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  1. I remember to have read that you have to press the switches before the counter reach the 0 in order to avoid arch-viles teleporting in; very ingenious trick have to say
  2. This is a great map one of my favorites aswell :)
  3. This section give me a good The Soulscarred Universe vibe :)
  4. You are right about this I'm one of them who voted and not partecipating. Unfortunatly I lack the time to play and write my thoughts about those mapsets. I've started, some time ago sd20x7, and reached map 02 the map looked very complex in the progression with secrets hidden extremely well so I gived up; also I saw that the later maps are even more complex and challenging and I need more time to play them; sorry for that :/
  5. Some theme similarities to a solo map I'm making though my map is more black oriented then red, cool shot @tourniquet :)
  6. Not agree with you on this. Reverie has more memorable maps and more variety in the gameplay. I do like and enjoy E Yours but Reverie is better imo :)
  7. Swapping between Plutonia 2, Plutonia Revisited and Scythe 2, on episode 2 of both three
  8. Strange about Resurgence map 09 not having a uv-max; played the map some time ago and seemed a rather manageable level
  9. I don't like them if they are made for the purpose of 'increase the challenge'; I'm ok with them if they are casually made for aesthetic purposes like in the map you mentioned
  10. Really cool, can't get enough of this map and this midi
  11. Thanks for playing and for the feedback @Relinquished , glad you enjoyed the level; the start is certainly rough, I'm considering to add a little more health in the final version
  12. Fun FDAs @Demonologist and @Killer5 both managed on the first try, cool and thanks for the demos :) The beginning and after can be a bit obscure so I used the health potions and the yellow key door texture to hopefully give some help to the players
  13. Cool demos @Scotty and @Memfis, entertaining to watch, you both managed the map pretty well :) The yk fight is intended to stay in the arena and kill the most until the invuln expire with the priority being the cyberdemon; the other cyber can also be telefragged. Also yeah mm28 had an impact on this level indeed^ Edited the OP with missing information
  14. This is a limit removing map which replace map 01 of Doom 2. Got some inspiration lately from Plutonia Revisited while making some parts of this level. The map consist in some buildings built inside a wood and metal fortification; gameplay it's a 'run-and-gun' type for the beginning stages (you have to move to survive and to find the goodies) but there are also some set-pieces battles of various difficulty. If you are used to play Plutonia maps on skill 4 from pistol start you shouldn't have big troubles with this map on UV, aside, maybe for a pair of areas. Tested with: PrBoom + v2.5.1.4, GZDoom 2.3.2 Additional textures: black and green brick texture is from demonizd.wad courtesy of @NokturnuS Screenshots: Midi: "Crimson Sky" made by PRIMEVAL Download: Appreciated feedbacks, bug reports, whatever, thanks!