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  1. Im wondering if it is possible to have full 360 Skyboxes like Duke3D Does?
  2. Well to be honest the Atari jaguar was a rare specimen not only because it managed to Fuse a 32 Bits Console (Which was the Panther) into a 64 Bits one, but because it was hard to develop or port games into this console because of the mentioned.
  3. Pretty sure its possible since i always founded that the Textures from TNT Were somewhat special and very distinctive from others specially with those Egyptians type of textures
  4. Playing the game of Sleep because im tired
  5. I... Deserve... Respect.

  6. Well this is one of the few Songs that were cutted
  7. I Usually use it against hit-scan enemies that are too far
  8. That was the one
  9. Right thanks but whats the difference between PrBoom+ and GLBoom+
  10. Since a lot of people like this source port id like to get it But after doing some research i notice there's 3 versions of Boom Which one is the most updated and functional for windows 10?
  11. I Think the real monster here are the players
  12. Message for the archvile
  13. Well unreal engine has its own Page with their own tutorials here But you can also search For tutorials in Youtube or all over the internet As for Unity is the same but im not sure if they have official tutorials