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  1. ReeseJamPiece

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    I mainly play survival-horror, RPGs, FPS, platformers, shoot em ups and racing games. I have a ton of Fantasy games on my shelves but never really had an incentive to play them. I remember enjoying fantasy when I was younger but I guess my interest diminished over time. I used to be a huge history enthusiast too but lost touch with it. I always viewed Star Wars as Harry Potter but with guns. Perhaps it's the aesthetic of Sci-Fi, both genres are good but the aesthetics are radically different.
  2. I've never really understood fantasy all that much, I just don't really get wizards or knights. I've always been more of a Sci-Fi guy myself but I want to try and get into fantasy. The Fire Emblem and Soulsborne games seem good. I just really don't get it.
  3. ReeseJamPiece

    I despise Piers Morgan

    Piers Morgan is an egotistical piece of shit that talks over everyone he meets. Doesn't matter who they are, could be a toddler with cancer or the Prime Minister himself and he'll still talk over them. The audacity this man has is absolutely absurd. Being in the same country as this twat makes me want to storm into the Queen's palace and demand independence. I fucking despise him.
  4. ReeseJamPiece

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Very intimidating
  5. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I might give Tatar a go someday, I like how distinct it is. By the way, what's it like in Tatarstan? Nice! You know a lot of Germanic languages. I've been thinking of learning Frisian as my next language but I'm unsure of it. I've never heard Albanian before, it seems interesting.
  6. ReeseJamPiece

    Get It Off Your Chest

    I keep getting sharp pains in my head that won't go away, I have been on medication for it for a while but nothings working. Recently I have been getting low mood and I'm concerned if it may be serious. I have had a lot of concussions throughout my life and I think one of them might have given me some form of brain damage. It sounds ridiculous I know but I don't want to rule it out. What should I do?
  7. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I see what you mean, I get mixed up with Scots Gaelic and Manx due to them being so similar. I'll keep your advice in mind when learning, thank you.
  8. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    Unironically yes, my dream is to know more than 30 languages. I can already speak four so why not take it further? You have a good selection of languages under your belt. I'd recommend reading some self-learning books for Finnish as Duolingo is more of a starting tool for learning languages. I tried learning Polish once but I kept getting frustrated at the pronunciation.
  9. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I've been thinking of learning Spanish but haven't had the time lately due to all the COVID stuff going on. It's an interesting language.
  10. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I'm gonna try learning some of the basics because I'm bored. Be back in a few hours.
  11. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I've never heard Slovene before, what's it like?
  12. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    Damn, I was really wanting to learn some. Karakalpak is probably one of the most unique languages I've heard, I'm from a European country and have never heard anything like it before. In Germanic and Celtic languages, everything tends to be very similar. But Karakalpak is very distinct, nothing is Latinised. I'd love to be able to speak it someday.
  13. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    I've been wanting to learn Karakalpak for a while but haven't found any good resources for it. Karakalpakstan has a very unique culture and the language should be learnt by more people.
  14. ReeseJamPiece

    Random Image Thread

    South Africa Why you ask? Why not?
  15. ReeseJamPiece

    Languages thread!

    Another language I would love to learn is Norn. Norn was spoken in the Northern islands of Scotland (Orkney and Shetland) along with Caithness. It's a strange mix between Celtic and Norse, the last known speaker died in 1850, so there are no audio records of it. However, there are some learning resources out there for the language if anyone is interested in learning some. Here is the Lord's Prayer in Norn to give you an idea of what it's like: Fa vor i ir i chimrie, / Helleur ir i nam thite, gilla cosdum thite cumma, / veya thine mota vara gort o yurn sinna gort i chimrie, / ga vus da on da dalight brow vora Firgive vus sinna vora / sin vee Firgive sindara mutha vus, lyv vus ye i tumtation, / min delivera vus fro olt ilt. Amen. Here is the Norn website for more info: http://nornlanguage.x10.mx/index.php?intro