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  1. Making friends huh? Have you ever considered painting a face on a volleyball?
  2. When do we get a mini PC from IBM loaded with Doom, Duke, Wolfenstien... uh and "popular PC game," "popular PC game," "popular PC game," "popular PC game?"
  3. All great games and my cousin's SNES just died not too long ago. The NES mini stayed in stock for quite some time around my area.
  4. I'm no artist. I usually hire artists to do art. With that said my art is getting better. I spent a horrific hour making a tree and I pixel arted maybe 5 hours in the past 24 hours. *edit* Make that 7+ hours. Ling's animated avatar is my art.
  5. Catwoman is what Netflix recommended to me on the highest level. I have seen it a few times. Its still cringe worthy. I still wonder of its the DC Catwoman or some movie that was coincidentally named Catwoman. Its a movie geared toward women. I realize here that digital effects haven't gotten that much better in the past 13 years so much as there are more of them. If you ever wanted to see both a cartoon and comic book come to life watch as Lois Griffen talks with Catwoman. Oh and if you've ever wanted to see a woman act like a cat for an hour, this is it. You also get to see a stone face Sharon Stone as the villain. Oh and its a fun movie to play spot the error... even without trying. Where's the motorcycle helmet? Why is the office staff wearing the same outfit twice in a row. Why did Berry's wardrobe change when she's walking down the street? Why did she wake up with a ring and then put the ring on? Why does a jewelry store leave stuff out after hours when they have a vault? Why does her window overlook an alley that is later a street? GLOW is Orange is the New Black, but five hours instead of thirteen. You can consider 5 hours to be a movie. A long movie. The main character of GLOW is the main character of Orange is the New Black, but with a different color of hair. She's both the hero and the villain, thinks highly of herself, gets shit on to give her humility, she's lankey, pale, skeletal with blue eyes so big they're just about falling out of her skull. Another way its Orange is the New Black is that its run by a dirty old man. With all that said its a great show. I wish I had more to say other than opening with jokes.
  6. That's the thing. People just want someone to talk to. They don't want you to fix their problems. If you try they just won't. Then it becomes a game where they defend their shitty choices.
  7. The friends I had in high school are either in prison or dead. Well now its been so long that they're probably out of prison. I make friends pretty easy because I am everyone's therapist. Then about 8 years ago I decided. Nah I'm not everyone's therapist. You'd be amazed how many people stopped calling and asking to hang out. With that said I have zero drama. I have no one else's drama. Its so nice. I get a lot of stuff done.
  8. Pistol only Episode 1 is the recent achievement. Surviving a level or two of nuts level monsters on Oblige would be another recent one. Other than that Ultra Violence through both games... but that was 2 decades ago.
  9. That was $5 Rage for the past 8 years. Now the new trend is buying PS4 quality games to play on their PS3 quality computer. What do you mean my 8 GB Video RAM can't handle this game that requires a quad core i7?
  10. A friend gave me Talasman of the something, digital edition. My Steam friends usually give me terrible games because they know I get inspired by them.... because I can't do any worse.
  11. I like the episode where pinkie finds out impsy is preggers and then cyberdemon shoots a rocket at them to explode them into bits. A true classic. I didn't think they could make a two-parter out of it, but those writers proved me wrong. Then when they cliffhangered with spidermastermind falling into that coma I lost my mind. Will he ever wake up? Yes... at the end of the next episode.
  12. You're lucky there's no dooting skeleton thread to ring in Halloween.
  13. Dead Space 2 had the unspoken love triangle. Dead Space 3 had the actual love triangle among the living.