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  1. everybody else has been making amazing maps while over there the only wad i made was a gift for a friend that was INCREDIBLY terrrible lol eh who gives a fuck ill do my best
  2. I mean people At my school already think Doom Is A Minecraft Mod So Not Surprised This Went Full Circle
  3. succ em
  4. actually ill do a marble theme with wood and shit
  5. eh ill see if i can whip up something ill take map 32 with a hell theme
  6. wow my feed is c r i n g e and t r a s h


  7. Controversial Opinion: E2M2 is t r a s h
  8. If they do go with a Hell On Earth sequel, they should at least fuckin have Daisy. All jokes aside they prolly will go With Hell On Earth, and they should expand the architectural ideas and make the textures look....less drab because let face it: Doom 2 city textures look like shit. Id imagine something more cyberpunk-ish/ System shock-ish shit would go perfect with Doom 2. If not, I think a different planet would be cool. Or even a different moon. I dunno something else besides earth. Or even maybe a space station i dunno im not very good with ideas for games but just my 2 cents.....
  9. its for my friends birthday. its mostly just inside jokes. plus its just for future reference as well
  10. while im at can yall suggest some good weapon textures
  11. Im trying to make a shitty meme wad and i just wanna add an intermission after the 3rd map and make head straight to the credits if possible. Thanks
  12. Snes Doom Is Impressive But It Sucks Dick. GBA Doom Is Better Plus Those Multiplayer Maps Were Cool
  13. D running super boring
  14. If there was to be a IOS port of Doom, it would probably be taken down or would require a jailbroken phone to run.