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  1. How does one deal with a person who follows you around, repeatedly calling you a faggot, and you can't come up with any comeback on them because they just repeat you in a stupid voice?

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    2. geo


      Get bigger. Lift weights, punch things for fun. Otherwise, you can do what a nerd at my junior high did... bait him into hitting you first, then pull a gun on him and no one sees you again.

    3. BigDickBzzrak



      How doezhzh one deawwww wifff a pewwwwson who fowwwows you awwwound, wwwepeatewwwy cawwwing you a faggot, and you can't come up wwwwifff any cuuuumeback on wwwwem becauzhzhzh they zhzhzhoost wwwwepeat you in a styooopid voishshsh.


      j/k lol


      COMPLETELY ignore the faggot. As if he were the oxygen you're breathing. Takes some mental training but works.

    4. a.7.MAD -  Paramagnetism