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  1. Delisk

    Another Generic Tech Base

    Good map But I did fin one major but easy to fix issue : the switch to exit the yellow key room is single use only and the door will close down after some time, let's say a player (ie me) decided to check for secrets after using the switch.. well you end up stuck in the room forever. Instead of 29 S1 Door open wait close, use 63 SR Door open wait close, making the action repeatable, or 103 S1 Door open stay making the door stay open.
  2. Really good for a first map keep up the good work my friend. I can clearly see how hard you work on this and it pay off. You do return to the same spot a few time, like the room with the chain gun, I would have taken this as an opportunity to add new monsters in those area.
  3. Delisk

    Doom 90's Level CD-ROMS

    OMG I had the exact same book back in the day's, this bring back quire a few memories, let s jsut says the tolls back then where not the one we have nowadays.
  4. Delisk

    Vanth (4 maps wad)

    Small update made, fixed the position of a stuck imp.
  5. Delisk

    Vanth (4 maps wad)

    Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2, Map(s): MAP01 to MAP04 Gameplay: (Single play/co-op, deathmatch, etc.) Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: No Requirements: (No Jumping /No crouching / free look recommended,) Pistol start : Your choice, weapons placement in each map make it possible. Build Time: Each maps was about two weeks This 4 map set include updated version of my 2 previously released maps (Map 1 is Vanth complex and map 3 is Temple of Vanth) and 2 new maps. the whole set should take around 45min to finish. Vanth.zip Enjoy Credits : Music from : Devilzwork, Doomkid andMark Klem Textures : Jimmy, Gez and CAGE'S TEXTURE PACK VOL.2 Sky from : Mek’s Box ‘O Skies! http://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/meks-box-o-skies/ I would like to thanks the following Doom World members for testing the two released maps, your input really helped me. Snark Salmon Biodegradable DavidN Clippy Note Vanth refer to this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth_(moon) and also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth
  6. Delisk

    My First Map: Crate Factory

    When I see "first map" in the title I know there are 2 possibilities. Its literally their first map, they messed around and the editor, placed a few random and items and called it a day, leaving everyone wonder why they lost their time with this crap. Its the first map they released, a few things show they are new but all around you can see a strong efforts put in this. Your map is strongly in the second option. keep on the good work buddy! Frankly it is almost hard to believe this is your first map. The layout of the map is really good everything flow together nicely, the encounters a just hard enough to keep you on your toes with out being unfair, I like how manage to often have the player attacked on more than one side at once. There is a few missing texture (inside the monster closed near the end) and one of your window as a messed up skybox, but these should take you about 2 min to fix. There is a few monster who never showed up, I don't know if they where in a secret or if they where just shy, I could hear them and I was close but never found them. All around a excellent first map my friend. I will look forward to your next map.
  7. Delisk

    map feed back

  8. Delisk

    Underground Toxicity remake.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you need ta fix a least 2 serious game breaking problem on your map... I managed to get get stuck on 2 location both seem to make the level unfinishable, I restarted one i figure out the first issue. 1 ) The switch being the blue door can only be activated once yet the door it control will eventuality close on its own, leaving a player who did not cross it immediately stuck. (see 2:32) 2 ) You tried to trap the player with a gorp of monster by closing a door, but this door close way to slowly and it possible to get out of the room before it closes once again leaving the player stuck. (see 7:27) I also tested both issue with no mod just to be sure. Lets just say this is why you want your map tested...
  9. Delisk


    I tested map 7 on Friday and posted the link to the video on DavidN channel but Yooutbe may have believed it to to spam and removed it so here it is. I tested with project brutality since I like to sufffer.
  10. Delisk

    Overgrown Outpost - new map

    I really enjoyed this one, keep on mapping!
  11. I do not understand this map. You have a created a really nice space there, but with only 10 monster it fell so empty.
  12. Delisk

    my new mod: doo0om.pk3

    Congratulation you made a Terry Style Troll Wad...
  13. Delisk

    New map - Relay Station

    Good map, but you have one easy but major thing to fix, the platform down the stairs (Tag 4) does not have the "repeatable action" option selected on either side of the lift. When i gave the map a try I decided to to let a few demons follow me back up the lift to clear them more easily, when I went back to the lift i was just stuck there since the life would no longer let me to to go down again.
  14. Delisk

    SILENTAGE.wad, my first DooM effort

    The good You have a basic but good layout, the maps does have a good flow. The bad (I hope this will help you) You should stick to a theme, the part where you switch form a tech-base to outdoor then cave and back to a tech base does work, but switching from a tech-base to a more primitive stone with wooden door does not. Your doors are flush against the walls, instead of using one sector for your doors you should be using 3, the middle one is used for the door and the 2 sector connecting to the rooms should be used as a frame. Also in your outdoor area they simply disappear into the sky. More of your room fell flat and lack details, you did add a few decoration in a few place but most sectrs need some details, you could take you current map and work form there. You should add some traps especially when picking up keys and higher tier weapons. Keep on maping
  15. Delisk

    Spacebenders - Another newbie WAD [WIP]

    I really enjoyed it. the infinite corridor was a nice trick and it did take me some time to understand it. One little recommendation, the exist should be clear, if you are secret hunting it can be a bit annoying to be taken to the next map by surprise.