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  1. Dimon12321

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    He decided to leave. I don't remember if it was some life stuff, or mental problems, or burning. It was stated that he would finish his unfinished works and leave.
  2. Dimon12321

    Where's all the old Sigil v1.1 demos?

    It's alright. This info is not widely known
  3. Dimon12321

    Where's all the old Sigil v1.1 demos?

    DSDA doesn't collect demos for those WADs which are known to be still in active development. Sure, if a patch is released in 2+ years after the final release and there were stored demos for it, only then DSDA creates a new page for the newer version of the wad.
  4. Dimon12321

    Where's all the old Sigil v1.1 demos?

    Nobody really collected them. Here's my run: I don't recall Zero Master posting any v1.1 .lmp demos, although there was a UV-Speed video before the final release (which had Buckethead's soundtrack)
  5. Dimon12321

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Valiant, BTSX E1, Eviternity.
  6. So does that mean, the engine in Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown for PSX is, if not heavily cut, may be not a Build engine as well?
  7. Dimon12321

    Unity goes full Unity

    They're likely to stop releasing patches, rather than keeping the maintenance.
  8. Dimon12321

    NEW - Bruckner 6th Symphony (1st Mvt.) Arranged for Band

    Sounds... good, I guess. Recently, I attended a concert of Gewandhausorchester Leipzig in Romania on my birthday. It's program was: - George Enescu "Prélude à l’unisson" from the Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C major Op. 9 - Bruckner Symphony No. 7 in E major WAB 107 ..., and I didn't like it that much comparing to classic symphonies by Bach, Rossini, Vivaldi, Beethoven or some other famous composer. Then I listened to some other music of "not-famous" composers (for me personally), including your arrangement, and I think I don't understand this kind of music because it doesn't wake any emotions in me, except for the feeling of sleepiness, no matter how productive I was before listening to them.
  9. Dimon12321

    What Chocolate is Best Chocolate?

    Everyone says that chocolate of any kind is not healthy, but the "best" of all is dark chocolate, although I don't its hard taste. Besides, I grew up with the thinker that chocolate is something that's tasty, which is white and milk chocolate. Yeah, it's sugary, but the moderation is the key.
  10. Dimon12321

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    On the other hand, it's interesting to know how Brutal Doom maps are suitable for vanilla Doom experience, if we replace BD-specific monsters and weapons with vanilla assets to make the maps work. If it feels fine, then we may have somewhat "universal" map sets in the future.
  11. Dimon12321

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    I met Brutal Doom before Doom (but after Serious Sam and Painkiller) and, frankly speaking, I just got sick of it at some point and decided to take a look at how original Doom feels like. I found the gameplay of vanilla Doom more appropriate for me. Brutal Doom and Project Brutality just don't replicate the formula of Doom, or rather a game you would like to revisit occasionally. They milk emotions (primarily, good ones) out of you and you don't feel like staying with them for too long. The pace is different. I don't know, I feel like something is not right with them.
  12. Dimon12321

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    I've recently discovered draft soundtrack for Shadow Warrior Alpha (1995-96) where most tracks were composed by Tyler Tullock. How did these samples influence you while composing music for the retail version of the game? (This playlist doesn't contain all the compositions, but still)
  13. Dimon12321

    DEHACKED replacement proposal (with PoC code)

    I was always dreaming of having vanilla Doom with more than 9 weapons.
  14. Looks like the news reaching you very slowly. They've already made a deal and Wagner is already driving back to Ukraine. Instead of bringing both nations a happy future, they decided to leave everything as is and continue this pointless war.
  15. Dimon12321

    Most Recent Series You've Streamed/Watched/Binged

    I rarely watch movies and series. The last one I've fully covered is Sherlock.