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  1. Delisk

    New map for Doom 2 - Desert Island

    A bit on the easier side but still fun. If there is one complaint I would made would be your texture and decoration choice, switching directly from techbase to marble give a weird felling and not in a good way, Everything is a bit too random.
  2. Delisk

    My first map - Infernum

    Short but pretty good for a first map You do seem to avoid the regular first map pitfall, no door opening directly into the sky, no unpeged door track, no misaligned textures... nice work I will also commend you you on having good combat in your first map.
  3. That was fun map! The combat was excellent and with good ambush, i like it when a map keep me on my toes!
  4. Delisk

    Brownlust: A single level wad.

    You have quite a few misaligned textures I would make one suggestion to improve the combat in your maps, do not simply make room with a single type of monster at a time, for exemple the fight with the two hell knights woukld have been more fun if the specter in the next room would have joined the fight. mixing monsters create much more dynamic fights.
  5. Delisk

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    Sorry to tell you this but these have have nothing to do with the website showing them... they are targeted for YOU they are based on tracking data about YOU, the fandom has nothing to do with this... you are the hentai loving pervert!
  6. Delisk

    The TamIwad - My first map, remade

    Fun map! I'm not really a fan of spawning monster instead of teleporting them since it mess up the kill cont but that more of a personal opinion.
  7. Delisk

    A Simple Vanilla Map v1.4 Final in /idgames

    Short but fun!
  8. Delisk

    Overflow [-cl9] - another compact Boom map

    Short but fun... the second teleporting cacodemon did get me... sneaky ba$&/$d !
  9. Delisk

    Nukage Factory Incursion (first Doom II map)

    There is 2 kind of "first map" The first kind is literally the first time someone has opened the editor for 30min and tried a few random things and called it a day. Then there is the second kind where you can see well thought out map with real effort... This is the second kind and frankly I would have never had the guess this is you first map! Well done my friend! Design is excellent! Combat is excellent! So here my complaints... and I have to be really neat picky here A few doortrack are not unpegged, leading to some texture issues If you are going to make a texture hurt the player, make it consistent, in the 2 monster closet the floor will not damage the player while a few feet away the same nukage texture does. The outdoor area near the beginning can be reached by going over the "desk"... but given there is nothing there i guess this was not intended, a simple "block player" ont the linedef of the windows would fix this You tend not to change the texture under your doors making the look weird
  10. Delisk

    Ghosty's First Doom Map

    Why do every new mapper seem to have doors opening directly into the sky? It just looks silly!
  11. I usually try to always finish a map when I post a gameplay video... but I believe I would have ran out of storage space on my HD... or get bored.... so I simply put this thing on Nightmare to see how long I would last! And I'm not even gonna try to use this Project Brutality!
  12. Delisk

    The Hell Library

    So you seem to be doing every beginner mistakes! So you are far from the first one to do them, learn form them! You have a number of misaligned texture Door track should use the "lower unpegged" setting to prevent them from moving with the door. Door should not be flush against the wall but in a small "frame" You door are tick enough to easily add this frame by making them more thin. Door should not open directly into the sky, it just looks weird, easy fix would be to add a ceiling texture to the room and make a smaller section act as a skylight Keep on mapping!
  13. Delisk

    -Base Horrorem- a Doom II map

    @RastaManGames What mod are you using?