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  1. Paul977

    Nova III - RC1 AVAILABLE!!!

    You are welcome Scotty and thanks to you too, I immagine it is not exactly a walk in the park to lead a 32 maps community project ^
  2. Paul977

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Thanks man, you are great
  3. Paul977

    IronEagle 13: Back to Basics

    Very cool pick here :)
  4. Nah I've struggled a lot in map 18 on my first playthrough of this wad (and in map 13 aswell..) and couldn't complete the map saveless. On my second round, time later, when I was playing all darkreaver maps, I've managed to beat map 18 (still with many attempts). Yesterday was more 'easy'. A matter of practice basically Two things about map 17: if you grab all the three keys without shooting and press the three buttons a room nearby with BFG, cells, and invulnerability open. Also a non secret BFG can be reached by an av jump left to the path that lead to the red key.
  5. Got some time to go through maps 15-18 saveless in a row: Map 15: I like the brick/blood theme with touches of redrock/tech/wood textures. Nice architecture vista from the exit teleport watching the start of the map. Nice gameplay, short and fun map (I like the vile jump to telefrag the cyber). 4/5 Map 16: Really like both the brick/comp plutonia areas and the cave areas of this map. Very fun to play with a great final fight (never managed to vile jump to the BFG in this map but I will try). 5/5 Map 17: Great theme and gameplay again (the animated plutonia textures and the vine one works very well with the redrock) I also dig the shape and the proportion of the cavern. 5/5 Map 18: Simple but effective visuals and layout, I like this one too. Despite this can seems a simple level there are a lot of interesting ideas which can be discerned while playing it. For the final fight I found that the best strategy is to Hunt down all the viles, then the rest. Not my favorite of the wad but still very good. 4/5
  6. Those lines can't be triggered cause they are flagged as impassable ^ Map 14 is awesome for me, one of the maps from this set I replay the most: texturing, layout, visuals, gameplay (and a cool fitting midi). 5/5
  7. Paul977

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Nice one vdgg :)
  8. You missed a map for pwind @dobu gabu maru : map14: "Deadly Intentions" Nice pick btw :)
  9. Paul977

    How to Get Good at Enemy Placement?

    Check The Plutonia Experiment
  10. Paul977

    Which Alien Vendetta Version Is The Best

    Second one, but both the original Valley of Echoes and Black Laber worth a go
  11. Paul977

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    wow, amazing
  12. Paul977

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    MAP22: Dark sacrifices Author: Paul977 Build Time: some hours ------------ A map thematically inspired by Alien Vendetta map 17 and map 23.
  13. Paul977

    Darkest Room (Doom 2 level, /idgames)

    Certainly not a bad attempt, nice demo :) I take advantage of this update since I've recently replayed the map and found out that three monsters couldn't teleport in on skill 3.. so I fixed this and updated the file on idgames. If you want to get 100% kill on HMP you have to redownload the wad at the same link in the OP (this change does not affect any UV demos made for this map). Regards
  14. Paul977

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Would be cool to see Magnolia UV demos and other Finely Crafted Fetish Film demos (map 6 and 7 in particular, amazing maps)
  15. Paul977

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    Scythe 2 is above Speed of Doom in difficulty