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  1. En esta parte veremos a como crear una puerta corredera unica (Sliding Doors no Split Doors)
  2. Here's a new tutorial video for Sliding doors (Spanish)
  3. This is a clear example on how MP3 Converts to MIDI (Automatically and not manually)
  4. Its a true masterpiece
  5. It doesn't look too bad to be honest
  6. Copy the Sector you want to 3D Sector floor it Paste it outside of the playable map (You must paste it Looking to the same way your Original Sector is looking forward to) After that give that sector a linedef of 160 Then Create an extension from that sector that looks like a square Give the line looking at the part you want to slope a linedef of 181 Then modify your Sector to whatever you want it to look.
  7. Claro , veremos a como Agregar sprites y otras cosas en Slade como modificar el nombre de los niveles y todo eso ademas gracias por suscribirte espero que te guste el contenido!
  8. I do like to collect old games and consoles, right now i have the N64 with 4 Games (Perfect dark, Donkey Kong 64, Star wars Shadow of the empire and Super Mario 64) also im planning to buy the SNES Classic edition
  9. Today's my birthday, man hard to believe im 17 years old time has passed fast.

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      Happy birthday man!!!

      Still far from me, for example (32)


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      Thanks man i really appreciate it!

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      Nine Inch Heels

      17 years "old" he says... we'll talk again in 9 years ;-)

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      Happy BDAY! I still got like 5 months to go :)

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      Just gets faster from there. Happy birthday! Enjoy your youth and freedom while it lasts.

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      One more year and you're officially an adult. Until then, happy birthday!

  10. Right we got that out of the way. but how do i recreate the explosion? putting barrels behind the wall where the player can't see them? or another thing
  11. How do i make Explosions like Duke Nukem 3D Ones? im pretty sure it requires scripting and also how do i make holes in a wall? do i use 3D Sectors floor for that?
  12. En esta parte aprenderemos a como crear una Puerta Giratoria con Poly Objects.
  13. Its over 9000 Thousands its the most overused Line ever in the Internet i remember
  14. In personal stuff? nothing. but it did help me to start Mapping which is something i appreciate
  15. I map on a PC, i've never thought of the idea of mapping on a laptop seems insane for me atleast.