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  1. How can you be so close minded? Are you sure you're not sponsored by Wendy's? Look at your red hair!
  2. I do yes. I thought about investing it on a game developer... turns out they just wanted "donations" rather than to give out shares. $7,000 for a statue would be well worth it, but I've had some bad experiences on eBay. :-) Perhaps a video game museum would enjoy it.
  3. As someone who has done MVM for like 6 years and maybe 5 years expert, the majority of people on Mann vs Machine expert are nice. I could list a few select names who are toxic players, but they end up being black balled for being dicks, condemned to play with the pub and the other hated players. Some have grown out of their phase of trying to literally make people cry. The experts I know try to teach new players what to do and we'll get them through. We usually force them to be Heavy as its just the easiest beginner class. If they're dead weight and don't listen and start costing us victories we do cut them. We've gone through an entire expert tour with a heavy who said he had only started playing TF2 2 days earlier and had only played pyro because it was cool. Plenty of them have moved on to Payday 2. I still do Wave 666 because its the only TF2 MVM "challenge" that remains for me. Dropping into a pub match knowing 90% of the time everyone will be garbage and then over a year or so I've learned I need to be by far the best. If I'm a support class, then I'm wasting my talent. I need to out damage everyone... because they sure can't. Fridays seem better to get qualified players and there are a few stray good players here and there. With that said... I never call anyone garbage or insult anyone during the game, nor kick anyone. I'm there for the challenge, knowing 99% of the time we will lose since its wave 666.
  4. I'm not part of many gaming communities. I'd say Team Fortress 2 trading. I have to be the sheriff there or I did. It became better when CS:GO had boxes and the market flooded over there. I assume they'll flood over to PUBG now that it has boxes. Fresh markets mean more money. Any gaming community to care more about the publisher and or developer more than the game seems toxic.
  5. That could be or he just didn't know at the time. Doom? Sure sign me up! ... never thinking there's an actual cast, because Doom has only 1 guy, but Doom 3 has a few.
  6. Reminds me of Zenohell. :-) And Zenodyne. You need to leave that Gmoose engine to make your games feel different. Its your 4th game in 2 years with this engine. Heck there was a free game before Zenohell and I played that one too. Hopefully its easier or different than both Zenodyne and Zenohell. I like how they play, the problem is the game stagnates easily, there's just not that much diversity and its always intense with no easy moments to enjoy the game. It doesn't ease up. Its just always intense. I went through both games and Zenohell was just grueling. Unlimited continues, I just kept going until I beat the game in 30 minutes and since the game was so brutal it stopped being fun at 5 minutes. It was at a level that made me wonder if you even played your own game, but I've seen videos of people going through, so it must be possible. Zenodyne was far more challenging since there are limited continues. I felt happy there were limited continues. I hate to rain on your two games, but they were a struggle to enjoy, so I never tried the third one.
  7. I'm glad we finally can merge the 2 topics into one by having this third topic :-)
  8. When he did an interview with Connan for another movie, he mentioned he's also doing Doom. What character are you playing? I'm the guy! he said or something similar. No he wasn't. I'd say Bones was "Doomguy."
  9. Michelle Rodriguez 100%. She played Doom growing up. She's probably still here. One of us!
  10. When I used to make maps 10 years ago people mentioned how they evoke 90s .wads due to how cramped they were.
  11. Are you licensed and insured to do such things? You fixed one problem... can you handle ALL plumbing problems?
  12. Crowdfunding is a good way to gauge or get interest. There are plenty of games that didn't get funded yet still became games. As for a flimsy band-aid... its a way for independents to not be dependent by getting people's money. :-) FIG is interesting, it lets people "invest" and get a share of the profits. I think it was made by Double Fine and other game developers, because why pay for Kickstarter?
  13. Making mods for those that donate is acceptable. You need to make what the people want or the money goes away. What ever happened to donations? Oh that's just a one time thing and not a monthly thing?
  14. I remember a guy at work showing me how its done back in 99 or 2000 (maybe later). I was wired up until 3 years ago. Now I just don't care.
  15. Help me decide which of these images to convert into terrible Doom fan art.