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  1. Denim Destroyer

    [1.2 Update] 2048 Units of /vr/ - Boom Megawad for Doom II

    Having played the previous /vr/ projects I am surprised by how consistently good the maps in 2048 /vr/ are. There were maps I like less than others but I would be lying if I said they were bad, even map29 the only one I could not finish played pretty well. Overall a pretty good set of 2048 maps and I mappers come back for future projects.
  2. Denim Destroyer

    Questioning the stigma towards DOSBox

    Some people don't like commmand-line interfaces or can't get around the antiquity of older games. In the past I disliked using DOSBox for my games because they would not display at my full desktop resolution among other minor non-issues. As I have grown older I eventually outgrew this mindset and began to find myself enjoying plenty of games I otherwise would of overlooked just a few years ago. If you want to try some DOS games I recommend using a launcher such as DOSBox Game Launcher, lets you easily configure any game you want with minimal DOS knowledge.
  3. Denim Destroyer

    Sustenance Ep1 (5 maps)

    Finished your new map04 and I like this one a lot more than the previous. The map looks better and is less empty compared to the first version. Balance wise it would be better to add more ammo to the area where the player first picks up the rocket launcher and maybe remove some of the imps from the beginning that are sitting on the rocks closest to the sky. They simply don't add much to the map. One more thing, the new water area is a lot better now as the player cannot retreat like before. Overall version 2 is a lot more fun and unlike the first iteration provided a challenge, died four times trying to complete map04 alone while I didn't die once while playing through all five maps of version 1.
  4. Denim Destroyer

    Sustenance Ep1 (5 maps)

    I played the maps sequentially so I had more than enough ammo to get 100% kills, with map05 being the exception since I ended that once the gates lowered instead of trying to max out kills.
  5. Denim Destroyer

    Sustenance Ep1 (5 maps)

    Just finished playing on UV while trying to obtain all kills and secrets. Basically what I noticed is how each map (save for map05) suffers from being too wide open and having too many supplies. Lack of a sense of proportion is something that affects plenty of new mappers in Doom, but let me explain what this means. When I say too open I mean how much free space is available for the player to move through not if the map is linear or nonlinear. In your instance this means that each map has areas that are too big for their own good and combined with a low monster count makes combat trivial for seasoned players as they will have no problems circle strafing enemies. Playing through the maps makes me believe you used Eviternity as inspiration for Sustenance, I recommend examining your favorite maps from that WAD to try and understand things such as player size proportion relative to the environment around you. Basically my solution to this problem is trying to find the a balance between make the player feel claustrophobic while still having room for the player to maneuver. Another thing that bothered me was how many supplies you provided the player. Giving rockets and other ammo for an expected tough encounter is fine but it isn't fine to drown the player in ammo for each encounter, this makes encounters too easy. It is also important to note that the amount of supercharges you provided is close to what I have seen in WADs such as Going Down or Ancient Aliens when I am about to encounter a mass group of enemies but Sustenance lacks the amount of enemies to make the amount of superchargers you provide seem necessary. Really it comes down to adding more enemies to your map but only you can decide when enough is enough. I recommend playing more WADs to develop what you consider to be a fair amount. With all that said I did consider the level set to be a solid foundation for a good wad. The visuals and level variety is present plus your idea of having the exit visible from anywhere in the map is nice and something I wish more people would do. Work on making environments less large in proportion to the player and improving enemy placement and you are golden!
  6. Denim Destroyer

    twad - a wad launcher for the terminal

    Surprised to see that wasn't a thing already! While I intend to stick with ZDL for my launcher needs I am glad to see Doom on Linux get some more support.
  7. This thread title and opening posts reads like a Salon article. I was expecting a discussion on how these new classic style shooters focus too much on appealing towards nostalgia rather than making something original, not talking about an imaginary problem that only reactionaries care about. Get off websites like Twitter that is nothing but fanatics who militantly attack those with differing ideologies. Seriously, I deleted my account some months ago and I personally feel better not being exposed to the amount of hatred that site loves to cram down their users throat.
  8. Denim Destroyer

    [1.2 Update] 2048 Units of /vr/ - Boom Megawad for Doom II

    Only have played up to map05 but I am liking what I see so far! Glad to see the people at /vr/ are getting better at making Doom maps.
  9. I have not seen it done much but good locales can be made with the stock Doom 2 texture set, Doom Zero and A.L.T have decent looking city levels. Now what I would like to see is someone use the Ion Fury textures in Doom but that is not likely to happen due to them being copyrighted.
  10. Denim Destroyer

    Do you think Doomguy eats the demons

    Time to give Doomguy his own cooking show. The Thanksgiving episode alone would achieve levels of violence not considered possible for broadcast entertainment.
  11. Denim Destroyer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing Ultima 7 recently through Exult, pretty great game but the combat is definitely a step down from the previous games. Also I kind of ruined the game for myself since I figured how to consistently win the rat race casino game. Going to force myself to not exploit it again so there's that.
  12. Denim Destroyer

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Surprised to see how often Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth has been mentioned in this thread. Without a doubt the best videogame adaptation of the Cthulhu mythos with an amazing early game but the entire package is ruined by bugs and mediocre shooting mechanics. I tried to power through the game because of my love for Lovecraft but I never managed to beat the final boss due to a bug, overall a 2/5 game that is fun for a while but has too many problems.
  13. Speaking of TF2, I have played a lot of poorly designed maps but the one that has stuck with me the most is a recreation of the final Sonic vs Shadow fight from Sonic Adventure 2. The level is a long narrow corridor that has no cover and nothing separating the Blu and Red team spawns meaning that if an engineer can place a sentry any enemy who spawns will die instantly. There is no objective meaning you are on that map until a the server time runs out or until you leave the server, the only time I played it the entire Blue team either went spectator or just left the server all together. This map is so bad the author ended up deleting it from Gamebanana and it can only now be downloaded from the Steam Workshop.
  14. Denim Destroyer

    The weird world of Russian J2ME shooters

    Not something you see everyday! While I don't see myself playing these I would be curious to read more into the subject. Do you have somewhere you keep up to date with these developements?
  15. Denim Destroyer

    Do You Practice Any Forms of Martial Arts?

    My dad and I took Tae-Kwon-Do classes when I was in middle school. Managed to get close to black belt however I could never break a board that was required to progress.