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  1. I was doing nothing, thought of something, I plan on making a total conversion. It might take a millennia because I have no prior knowledge on how to make doom wads and stuff. At least I know how to sprite and make simple doom maps.

  2. Out of school, time to work!

  3. I think anyone who uses Doom Builder needs to learn from those masterpieces
  4. Doom Builder tutorials and screwing around in it till I got it down.
  5. I have some spare want some?
  6. I myself had a pretty good Easter Sunday. I went to church and the service was amazing, then me and my family went to a really great restaurant called Rustlers Roost. Rustlers Roost is a restaurant native to the town I live in and its a cowboy restaurant, very rustic and interesting, but the best part was the view. The restaurant is the size on an international jumbo jet (without the wings) and is set on the top part of a mountain which gives it an amazing view of the valley which you must see for yourself. Well that was my Easter, so how was yours?
  7. --------------------------- GLEW Extension Info --------------------------- GLEW version 2.0.0 Reporting capabilities of pixelformat 3 Running on a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family from Intel OpenGL version 2.1.0 - Build is supported Here is the information.
  8. Ok, I downloaded that and opened glewinfo.exe and then it made the read me file giving all sorts of info. Would any of that be used for diagnosis?
  9. Is there any way to emulate or make the computer "think" that it has openGL 2 or 3? About the glewinfo.exe, I have not found it, I have found stuff like which I don't know what to do with
  10. Thank you, I put lots of time into the sprite work and added a story behind it to help.
  11. He always wears headphones under his helmet, and his favorite band is slayer. When he dies he emits a scream of pain and agony symbolizing that he has released the true metal head inside and turns the volume to max, rotting his brain from the inside.
  12. Mine is just a doomguy hud sprite that I edited, to make like he got burned by an imp or a mancubus, my last avatar was a satanic version of doomguy.
  13. Where will I find those files?
  14. when using gzdoom it said opengl version is not accelerated, so that is why I am focused on it. I don't know what info would be useful.
  15. My video card is a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family I have openGL 1.1 and I am able to use older builds of gzdoom, but lots of the updated addons and wads don't work with the older versions.