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  1. Funny you mention voting to me, because I come from a family of active politicians. I go to vote on the lesser elections as its more of a family obligation. I would hate to embarrass my family by not voting, even at the elections that I know nothing about. I was awfully disappointed I couldn't vote on my first Presidential election as the DMV I registered to vote decided that it wasn't going to send in the voter registration that year. That alone was mind blowing how they'd drop the ball. It seemed scandal worthy, but no one cared like I did. However, I am not in Europe. In America we are free to care or not care as we please.
  2. I stopped caring a long time ago. If this upsets you before its happened... good at least someone cares so I don't have to. I used to care about stuff... then I realized the world will not end if I stop caring. Life will go on.
  3. geo

    Random Image Thread

    As Spock used to always say "protect your brean by wearing my helmet!"
  4. Generic space opera? Supposedly it was based on swashbuckling and Flash Gordon, but all I see is a medieval movie reskinned for space. George let out that the episodes 7 - 9 he had imagined were the characters becoming micro to meet some other alien race and how terrible that would have been. While I'm here... James Bond as a film series has always seemed dull when I've been forced to watch it. I think the only one I "liked" was Casino Royale and on paper to me it looked terrible... blonde Bond shell, hour long segment of playing poker. The others I "like" on paper. Gimmicky villains, action, guns, car chases, helicopter explosions, stupid plots to take over the world... yet watching them, I just don't care. There's a lot of downtime in the movies. The gimmicky villains help the series and I always felt the series as a whole was the action movies to appeal to women. I know plenty of women that enjoy the franchise, but not that many men beyond "Golden Eye 64 is the best game." I think its the tuxedo that helps appeal to women. Its like the modern Ocean 11 franchise. It appealed more to women, than men, despite being a genre geared toward men. That is probably why no one cares there's an all female spin off.
  5. geo

    Final Doom: the Movie? A Quandary

    Short films like 10 - 30 minutes and jammed them into a 90 minute release? Its worked for horror before. Think Creepshow, but in the Doomiverse during the invasion! Maybe 5 stories and the survivors are all together at the end to see who lives and who dies in the finale. Someone did 10 minute Mortal Kombat segments / movies a few years ago in hopes to get the film franchise. The director managed to get Jerri Ryan and Michael Jai White for the first episode. The first season went extremely well, it had big stars... and no one cared about or knew there was a second season. They had the luxury of being back stories rather than cohesive things that made up a movie. Sure, fans can make fan films. I'd watch the Doom ones. Good luck though. Demons + special effects + a world with only one guy. I've written it before, but its another task to make it into something watchable. Even "the best" fan films are still bad when compared to actual film standards. * edit * I just remembered Batman: Year One and the second Dead Space movie. Both of those were anthologies of short films from different studios. The Dead Space one felt particularly all over the place in terms of quality. The DVD extras explained they didn't have enough time to have one studio make the film so they went with six or whatever the number was.
  6. geo

    Random Image Thread

    This thread I'd say: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1884659 From the look of the HUD, I'd say Killing Floor 2.
  7. geo

    Random Image Thread

    Now that kid will have a complex and probably does already.
  8. Burger King, but my information is probably out of date. Its just been so long since I've had fries at a fast food place.
  9. Yes it is. He's also the guy that secretly put secrets in Wolfenstien 3D as well, so there's secretly a story in Doom.
  10. I've played through Jurassic Park, Batman, Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2. I tried playing through Back to the Future, but it was just too boring and a bit archaic as in hunt til you find what to do rather than keep the story going. I played it with someone who loved the franchise and she was instantly bored with it. We made it through the first episode. I own a bunch of the others via bundles and I have yet to play them. Walking Dead 500 Miles or whatever its called felt like the best, because it told 5 different stories and they could all be so outlandish and cool because there's no consequences, its just off to the next mini story. Other than that Walking Dead seems like someone will hate you no matter what you do. The infinite replayability of chose your own story feels a bit shallow like if someone lives and someone dies, they stay out of the next chapter and only appear toward the end just to die anyway. The Batman game I felt was great, but there's just one catch... "take everything you know about Batman and throw it out the window." After playing through Arkham Origin prior to this, its just a shock. You need to relearn villains and stories. Its certainly Telltale's twist on a new story. Another thing that hurt the game is that when transitioning from the demo of 1 episode to the full version it failed to remember my data. So I opted to let the game pick my episode 1 choices for me rather than sit through 2+ hours again. Apparently the game made Batman to be a jerk for me. Thanks game. The Jurassic Park one, I enjoyed, and it brought new stuff to the lore, but when it was all done, I remembered nothing about what happened. I remember the character tropes, but that's about it. Now I guess I need to play Minecraft Story Mode. I dread playing Telltale games because I know I'm in for a 2 - 4 hour sit of watching something play out when I could just watch a movie or two and be so much more entertained. Mass Effect is a better chose your own story game with actual gameplay and actual fun mixed in.
  11. geo

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Did you ask the parents? We need to continue to take this thread seriously. Okay here's something... we take a horse, put it on a treadmill with a VR helmet. Keep listening, I am not crazy. When Doomguy gets hit, the horse gets shocked! The horse will learn bad guys cause shocks, so the horse will learn to make noises at enemies which will shoot the gun. Then at the end of the maze with the exit door (like Left 4 Dead), the horse will get food. Suddenly we have horses trained to play Doom that will teach their offspring how to play Doom!
  12. Games with back story and no story let you imagine your own story. John Carmack was wrong about a lot of things, but what's important is you're famous enough that people don't care. As for Telltale games having a great story... well when you have minimal gameplay all you have is the story and suddenly it becomes good. I've had to replay the Walking Dead season 1 a lot for people who don't play games, but who wanted to see the story without watching on Youtube. They tended to hate the story even if it was literally a chose your own adventure.
  13. geo

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    I think you misunderstand the phrase "But can it play Doom?" It was meant for pieces of technology, not for primates and dolphins.