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  1. Nice crap post man. I hope some of the later maps as the gameplay similar to AV29 - great map to take as example -
  2. Paul977

    Notable 2018 demos.

    Totally agree with these. MM2 map 25 on Nightmare is particularly impressive.. Also I add: st702-105.zip Stardate20x7 map 2 by 0xf00ba12, really like the av jump st707-551.zip Stardate 20x7 map 7 by 0xf00ba12, crazy cyb rocket at 4.45 an27-356.zip AV 27 Nigthmare! by SAV88 as18-256.zip AV 18 Nigthmare! by SAV88 pa30x921.zip doom 2 map 30 pacifist TAS by ZeroMaster010, craziness! Those are the first that come to mind, there are many like Searcher said (eg. mm2 mori demos by Xit-Vono or new Doom 2 records by j4rio), but not watched all so far
  3. Paul977

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    Cool list even if it miss Disturbia
  4. Paul977

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Neat stuff. Really liked the Top 100 memorable maps
  5. Top 3: Ambience (scheduled to be used on a map of mine since eons) Became the Haunted (great!) Pyrarinth (Plutonia 2 map 1)
  6. Paul977

    The Secret Energy (Boom level, /idgames)

    Final version: - Title screen, intermission screen - Multiplayer starts - More difficult to leave the blue key area Links updated in the OP, kind regards
  7. Paul977

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    Or maybe add the possibility to scroll down the reviews so you can actually read all the reviews and not only the last six made (unless I miss something and this feature exist already)
  8. Paul977


    Very good tech-base and, later on, cave/temple and again tech visuals, made in a classic polished style. Tough level on UV, particularly the initial stage until you reach the big room holding the rocket launcher. From there health and ammo are more abundant, so the difficulty decrease, but later on there are surprises encounters that can catch you out of guard very easly, including the really interesting ending area.
  9. Paul977

    The Secret Energy (Boom level, /idgames)

    Fun demo, you played well; just some unlucky on the end area ^
  10. Paul977

    Multiplayer Cooperative mode pet peeves

    Thank you for these tips !