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  1. StormCatcher.77


    It looks charming :3 I am glad to see that the visual component of the project is constantly progressing. Immediately I recall the masterpiece "Void And Raindow" from Serious_MOod. Maybe you should talk about collaboration in the project? By the way, in the penultimate screen, it seemed to me somewhat unnatural that the “fountain” with molten gold does not glow in the dark. Or so conceived?
  2. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Bauul My thanks. You understood correctly, this is a portal. Just in one place this is a wall, not an sloped surface. At a distance, because of the lighting, it seems that this is a peak passing through the portal. @Gez The project leader did not focus on this. In addition, as I understood later, the detailing is clearly redundant, in comparison with the other maps in the project. In any case, this is a fair point.
  3. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Many thanks for kind words! Remember that you already can play this. Early beta of DRRP is released today. I must warn you that this is the buggest map that I just created (in that case, that I was very much involved in fixing it) This is especially expressed in the lighting of the cave. I spent a lot of time to make it look bearable.
  4. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Shots of Sector 4 from Doom RPG Remake Project:
  5. StormCatcher.77

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just made an interesting discovery - a bug in the behavior of Lost Soul. After the attack, stopping near an obstacle, he simply stands still and does not attack the player until he sees him again. One condition is important here - the player should not use a weapon. If a shot happens, the effect will immediately be lost. Similar happens under Chocolate Doom and Boom. In G\ZDoom ports there is no such thing. Interestingly, had anyone noticed this before?
  6. Ah no, sorry, false alarm. For some reason, It seemed to me, Dawn of the Dead (dodead.wad) and SYD_1-3.wad don't present on \idgames. But no, they are ok. Nevertheless, I have a bunch of ancient tools for creating maps (DEU II 1.0, WADED 1.42. etc). I am sure that all of them already exist somewhere on the Internet...
  7. Acquainted with this discovery, I remembered something. For a long time, I had a badly damaged pirated CD with Doom, Doom 2, archives with tools and several archives with maps for both parts of Doom. The disc itself has long been lost, but my habit of making backups of everything I saved the almost all (it was hard, but I was very lucky). Looking through the screenshots, I immediately recognized the familiar outlines (especially that “dog”). How long has it been ... When I was add favorite maps to my collection I was sure that this lost part of the story, but no. Everything was already on \idgames. Besides some things ... (I now need time to find them). @reveilleun You don't mind if I ask about a hypothetically lost wads right here, or maybe somewhere on DW be a special thread?
  8. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm continuing work on my Eviternity map:
  9. StormCatcher.77

    E4M1 - Reincarnated

    A short, but memorable map, due to the excellent design and interesting gameplay.
  10. StormCatcher.77

    Kuadrat - A vanilla map for the Ultimate Doom

    Oh, I found a good reason to distract from the non-stop mapping... In general, a short and neat map in the style of the 3rd episode, which conveys its atmosphere well. The difficulty is low, not counting the traps with demons (one of them bite me from back). When a berserk pack gets into the hands of a player, he no longer loses anything. The only thing that disappointed me was 59% of those killed at the completion of a passage. As it turned out, I missed almost half of the map, having forgotten to take the rocket launcher. Well, it was a reason to run through the map again, but it would be worthwhile to encourage the player to investigate the map entirely, or at least in some way mark exit switch. The most memorable moment is a room with a red key. When I picked it up ... nothing happened xD. I have not seen such gameplay decisions for a long time! Exciting! First Demo Attempt - PrBoom
  11. StormCatcher.77

    A project for IDTech 4 I'm working on.

    Hope someday I can try this. Looks promising.
  12. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My own experiments with OTEX:
  13. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    ^ This is looks absolutely outstanding! Really like color set and lighting.
  14. @Rimantas I saw first messages in topic and think same, but got "1 warning point" from moderator. Be careful here. And it's 100% serious.
  15. OMG, sorry... I translated it wrong without translator... All I could think of at the moment is a variation with the words "-vault" and "-nation". I will leave the discussion to not say something stupid...