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  1. Master O

    Unreal Gold is currently free on GOG

    The outdoor areas in this game are simply stunning. Unreal Gold's OST is even better.
  2. Master O

    Unreal Gold is currently free on GOG

    Unreal Gold's source code was never released, though I have heard that there are plans to do so in the future. I don't have the link on me, though. Cool to hear that Unreal Gold is free. When I first joined GOG, I purchased that as part of their intro sale and got it really cheaply at the time. I wonder if they'll do this for UT99, 2003, or 2004...
  3. Master O

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A Doom mod about reviewing Doom mods. A Doom mod about making Doom mods. A Doom mod involving the daily lives of the Doomworld Forum Moderators.
  4. Master O

    Worst Doom Level

    That "Sky May Be" wad.
  5. Master O

    Chocolate Doom

    Thanks for clarifying. Also, I noticed something else involving Hexen's CD music files. When ripped to FLAC using EAC, the SHA-1 hashes do not match the hexen-music.cfg file found here https://github.com/chocolate-doom/music-packs/blob/master/hexen-music.cfg. The hashes below are ripped directly from my Hexen CD via EAC 1.1 to FLAC: 12ace25ef66716a0d55a60def8814c2a7598f6be = hexen-music/hexen02.flac # level 2 (jachr) 34cb9019ab715738ac2a8a8720ad9338a3bbc367 = hexen-music/hexen03.flac # level 26 (blechr) 8806a434f4d6a9ce8deb1cd260702fed515cdc45 = hexen-music/hexen04.flac # (hexen) 940d8485a3eae94c6869c1211e8f0ac403747f14 = hexen-music/hexen05.flac # (orb) 8a21ef2a70be75f9c28b9f975c372b2c21fbb32d = hexen-music/hexen06.flac # level 10 (fubasr) 17f1d1f6f794c984114851d2e5d3914e585bd04d = hexen-music/hexen07.flac # (chess) 5d6c952979f3983aa0a8e0a53ccebdd9f6ef7e08 = hexen-music/hexen08.flac # level 24 (cryptr) d651e241148e8c9031dec18daad72e6d6e8b33d1 = hexen-music/hexen09.flac # level 5 (falconr) f5bff729995a15b2821894b1dd048442321c0c89 = hexen-music/hexen10.flac # level 36 (octor) b9fe1a8b8f91656f6de3bd5fd3099b35ce3e7568 = hexen-music/hexen11.flac # level 37 (rithmr) 8d5d88a5e1c7962b41488b3c413b25bac395f63c = hexen-music/hexen12.flac # level 22 (sixater) d56ef31ede8155d9a5b425cf26ed2d1fc17b0edc = hexen-music/hexen13.flac # level 1 (winnowr) 650f8900d862bd3b248ff986f7b71b303a91d982 = hexen-music/hexen14.flac # level 8 (swampr) c895decd31a578abeac9fec38800d85f12da859d = hexen-music/hexen15.flac # level 4 (wutzitr) 8a89c888d2476604b2abc0392a2a7ea270c23b3d = hexen-music/hexen16.flac # level 35 (bonesr) 027229c7e09cc916a5523e3c970af131c873b31d = hexen-music/hexen17.flac # level 28 (chap_1r) 35a5e1667928805e95c1dce7a5d9c9bb08aa9f1e = hexen-music/hexen18.flac # level 31 (chap_4r) 9c5fd7d413acb6f9e60c9cfeff8640209cd3877a = hexen-music/hexen19.flac # level 25 (fantar) e40b0ea83316809b65318df6d08f17b90954e63a = hexen-music/hexen20.flac # level 21 (foojar) d05a4a39543b6ebcc5d778ef8fcf0b5fd16316f2 = hexen-music/hexen21.flac # level 6 (levelr) 6a1efb4e8ca5169ed451134c51887fa7d5db42ee = hexen-music/hexen22.flac # level 3 (simonr)
  6. *expects to be burned at the stake for saying that.*
  7. Master O

    What are you listening to?

    This song would later be sampled by Coolio for his own track "Gangster's Paradise", which in turn would be parodied by Weird Al Yankovic in his own track "Amish Paradise."
  8. Master O

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Capcom tried to copyright the fighting game genre back in the 1990s by suing Data East for their fighting game "Fighters History" which rather shamelessly copied Street Fighter 2's play mechanics: http://www.patentarcade.com/2005/08/case-capcom-v-data-east-nd-cal-1994-c.html The 9th Circuit ruled against Capcom, so I certainly could not see Zenimax having much of a case.
  9. Is this eligible for 2018 or is it too late? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvSX6StQivU
  10. Master O

    Chocolate Doom

    Another question: For Chocolate Hexen, in order to run Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, what would the command for it be? It's not explicitly mentioned in Chocolate Hexen's install.txt file: Would it be something like this? chocolate-hexen -iwad hexdd.wad or chocolate-hexen -iwad hexen.wad -file hexdd.wad
  11. Master O

    Chocolate Doom

    Sorry to veer off topic for a second, but quick question: Does Chocolate Strife support the single player campaign of Strife: Veteran Edition or only the original DOS version?
  12. Master O

    GZDoom 3.3.2 "Could not open"

    Have you right clicked that GZDoom folder, selected properties, and checked if the checkbox next to "read-only" is filled in? If it is, then uncheck it and press OK. Not trying to insult your intelligence or anything. It's usually simple things like that. I've noticed in general that whenever people put files in that particular folder (c:\users\username\Documents) that the folders created there tend to be set to read-only. I dunno why Windows does that, though.
  13. Master O

    Happy 2nd birthday Doom 2016!

    *puts a Cacodemon-shaped ice cream cake on the table.*
  14. Master O

    Quake 2 Won't Run in OpenGL

    Any particular reason why you wouldn't use a sourceport? Also, maybe consider updating your graphics drivers? Maybe your graphics card is too old for OpenGL 2? What is the meaning of life? What is truth? Wait, wrong forum...