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  1. Delisk

    Vestibule (My first Map)

  2. Delisk

    Vestibule (My first Map)

    Not bad at all for a first map. Good layout good encounter design, really nothing wrong with it.
  3. Played maps 3 and 4. All maps have been very impressive so far both in term of gameplay and visual design, but they seem to be going more and more in the Slaughter map category, maps 5 is currently giving me a very hard time.
  4. Extremely reactive maps... this is my jam. Played the first 2 maps, it may be some time before i can play the rest but I'm really enjoying this set so far.
  5. Delisk

    Castle Of Flesh (Short map)

    I pretty much agree with Sir Hattington, but I will add 2 You have a number of optional areas, while it is not a bad thing at all, they lack any reason for them to exist, they add nothing for the player, they could be a great spot for extra reward, like weapons, bluesphere, ect. The texture work make the map a bit repetitive.
  6. Nice atmosphere you got here. Short but fun. One thing you should look at, when using a texture pack please only include the texture you actually use in the map and not the whole set, even more so if you use more than one pack.
  7. Delisk

    Final Carnage v0.1A

    Awesome maps set! Played all maps...
  8. Delisk


    First please read this...
  9. Impressive work there, even more so considering this is your first map!