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  1. geo

    Modern AAA gaming sucks now!

    Mario Kart Tour is the campaign I wanted from previous Mario Kart games to make them less hollow... too bad its $40 for a character with random surprise mechanics or you can just pay real money money. Many indie games are awful too. It doesn't take AAA to release the same game each year. Indies have ugly grind mechanics have become more prominent in games without micro transactions. 30 minute game? oh but you need to earn enough currency to unlock things to make the game easier. 10 hours later, still the same 30 minute game, but you're finally powerful enough to complete it. Most games would throw in micro transactions to make that grind less. Some people and companies like to say but the micro transactions we have are fair, because everything is strictly cosmetic... yeah but those cosmetics cause a distraction for online multiplayer. Hey some people were distracted enough by cosmetic items to buy them... or open loot crates either the crate itself or using a key.
  2. geo

    Whats your favourite music genre?

    Nineties Industrial Metal or trashy teen pop sang by 30+ year olds. They both have enough synth to deafen a horse.
  3. I have a CD copy of Quake 1. I'm pretty sure it's preserved. Do you want me to put it in a museum with a 486 PC?
  4. Guess I'd just have to kill the vampire before they kill me. I'm not even talking about getting a cross or garlic or an oak stake. You just need to just kill that vampire. Maybe it's just Doom that taught me to kill undead monsters.
  5. geo

    Cultists of Doom Slayer

    My money is on a picture for an epilogue.
  6. geo

    Is Doom 3 the most underrated entry?

    It's a great survival horror game... but Doom wasn't survival horror. If anything that Final Doom episode with all the chain gunners is the black sheep no one likes due to... chaingunners. Unless you want a main game, then yes it would be Doom 3... but if you want unreleased black sheep, Call of Doomy would be so black sheep they scrapped it.
  7. The need to make videos about how much a game sucks. You're really going to spend hours of your life on a game that you can walk away from? They must be pretty obsessive to go through the process to record footage, edit footage, buy good equipment to rant about how much bad something is? Then they feel to justify the cost and time sink fallacy, they need to keep doing it until 5 years later they have to mention how depressed they are.
  8. Looks like a few Blizzard workers did a walk out yesterday which was great, because it's not Friday and there's no 3 day weekend incentive to walk out. https://www.thedailybeast.com/blizzard-employees-staged-a-walkout-to-protest-banned-pro-hong-kong-gamer While I'm trying to remain oblivious to whatever plight China and Hong Kong are going through, I thought this would add more discussion.
  9. China won't let them into their country. Some cheap knock off will replace them. Losing out on revenue.
  10. geo

    Cultists of Doom Slayer

    We aren't a cult. We prefer the term "Doomworld forum." Doom Slayer has slowly turned into silent Duke Nuke'em.
  11. geo

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    Nah Doom V has a marketing budget that as much as fans love CP77 and that little indie studio, iD and Bethesda will still bury them. At some point it was Modern Warfare that killed sales for all video games.
  12. You might need a sourceport. Doom 1 on Steam didn't work for me out of the box yet Doom 2 did.
  13. geo

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    I'll give it another shot today. I remember absolutely hating it like tough to play, like you're driving a boat and not FPS. I never made it far, because it was just bad and I felt overrated after hearing about it for quite some time as being awesome. In hindsight I can think of 6 more games that deserve to be on my top 10, but those are games no one ever heard of.
  14. geo

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    Since we bumped this thread I may as well participate because I have played the worst FPS. All your "bad" or lackluster FPS pale in comparison to the indie garbage floating around Steam. In no particular order: - Time Rameside - Paranautical Activity - Galactic Hitman - Doomed (Doomed, not Doom) - American Patriots: The Swamp Fox - Planet Reserve - Headache - Castle Werewolf 3D - German Fortress - Nano Project I could keep the list going with 10 more. Terrible yet fun? Retro Miami
  15. In a society that protects kids from bullies and anything that may upset them, combine with people who can make a living playing video games rather than going outside their place, these shrill screams are real, because they've never encountered anything dangerous or unpleasant. This is why our army is shrinking. They don't know how to man up and just play a goddamn game.