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  1. Paul977

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I get a crash aswell with The Hades Elemental using prboon+
  2. Paul977


    Great atmosphere, theme, midi, innovation (low life cyber that can infight against normal cyber), exploration, encounters (my favourites are the 'corridor of fears' of map 03 and some map 01 areas; small groups of threatening monsters are my cup of tea). Map 03 itself is an horror movie made into a doom map, long time since I played something like that. I also now agree with the difficulties maded for this wad: HMP is enough challenging (combined with layout complexity) to keep people busy for a lot of time. GJ I found this in map 01, after I go there to grab the YSK:
  3. Paul977


    "~ for magnolia_uv.wad, send a hmp playthrough to ribbiks@gmail.com" lol
  4. Paul977

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    Good catch @Player177 I've made a quick fix and uploaded a new file with those issues removed. About the secret switch I like to have a blue light texture there for some reason^ (I know it's not an easy to find secret, that true tho). Might do something for that in the final realese
  5. Paul977

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    Thanks for the feedback and the playthroughs. I've made some adjustments based on it and posted a new version with a download link in the OP (file called Blackroom1.wad); I left the old link in case people want to see gaspe and Demonologist FDA
  6. Paul977

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    Thanks for the bug report @Catpho, I'll fix that sector error somehow. And cool playing @Demonologist , some luck with the viles and unluck with the cyber^. Thanks for the demo, it's very helpful in improving some sections of the level
  7. Paul977

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    This is a Boom compatible (cl9) level for Doom 2. The setting for this map consist in some UAC bases placed in a mountain area. Parts of this level are inspired by some BPRD maps and also the midi is from the wad Grove made by the same author. The default difficulty level is HMP and not UV: I suggest to play on skill 4 only if you are in the mood for a challenge & you like very harsh Doom scenarios (similar in difficult to map 04 of disciples of darkness). Tested: PrBoom + v2.5.1.4, GZDoom 2.3.2 Textures: from cc4-tex.wad, GOTHICTX.WAD, CRFE_P1.wad and from Speed of Doom courtesy of Joshy. Sky textures are made by Mechadon. Screenshot: Download (Old): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KY0n1dRmqSQM6WaEbG_SUjkHqD-zRvi1/view?usp=sharing DOWNLOAD (v1): https://drive.google.com/file/d/102vLhFsduvd0989vSgW43iudW4ZIK3p-/view?usp=sharing Let me know if you find some bugs
  8. Paul977


    Should be banned just for this
  9. Paul977

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A Doom 2 map in WIP state
  10. Paul977

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    +++ Plutonium Winds, +++ Master levels
  11. Paul977

    Doom Streams

    Heh. Is this available somewhere ?
  12. Paul977

    Nova III - map slots still available

    @Skeletonpatch I have played your map on skill 4. I think this map can be a breather episode 3 level like you intentended. I overall liked the visuals and the sense of a lunar tech-bases invaded by hell is given. Gameplay-wise is not exactly my cup of tea, particularly the beginning stages feelt a bit like a doom 1 gameplay in cramped areas which I'm not really fond of; however I think you intentionally build the progression like that so I guess it works. I liked two fights: the first to the last and the last fight itself where I don't understand the presence of the BFG if you can't grab it easly. Anyway for me this map, like I said, work as a breather e3 map
  13. Paul977

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Only one death here, impressive^
  14. Paul977

    Nova III - map slots still available

    I've played map 16 (untitled) by @dt_ . Strong AV vibe from this map, I liked both visuals and layout of this level (really give the sense of an ancient temple). Initial combats are a bit slow, cause no SSG is given and some mid-tiers have to put down with the sg only. An early SSG and, perhaps, a bit more opposition on the beginning stages would benefit this map, imo. I really liked the encounter with the cybers at the two keys switches circular room, fun fight and the highlight of the level for me.
  15. Paul977

    Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    Hey rd, noticed the mobs in my section teleport in rather slow. If you put the two teleporter closet on the south west of the area they teleport better. Also the vile behind is brutal^