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  1. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Oh I assure you it can. Although I have greater hopes with Universal... a sequel or reboot of an already bad movie that failed despite the Rock and Bones can fail far worse than the original. While I'm here I might as well plug this great song:
  2. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Now that you say that I did wonder why the second Doom movie had a green marine named "Revenant."
  3. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    DOOMHat is a mod where enemies have different hats on. The hats modify the enemy such as top hat does double damage, green berret attacks faster, baseball cap has bigger projectiles and cowboy hat goes faster. DOOMovie the mod. Let your imaginations run wild! You have to follow the events of the movie or risk people calling you out for making a shitty video game tie in. Too Many Silvers. All textures are silver. Smore City. A wholesome mod where Doomguy lives in the woods. He must go out at night in search of wood to build a fire. Once the fire is built, he must go into his cabin and find ingredients to make smores. Smores are consumed. Doomguy is happy. NO MONSTERS. I suppose to add challenge, the player health can drop by 1% every X amount of time. Shooting Fish in a Barrel: Doomworld Edition. There sure are a lot of fish around here... it sure would be a shame if someone were to add them as enemies to a DOOM .wad. Cacoward Hall of Fame. One level for each year of the Cacowards. SplatDOOM. Weapons are paintballs... Multiplayer only. Paint the walls while killing the other team. But will it run Doom? There are a lot of consoles in Doom... but will they run Doom? If yes, Doomguy's happiness goes up by 10%. If no it costs 1% happiness. The longer you hold the spacebar, the better chance it has of running Doom. Doomguy's happiness starts at 50% and needs to be 100% to complete each level. DOOMbook. Its like Facebook, but for monsters. Doomguy surfs looking for a single victim. The game selects one random monster for Doomguy to kill. Kill the wrong monster and you lose. Predator DOOM: Doomguy is being stalked by the legendary Predator who operates a monster preserve. Predator defends the monsters. Predator can become transparent. If Doomguy uses a weapon with the Predator around the Predator shoots at Doomguy. Is the Predator watching? But I need to kill those Mancubus... do I shoot them and risk the Predator shooting me? Predator will shoot former humans, shotgunners and chaingunners because their weapons aren't attached to their bodies. Logic.
  4. How are you doing?

    What are you talking about? Everything is fine. You are very calm and happy with yourself now. You feel positive each day because you realize each day is good. Good things happen to you and you make good things happen for others. Everything is relaxed and you're enjoying life.
  5. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Universal? It stands a chance. Much better script? That's what they all say until about a year or two after.
  6. How are you doing?

    Things have gotten messy. Things will get far more messy before its over.
  7. Random Image Thread

    And that's before Doom was released.
  8. Share a random fact about yourself

    You act like you're shooting a gun but those are blanks.
  9. I logged into Epic Games for the first time in 3 years because my friend wanted me to play Fortnite. I played it for 30 seconds. Got shot... decided nope. Now every week Epic Games emails me saying someone tried to access my account, but they stopped them so I've been locked out for 2 hours. Its become the way I know its Monday.
  10. Worf... Mugging for the camera. Someone tell that damn extra in the background to stop looking at the camera!
  11. I saw Lost in Space. I enjoyed it a lot a lot. I tried to get back to watching Dark Matter. The magic is gone I guess?
  12. Random Image Thread

    But her attire and look comes from a marketing department who first draw images. Speaking as someone who has worked for various yacht clubs in the tri-state area, nothing says "pirate" like yachting.
  13. Random Image Thread

    We all know Kermit the Iguana. I assume the Vegan elephant is not amused by the lizard on its plate of greens.
  14. Random Image Thread

    Often marketing teams draw up the look of wrestlers before their attire gets made. I can only hope one day they release all the failed images that weren't selected.
  15. Share a random fact about yourself

    Big stompy robots or mechs. What's yours? Is it stairs?