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  1. Crumpets D2All UV-Speed in 1:34. crallx134.zip
  2. Map 1 Pacifist Reality in 0:08.94 bd01px894.zip
  3. Resurgence Map 25 Pacifist with -turbo 255 in 2.46. rs25xt246.zip Don't mind me, I'm just having some fun.
  4. SWDude

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 27 pacifist in 0:08 rs27p008.zip I was dumb to think that a pacifist isn't possible.
  5. SWDude

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 27 UV-Speed in 0:14 rs27-014.zip Just demoing the route. Its a pacifist if not for a telefrag which is unavoidable anyway. Could go down a bit further. Edit: Please don't upload to DSDA if not done already.
  6. Resurgence D2All UV - Speed in 9:40 30rsx940.zip
  7. Demon Fear Map 5 pacifist in .94 df05px094.zip
  8. Surge D2All UV-Speed in 3:19 srallx319.zip
  9. Yes if you can go fast enough to skip the linedef. The wallrun there is pretty easy so it should be possible, although I haven't tried it non tas.
  10. Sunlust Episode 1 UV-Speed in 3:44. sle1x344.zip Includes a bonus demo for the first 15 maps with a time of 8:51.
  11. Requiem Map 02 Pacifist + Reality in 10.97 rq02prx10.zip
  12. Momento mori 2 Map 1 UV-Speed in 15.97 m201x015.zip
  13. Doom2 Map 2 Pacifist in 17.97 02px17.zip
  14. Doom 2 the way Id did D2All UV-Speed in 16:46. Finally... keeping up with my promise for 2020 :) It's been long and I believe I have given credit where its due! Also, would have done a video for this if my viddump had worked :( idallx1646.zip
  15. Few unfinished D2All TAS runs in my backyard for months which I will hopefully try to finish in 2020. I am also aiming to do some undone IL challenges (No-chance NM run for example) if I ever find time :)