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  1. Dimon12321

    Harmonious Release

    This wad is cool! I would like to make a TAS movie of it, but it's not compatible with PrBoom+. 1. The items and monsters are so big 2. Pistol's firerate is various, 3. I can't use a shotgun, so the game switches me back to pistol. If I shoot from it, shotgun shells limit increases by 1. 4. You can't take a green keycard on Map 1 unless you use -complevel -1. Otherwise, it leads to "Unknown taking item" error. 5. Revenant's projectiles are slim when it faces you. I don't know if someone will make this wad Boom-compatible, but, if this happens, I'll execute my wish. UPD: I apologize for raising this thread for a reason that might be not good enough.
  2. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    *Ti-diiiiin* "Here comes a new challenger!" Nice work for a new TASer back then. It's not serious to drop the progress half-way done. It should be finished with some help involved! I'll take a look at the wad and maybe continue your work.
  3. Dimon12321

    Is Hacx 1.0 full anywhere?

    In case somebody will ever revisit Hacx 1.0, here is a .deh file, that's required for some various things, like playing back old demos. For reference, I took it from Hacx 1.1 pack. HACX_DEH.zip
  4. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Can't find the .deh file anywhere. I downloaded an installed wad which doesn't have it and it's impossible to use the installer. It requires 32-bit hardware and WineVDM argues about some address values. Took the one from Hacx 1.1 and now everything works fine.
  5. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Anybody knows how to playback this demo? http://doomedsda.us/lmps/578/2/hacx3215.zip This is a full UV-Speed TAS of Hacx. Since it was made in 2002, it was probably made for Hacx 1.0: post with a download link. I try to play it back, but it desyncs at the very beginning. Could someone try to play it back? It was recorded on TASMBF. Here is a command for a glboomplus shortcut: F:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.WAD -complevel 11 -file hacx.WAD -timedemo hacx3215.lmp
  6. Dimon12321

    How to find a switch/linedef that opens THIS door?

    My error. That's right! I have moved to GZDBBF and now I see more. Before I choose the best answer, could you please show what does this linedef (2523) exacly do? I know it will raise the walls around this switch (2428), but how to make the builder light them up? Found it. So the voodoo doll crosses those linedefs in front of it and they raise the floor and teleport monsters. Thank you guys for your answers!
  7. I have a door which can't be opened by simply pressing Use near it. How to find out which switch or linedef opens it? When a map is simple, I can point at a linedef and it turns yellow. So does a door or a wall, and I can easily realise what to do to clean the way, but here is no information at all. For reference, the WAD is called Man on the Mood (motm.wad) and it's MBF-compatible. Maybe I should use other editor?
  8. I tried to upload my Back to Saturn X run (which is Doom 2 compatible), but the site can't recognize the format of my .lmp demo. It's more reasonable to record a video yourself rather than do all possible manipulations with the uploader.
  9. Dimon12321

    Eternal TAS demos

    Map 3 UV-Max in 5:11 et03x511.zip Other notable timings are Andy Oliera's 9:33 (TAS) and j4rio's 9:48 (RTA).
  10. Dimon12321

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    I noticed there are demos that have YT-videos links included next to their timings. Are they placed manually or there is a way of automatic submission?
  11. Dimon12321

    Eternal TAS demos

    Map 2 UV-Max in 3:44. et02x344.zip Map 2 YT video: https://youtu.be/RsswLwC49nY Map 1 YT video (better quality): https://youtu.be/y4LSTjvi1Tk Other notable timings are Andy Olivera's 6:22 (TAS) and j4rio's 6:48 (RTA).
  12. Dimon12321

    Eternal TAS demos

    My recent Map 1 TAS fails at predicting monsters' routes though the map itself is not that complex. It would be great if we had a map where all monsters' positions, actions and angles are shown - than we could track possible improvements much easier. When a map is complex, there is no point in beating it frame-by-frame at once (especially, for UV-Max runs). There should be several attempts before the final movie submission.
  13. Dimon12321

    Eternal TAS demos

    Oh, sorry! It turned out that it sounds ambiguous. Just to mention previous best runs because my demo comes as an improvement. I fixed my massage a little.
  14. Dimon12321

    Eternal TAS demos

    Wow! It has been 10 years already since Andy's first TAS demos posted. Too bad not all maps have been being TASed so far. I'll try to beat all unTASed maps and improve Andy's old demos. I don't know if the project will be finished in 2019, but let's try our best. Maps 2, 3, 23, 24 remaining. Map 1 UV-Max in 2:30: et01x230.zip Video: YT link Previous records Other noteable timings are j4rio's 3:20 (RTA) and Andy's 3:31 (TAS). Can't provide a better video now because I'm working on a sluggish laptop. Video: https://youtu.be/y4LSTjvi1Tk
  15. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Ultimate Doom - Episode 1 UV-Pacifist in 5:12 Video is here: https://youtu.be/mXhtlkkTDOo Replay file is here: ep1xp512.zip Enjoy! It's a contactless "fighting" =)