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  1. Dimon12321

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    Oh! It's disappointing this is a mediocre port. I found just a few demo videos on YT of it. What's odd, Wolf3D for Genesis doesn't refer to it by any means, even as to a "similar homebrew port you may find interesting to try".
  2. Dimon12321

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    Would like to point out a good stereo in the game. I have just noticed that, in co-op mode, fire/use sounds produced by the "left" and the "right" players are played in respective speakers.
  3. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Batman Doom (1999) Map 30 UV-Speed in 0:12.14 bm30x012.zip
  4. Dimon12321

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    Some offtop question. Judging by the link cable scheme, you can easily compose it by connecting wires of 2 Sega controllers. So why does it need a small ZT box in the middle? Just to hide the soldering?
  5. Dimon12321

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    Any updates on the project, @Anarkavre?
  6. Dimon12321

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    It's regular cycle, similar to stocks, but here it's less predictable, because it depends on certain people decisions, not on successes or fails of public companies. Eventually it will raise even higher. Rich people won't lose money of this fall, they won its best and buy it again at its worst.
  7. Dimon12321

    MBF21 Regression Test Demo Pack

    Here is my walkthrough demo pack on the same Judgment, in case someone needs long demos. judgment_walkthrough_demos.zip
  8. Have we missed any announces about idgames release?
  9. Dimon12321

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    Does High Color mode affect performance? Also, I saw in the video above that even staring at the door results in having 25 fps. Even though ChillyWilly responded to my question earlier, I'd like to raise it again. Will the framerate be increased from 25 to 30 fps if we patch NTSC rom? Because, I can assume that the reference, to 30 fps for render refresh and 15 fps for logic processing, is not about the actual numbers (regardless of the ROM region), but about portions: render is refreshed at 1/2 of hardware refresh rate and the logic is processed at 1/4 of the global refresh rate.
  10. Dimon12321

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    So concerns Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing
  11. Dimon12321

    What country are you from?

    I'm from Ukraine, in the world's spotlight.
  12. Dimon12321

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    Does it concern the cases when non-deaf monsters are supposed to wake up from a gunfire, but sometimes they don't?
  13. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Eternal Doom Map 1 UV-Speed in 0:23 et01x023.zip
  14. Dimon12321

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    If there were no social CRYsis about people hating unsuited ones, I would never know such a platform even existed.
  15. Dimon12321

    D5DA2 Final release/pending IDGAMES

    I guess, the whole speedrunning community is here xD