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  1. Hell_Pike

    Heavens Mod (Brutal doom submod)

    This is a submod for brutal doom that include some Diablo ii inspired rpg elements to it. I have stopped working on this mod to start a new project. I probably won't fix any bugs you come across but I think its a good mod and its a lot of fun to play in my opinion. Selecting "casual" player class just automatically allocates your skill points that you get on level up automatically instead of choosing them yourself. You use your skillpoints as items usually its the "[" and "}" key to select the next or previous item and press enter to use it. If you press F1 in game it should bring up the help menu to explain things a little more. There are probably some flaws with the difficulty settings, but I tried to make them good. Any difficulties that affect the ammo factor will cause strange behavior in the weapons. If too many people report it as a bug I will change the difficulty settings to fix that. It's better to play this with jumping and crouching enabled. Please try it and let me know if you like it. I am really proud of this mod. I only stopped working on it because my next project has some more effective ways of implementing new weapons and things like that and I wan't my next mod to have lots of weapons and new enemies and things. Still it will be a long time before I finish it and I figure I might as well share this old mod since I am not going to continue working on it. Be sure to load this before any maps or textures so it doesn't override your textures with the innate textures included. I highly recommend playing this with custom maps. This mod will definitely conflict with other mods so I suggest not loading it with other mods. This let's play explains how the mod works more or less but it's pretty easy to pickup without a walkthrough. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DQ4eiPlxWIvsZDXSAyxYrGCJNtancO_8 -Credits to stuff I took from others to make this. If I missed anyone I will be glad to update this list. Anyone who DMs me with "credits" in the subject I will add their name and the credit for the work. A lot of people are missing from this credit list because I've lost the credits file. I will remove this post if anyone wants me to who wasn't credited and doesn't want me to use their work in this mod. Extra rotations for PLAY A - G John Romero MARN * and MARJ * Sergeant_Mark_IV WOUN * Sergeant_Mark_IV CAPT * Sergeant_Mark_IV PBAR* Base by Captain Toenail, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV MAIS *, MAZS *, and MASS* Sergeant_Mark_IV Cheering Marine MWAV A to F Unknown Cheering Marine MWAV I to N Das_M, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV MR7S * and MR8S * Sergeant_Mark_IV FMW2*, FMW1*, FML1 *, Sergent_Mark_IV Player deaths (XPL1*, XPL2*, XPL3*, XPL4*, XPL5*, XPL6*, XPL8*, PLAY I - N, MHEA*, HPLA*, PBUR*, PMET*, PLDHA0) Sergeant_Mark_IV Generic Burning Man (BUR2*) Rogue Entertainment Marine - No Weapons (PLA1*) Captain Toenail Marine - aiming down the sights (MAR2*) Sergeant_Mark_IV Marine - kicking animations Base by Captain Toenail, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV Marine - Combat Roll Animation Sergeant_Mark_IV Muzzle effects (PLMZ*) Sergeant_Mark_IV Pistol (PISR*, PISG*, PISF*) Base by FreeDoom team, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV Chainsaw Base by Mike12, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV Minigun Sprites Extra animations for barrels by Perkristian and Minigunner, Ammo Belt by Mike12, base by Skulltag Team, animations and muzzle by Sergeant_Mark_IV Assault Rifle (RIFF*, RIFFR*) Mike12, animations and muzzle by Sergeant_Mark_IV Assault Rifle Iron Sights (RI2G*) Crucux Duo, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV Shotgun Pumping (SHTG*) DoomNukem Shotgun Base (SHSL*) Mike12, Foregrip by JoeyTD edited by Mike12, muzzle and animations by Sergeant_Mark_IV Super Shotgun Mike12, extra sprites by Perkristian, animation and muzzle by Sergeant_Mark_IV Rocket Launcher (MISS* MISG* MISR*) Base by Sergeant_Mark_IV, polished by Minigunner. Ammo barrels from Necrodome. Rocket MISL* FreeDoom team MP40 Apogee Entertainment BFG9000 Sergeant_mark_IV Taunt sprites FUCK* Sergeant_Mark_IV Mancubus Flame Cannon Mike12 Salute (SALU*) Base from Duke Nukem 3D, edited by Mike12 Revenant Missile Launcher (RVCG) Base from Hacx, edited by Mike12 Plasma Gun Base by Eriance, edited by Sergeant_Mark_IV RPG System, this submod of BD20 Hell_Pike
  2. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    Try the new "weeb" edition.
  3. Hell_Pike


    This is absolutely one of my favorite wads of all time. Insanely difficult. I'm screen recording because otherwise no one will believe you've beaten it without cheats. I love the atmosphere and the music of these maps. The architecture is excellent too. There is just a special feeling with this wad. It has a soul to it
  4. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    Can you pm me on discord? I'd appreciate to get the feedback there it might be a little easier. My name on the discord is baba booey and I'm on the zdoom discord, and a few other doom modding discords.
  5. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    OK I just fixed it. There is still some texture problem that I havent nailed down and like 3 or 4 textures I havent done yet but I'm not sure which ones.
  6. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    Hmmmm thats gives me an idea...
  7. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    I hadn't noticed it but I'll give it a look. BTW I'm making a weeb edition as we speak. Its sort of like this but sharper with a paper overlay to try and give it an anime feel. Not sure how it will look yet but I'll probably be done by next week.
  8. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    This just means I've added in replacement gibs for bolognese that have the cartoon rendering.
  9. Hell_Pike

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    I love the solemn look and feel of that screenshot. Just seems like... somehow it's a real place.
  10. This looks really cool. I might have to buy hexen/heretic sometime soon.
  11. Hell_Pike

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    This is one of my favorites now. Right up there with sunlust, scythe, deus vult, valiant, sunder. Really good wad guys excellent work.
  12. Hell_Pike

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    You guys know you want to see blood all over these squeaky clean floors. This looks so good man
  13. Hell_Pike

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    The juggernauts are back. This is awesome
  14. Hell_Pike

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    Thanks so much man! It will be done by next week and then I'm going to work on some toony conversions of old classic wads. Or maybe I do a version for doom 1 first haha
  15. Hell_Pike

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    My bad. I really like your maps dude and the other maps posted here. Really good stuff