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  1. I played Zork a long time ago and I dare say I played it a lot. Even then, it wasn't for me, but that was the best a C64 could muster before actual visual graphics. Multiple choice would have been good instead of having to take your best stab at logical things to do. It felt like trial and error that would lead to game overs. I never felt like I got that far, but the catch is without visuals or an in game clock, how could you have a feeling of wow I'm getting further? Maniac Mansion and Shadow Gate felt a lot more streamlined even if they too were a bit cumbersome. As for the Sanctuary RPG, the developer turned publisher seems pretty scummy in general. He's one that bundled and bulk sold Sanctuary RPG to the people that offer $1,000 for 100,000 copies of the game. He became a publisher and started to take on a lot of shitty shovelware in favor of the Steam card farm market. He had a system to cruise through Greenlight. Then when Steam did away with instantly granting cards for any game, because of people like him, he stopped taking on so many games as there was no way for him to make a profit on shitty games. Like a lot of failed publishers in the "no cards era," now he just gets money from idiots to marked their game. The publisher's only success story is a game that manages to hit a lot of good PC keywords and have 2 good keywords in its name.
  2. DOOM! I was better at it in 95 - 96 with worse tools than I was in 2006. The catch is, I spent far more time at it in 95 - 96.
  3. geo

    Is the 8th Generation of gaming terrible?

    I say this as someone who grew up with the Atari 2600 and that generation of gaming is terrible despite how great it was at that time. This generation will only get better, even if business practices get worse. Games cost a lot more to make, when they're making the same games. Artists, modelers, animators, riggers, scene designers, cape physics programmers and the list goes on and on. More jobs, more costs, same games. The catch is the story elements that cost a lot of money for little progress. At least the majority of programming is done since they continue to use the same engines. Skyrim / Fallout 4 are supposedly the Elder Scrolls 3 engine just enhanced over time. The WWE games are the same engine for the past 20 years, just enhanced and upgraded.
  4. geo

    The Invasion mechanic.

    I would think it's turned on by default or they wouldn't add it to the game at all.
  5. geo

    What do you think of Rage?

    Plenty of people I know were only able to play it after like 5+ years of owning the game on PC. I thought it was fine, with a bland setting. A lot of the boasted "unscripted events" felt totally scripted. The levels are long. Dare I say too long given the garbage piled up setting coupled with the fact you were fighting different gangs that didn't have much diversity between gang members. The outside environments looked great, but where the game truly took place was mostly underground and that's where the setting was dull and a bit monotonous. While I gave it two serious tries to play through it, I was never able to muster through it and quickly lost interest. When a game is good and fun for me, I can just plow through it over a few days. Having to trudge through towns over and over felt a bit cumbersome like I'd rather play a different game that would just drop me in a level, than have to go hunting for a quest. Driving felt forgettable as I'm having a tough time thinking of how it was. Multiplayer didn't feel that good, but maybe that's because I played it with a friend long after the multiplayer had died.
  6. Yeah. That's what I got out of the original article. New comes with a warranty and has to be authorized by the publisher. It's still a resold / previously owned copy and not new. There was another article quoting someone from Bethesda about how the game could have been unsealed... had its materials taken from it, then resealed. I know for a fact from buying sealed copies at flea markets that games had Blockbuster stickers on them... but they were shrink wrapped and sealed. It was quite embarrassing giving a new gift as an extra birthday present for someone only to have it say Blockbuster on the inside. Our minds were blown. https://www.pcgamer.com/pete-hines-explains-why-bethesda-blocked-resale-of-a-sealed-copy-of-the-enemy-within-2/ Also according to Bethesda it was only stated to be * unlawful * to sell it as new rather than * we're suing you now. * Heck the last * new * copy of a game I bought from GameStop was a PC version of Oblivion. To which it was open. New copy already open. Yep. I called bullshit on that, he still sold it to me. After that experience, I never bought a game from GameStop again. Oh yeah... then there was that one PS4 someone bought as a Christmas gift for his son that turned out to have a wooden cutout of a penis in the box instead of PS4. That was marked as * new * on store shelves rather than * refurbished * as it had been returned to the store: https://www.wfla.com/national/boy-finds-block-of-wood-inside-ps4-box/1051838603 My local Walmart wouldn't let that slide for a $50 Zune I returned in favor of a $100 iPod. Wow did that dude check everything, even serial numbers on the box and product along with all its contents. He also looked about 60+ so while he didn't look like he knew what a MP3 player was... he sure knew what to check.
  7. I always called it Doom 4. I'll call this one Doom 5. Seems easy enough to remember.
  8. geo

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Were there points and a score system? Some people play games to finish them.
  9. geo

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I just watched it in more detail, but the longer the video went on and the more battles happened I started to think... wouldn't it just be easier to run around the enemies than kill them? Then I remembered... oh Doom 4 locks you into an area and forces you to fight.
  10. geo

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    @Maes favorite thing about a Cyberdemon is its butt.
  11. geo

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    I plowed through ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK: SEASON 6. The girls go to maximum security. I was so clueless with this season since it's a continuation of the previous season. There needed to be a recap or something and I think other Netflix shows do that. The season was more about remixing things or shuffling the girls around to get them out of their comfort zones to break out of the redundancy of the black girls hanging with the black girls, white girls hanging with the white girls and Latins hanging out with the Latins. I say that... but by the end, it seemed like all the same colors gravitated toward their own colors by the end. New white characters hanging out with old white characters. New Latins hanging out with old Latin characters. New black guards hanging out with old black characters. Lots of background characters had their own storylines in this season.
  12. geo

    Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam

    I saw that a few days ago and that's no evidence. There's no price for a pre-sale. It's just a placeholder. If everyone has their own client to sell only their own games, that's not competition, that's just them not paying 30% to someone else. Origin and the Windows store sell games other than its own. That is competition. HumbleBundle, Greeman Gaming, Indie Gala and Fanatical all sell Steam keys, which just brings more people into the all mighty Steam.
  13. The game in question is a sealed copy of "The Evil Within 2." Here is the article: https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/11/17661254/bethesda-sell-used-games-amazon-block I can summarize this in 2 ways: NON BETHESDA PERSPECTIVE: The company's lawyers were bored, so they went after an individual for selling his sealed copy as * new. * BETHESDA'S PERSPECTIVE: The guy is an unauthorized reseller as he has no sort of warranty for the game. Anyone that buys the * new * copy would get screwed if they try to return it. As the guy is not an official reseller, it's unlawful for him to resell the game on Amazon. The lack of warranty would violate the "first sale doctrine," thus making it illegal. All Bethesda cared about is the word * new * rather than * sealed. * Claiming it's * new * makes it false advertising. Bethesda makes a good argument and if the succeed, this could prevent the word * new * with resellers that offer no warranty. This is the Internet... pick a side and discuss why the other side is wrong.
  14. geo

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Doomguy's got a new glove!