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  1. Some action movie with John Stamos where he'd always try to kick up from his back to his feet, but he couldn't do it so they'd have to cut between him trying to kick up to him standing. A movie with a snake man ripping out the beating heart of a conductor.
  2. As a giant dragon I'd just go around burning villages to the ground. Since I could fly or... kill everyone word would never spread. Instead travelers from nearby towns would find everything burnt to the ground and wonder... Did a cow kicked over a lantern? Everyone would be like dragons don't exist! Until it was too late. Nothing could stop me. What another dragon could occupy the same area? It would be doing the same thing to each village like a hawk stomping a squirrel.
  3. Last time I was in the same area as a solar eclipse, my junior high had a big event for it since it was during school hours. There were like 300 students but they were 15 glasses short to watch the solar eclipse. So rather than letting 15 students share glasses the school decided not to risk it. So 15 students were kept inside in a windowless room for the 15 minutes or however long it was.
  4. This is as far as my 24 hours of digital art talent will take me:

    Sorry for the update spam, but I'm uncertain people check the creative works.

  5. This is as far as my 24 hours of digital art talent will take me.
  6. That's why you need to hoard everything! Super Mario Bros 1 might rise in price up to 90s shmup or 90s JRPG level!
  7. I know this has been solved but I assume "the original master disks" wouldn't be sent to a guy that made the strategy guide. Oh yeah let's just give out the disk that we make the copies of the other disks from. Speaking of master copies, I remember about 15 years ago the NFL or some major organization was trying to find the original Superbowl as the original TV station's master copy was recorded over to save space and well the Superbowl wasn't that special at the time.
  8. All ceilings can crush at random. Pheromone Doom: You have no way to attack instead you spray enemies to get them to attack and kill one another. Gentleman Doom: where each enemy has a bow tie and top hat on. Bullet reflection: Player bullets cannot hurt enemies UNLESS they bounce off walls. Enemy bullets can still hurt player.... and bounce off walls. Shoot an enemy without bouncing the bullet off the wall and they shoot a rocket at you. Ultra Nightmare: Enemies regenerate health after 1 second of not being damaged. However, to keep the player from just running past everything, the player is also 25 - 50% slower. Only killing stops the pain: Doomguy takes damage every second he hasn't dealt damage to an enemy. Twitch Doom: Insults show up on screen belittling the player / Doomguy, but a 1 in 100% chance results in a $10 donation. Map is inverted: The map is either flipped horizontally, vertically or both each time the player looks at the map. Star Trek Doom: Only its full of Star Wars character, but there's an Enterprise map. Anger Rising: Taking damage builds up a rage meter. Once the rage happens you go berserk and are forced to punch things. If you don't punch things within a certain time you take damage. Keys are replaced with Doomguy heads... why not all enemies have Doomguy heads? Each successful damage to an enemy results in a random chance of a split second game freeze. The time duration is up to half a second. Love is in the air: Everything is pink. Walls are pink, enemies are pink, power ups are pink. Not different shades of pink... the same shade.
  9. Please submit screenshots for 50 Monsters soon or your review will be rejected. Thank you.

    1. geo


      Oh yeah. Thanks for the reminder. I'll do that now.

    2. AD_79


      ooh neat, happy to hear someone's reviewing it, regardless of if it's positive or negative c:

    3. geo


      The review has been done for 2 weeks, I just forgot to upload screenshots. Its positive. I enjoyed 50 Monsters.


      It also looks like the video recording of the second half was corrupted so I was unable to get screenshots from the second half... at least for the moment.


      I also see someone Garret Chan (I think) is doing a play through / speed run on Youtube.

    4. GarrettChan


      Yeah, I'll definitely do a review after finishing my runs. Overall I enjoyed the map set quite a lot.

  10. I see Town of Salem, Firewatch, Grim Dawn, Starbound, 20XX and Vermintide on a lot of popularity lists. I can't say they're underrated. Firewatch especially. Looking on Steam at the moment I see a few of my German friends are in Town of Salem. I gave the game a try a year ago and the idea is interesting. A chat game where you find who is the witch.
  11. Nope. I want to though. It would be good for the Post Hell Doom .wad once someone makes it.
  12. I think we saw that in middle school. If a first movie was a hit, the follow up is usually meh. I have a feeling people like the freshness of whatever original movie it was and when they get more of it.... then its flat.