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  1. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.7 (Update: Feb 21, 2020)

    I noticed it can only get so small, that's in the gif example that I posted. What I'm trying to say is that it would make more sense if the widescreen toggle simply switched between two resolutions, as that's how a toggle is expected to work.
  2. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.7 (Update: Feb 21, 2020)

    What risk? It's not like the user's monitor resolution would be progressively shrinking with the window. :B At the very least, when toggling widescreen off, the window should return to its original size. There's no good reason for it to keep getting smaller like that - all that does is force the user to quit out, open setup, and fix the resolution.
  3. Lollie

    Console DOOM backports/improvements list

    It's in the title, "for 3DO"! Also worth noting, GEC's "GZDoom" was recently renamed "DZDoom", it's just not in the thread title yet. Speaking of GEC, they also have "PlayStation Doom: Master Edition" — it hasn't been stated in the OP, but I believe one of their goals is to further optimize the PSX Doom engine. It's what led them to disassembling the PSX engine.
  4. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.7 (Update: Feb 21, 2020)

    Here's a funny bug: When toggling widescreen on and off in Windowed mode, window size calculation seems to alternate between width and height, which results in the screen getting progressively smaller with each toggle. Requesting that the resizing be based on window height, so that the widescreen toggle makes the window expand/retract from the left and sides!
  5. Can confirm. Here's the relevant clip from the new port. (MP3 in a zip, the forum doesn't like mp3s apparently) E1M4-bug.zip
  6. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.7 (Update: Feb 21, 2020)

    My kingdom for sufficient knowledge of C, lol. I only know enough to be dangerous! Better that you don't get pull requests from me. I've attempted hacking together an external automap for my own use once before: by adding a custom view to the "three screen mode" code in d_net.c (basically, a drone that looks straight ahead and mirrors the player's view), and altering automap behavior so that it doesn't force-close upon death if the custom view is active. Turns out that forcing the automap to stay open like that can cause a desync in a solo-net session, who knew. 😅
  7. I meant more the actual engines they run on, not so much the games themselves! From what I've read around the forums (thanks to GEC Master Edition releases, Doom 64 EX talk, various PSX Doom stuff, etc), I'm pretty sure Doom 64 was running on yet another version of the Console Doom lineage of engines? Jaguar > ??? > PSX > N64.
  8. Doom 95, I guess? It was developed at Microsoft (Gabe Newell!), but released by id. Doom II got a "For Windows 95" CD release, and it was included in id Anthology. It introduced two higher resolutions - 640x400 and 640x480, a maximum 32 sound channels, and a handful of new bugs. That was as advanced as it got (for the original Doom engine), until the Xbox release. (You could probably argue that the PS1/N64 versions of Doom were running on the most advanced version of the Doom engine, but as far as I can tell, their engine was pretty heavily altered from the original engine at that point.)
  9. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.7 (Update: Feb 21, 2020)

    It's kinda funny to see how Crispy has grown to offer a bunch of speedrun-friendly features over the past year, they're handy and neat. Out of curiosity: Would you consider a second-window automap? I've thought about it working similar to Chocolate's three screen mode: as a "drone" instance that listens to the main player, that is hard-locked to only ever show the automap. I don't know how feasible this approach would be outside of a solo-net session though, maybe there's better/easier options. (Two windows from a single Crispy instance? Makes me wonder how window sizes could be controlled, if integer scaling could be retained, etc) Doom Retro has its own second-screen automap feature, which might be worth looking into borrowing — although the last time I checked, DR hard-locks the automap into full screen on a second monitor. (DR's lack of multiplayer also limits its usefulness - I'd love to have it for co-op sessions.) edit: After looking through Doom Retro's automap code, it looks like Brad basically rewrote the automap renderer. Dang it!
  10. Based on previous replies, it seems safe to assume their main issue with the port comes down to the fact that it runs through Unity. Unity has a long-standing (and frankly, bogus) reputation for being the "inferior" game engine when stacked up against other options. @Doom, Coffee, & Doughnuts It'd be worth your time to read up on how the new Classic Doom release is using Unity, but the short story is: The new release is running the original game code as a dynamic library. This same library could be used in Unreal, Godot, Python, etc. It wouldn't matter. Unity is only being used as a wrapper, to simplify the whole process of getting it working on multiple platforms. You can find this write-up by @sponge at his site, here: https://d8d.org/professional/doom-classic/ This release is effectively an official "limit-removing" port. It's Vanilla Doom with a few extra features to bring it up to modern standards.
  11. Lollie

    An online Doom source port?

    A little earlier in development, but I believe Marshmallow Doom also features online play!
  12. This is specifically for PS1, so you will need a PS1 emulator! Emulators like Xebra, Mednafen, or ePSXe will do the trick — however, it is up to you to find PlayStation BIOS files in order for Mednafen or ePSXe to function. (Xebra doesn't need official bios files.)
  13. Might as well get a comparison shot in here, since this little-known bug is still present in the current ports! Regular Doom II vs TNT and Plutonia. Also while taking these shots, I realized there's currently no way to minimize/remove the HUD. Wouldn't mind having that back on the - / + keys.
  14. The inclusion of commercial wads would be pretty interesting to see. For what it's worth, Tom Mustaine seems to consider Perdition's Gate to be abandonware, considering he's had it linked from his portfolio of work since 2011. Although that would likely also mean that digging up and working out the rights to it would be difficult.