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  1. Delisk

    First Finished Map (Updated based on feedback)

    Really good for a first map.
  2. Maybe this is not the way you intended for it to be played, but this is the way I like it and you can't stop me !
  3. Delisk

    Vanth Complex / Single map

    Thanks for the game play video. I think I could place an health pack right after the red door. Looking at the video I could tell from which teleporter those monsters where supposed to come from, then looking at the editor I notice the destination was slightly off form where i planed it (must have move it by accident). Funny thing is I retested the same spawn 3 times in a row with-out the fix and they still came out of it 2 out of 3 time. I did some testing after the fix and re uploaded the map. Hopefully this was the problem, I hate fixing inconsistent bugs you are never sure if you fixed the problem or if you are just lucky.
  4. Delisk

    Vanth Complex / Single map

    Name: Vanth complex Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2, Map(s): MAP01 Gameplay: (Single play) Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: No Build Time: About a week on evenings Requirements: (No Jumping /No crouching / freelook recommended,) This is a short map intended to be first map in a short episode (5 or 6 maps) I'm working on, as such weapons selection and enemy roster will be limited since I do plan on having a pacing in the final episode. I'm mostly looking on feedback, this is my second map I released. I'm thinking on taking about 1 week and half to 2 weeks per maps and a final 2 weeks of adjustments once all the maps are done. My first map, Temple of Vanth, will be part of the episode. Note Vanth refer to this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth and also this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth I would like to thanks RonnieJamesDiner For his excellent tutorial (Global Light Color [Sector Editing] - One of UDMF's most under-appreciated features, this really help me on this map. vanth_complex.zip
  5. Delisk

    My first map; "Dreadstone"! 1.1 version update.

    Short but fun, the early part where definitely hard, well at least for me, but once things got going it was pretty smooth. Good first map. If I would give you one recommendation, play around with your ceiling, it does seem a little flat with every wall coming at the same height, opening you file I did notice you know how to apply the sky to a wall, if you would just lower add a lower egde to your gray rock wall and aply the sky to the wall on top of it it would make the rest of the structure look better, no effect on game play but a really nice visual effect. Edit, I think I broke something...
  6. Delisk

    Communications Center: A vanilla mapset with rockets.

    The map does do what it is supposed to do, this is a good start but it would gain lot from some visual makeover, mostly in the first room.
  7. Delisk

    Thinking about not continuing my megawad.

    Rather than making 32 maps, you may simply want to work on improving the one you got. Get some feedback and use it to improve you maps. Also often the best 32 level megawad and not the work of a single individual but a few mappers working together each doing a limited amount of maps.
  8. Here my first map, posted last week-end and made a few modification (New sky texture, new music and a visual and game play tweak) based on comments. Made with the UDMF format and tested in GZDoom Hope you like it
  9. Delisk

    In Loving Memory ( NanowadMo 2020)

    I really enjoyed your wad...
  10. The playthrough was really fun to watch, really interesting to se how someone with no knowledge of the map navigate it. One thing I was wondering about, was if my secrets where to hard to find, I wanted to avid the "was that supposed to be a secret?" felling. I will list them bellow
  11. Thanks a lot for the comments I really appreciate it. One thing I now do plan to learn is how to add more texture from pack and my own. I do plan to eventual make a short episode (something like 8 maps) which would include a upgraded version form this map.
  12. Name: Temple of Vanth Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2, Map(s): MAP01 Gameplay: (Single play/co-op, deathmatch, etc.) Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: No Build Time: About a week on evenings Requirements: (No Jumping /No crouching / freelook recommended,) This is a single meduim size map with a temple Aesthetics. Long time player, first time map maker. I have gone back to playing classic doom, I played Doom 2 back in the 90's) for sometime now and and really enjoying custom maps, so i decided to try making them myself. So this is the first map for me, well first maps that is playable and not jut testing stuff and useless garbage. Hope you enjoy Any feedback would be really appreciated. temple-of-vanth.zip
  13. Delisk

    Unholy Reliquary

    92NXRZRU I tried to make something a bit special in order to learn more about advanced coding in snap map while still staying true to simple game play. I got the idea to see if it was possible to come up with a non linear level with the limitations of snap map... this map is the result. The game play is quite simple, you have to find and destroy (with the use key) 4 relics in any order, then escape the map. the catch, while the map start out easy each destroyed objectives will make the map harder. You also start with only one life die then and you fail. However the first 3 relics you destroy will grant you an extra life each, after you survived the lock down of course ;). You also get a score bonus for each life you have once the map is complete. Finally there is also one slightly hidden fourth (and optional) objective. The map layout center around a 4 door hub and 4 large room each with its own relic. Each room as at least two connection to other parts of the map. The way you explore the map is up to you. Aside from the central hub each room will be populated with 2 custom group of demons, one as you enter the room and one for the lock down after you destroyed the relic. The composition of each of these group is defined by the number of relics you have destroyed. Have fun...
  14. First Arkon complex - Basement N6PXGASY Second Arkon complex - Sector Alpha J82VFRDQ Third Arkon complex - Berserporter LU43Qk23 These are my first 3 snap map maps, I have collected them in a short campaign. I have done some Doom 2 maps back in the day's then tried my hand at half-life mapping as well. Please let me know if you enjoyed them, and don't be shy to make me a few recommendations for my future maps, I have done these as learning process.