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  1. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    @MysteriousHaruko i love it thanks
  2. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    @MysteriousHaruko that video is going to help me a lot with my maps thank you so much
  3. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    @Surreily thank you for the feedback im sure to fix those errors and make my maps longer
  4. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    @Phade102 i didnt rush that map out i looked at the comments and listened to them for example the height variations and better detail
  5. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    @MysteriousHaruko ?
  6. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    @Glaice im going to add them once the project is finished
  7. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

    Finally you killed the nocturnal bat Bloodfang, You find a radio and pick it up, the voice says "HELP HELP WERE BEING ATTACKED IM A SCIENTIST RESEARCHING HOW TO DEFEAT THE MONSTERS IF ANYONE IS THERE PLEASE HELP ME". You think about it and decide to go to the Lab and help the Unknown Scientist. *WARNING* This project isnt finished yet, if you encounter any bugs let me know Level 1 has been added Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls) not finished yet....zip
  8. working on Lost chapter 3 (Tortured souls)


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Misty


      Also,don't be afraid to make ceiling higher and floors lower. Differences are good thing. 

    3. Hellwarlord


      ok thank you


    4. Misty


      Last thing before I'll do other things - don't forget draw door sector,for example 128x32 and inside that sector draw more lines on 128x16. It makes easier to control higher ceilings and door texture if you rise everything. I hope you get it. 

  9. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)

    @youraverageamir just fixed it
  10. Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge) is finished make sure to check it out :)

    1. Albertoni


      Jesus, dude, you make a whole chapter in the time it takes me to detail a single room

    2. Misty


      It takes me one week to decide were to put switch,two weeks where put decoration and 4 weeks if I should move linedef in left. 

  11. Here is a preview of level 3 its quite difficult map


    1. Hellwarlord


      It may look easy but its hard :)

    2. baja blast rd.

      baja blast rd.

      Challenge accepted. :) 

  12. Level 2 of Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge) screenshot


  13. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)

    @MysteriousHaruko i think i removed the secret
  14. Hellwarlord

    Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)

    You killed the mighty demon lurking in the UAC base, now you have left the UAC base its time to go underground, venture through dark, claustrophobic Caves full of demons. Your next mission is to kill BloodFang the nocturnal Bat and stop the demons Plan to take over the world. Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge).zip Credit to Tormentor667 for the custom monsters
  15. A screenshot of the upcoming Lost chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)


    1. Misty


      I would put more colours here or even grab custom texture set. 

    2. Armaetus


      You should consider putting all the levels into one WAD file if you're planning on making a short episode from it. That and uploading it to /idgames/ after ironing all the errors and correcting stuff from feedback.