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  1. Denim Destroyer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    You might have better luck uploading the image to a third party image host then inserting the image from that URL. This can be achieved via clicking the "Insert other media" box, found at the bottom of the message field, then clicking "Insert image from URL." When I was more active this method proved to be much easier than trying to work around Doomworld's image size limitations.
  2. Denim Destroyer

    Do you enjoy it less when you try to go for UV-Max single segments?

    Here is some advice from a person who use to play every WAD the way you described: never go for UV-Max single segment on a first play through. My enjoyment for the game began to plummet as my paranoia over each encounter began to grow. At some point I had an epiphany and realized there was no point to this so I allowed myself to start saving throughout levels if it was sufficiently large or just hard. Fun is the overall goal so do whatever you can to maximize that.
  3. I am asking for posterity's sake, what does your website plan to offer over the current Downloads section found on the Doomworld forums? That part of these forums supports the following: embedding images or videos, direct linking to project threads, and filterable user reviews. Additionally I know that a file found under the Download section is stored in a singular central database which leads to less fragmentation, at the expense of leading to more lost data in the event of a failure, compared to your plan of linking of to third party databases. This absolves you of having to manage such a large database while unfortunately putting you at the mercy of some third party. Better hope Dropbox or Googledrive never go down or change their API to negatively effect your site. I also find myself worrying about impartiality over the uploading of user reviews. Can you assure us that personal bias will not factor into the approval process?
  4. Unsolicited play test request will be ignored.

  5. Denim Destroyer

    Struggle - Antaresian Legacy

    Antaresian Legacy is one of those few wads that start with adrenaline pumping action and manages to maintain that through all 32 maps. Under most circumstances this would lead to burnout as constant action eventually gets tiring but the "slow" maps are still high strung when compared to most other wads. Action is not the only thing this wad manages to constantly maintain. The quality of the levels, both gameplay and aesthetics, is outstanding throughout the entire megawad with the only exception being the early levels which are claustrophic to an annoying degree. But where Antaresian Legacy shines is its custom weapons. To not entirely ruin the sense of discovery, it is an amazing feat to make a pistol which is useful and fun to use. Overall I love this megawad but the claustrophobic early levels and constant arenas that make up of the last several knock off a few points.
  6. Team Fortress 2: When I was younger (15-16) I was a member of a clan focused entirely on the Blu team. We had our assigned roles and a constantly evolving lore written entirely by the clan leader with neither having anything to do with the game itself. We would wage "war" against the friendlies, furries, bronies, and generally whatever was upsetting our leader at the time with this making us all look like jerks. This went on for the better of a year culminating in the leader getting banned from the server we played on due to intentionally driving players away which lead to the clan disbanding. I would discover several years later this man had several mental disabilities explaining his anti-social behavior and overall lack of reasoning skills. Lesson here is to be careful who associate with online.
  7. Denim Destroyer

    Spectres in Pits

    Facing down a horde of melee only enemies in a nearly inescapable area that is also slowly damaging you over time is a great concept which so happened to become a universal mapping trope. However taking in certain limitations in mind, i.e infinitely tall actors, this great concept turns into an anger inducing inconvenience when merely strafing near a pit edge can cause you take damage from the enemies below.
  8. Denim Destroyer

    What are you listening to?

  9. I have yet to find a RPG this does not apply to.
  10. All the Ultima games have poor character building options. To have good character building options you need to have stats which are mutually exclusive to one another and allow the player to create specialized characters. A character with high strength and constitution is likely to be a close quartered combatant while one with high strength but low constitution is likely to specialize in ranged combat. Starting with Ultima 4 you have three main stats which influence your three derived stats. These limit you to a melee combatants, ranged combatants, and magic users with little variety in tactics as the games do not implement stealth, combat maneuvers, and different types of magic. Even more limiting is how the series moved to a recruitment only method of filling out a party. While this makes context of the series (person from Earth transported to a fantasy setting) this has the unfortunate effect of removing potential variety in future playthroughs, which is a major element of the role playing game genre.
  11. Denim Destroyer

    What is your "Go-To" software for dealing with your system?

    While I understand your original question was system management it is quite clear this thread has turned into a discussion on favorite software so here are some of my favorites. WINE - Indispensable when it comes to gaming. DOSBOX Staging - The built in fluidsyth support and MT-32 emulation support makes it preferable to other DOSBOX forks. FFMPEG - My original motivation for downloading this was to convert old tracker music to MP3 but I have discovered how useful it is for converting other filetypes. Dolphin (Filemanager) - Like all KDE programs it is unreasonably feature bloated. The vast sorting options and in-line Konsole support make file management a breeze. Nano - While I will admit Vim is better overall, my infrequent editing of text files would not benefit from learning Vim.
  12. According to Inferno (the poem not episode) the fifth circle of Hell contains the wrathful locked in perpetual combat with one another. It is in this circle that deathmatch occurs. It turns out the UAC Marines are pretty damn anger in their first life but it does explain how Doomguy stays motivated!
  13. Vrack 2, a 700+ monster slaughter map I made the misfortune of attempting to play while needing to kill an hour. Instead of taking a slow methodical approach, as per my usual strategy, I attempted to brute force each encounter as I did not alot myself enough time to complete the level. This experience turned me off of slaughter wads for a few years which I am still not a fan of.
  14. Denim Destroyer

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    An equivalent to Geo-Mod, the destruction engine from Red Faction, which allowed for a level of environmental destruction not seen up until that point. Alternatively the ability to switch sound back-ends without restarting the game.