that area will reproduce a sound. I don't know how to fix that. Download link in the OP
  5. Herr Dethnout

    IMAJANA - A Vanilla Single Level Challenging Map

    Thanks for the feedback and playing. About the missing textures, it was an intentional use of HoM (As in map 25 in Doom 2), but I suppose that in source ports with a defined missing texture can bring problems. I will upload a new version with that problems solved. I put the map and the status bar in 2 separate files, mostly for people who want to use it in other WADs.
  6. Herr Dethnout

    IMAJANA - A Vanilla Single Level Challenging Map

    Thanks, I will check that to release a quick update.
  7. Fun fact: "Imajana" means "Darkness" in Warao language. Hello, DoomWorld! I am proud to present my first map for DOOM. I had inspiration from E1 and E4 for the final part, although I personally think that I exaggerated in the difficulty. (outdated) Thanks for playing my map :)
  8. Herr Dethnout

    Anyone need any custom Midi's?

    I want a hear a MIDI version of this. :D
  9. Herr Dethnout

    The philosophy of level design

    ... What?! Why?!
  10. Herr Dethnout

    Best game to come out the year you were born?

    Dead Or Alive 2 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Jet Set Radio Marvel vs Capcom 2 Quake III Arena Tekken Tag Tournament Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Hitman: Codename 47
  11. Herr Dethnout

    Pour one out for MS Paint

    Hello darkness my old friend.