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  1. Nah, your maps are super fun to play^
  2. Anonymous reviews were great
  3. Early wip on new Nova 3 e2 map
  4. Yeah good stuff here. If you want space @Jimmy you can remove my map since is too short/crap compared to the others^^ Benjogami, NoisyVelvet, rdwpa are my favourites, really cool stuff; but overall all the maps here are very nice :)
  5. Hi I've made a map. Exceeds the 1 hour time by few mins also I'm bad at speedmapping. Name: Brick and light (an AV inspired map) Difficulty: UV only Format: comp level 2 (tested with PrBoom+ and GZdoom)
  6. PrBoom+ should have proper controller options like zdoom/gzdoom
  7. Nova 3 stuff
  8. +++ Plutonium Winds, +++ Master Levels
  9. Perfect Hatred Against Thee Wickedly Hunted
  10. Replayed map 18: I remeber it as not very impressive on my first playthrough on continuous; now, on pistol start, I think it's one of the best of E2. Pretty tricky, you have to move fast at the beginning to find the few rockets scattered in the map for the ghost imps. The level being quite strict on the ammo/powerups doesn't allow many mistakes on the player side. The YSK room is really nice visually and my favorite bit of the map
  11. You could check tracks from Sam Woodman aka Metabolist, he made some really good dark ambient midis, although I dunno if he is still around
  12. Stronghold Earth is one of the best map of the set for me with cool midi, atmosphere, setting and good fun gameplay
  13. Is there a line def or something in Boom that can be activated by a voodoo doll crossing a line which can teleport the player ? Thanks in advance
  14. Yeah I really like Reverie, hopefully I can join for some maps