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  1. And how could I just not notice this for so long ?.. It seems I came on time! I'll probably wait for a full release.
  2. Quite a short run, even given the difficult gameplay. Several times I was very close to death. I think if you pass the map without hurry, you can avoid significant damage, especially since there are enough health items on the map. The battle before the exit, of course can be dangerous (but I just ran past ...) For a map created entirely on standard resources it looks great. Somewhat controversial I find a solution in the layout of the map, allowing the player to go to the exit without exploring some of important areas, including missing the super shotgun. First Demo Attempt GZDoom 3.2.0, I forgot duration... it's short ;] In my collection: - Visuals (3 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (3 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall Rating (3 / 5)
  3. Mentionating Oscillation & Hellebarde.
  4. @DAZZER I usually run via a shortcut: In my config: "C:\ ... \gzdoom.exe" -file megawads\*.* +skill 3 -loadgame saves\hb01.zds -playdemo saves\hb01.lmp *megawads - folder where "hellbarde.wad" is placed *saves - there GZDoom creating *.zds files On clean GZDoom, probably this is true: "C:\ ... \gzdoom.exe" -file hellebarde.wad +skill 3 -loadgame hb01.zds -playdemo hb01.lmp
  5. Another episode is behind, and it's impressed me much more than the first! Perhaps, simply because I love technobases, and they are planned almost perfectly. "Almost" because the map 18 made me roam in search of the switch, raising the bridge to a yellow key. Maybe I did not notice him because of the rush. Very original and beautiful location on map 19, but also contains non-obvious routes. The blue key, by the way, I never found. The final battle was somewhat tedious, but quite passable. Most of all I liked the visuals and more elaborate detailing. Let's see what will happen next... First Demo Attempt, Map 11-20 - 3 parts (with saves), GZDoom 3.2.0 Oh yes. Secret levels ... I somehow missed them. I'll record later, with a pistol start.
  6. Passing today the lunar episode, I noticed one strangeness in the behavior of the mini-boss, who first appears on the map 11. As I understand it is armed with several types of weapons, including a grenade launcher, only for the place of a grenade he, for some reason fires him: :D It's happens under GZDoom 3.2.0. I didn't check it in other versions.
  7. @valkiriforce The map is tough enough in terms of gameplay, throw walls of opponents on the player, but not devoid of a research element. To play comfortable enough, due to the fact that it is convenient to maneuver on the map. I remember how I once turned the wrong way, started running through the demons, miraculously hid myself in some kind of grotto and got a missile from Cyberdemon in the back of my head. :) And there are enough moments here. It is better not to stay in an open place for a long time. I'll remember the battle for the yellow key. It was a very intense climb in the intricacies of the stairs, being under constant fire from several Cyberdemons and constantly climbing from everywhere Cacodemons. For the sake of this moment it is worth to go through this map. I have not yet passed any megawad from the Scythe series, but I think I understand why it is so famous. Perhaps someday I will close this gap. First Demo Attempt - 37 mins, GZDoom 3.2.0 In my Collection: - Visuals (3 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (4 / 5) - Atmosphere (3 / 5) - Difficulty (4 / 5) - Overall Rating (3 / 5)
  8. At the moment I have passed the first 10 levels. Impressions are very good. The idea with mini-bosses, as I understand it, is central to this project. This is what makes it unique. Gameplay in my opinion is not quite difficult, though I managed to get lost several times in the "clean field" because of haste ... Mini-bosses for the most part do not cause difficulties. All, except for the boss on Map 04, he seemed to me quite difficult. I made about 6-7 attempts to beat him. And on Map 08 too. There I survived by accident. Architecture does not abound in detail, all in the form of Plutinia. Of the GZDoom features, I noticed only 3D floors. Visually I remember the map of Temple Of The Sun, just sweetie. Music ... I can not say that all the tracks nice fit the atmosphere, but there are those that perfectly complement it - a track from Ozzy, for example. So far, that is very impressive and intriguing. I feel monumental work.Soon I will continue the "lunar episode" ... First Demo Attempt, Map 01-10 - 3 parts (with saves), GZDoom 3.2.0
  9. Big stuff. I try to find some time to run through it. Maybe i'll do it by small pieces, maybe I'll try it later, but i'll take a note about this project. Screenshots looks very hopefully.
  10. @Myst.Haruko In fact, everything is simple: I'm too lazy to follow the updates ... This works - and OK. :3 I did not think that it's really uncomfortable, to have a bunch of versions, just to watch demos. It's good that you reminded me. I will update now (otherwise, I will forget again ...)
  11. Very nice map. Big and confusing. Someone may think that the maps are too large and complex in structure, too tiresome\quickly get bored, but not for me. I like challenging levels. The moments when I was lost and did not know where to go was a lot, but exploring the map, I always without much effort found the right way. I noticed that there was a shortage of health items. Their location literally has to be remembered, and from time to time player needs to return for them. Even with my not-so-perfect playing style, I was not even killed at the first pass. 35 secrets? I found quite a bit ... The gameplay is quite dynamic, but it is replaced by calm moments with research. Remember episodes, when suddenly nose to nose, you meet a whole crowd of opponents. We have to retreat sharply, change weapons, inevitably make mistakes. All this has a positive effect on the gameplay, making it unpredictable and diverse. The level structure is very branchy and compact, you never know where the enemy will come from. And yes, I'm going through the map for over an hour. 35 minutes, really? :D The visuals created by the new textures came in handy, but still there is too much gray in it. Perhaps, he would have looked more diverse, being diluted with dark metal. The architecture of the hellish location is done brightly and successfully, but ... too little. I was hoping to run around the full hell in such scenery. First Demo Attempt 1 h 12 mins, GZDoom 2.4.0 In my collection: - Visuals (4 / 5) - Detailing (5 / 5) - Gameplay (4 / 5) - Atmosphere (4 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall Rating (4 / 5) Great start. Not everyone starts with such good maps. Good luck in the future!
  12. This pause can be used to gather strength and practice in speedmapping.
  13. Hmm... 31st Ostoveg?! :D Cool! It looks like we have a new "extra month" ... special for spooky speedmapping. Daily forecast generator v0.666: Dark & mysterious бНОПНЯ catch everyone who don't participate in this (i guarantee it). Beware of бНОПНЯ ;3
  14. @HUNdebLeonidasX Nice party. Despite the presence of heavy opponents, the gameplay does not feel difficult. In general, the atmosphere of the map allows you to relax. You can run past at all some stationary monsters without a fight, for example, two hellknights in the central part of the map. Pleases that the author gives the player a berserk-pack, it very much helps. The only sad moment is that it's not working back teleport in the water channel leading to the location with the blue key (or I just did not find the right way ...). To come back I had to use the cheat. How to pick up a blue key is also not obvious. Perhaps the panel that moves the barrier, it would be worth somehow to highlight in more detail. First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0, 15 mins In my collection: - Visuals (3 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (3 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall Rating (3 / 5)
  15. Visually pretty standard level, but not boring. Gameplay techniques make me remember the classic Doom 2. Difficulty changes dramatically, but overall without any stress. Even the final battle with 2 arch-viles not annoying. A very worthy start. Good luck in the future! First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0