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  1. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    But... At the very least, the old behavior results in a less wrong aspect ratio. Compared to this new behavior, which foregoes all forms of aspect ratio by stretching the output to fill whatever resolution is thrown at it. Oh well. I play with the corrected pixel aspect ratio anyway, the original behavior still exists, nothing is actually lost here. Just very weird to make this behavior the one that is available via the setup tool, while the old behavior is stuck behind config-editing.
  2. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Oh god no, it's spreading. Why is this the new behavior? Surely even less people would want this scaling mode as a feature, right? ...I say, glancing longingly at Tall Doomguy's beautiful monolith-like mugshot. How could I possibly say No to him. (I'm saying No though, this is hell.)
  3. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    The internet tells me that it's 3.65:1! For comparison, theatrical widescreen is 2.39:1. But why stop there? We can go as wide as our monitors will allow. Tall Doom is also valid.
  4. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    While this stance makes sense for Chocolate (my stance of "all configurable settings should be available in-program" is just one that I hold for all programs tbh, not specific to Doom), something needs to be brought up here. When "aspect_ratio_correct" is set to 0 in Crispy, its behavior is even more wrong: The frame will stretch to whatever size the window is set to. This is a deviation from how Chocolate handles this setting. Chocolate's "aspect_ratio_correct = 0" is identical to Crispy's "aspect_ratio_correct = 2". So, probably safe to assume that this is an unintended feature, lol. This explains a lot.
  5. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    ...Yeah, any setting that is only accessible via editing the config, should have at least one way to access it in-program, even if it's only via Setup. I agree with that. I actually had no idea "aspect_ratio_correct" went higher than 1! It has the effect of forcing 1:1 pixels, and handles the whole "when the user resizes the window, automatically calculate a new window size to fit" thing properly. Incidentally, it took until now for me to realize that the config does in fact have an "integer_scaling" option too. This setting isn't available to edit via Setup either. Both settings come from Chocolate Doom, so I guess these two settings would be better handled upstream — if they get handled at all.
  6. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    This is... not a good car analogy. Your car analogy doesn't really apply here, sorry. I understand the pain of wanting cleanly-scaled pixels. Doom sadly does not easily lend itself to integer scaling, but there are options. #1: Use the Setup tool. Yes, it's inconvenient to have to use a separate program to access the one setting you need (and I truly don't think there's any problem with simply adding it to the Crispiness settings), but think of it this way: Once you've set up Crispy to look the way you like, you shouldn't ever need to change those settings ever again. #2: Edit the config file "crispy-doom.cfg" in a basic text editor, like Notepad. Look for "window_width" and "window_height". Yes, also inconvenient. #3: Get yourself a 1200p, 1440p, or 4k monitor. When Doom's 5:4 scaling is applied (turning 320x200 into 320x240), the adjusted height will scale up by 5x/6x/9x to fit the height of the screen perfectly. You can live in a world where a car can have four wheels, and it drives just fine, no magic required. (It just happens to be an expensive answer. Like a car. This is another bad car analogy. It's also inconvenient. There's no convenient options, I'm sorry.) The final option is to just, like, live with the scaling. Let it wash over you. You won't notice it while you're actually playing Doom, I promise.
  7. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    @MAJ, in particular, you should read through the Doom Wiki article on Aspect Ratios. This is a detail that has already been established for a very long time, for good reason and with good evidence to back it up. It also isn't unique to Doom — this issue popped up in all sorts of games across all sorts of consoles and PCs from the era. Look towards NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Amiga computers, etc. Nintendo in particular offers scaling options for NES and SNES games on Switch, and this is a feature that appears in a lot of classic game collections for the same reason. 320x200 isn't a 4:3 aspect ratio, but the thing is... CRTs didn't really care about aspect ratios like that, they would simply stretch the incoming video to fit their screen. And in an era where standard-definition CRTs were king, aspect ratio was rarely considered anyway. CRT resolution isn't measured in "pixels" the same way modern displays are, so resolution and aspect ratio didn't matter in the same way — performance was more important. Inside the spoiler tag below is a comparison image from this thread that I've linked a couple times already. It serves as a clear-cut example as to why the vertically-stretched pixel aspect ratio is the correct one.
  8. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    That "normal" picture is actually incorrect. You're expecting the pixels to be perfectly square - a pixel aspect ratio of 1:1 - which is a perfectly understandable expectation. But the thing is, Doom was designed around the limitations of a 320x200 VGA resolution on 4:3 displays, causing a pixel aspect ratio of 5:4, making the individual pixel 120% taller. This is what Crispy emulates when "aspect_ratio_correct" is enabled. It's correcting the pixel aspect ratio to match DOS Doom's intended design. As for the black bars on the left and right sides of your screen: Set your Widescreen Aspect Ratio setting to "16:9" or "Match Screen". "16:10" fits screens with a resolution of 1920x1200. "16:9" is for your everyday widescreen monitor (eg: 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160). Admittedly, I do agree with this. It's obvious why the Setup program exists for Chocolate Doom (and it's still useful for network and audio), but considering how many additional settings Crispy offers on top, maybe all of its Display settings should be accessible in-game.
  9. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Regarding the screenshot, what were you expecting to see after toggling Widescreen Aspect Ratio? Do you want the status bar to be scaled up so that it fills the width of the screen? Also, why would you need a second option for aspect ratio? Are you talking about the window's aspect ratio (4:3, widescreen, etc)? Or are you talking about pixel aspect ratio (force Crispy to render tall pixels)?
  10. Lollie

