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  1. Wish it to the cornfield.
  2. Oh yeah that's the stuff. Here is the direct link:
  4. Let me twist that question... can Doomguy see the demons or is it only we the players who can? Perhaps these demons appear to be simple staff members to him... but he has no control over what actions we force him to do.
  5. Get angry, you should leave. Don't make work out of something designed for entertainment.
  6. You mean "I love you snow much"
  7. Cheat through, no. I always enjoyed UltraViolence when older me feels its just banging my head against a wall. Cheat after for a wow factor after going through the games, yes. idclip and idclev mostly. I was one of the few that never knew the codes until later.
  8. For anyone that waits there are often 2K and Activision bundles on Humble. 2K usually makes quality games. Well worth their price with a few exceptions.
  9. Fluffy cats. I get stupider than usual around them. So fluff.
  10. Anything that looks like its from the 90s that was a first person shooter without being 100% 3D? I think an additional caveat to it has to be "game's popularity lived on for more than a year."
  11. Too fast to comprehend what's going on other than button mash and press forward!
  12. There are 2 tropes I've gotten tired of "hate for movie games" and "the blank - the blankening." I have just heard too many jokes against both.
  13. Stalkers that would probably love kill you.
  14. I can't take this modern feel. Where's the 1999 era feel? Now our avatars need to be in HD or something.
  15. Superman movie quadogy from the 80s. If you want to see laughable physics those are your movies. I love them. 31 I saw this as well. The villains are the most interesting considering they had to have more villains than heroes. Yes the little person Hitler that spoke Spanish. It was an enjoyable movie and I sat through like 30 minutes of the 2 hour documentary. They do a lot with their cinematography, light and color considering the majority of it is filmed in a factory. Like Saw 2 meets the Purge and far better than Lords of Salem. Wow that movie was bad. 3 words sums it up, "Naked elderly witches." Central Intelligence is a fantastic comedy. The Rock as a big dorky nerd with muscles CIA agent and Kevin Hart as the straight man let's not do that sort of guy. What really helps the movie is the hook of not knowing who the bad guy is, but putting everyone in place so they could be. Kill Command is a big, small budget movie where robots are learning to hunt humans. Its budget because the movie is essentially soldiers in the woods and empty buildings being hunted, yet big budget with so many special and practical effects. The land robots seem practical effects while other stuff seems like quality special effects. Its not my kind of movie as usually any thing that seems "budget science fiction" tends to be Sy-Fy Channel quality, but I enjoyed Kill Command.