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  1. Master O

    Frank Zappa's Death 30th Anniversary

    A Doom 2 wad with Jazz from Hell as an inspiration would be potentially hilarious.
  2. Zappa Bowie Emerson, Lake & Palmer King Crimson Any group with Robert Fripp in it Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Queen Steely Dan The Police Genesis
  3. Master O

    Frank Zappa's Death 30th Anniversary

    The U.S. Government, especially Congress and the Senate, have an obsession with moral panics. Some things never change. First it was movies, then comic books, then heavy metal music, then video games. Whenever Congress and the Senate want to distract from their own behavior and crimes, they hold Congressional hearings on non-sense topics like PMRC.
  4. Master O

    Frank Zappa's Death 30th Anniversary

    And 30 years later, Humanity is still Dumb All Over.
  5. Master O

    Favorite album covers?

  6. Master O

    Where to get doom2.wad?

    Or if using Dosbox with a physical floppy drive: mount a a:\ -t floppy a: install.bat
  7. Master O

    Where to get doom2.wad?

    https://www.gog.com/en/game/doom_ii DOOM2.WAD is in the doom2 folder of the GOG offline installer.
  8. On top of that, what usually happens when a catastrophic screw up occurs is that some low-level patsy or clerk gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, while the owners and officers of the company use political connections to avoid any civil or criminal consequences.
  9. Do you think you'll win a Cacoward for UAC Storage Surplus Project?
  10. Master O

    Xim's star wars doom movement issues

    Have you properly configured forward and backward movement in GZdoom? If not, in GZdoom, go to Options --> Customize Controls --> Action --> Move Forward and Move Backward. If you're still having issues, then you might have to bring up the issue with Delta Touch.
  11. Master O

    Christmas Countdown 2023

    Does Doom have a Christmas-themed expansion pack like Duke Nukem does?
  12. Master O

    I NEED YOUR VOTES! (Play Doom in Age of Empires 2)

    Would this be eligible for a Cacoward?