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  1. Definitely doable for PsyDoom, again via the same mod I mentioned! You'd just have to convert his MP3s/OGGs to WAV first, which is easy to do with any audio editor (and there are likely some online tools that can do this as well).
  2. So the thing is, yes, it would be technically possible and feasible. We have tools, courtesy of @intacowetrust's PsyDoom and the command-line tools that came out of it, and they've gone through the general process of authoring a new song for PSX Doom. But I need to stress, I think you might be underestimating the amount of work that would be required to actually make this work. Basically: - Authoring new samples optimized for PSX Doom - which means making sure sample lengths are padded to a multiple of 28 samples, and that your loop points are aligned to 28-sample blocks - and converting them all to PSX Doom's .VAG format. - Packing your new instrument samples into an .LCD file. - Converting Doom's MIDIs to JSON, manually authoring instrument data for each and every song, and then converting them all back to .WMD. With the exception of the test song, I don't know if anyone else has actually gone through the complete process of authoring new music for PSX Doom, so there's a lot of unknowns to the whole process. That said, there is a much easier way to achieve this, though it would only work via PsyDoom: Create a mod that adds all the PC Doom music as CD Audio. Do note though that because PsyDoom currently only accepts CD Audio in .BIN format (effectively PCM audio), it will require all of your music tracks to basically be .WAV files with renamed extensions. For the entire PC Doom soundtrack, this would take up a truly massive amount of hard-drive space... but it would be way easier than converting the original Doom MIDIs into PSX Doom's sequenced music format.
  3. Lollie

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Rather than an outright change, what about a CVAR to toggle the window title behavior?
  4. Extremely cool! It's awesome that PsyDoom accepts CD music with little fuss. I tried this myself without a custom map (using PSX Doom's Map 1 - Hangar) and got it working with no hassle. The key point to note: There's no benefit to storing the WAV in a ZIP/RAR - you cannot use a compressed archive anyway, as PsyDoom will treat it as is without decompressing it first, causing it to blast loud raw noise at you. Instead, you can just rename your "MUSIC.WAV" to "MUSIC.BIN". (The reverse works with CD-audio .BIN files too, on a technical level they're just WAV files!) @intacowetrust Would you consider adding support for CUE + audio formats? eg: WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC (also: although not supported by CD-audio, WAV, OGG and FLAC all support loop points!)
  5. Lollie

    How to run Doom and Final doom on ePSXe

    Stenzek is still working on DuckStation IIRC! Development resumed a few months after it was paused, he just needed to step away for a bit. Some PCSX2 improvements have made their way back to DuckStation - Controller mapping in particular is so much nicer now.
  6. Lollie

    Doom 1 Hud Resolution Export

    So unfortunately, Premiere Pro doesn't let you change the way it scales video or images. Your best options are to either do it manually via Photoshop or another image-editing tool (eg: IrfanView, XnViewMP), or to install a plug-in for Premiere Pro (eg: Vizual, GPUResize) to work around this limitation.
  7. This is a powerful name and I'm mildly upset that the whole thing doesn't already exist
  8. Completely fair. After realizing how PSX Doom's link mode functions, I figured it'd probably take a lot of rewriting core game functionality and some fancy game-state syncing to get a smoother netplay experience online. Unless you're extremely dedicated to netplay, the time and effort spent developing it would be a net-loss.
  9. Decent enough for high-speed/low-ping connections then, that's something! I'm guessing that the way it works, hitches result in freeze-and-wait delays while the lagging player syncs up. A friend and I have had Doom on our "co-op games to play" list for a while, and he's never tried PSX Doom, but we're international - USA vs AUS. ~170ms ping probably wouldn't cut it for PsyDoom lol, not without some sort of sync tech at least. edit: After a little localhost testing with Clumsy to simulate high-ping... definitely not lol. Drops on 20ms aren't too bad, but drops on anything higher make it pretty unplayable. Even without drops, 80+ starts feeling pretty chunky. This was exactly what I was expecting though, I'm sure it'd take some extensive work to make netplay feel smoother at higher pings. Frankly it's still cool that netplay works.
  10. Lollie

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases

    Just wanted to note for anyone looking, it seems Doom 64 EX-Plus (along with Gibbon's many other maintained repositories) has been moved over to Sourceforge.
  11. It's a real shame that online multiplayer wasn't prioritized from the start, highly doubt there's any chance of it happening now. Remote Play Together on Steam isn't a great option either. I'm still a little burned on local multiplayer too. Like what's the point of having a 4:3 video mode if you're not gonna take full advantage of it for splitscreen? Really silly. What we got: What could have been:
  12. I meant to ask earlier: Did network play see any updates between 0.8.3 and 1.0.x, or is it still recommended to only play over LAN?
  13. You might want to look into ShaderGlass! https://mausimus.itch.io/shaderglass It comes with a lot of the Retroarch shaders built-in, so you should be able to find the one you want. Just make sure you go into Input > Window to clone the PsyDoom window, and Input > Pixel Size for the correct pixel scaling. (it will likely be x2 or x4 on a 1080p screen) Spoiler for screenshot examples, PsyDoom vs ShaderGlass (using "Preset\crt-guest-advanced-ntsc" with fine-tuned settings)
  14. So good to see this hit v1.0.0, it's been a long time coming. Great work. 💪 Love the launcher too, convenient! Now that 1.0 is out, is there anything left on your roadmap? It's hard to imagine what's left to implement beyond stability patches or the occasional quality-of-life addition.
  15. It's not the length of the pathname. Together, the path and file only comes up to 98 characters total (256 characters is the general total limit by default). Spaces aren't the problem either - I use DuckStation regularly, and my games are organized into folders with spaces in their names. Since you're working out of the "Tools and Projecs" folder, I'm assuming you're building the .bin/cue files yourself with "MAKE DOOMPSX CD.bat". By default, it produces a 12.6mb CD image with one "mute" dummy audio track, so the .cue file should only have two entries: FILE "PSXFINALDOOM.bin" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE2/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 AUDIO PREGAP 00:02:00 INDEX 01 01:00:00 I was able to replicate the error by building the CD myself, and then replacing its .cue file with the .cue from PSXDOOM_BETA_3. In my case, it mentioned Track 10, the last track on BETA_3 - which wouldn't exist in this scenario. Your error mentions Track 7, which means your .cue file is trying to point to a track that might not exist, or possibly zero-length. ("track start is out of range: 71221 vs 71221") Open your .cue file with a text editor and check what it says.