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  1. There are far more games trying to emulate Quake than Doom. That and 3D Wolf clones using the Raycaster engine.
  2. I did standup comedy a decade ago for open mic night. My joke was going to be I get up there.... then go sit down. Then everyone laughs. When I tried doing that my friends yelled "tell us this story" "tell us that story." Stories my friends had heard before, stories that I probably don't even remember. 40 minutes of telling stories, I sat back down. People felt it was a standup routine I had practiced... no I just have a lot of friends so I tell the same stories over and over again.
  3. With a diaper on his forehead he got away lucky. I've seen kids deuce so bad it runs up over the diaper and over the jeans. Running mate? Seems like he's got his name out there. If he touched White House interns we wouldn't know for another 20 or 30 years.
  4. You've been gone so long that you've become a skull? Zoinks a talking skull! I'm outta here Scoob!
  5. And wh;y arnt there more bad reviews mentaniong it?
  6. Judging from your avatar you're looking for the answer "ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!" Is that it? Did I get that right?
  7. I prefer to game on my TI-90 calculator. Sure people laugh... but it still plays DOOM!
  8. Looks like a Raycaster engine game with a lot of frills to make it better than the awful standard. With that said, I'm stoked.
  9. Here's a story for you. A female friend joined up Tinder. She gets lots of penis pictures. To her, she likes it even if she has zero interest in the guys. With that said, she made the mistake of telling her best friend. Her best friend then told the rest of us. Thus embarrassing my friend. For revenge, my friend took all those penis pictures and made a collage of them. Then she printed it out on photo paper, wrapped it and gave it as a Christmas gift to her best friend. At Christmas gift giving I heard someone scream "EW!" Followed by my friend explaining she was harvesting pictures for her friend all along.
  10. A client asked my company if we'd accept bitcoin. My manager laughed and hung up on him. Then he pointed out to me, "that's all it takes is the client waiting for crypto to get big before the payment deadline, then we're stuck with it hoping it doesn't drop in value by the time we cash it out." Another coworker added, "crypto is for anti government anarchists that want to fuck over whomever they're paying." I'm amazed the topic struck a chord. So that's my company's take on crypto currency. They don't realize I still have a lot of crypto left from back when we'd hire European graphic artists over night. In the past month or so I've cashed out about 90% of what I had in Bit Coin. Someone can kick me in another few years when Bit Coin hits a million.
  11. I saw Bright with Will Smith. If you can make it past the first terrible 15 minutes of medieval fantasy tropes in modern day Los Angeles its a good movie. I can't help but wonder if it would have more appeal if it was set in the 1950s with the only black cop in a white police station rather than the only orc in a human police department.
  12. After speaking of death in this thread... my neighbor died today. I made it 40 days since the last death, but who would ever count that stuff. I didn't know him. I knew his wife so I'm sad for her. He's been sick years so it was expected. That's part of why I never knew him.
  13. What's extra weird is the guy who owns Enix (majority shareholder) bought Square... then merged the 2 companies rather than keep Enix alone solely as the name. After all that said, its still the Square games that get remade and remastered in this modern era instead of Dragon Quests from Enix. Square was in a position to allow themselves to be bought out and merged while Enix just made money. The owner goes around buying video game companies... because he can. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.
  14. True. I have the GBC version. I was meaning updated for modern systems as Final Fantasies have been. Square seems to get preferential treatment in that company.