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  1. Confusion. When do we ask mother's maiden name, first pet's name and birth dates?
  2. So much late 90s early 00s.
  3. I like this idea. Back when I used to have time to map I'd always take some garbage map and remake it or detail it so it wasn't garbage. It was a good confidence builder for me since I couldn't do any worse :-)
  4. Phantom with Ed Harris and David Duchovney (the name is so generic I have to specify the stars). I've seen a lot of submarine and naval movies lately. This is perhaps the worst of them. I watched it for Ed and David. David is probably in it because Phantoms - what's the guy from X-Files doing? I can't imagine a lesser name than David in the role he had just because its opposing Ed, so you need someone of the name stature. I forgot what a limited actor Dave is especially when face to face with Ed Harris who shows so much conviction and emotion in his face alone. Ed had the good haunted character to sink himself into while there was little story for anyone else. This cinema turns the traditional submarine movie on its head as its an American movie, with American actors about a Russian submarine. I was so confused until I realized oh yeah they're Russian, the names, text and story give it away, but I was too dense to read the story leading into the movie. Its an interesting broader picture to create a war with a single submarine, but the movie is about the struggle inside that submarine like a hostage or terrorist movie like Die Hard... in the confines of a submarine. Escape from New York I have seen it before and Netflix had it as my new highest recommended movie. So I saw it again! It gets better as it goes on. I like the entire flawed logic of Manhattan is now a prison ala Arkham City. The President's plane has gone down in New York City and only Snake Plisken can rescue him! Its a good movie for its perpetual night and violence. Even when its daylight out... its still night. Rockstar should get the rights to the Snake Plisken series and do with it what they did with the Warriors. John Carter did the music which didn't feel like it fit the movie. Like any traditional John Carter film, he had a non actor portraying a role whether its a wrestler as a star or a musician in a notable role. John is always willing to bridge that gap and get a wider audience.
  5. iD and Gearbox games drop pretty quick in price. I'm surprised it took this long for them to hit $20. I can only assume they made their money so why not let everyone get in on the action?
  6. Sand Castle from Netflix paints a picture of American soldiers in hostile Iran. The story would like to be about someone in the army who doesn't want to be there, but I think he was just a part of it. The average guy unfit to be among soldiers. The specific mission of the movie is noble cause, guard a water truck as it drives back and forth from a pumping station to a town unwilling to help them because they're American soldiers in their land. If any villagers help they will only be seen as the enemy and get killed for it. Between doing that, they were there to fix the obliterated pipes leading from the pumping station back to the town. They also confront the reality of how before the Americans being there, the Sunnis and Shiites would still be at war and how hopeless it is. When they fix the pipes they would only get destroyed again in an endless conflict. It was captivating and thought provoking without star power or excessive action. Its more tense moments than frivolous killing or even winning. Like a lot of movies when things go good, they get so much worse. Any sort of happy ending is unsatisfactory and perhaps a realistic portrayal of the situation they were in. Midnight Meat Train is something I watched before I knew who Bradley Cooper was. The first series of times I tried to watch it I fell asleep. A late night horror movie with a sinister, ill fated tone and its just a descent into a hole. Its about a photographer that discovers a serial killer that murders people on a subway train. The movie always stuck in my head perhaps because the name sells the movie. Plus a silent Vinnie Jones killing people with a hammer always sells a movie. Oh its even better watching it nearly a decade later. An intimidating man in a clean suit killing people. There are a lot of digital effects in the movie for the cool factor. Cameras flying in and out of subway cars, blood splattering. Its one of those near bucket of blood movies in a sterile environment sort of thing. The subway train is clean and pristine as if someone had scrubbed and covered up evidence of a murder.
  7. Yes I do :-( Its like old Doomworld died and now we just put up with its son Doomworld Jr wearing its dad's power armor.
  8. Probably why its $1 a lot.
  9. I'd consider Enclave to be Medieval Quake. Feels like the same engine. Its been given away and stuffed in bundles multiple times. If I remember, playing as the rogue faction resulted in a far more difficult time. Then again I played the rogue side after completing the heroic side of things. If Enclave and Vampires were default third person, I never played them that way. I just didn't recall, then again its been maybe 6 years since I've played them. Perhaps that's why they're so hidden as first person shooter gems. Its also tough to consider Vampires as a good shooter so much as a good game that has shooting.
  10. Enclave. Its a medieval shooter. Legendary. Its a $1 Unreal game. Vampires the Madagascar or something like that. Its a Half Life 2 engine game that had the misfortune of coming out the same week as the legendary game.
  11. Doom caused brain ta git bigger. now i gotta wear button shirts cuz ma hed dont fit the neck opens.
  12. I assume my rating goes to other recommendations such as if I liked Sandy Wexler, the system might assume I like comedies, Adam Sandler, Jennefer Hudson or cameo city movies. I seem to five star everything with Nick Cage in it yet they will never recommend Nick Cage movies to me. Speaking of Cameo City movies... Tropical Thunder is the #1 movie recommended for me by Netflix... so I watched it... again last night. I had forgotten everything about it, so it was like watching it for the first time. The only thing I remembered was Tom Cruise is in it as a bald producer. Like many other comedies or Ben Stiller movies in general, its cameo city and star studded. As a comedy, Tropical Thunder just doesn't make me laugh. I know like 40% of it is humorous to me, but that humor didn't translate into the act of laughing. I thought the same while watching Adam Sandler's Pixels. I thought it was a good movie, I enjoyed it yet I didn't laugh and its a comedy. Then I watched the National Lampoon's Vacation directly after it and laughed my ass off. Maybe I need a straight up comedy rather than an action comedy. Anyway, Tropical Thunder was probably suggested to me with all the war movies I've seen and the comedies I've watched. I really have nothing to say about the movie. Its another movie that I have to ask... did I actually like it? Chances are if I'm on the fence about it, that means I didn't enjoy it.