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Denim Destroyer

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  1. Denim Destroyer

    What are you currently reading?

    Not currently reading as I finished it the other night, William Gibson's Neuromancer. I found the plot itself interesting but Neuromancer suffers the same problem a lot of other science fiction does where random names/places are thrown out there with no context. Still an interesting read but world building was the books high point.
  2. Denim Destroyer

    RIP Stadia (Gylt LIVES)

    Google's move to kill Stadia, while long overdue, does show how they are incapable of branching out of their existing products. If I was looking to invest into Google I feel it would be necessary to take into account the companies track record of discontinuing their products only a few years after launch. Consumers should also take this into consideration for the same reason.
  3. Denim Destroyer

    What color is your doomguy?

    Given my name is Denim Destroyer I stick to a color scheme which resembles a respectable pair of jeans, dark blue with a nice bit of fade to show off I am not above getting dirty.
  4. Denim Destroyer

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    Other: stuck in detailing. It is one thing to back yourself into a corner (literal) but an entirely different thing to get stuck against a pillar due to a small piece sticking out that only exist to add more detail. I tend to run into this problem more with early 2000s maps due to that being the era where people went crazy with extraneous detailing.
  5. Denim Destroyer

    Doomcute thread

    That would make a great spawn position for a city map.
  6. Denim Destroyer

    Why doom 1 & 2 could do well with a remaster(?)

    Stop the damn remakes and give me something new.
  7. Denim Destroyer

    Asian Themed wads?

    Golden Souls 2 has a few Japanese themed levels.
  8. Denim Destroyer

    As a doomer, what's your favourite real gun to actually shoot?

    As someone who loves guns this is a tough question to answer. It is a tie between my friends 1930s Venezuelan Mauser and my AR-15. Both are smooth shooting guns but the similarities end there. If I want to burn through ammo the AR is a great a choice due to .223 being a much cheaper round to shoot than 7mm Mauser.
  9. Denim Destroyer

    The worst movie you seen

    Serenity (2005) - I have fallen asleep during both of my attempts to view this movie. I have watched plenty of other bad movies but to date Serenity is the only movie to ever put me to sleep.
  10. Denim Destroyer

    Porting Disasters Thread

    No complaints from me! It is nice to gain a perspective from the non-gaming side of software development.
  11. Denim Destroyer

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    "One chance to not crash" - Doomguy's health is linked to DOOM.WAD meaning if you die then the file is deleted. I got the idea after reading this paper: https://www.cs.unm.edu/~dlchao/flake/doom/chi/chi.html
  12. Denim Destroyer

    Most recent movie you saw

    Amadeus, I had been watching clips from the movie since Youtube decided to recommend them to me. Great movie with amazing performances all around.
  13. Denim Destroyer

    Lost Media Wads or Resources

    This thread is a good reminder that just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it is there forever. If you want something to be around in ten years then it needs to be uploaded to multiple places and backed up locally.
  14. Denim Destroyer

    Necronomicon page, what do yall think?

    That page could work surprisingly well as a Doom texture. You could even place it onto one of the "skin metal" textures as a base.
  15. Denim Destroyer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Adding a few more connections between rooms could alleviate this problem.