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  1. StormCatcher.77

    Hell's Court

    Not bad map for 1995, but very short and easy to play.
  2. StormCatcher.77

    What are you listening to?

  3. StormCatcher.77

    How did you come up with your username?

    It's something from the depths of childhood ... Initially, I came up with the name "Storm", for naming profiles in various games. When it first appeared, I do not remember ... At that time, on my first computer with 3 GB HDD and 16 MB of RAM (at my father's workplace), besides my first games there was a large collection of music. These were tracks named MUSIK.01.mp3 ... 02 ... 03 etc. Basically, these were tracks in the genre of disco or pop from the 80's and 90's. There were no tags in the files (and at that time I did not know what it was) because I recognized the songs by ear. One song from the collection stood out against the others and made me listen to myself over and over again - MUSIK.77. But I did not know what it's called then. Already much later I find out that this is "Scorpions - Wind Of Change". When we had the first home computer (not that old), I called my first profile as Storm.77 ... Later, when I first met Painkiller, I noticed the logo "Dreamcatcher" on the intro and thought: "Hmm ... this it would sound interesting. " So there was StormCatcher.77. Already in the "Internet age" (this is 2011 :3) I found out that this word is not deprived of meaning... and title "Storm Catcher" even carries a one movie ... But this is all. For me now this name is just a cool anglicism...
  4. StormCatcher.77

    The Crypt (WAD) - From the Vinesauce contest, I had to share it!!

    @RonnieJamesDiner Unfortunately, I made my map in a hurry, and afterwards from I had a long period of constant workload, because of what I did not have time to fix the bugs on the map. And there are a lot of them. Some of them are very lousy (for example, temporarily immortal monsters and corpses flying in the air) ... because, I also do not hope for prizes. I hope that it will be fun to watch ... And yes, Arctic Base is really strong pretender to win. For some reason it was reminded me one map for Quake 2 with same name. Frost + steel = cool stuff, as always :3
  5. StormCatcher.77


  6. StormCatcher.77

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Architecture is very well done. Looks fresh to me. Really good use of stock textures. Map is pretty hard in some places and makes you see the danger in every corner. I was kill myself by a rocket in a room with blue key at first attempt, and no save a demo... In general, really cool work. - Visuals (4 / 5) - Detailing (4 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (4 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - In my collection (4 / 5)
  7. StormCatcher.77

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    I'll try to get acquainted with the project as soon as I have free time. Looks superb.
  8. StormCatcher.77

    Practical Infiltration

    Good map with strong Evilution feeling. Gameplay in water channels is slightly boring because here is alot of berserk-fights with hellknights, but it's not spoils the overall impressions.
  9. StormCatcher.77


  10. StormCatcher.77


    I think, for 1996 this map is very stunning... Moment with camera monitor been much memorable. In overall sence, design is simple, but in some places author give more advance to details. I like gameplay without big difficulties, and secrets, that's easy to find. For me is strongest standalone map of 1996 that i know.
  11. StormCatcher.77

    Map request.

    Done: MediaFire, 53 mb
  12. StormCatcher.77

    Map request.

    This is unbelievable what all links to this map is dead. This is very vell done work. Now I try to find eotl.pk4, but wasn't find any working link. This map was saved in my collection on very old DVDs. I need time to find file and upload it... Wait a bit...
  13. StormCatcher.77

    The Crypt (WAD) - From the Vinesauce contest, I had to share it!!

    One of the strongest submissions for VMC 2018 at this point (for my opinion). Gameplay hard as hell, but enjoyable. Very well done!
  14. StormCatcher.77

    Serious Sam mapping contest (looking for beginners)

    @Voltcom9 Perhaps I unnecessarily thickened the paint describing the editor. Serious Editor is not an extremely unstable program and never crashes spontaneously. Simply, the program has annoying crashes that arise under the same circumstances. While beginner will not remember them all, having meet in their experience, the experience of mapping may be negative. For me, now Serious Editor, a familiar and stable program, although when I started to study it, I was often just in despair ...I just want to mentally prepare anyone who to will participate in contest is needed create backups when working in front of almost any meaningful action . The most important thing in the editor at first is to remember the combination of hot keys and learn how to handle the camera. It is possible that when creating the simplest level, a new one will not encounter any bug. Also worth mentioning is that the x86 version of the editor does not work correctly on x64 systems. Despite the almost complete miss of English, I could support anyone who tries (just tries) to create something in the editor. I am ready to create manuals and example maps, if they can not be found on seriouszone.com Here is a very useful threads... And, big thanks for reply!