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  1. mallo

    Artica B

    It works fine, the dum-dums below (above?) didn't use the dehacked file and didn't realize there's a bossbrain at the end. It is not an amazing map by any means however, even for the time.
  2. mallo

    Courtyards from hell

    Clearly inspired by MAP18, but a lot uglier, more boring and repetitive.
  3. mallo

    Flashback E1M8

    I thought these remakes are supposed to look and play better than the originals... I liked the idea of you sliding down instead of a wall at the end but not much else except that
  4. mallo


    I seriously think this is very underrated, especially considering there are other maps in DAC2005 that look and play a lot worse. While using nazi stuff is usually a big no-no, I think this time their usage is not completely out of place, as you walk through a few nazi-themed buildings. Nazi demons? I wish the author elaborated a bit on this in the description... Either way, the map's biggest problem is ammo and weapon placement. At the beggining I had to shoot at least 3 arch-viles using only a goddamn pistol. And, if I'm not blind, you only get the chaingun about halfway through the level (in my case, about 28 minutes in). This map is TOUGH, and I mean it. The space is cramped, and there's a ton of monsters (half a thousand!). However, I have enjoyed it a lot once I got through the first few rooms full of hitscanners, and got enough ammo to stop pea shooting cacodemons and hell knights. The map doesn't look bad at all IMO. There are a few rooms with odd design choices, and as I said, the design is very cramped. About the boom compatibility... I don't know, I don't care. :P I'd give the map 3.5 stars... if I could. I round it up to 4 instead. Maybe the overall rating will be compensated. :)
  5. mallo

    Twisted Shadows

    I've really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is great, map looks really good, and I don't mind the low monster count (how is that even an argument?). I recommend playing this with HUD hidden, the map isn't much about fighting anyways. It does require a keen eye though.
  6. mallo


    There is ALWAYS a way to reach your goals! ... I don't get it :/
  7. There is a bug with MAPINFO - the level's TitlePatch property is not set, so in ZDoom, the name on intermission screen doesn't have the author's name.
  8. mallo


    Fantastical for 2002. The levels are fun and very detailed (again, for 2002), although they can get kind of confusing because of using mostly the same textures for the entire level. The problems are annoying sounds (they do NOT fit >_
  9. mallo

    SNOWIMPS.ZIP - The Christmas PWAD

    For '94, this is actually a really good .wad! The sprites aren't made in Paintbrush in 5 minutes and the sound quality is actually good!
  10. mallo


    This .wad shaves Zombiemen's heads and puts them in sloppily drawn black suits. I love it.
  11. mallo

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    This is a truly sad day for the entire community. Rest in peace, Ty.
  12. I liked ocean base, mostly becasue it has this '94-95 feeling to it. I didn't like the other level tho - it was dark, boring and confusing.
  13. mallo

    Gothic Windows

    This is stupid but has its charm. 19 years later, it's still working! :D I don't think it does on x64 systems though...
  14. echo sounds fake and cacodemon sucks ://////