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  1. This would be great
  2. Cool stuff @tourniquet !
  3. No problem AD_79, it happens. Power to Scotty!
  4. Hello, I've made some minor changes to this wad on map 03 and map 04 since I've found some issues replaying them so I fixed them and made the following changes: - Added multiplayers start Map 03: - Some visual changes - BFG can be obtained earlier - final 'final' fight changed Map 04 (the unforgiving nature of the map is unchanged): - Speeded up some triggers - changed some Barons to lighter monsters - changed a fight after the BK door So if you have this wad I suggest you to redownload the now final update on the OP link for a better version of the last two maps, thanks
  5. Hopefully @AD_79 will make an update of the current beta :)
  6. Eh, never thought about this possibility^. Might do some changes in the spidermasterminds area even if that area is not intended to be particularly difficult. In the meantime I fixed the barrier near the end to be lowered from the extern and I've uploaded a new download link; thanks for demo and feedback rdwpa and GarretChan and good play :)
  7. Thanks for demo and feedback Scotty and Benjogami. I used to do the final area using infighting but it is totally not obvious^, so I added more ammo in the exit room to deal with the cyber; changed the download link to the new version of the map
  8. strongly behind Map 26, Poison Ivy III A more manageble start compared to SoD map 23, still rather tough. I liked this map included the tribute encounter to plutonia 28, where is fun to stay in the arena and unleash the cyber against the horde. The reference to Impossible Mission is also another good encounter of this map. Visually the green moss/texture and the wood and blue floor are a rather good combo in my opinion
  9. I've the blue and red key so far in 40 mins of saves gameplay and, like happened in Reverie map 31, got stucked in getting the yellow key apparently. This is harder then Metal Mension with more brutal encounters and a low health in general (the graveyard battle was cruel). My only feedback so far is perhaps to add some more health in the first cyber area and in the cacos section that leads to the open area but I'm playing with saves and I don't have the big picture of the map, so far. Very cool visuals with a fitting sky; congratulations on making an incredible complex map like this one
  10. Episode 1 map 10, hopefully it's ok
  11. My contribution to this wad. Name: Cannibal IWAD: Doom 2 map 10 Tested with: PrBoom+, GZDoom 2.3.2 Difficulty: UV and HMP Multiplayer: not implemented Requirements: Nova 3 Resources Description: A level with an open layout, not very challenging aside for a pair of sections. Screen: DOWNLOAD v3:
  12. Hey, you have writed that in the text file ^^ but yes I've played all the Malcolm Sailor (one of my favorite mappers) stuff and the recall to chord1/2/3 is definitely present in your level
  13. Wicked Garden Malcolm Sailor minus the ssg :p. I do liked this map more then Enigma Helix even if this is not a Plutonia kind of map. Ammo starvation but with enough room to create monsters infighting and play in a somewhat 'relaxing' slow pace if you are not good at tyson, like me. The available exploits make this map interesting to replay. Top notch visuals and atmosphere
  14. Yeah pretty much agree with this. Basically almost all the fights in this map are weakened versions of the encounters presents in the map inspirations. BK area is from HR 24, fight of the blue key of Plutonia map 27 is present, final cyberdemon fight is from Plutonia map 24/MM 24 final encounters (both Dario Casali maps) etc. Visuals are actually really nice (very solid lightning) and the layout is Casali likes with some cute details, but the gameplay didn't reach the maps from which it tooks inspirations so, overall I didn't liked much this map despite the high promises