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  1. Sorry guys, but I just forgot ... I hope at least next time my holey head will not let me down. All the time I'm amazed at how good the maps are coming from the participants, especially in terms of gameplay. I can not keep up with you. I made a one-hour run through the wad. A good warm-up for the early morning: First Demo Attempt ~ 1 hour, GZDoom 2.4.0
  2. @Nirvana Wow! Causes strong associations with "Swim With The Whales". I'm really looking forward to the release!
  3. @dl_simc Really hard stuff. I do not remember a single map where I had to fight with a hellkinght by chainsaw. I did not notice, but there is no first-aid kit here. This is a real challenge. All gemaplay based on occurences of infighting between monsters. I passed half of the map with only 3 hp. Did not count how many times I died, but did run through this without cheats. I get a missing texture on my eyes. Details in the demo. First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0, 17 min
  4. To shift the emphasis of battles to the frequent use of berserk-pack, in my opinion, a very good idea. It was nice to run. First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0
  5. I'm in a game.
  6. At the moment, I want to mention of: Counterattack (Mechadon) The Kerberos Complex (antares031) Autopsy (MyNameIs) Atlas Complex - Waste Processing (Guardsoul) UAC Vinur Prime Research Base (Zanieon)
  7. @Ed Cheerful and unusual. To explore a huge room in search of keys under a continuous squall of fire was fun. In general, it's not so much fights with monsters as the search for the keys themselves that are complicated. I looked for the last yellow skull for a long time. The music is just super! @A2Rob The really strong work. Feeling the similarity of the gameplay with the maps from Final Doom. Often falling into the trap, I lost my health due to inattention. Very often found myself at the death line, but almost always could quickly replenish the health reserves. Here nothing prevents to enjoy the gameplay. Ammo are always enough. The music is well chosen. For all the passage did not find any secret. There will be an excuse to go through this map again. @TreeSquid A good map, giving a sense of gameplay similar to the original Doom 2. I noticed only one small bug. Zombiemans staying at computer terminals by the way to blue key can't move and shoot. Sector 18 @antares031 I remember the map from antares031 of DMP2016. That map impressed me by details. The new work surprises even more. In addition, to just shine a visuals! True gameplay does not allow you to stand still and admire the beauties. The difficulty is quite high, but the level is planned correctly, so almost always there is the opportunity to retreat or quickly hide behind obstacles. There is a strong element of nonlinearity. At the end of the map turns into a frank carnage, but it does not spoil the impression of it. Music is not quite, in my opinion, suitable for such a difficult level. It's too pacifying and discords with what is happening. The map is far from being a walk :). Apparently there are a lot of secrets on the map. I managed to find only 2 at the first pass. Outstanding. True masterpiece! @Roofi Another wonderful work for the classics. I like the beginning with an abundance of berserk-action. Corrupted Industry All demos here recordered in GZDoom 2.4.0
  8. This is like a breath of fresh air! I didn't create a demo. For some reason, a demo in the middle throws the GZDoom on the desktop :[ But it was still cool! A small masterpiece, beyond all estimates.
  9. Not again... I uploaded a 30th june backup of the map, not a final version. I download it for now and can't pass through it. Now uploaded correct version of the map. I fixed place there you are stuck in a demo and added some edits to texturing. Now it's passable. Link updeted. Some screenshots:
  10. Thanks for the demo and for the comments. This, of course, is not a complete passage, but it was nice to see. With difficulty, I really overdid it, as always. Simply, you just need to hurry ... more slowly. :]
  11. The first minutes of July 1 have already gone. I have 00:00 in the morning and I just finished testing. It seems that everything is working fine ... But, I do not know. I spent all day debugging. Screenshots will do later... maybe. I really want to sleep. There, probably there will be a lot of bugs. Please report any. I'll fix it tomorrow morning. Mediafire 0.9 mb I forgot the main thing: Title: Cursed Realms - Flooded Palace Ports: Boom Music: Annihilator - Ritual Single Player: Yes Cooperative: No Deathmatch: No Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: From 12th april to 30th june of 2017 Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder 2.3, Slade Testing: GZDoom 2.4.0, PrBoom
  12. I'm still working...
  13. @riderr3 Nice stuff. +1 for music. It's strange, but I wasn't find the rocket launcher... First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0
  14. Well-designed maps with competently placed enemies. The only thing that spoiled my impression of passing, this is the place where I somehow hopelessly stuck, and could not escape without cheats. I probably went through the very first version, without fixes. I think in the new version there are no problems anymore. I also could not leave the room at the beginning of the second map for a long time. I had a full supply of shells and the shotgun is not pick up :) I should have guessed ... The use of 3D floors and slopes approve, but the fact that sector lighting at almost all levels is monotonous is a minus to the atmosphere. New opponents perfectly complement the standard. It is a pity that stone imps are found only on the first level. Fights with opponents are interesting and require you to save ammunition and change weapons under the situation, especially on the first maps - this is another plus. Nice run through. In my collection: - Visuals (4 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (4 / 5) - Atmosphere (3 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall Rating (4 / 5)
    The map tests the player for strength and express the spirit of Plutonia. Gameplay requires accuracy and readiness for unexpectedness. Visual style is only classic.