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  1. Hell_Pike

    Hell_Pike's Diagnostic Tools

    This displays and explains a set of diagnostic tools I made for zandronum. They are to be used primarily to create and test actors in the zandronum engine. Time freezer, god mode, fly mode, noclip, all bound to weapons. I forgot to mention in the video but the god mode tool's alt fire pumps the players health. Holding the alt fire a longer increases the increment of health given to player. The video has a more detailed description of the tools and their purpose. Feedback would be much appreciated. Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k-QNpj6s9GsiB4M80OQ5rM75UQq2BSAa/view?usp=share_link
  2. Hell_Pike

    The Mandrake's Cry (Zombie Mod)

    Oh I thought it didn't work with gzdoom sorry I didn't read this close enough.
  3. Hell_Pike

    The Mandrake's Cry (Zombie Mod)

    I apologize, I didn't test for gzdoom. I've updated the post
  4. This is a zombie mod for Zandronum. It is also compatible with gzdoom! The sprites were sourced from Diablo II! So if you ever wanted to shoot the zombies from Diablo now is your chance! XD This mod replaces all monsters with zombies! The zombies spawn in, in limited numbers to avoid crashing servers so it should work quite well on multiplayer. Amounts and speed of zombies is adjusted based on difficulty. I am still working on this so consider this version 1 of the mod. Zombies come complete with hit boxes and can have their arms or legs shot off, sometimes they will crawl around on the ground after you!! So make sure they are dead!! Headshots count!! Lots of zombies so don't forget to aim! Climbing across the zombies is dangerous, they'll grab you and slow you down so be careful, same thing getting caught in their arms... they can grab on to you and hold you so hurry and break free Be sure to bring your own weapons!! Go to you favorite maps! This is a monster replacement mod only! Works great on slaughter maps! Video example on Sunder Map 1: Another example with someone elses gun and map mods shout out to android ferrret for making these clips : Harpy- Easy to kill, but fast and have a deadly attack so watch out! And of course ZOMBIES: Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xiLqglWyzsUHytTkxpozoUUqQpQZo4Yy/view?usp=share_link I have a weapons mod with rpg mechanics featured in the video, you can find the download for that here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12SjSNega-rHo9JQZ0rbEwxWiQ04naPkC/view?usp=share_link --Thats a brutal doom sub mod with some other borrowed assets here or there. Any feedback is welcomed! Thanks for checking out my post! Happy hunting! Update: Upon request the zombies can now climb on eachother!!! Watch out!!!
  5. I just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job back to Saturn episode 1 and 2 is fantastic I'm still working my way through episode 2. Can't wait to see episode 3 this is awesome thank you guys
  6. Hell_Pike

    Mapping contest for $$$

    Thanks so much for this feedback I will take it all into great consideration. I had planned to allow custom textures and custom actors for aesthetic purposes only, but if they can test it was to use custom actors and textures they would need to follow any convention that I would prescribe upon them and during the contest. I understand what you say about the votes, it's a very good point. Maybe the number of contestants could be limited considering what you say about playing these. I'm not sure if I would have time to play all of them that's a very good point.
  7. Hell_Pike

    Mapping contest for $$$

    I had an idea to start a mapping contest, with a cash incentive for the top three rated maps. Not sure about how to rate the maps, maybe with public vote and extra weight to voters who are paying the cash price, me and my brother and my brother's friend. I am thinking to give $500 cash prize to the map in first place, 300 to the map in second place and 100 to the map in third place. Top 30 maps would be rolled into a megawad. Does anybody like this idea? Is this something that we should do? Would love to hear your thoughts...
  8. I wish they would fix and re-enable the rating system. And then we could vote on the wads when they get featured in threads like this
  9. This was really fun! I manage to beat it on UV but I got real lucky.... Somehow a single revenant punched my cyberdemon to death! I loved the challenge and the concept is really fun and cool I love it.
  10. Hell_Pike

    committee project: cubed doom

    Guys even the maps are in various formats, the engines can still run them from the same wads or the pk3.... Am I wrong? So how about not trying to get everyone stuck in one map format and let them use whatever they like?
  11. Hell_Pike

    Dynamic RNG Mod and RNG Removal Mod

    If anyone wants a Zandronum compatible version of this mod, just comment below and I will make it.
  12. Hell_Pike

    Dynamic RNG Mod and RNG Removal Mod

    This mod now in version 9, only compatible with GZdoom.
  13. Zombie mod, meant for Co-op... I want to release this on Halloween but I would like to have some help mapping. Here is an example of the mod : https://youtu.be/7c1G_DDWBdw I can map well I just have a creative block here and would like to make a team of mappers. I will provide textures upon request, for example I have some building textures like this : And creative feedback would be great too. I hope we can make an awesome zombie mod guys! Thanks for checking this out! If you would like to help, please join my discord and pm : https://discord.gg/ATwAsv2
  14. Thank you for playing my map. I am not impressed with my performance here. I will try to do better for next time. Also I want to note that the custom monsters are found on realm 667, they are not made by me. Same for the weapon sprites. The credits can be found within the PK3, but before a more formal release they will be explicitly stated. I will add more maps also before a formal release, add an ability to skip the cut-scenes and shorten up the boring parts as well. Thanks!