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  1. New shots of "Iced Sanctuary":
  2. @InsanityBringer For some reason, I could not open the map in UDMF format, but Boom would open perfectly. I assume that UDMF is not supported, or I do something wrong.
  3. Congratulations on Cacoward! I have not yet got acquainted with this project. There is no time now, but I took note. I will definitely pass, next year.
  4. @jmickle66666666 Superb stuff! I played with this tool and Gimp for 15 minutes, and here's what I did: It looks, of course, mediocre, because I'm not an artist at all, but in the able hands the potential of this instrument is enormous. It is a pity that UDMF does not directly support. I was able to open and edit only the map in Boom-format. Have you ever had any idea of implementing such a plugin for DB2 or GZDB? It would be just gorgeous if technically possible. And ... Is it possible to edit the floor and ceiling surfaces together with wall textures? It would be cool.
  5. @danielhday You can make for the project, something quite simple. In the style of Wolfenstein 3D, for example. The project does not imply claims to detail, design, mechanics or the duration of the map. In any case, good luck.
  6. Good luck to you. I hope next year you will join this project again.
  7. A series of arenas, on which the player is locked, a fairly trivial solution, but not devoid of potential. Makes me think of Serious Sam. But what will the player do if he does not find weapons in the secrets? This can greatly difficult his life. I think that finding secrets is a temporary opportunity to make life easier for a player (with a small amount of ammunition), and when you get to the arena, the player must somehow get more powerful weapons. For example, dodging the cyberdemon's rockets and hiding behind the columns to go to the other side of the arena (where was the cyberdemon) and there to pick up a rocket launcher ... or somehow. Your concept has significant potential. Make it for the project in any form.
  8. I again suspended development of the map for DMP to complete this: This map is made for a boom project of 32 maps, started by @Memfis, and based on a speedmap basis. If everything turns out, the project will be available closer to the end of December or earlier.
  9. On the first imprint, immediately began to appear associations with OST Unreal and UT2004. The compositions are quite diverse, each with its own mood. I remember the track "Snowy", where someone reads the sequence of numbers. Very atmospheric. And also the track Dead Star, casting something mystical. In general, the overall mood of the album is not heavy. In some places I began to notice a small aggressiveness in the filing, as in "In a Dream". I already expected to hear on this track, something like my favorite OST Firestarert from MoozE, but no, the pressure goes off pretty quickly. Separate moments sounded like OST Axiom Verge. Because of these all, I really liked the release, a little later I will get acquainted with other albums of Partition 36.
  10. This summer turned 26, but I feel myself 18-19. Since I left school behind in my life has come a period of "calm", and since then I have not had any changes for myself. It is not surprising that the memory of this seemingly uneventful and short period is the brightest in my memory. Probably, I will feel like this always.
  11. The similarity, really is. The vocals are just superb!
  12. I finish my JoM map. Screens of final version: