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  1. Wrong link? This seems to be a post on a Russian board about a platform that leads to nowhere.
  2. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    So, tangibly related (and this probably isn't a quick solution for what you're looking for here, you'll see why): Thanks to Chocolate, Crispy has access to a three-screen mode. The left and right views are spectator drones, with the views for each window rotated 90 and 270 degrees - and they run as separate instances, meaning you can run a separate config file for additional views, so that they're sized/positioned exactly the way you want them. And thanks to how these modes are set up, adding a back view is trivial. (literally: in "d_net.c", duplicate the code for one of the left/right views, change the view angle offset to "ANG180", and change its command line parameter to "-back") The downside to this is that the mode relies on multiplayer. All the multiplayer-only things are present, you have all the menu limitations that come with a multiplayer game, etc. If this mode could somehow be altered so that it runs in normal Doom (ie, a single instance of Doom that opens a second or third view window), you'd basically have what you need - though I suspect getting this to function would be far less trivial.
  3. I know, but man. It'd be nice to see id actually put resources into maintaining their classic releases, instead of just shoving them into DosBox and tossing them out onto storefronts. And I'd love to see Doom make an official appearance on console again - the XBox Live Arcade release had its bugs, but it was fun. Y'know what though, dig up Doom 64. Acquire the rights and make that game legally available to everyone again, expand upon it so that it has co-op and deathmatch. Make an expansion specifically for it. I'd absolutely buy that one.
  4. Probably. I'd rather see Bethesda/id produce a modern in-house port of Classic Doom, and give it some serious love and solid features (for example, simple and painless co-op via Steam's friends list, or PS4, or Switch, etc).
  5. Lollie

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just saw two video examples of this bug a couple weeks ago, it's funny just how easy it is to reproduce it.
  6. Lollie

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    You're probably loading another mod that affects the HUD weapons. I had this same issue, I forgot that I had the Doom Sprite-Fix mod set to auto-load. Make sure that you're only loading the Neural Upscale mod.
  7. Lollie

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    In my experience, this tends to be an issue with OpenGL renderers. If you're using GZDoom, there's a couple easy fixes: Option 1: Display Options > OpenGL Options > Set "Adjust Sprite Clipping" to "Smart", "Smarter", or "Always" Option 2: Set Video Mode > Set "Render Mode" to either "Doom Software Renderer" or "True Color SW Renderer"
  8. Lollie

    Which source ports would you like to see revived?

    Obscure port mention: Devin Acker's port of PRBoom for 3DS from 2015. Doom has been available on DS/3DS for a while, thanks to DS Doom and elhobbs' prboom3DS. Though Elhobbs' port is virtually feature-complete (including 3D support), it's a direct port of DS Doom, and sticks a full keyboard on the second screen in a way that feels obtuse. What made Acker's port stand out to me when it was in active development, was that it was a direct port of PRBoom to 3DS. It offered proper start-up options (including screen resolution - 320x200, 400x240, or a combination of the two - and the ability to load pwads), all buttons were labelled correctly for key bindings, the bottom screen offered an always-on automap. It felt cleaner at the time, more mindful of the 3DS in general. Screenshot comparison under the spoiler. Nowadays, elhobbs' port is stable, and simply offers far more than Acker's port - It does whatever it needs to do, in order to get the job done. But I would've loved to see Acker's port progress to the point where it could become the port of choice for 3DS. It's a bit late for a comeback now, but it had a lot of potential.
  9. No mention of Linguortals? For shame. Programming, hacking, basically the same thing.
  10. Lollie

    Chocolate Doom

    I know, lol. I just installed the build dependencies exactly as they were listed in the Choco Doom wiki article. Copy and pasted the install command right into the terminal, leaving nothing to chance. All I can assume is that the Python Imaging library / Pillow are not included in that command, and weren't installed when updating MSYS2 with "pacman -Syu", either. Same with "pandoc". For what it's worth, I'm not seeking help for the warnings. I'm just stating I encountered them, in case anyone else attempting to build Chocolate Doom on Windows happens to encounter the same warnings.
  11. Lollie

    Chocolate Doom

    Happy to confirm too, just did a test build and got a working executable. ✌ I did get a few warnings/errors (under the spoiler), but they seem completely inconsequential and didn't appear to affect the build in any way.
  12. Lollie

    Chocolate Doom

    Quick question, are the current instructions for building Chocolate Doom on Windows up to date? There was some discussion last year on GitHub about incorporating CMake (link to that discussion), but I haven't been able to find more info about this.
  13. I emulate PlayStation a ton, so I'm quickly chiming in here with a couple tips: Mednafen supports loading games via drag-and-drop. Simply drag your .cue file onto Mednafen.exe, and it should automatically load the image with the correct emulation core. Quick and easy. XEBRA shouldn't require images to be mounted. File > Open > "CD-ROM image". You may need to select the .bin file - like Dragonsbrethren said, XEBRA is extremely slow at loading .cue files. Mednafen is pretty damn accurate these days, and great on performance. I used to love XEBRA myself, and there's no doubting its accuracy, but in my experience performance tends to be a bit sluggish - I'd argue only using XEBRA to double-check compatibility.
  14. Lollie

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Just to suggest another module player library: libxmp / libxmp-lite. Learned about this library after an interview for a build-engine game called Ion Maiden (interview link, @ 28:48), and from what I've heard, it does the job real nicely.
  15. Lollie

    Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    This stuff is so wicked, never would have figured that the engines for PSX Doom and Doom 64 were directly related. Makes me wonder if Doom 64 EX could be extended to support PSX Doom levels. Out of curiosity, which version have you guys been editing? 'Doom' or 'Final Doom'? The only reason I ask is because of mouse support — Final Doom had it, but PSX Doom was strictly controller-only. I have a one-handed PS1 controller + PSX mouse setup specifically for Final Doom, it's about as close to keyboard+mouse as you can get on PS1. I'd love to experience proper PSX Doom with the same setup.