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Just moving this into the Crispy thread since it's more relevant here, didn't want to derail the Marshmallow thread! ...I was totally unaware of this Windows shortcut for pinning windows to the corners of the screen, and now I see the problem that the new behavior causes. When pinning the window to the screen corner, Marshmallow tries to recalculate its window size based on the chosen aspect ratio, and it resizes itself beyond the current monitor's screen boundaries. In comparison, Crispy correctly pins itself to the screen corners. That's a fun trick, Windows. One idea that comes to mind (assuming Windows doesn't break this): Maybe one of Crispy's window dimensions could be forced to be always consistent when it's resizing itself, and then you do a test between three things: The current monitor's screen resolution Crispy's window position on the current monitor Crispy's new calculated window size If Crispy's new window size extends outside the current monitor's screen boundaries, bump Crispy's window position so that it fits back inside the screen. (And then, if Crispy's window simply won't fit the monitor's resolution, forcibly resize the larger dimension until the window fits)
  11. Lollie

    Who wants to test the latest build of Marshmallow Doom?

    Sure, the easiest way I can demonstrate the difference is with a gif. For what it's worth, I tried bringing up Crispy's widescreen behavior as an issue back when it was first introduced, but you seemed to be against changing this behavior. Or we might've had some miscommunication or something. 😅 Ahaa, good to know! I guess it'll appear in Crispy soon enough.
  12. Lollie

    Who wants to test the latest build of Marshmallow Doom?

    Very happy to see this port is still being actively worked on, I love its gameplay features! The only thing I can point out at the moment is that the Marshmallow menu doesn't function while paused: It lets you move the cursor once, and then no more until you unpause. This might be a little out there, but I'd love to see some presets for Marshmallow settings, for cases like having full-vanilla settings or "recommended" Marshmallow setups. Maybe a "Marshmallow" subfolder where different configs could be saved/stored and cycled through. Is there a command-line option for loading specific Marshmallow configs? Did you alter how the widescreen toggle works in the Crispiness settings? If so, highly recommend submitting a pull request to Crispy, it feels way better than the toggle's behavior in the current release of Crispy Doom 5.10.
  13. Lollie

    Psx Doom Memories

    Another one that you'll be happy to learn about: PsyDoom, a reverse-engineered port of PlayStation Doom to PC.
  14. Lollie

    Doom 64 90's Press Archive

    Recommend uploading all of these to Archive.org sometime. 👀
  15. Lollie

    The holy trinity of FPS games

    Came here to say this. GE/PD figured out the right way to do FPS controls on console when a mouse couldn't be present. (It just needed two analog sticks to truly thrive)