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  1. Paul977

    What are you playing now?

    Replaying some Eternal (mapper) wads, great stuff
  2. idgames link on OP, thanks all for the feedbacks regards !
  3. Hey all. I've added a second map to this wad, a non-linear level I've made the last October. The file in the OP is updated with the new level which play on map 02. I'll upload the file to idgames soon. Cheers !
  4. Incredible. Amazing to see you here @DCasali
  5. Hey game, thanks for the kind words. At the moment I'm not planning a compilation
  6. On coop there is something at the end of the map :p Really nice demo galileo thanks for making it. Also thanks all for feedbacks and demos, much appreciated :)
  7. Two Boom compatible (cl9) levels for Doom 2. Quite challenging maps on UV (harder then Plutonia maps on skill 4), more manageable on lower skill settings. It features the low life Cybers Ribbiks created, which have 700 hp in this wad (a full credit list of the resources used is present in the text file). Cooperative gameplay is implemented. Screenshots: idgames: Silver Edge
  8. Very nice review of Abyssion @ICID
  9. Paul977

    Guess the map [2nd edition]

    1 Downtown I guess ;D (if not well long time since I played that map^) 11 Counterattack map 04 14 Abyssion 17 Plutonia map 24
  10. Paul977

    What are you playing now?

    Having a really good time replaying Plutonia Revisited. I'm currently on map 08
  11. Great demo. It is also a max since one vile cannot teleport in
  12. Paul977

    Who is Martin Hunsager?

    +1 here ^
  13. Paul977

    Doom Streams

    Nice man :)
  14. Paul977

    Underrated WADs

    Rebel sky by valkiriforce. Intriguing to see a max of this map
  15. Paul977

    What are you playing now?

    Eternal doom. Currently on map 23. Map 31 was the hardest so far puzzle-wise. Favourite maps so far 11,12 and 20