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  1. StormCatcher.77

    Scripting question

    There is not enough "Delay (1);" after "While". Due to its absence, the While loop becomes infinite and GZDoom automatically stops its execution. Try this at first: Script 6 Open { While(True) { Delay (1); If (GetActorProperty (16, APROP_Health) <= 1500) { Print (s:"-------------"); Terminate; } } }
  2. StormCatcher.77

    [Release] Freaky Panties

    When I tried to watch the demo for the first time, it's desync close to the beginning. I thought the demo is lost, but after restarting GZDoom I tried again and was able to see through all without problems.
  3. StormCatcher.77

    Cacowards 2018 Mentionation Thread (don't toot your own horn ffs)

    I'm nominate Freaky Panties by YukiRaven
  4. StormCatcher.77

    [Release] Freaky Panties

    Here is a cool and well-developed technobase! I can not remember such works since the time of Putrefier. This map can easily be put with it in a single row, however, if the first reminded of Quake 2, then in Freaky Panties very much the same as the first Unreal and Quake (I judging by the overall atmosphere). It would seem that traveling in such place would be accompanied by the Dark Ambient, but here playing a bright Futurepop (or what is it? :3) This map is a great place with a motley background for the fight with demons. Music is perfectly emphasizes this. The gameplay seemed to me quite hard, especially the final fight, which could was considerably delayed, if I not found one super-duper-useful secret. Difficulty does not make the gameplay bad, on the contrary, after a series of easy projects this is a real good challenge. First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.4.1, UV In my collection: - Visuals (5 / 5) - Detailing (5 / 5) - Gameplay (5 / 5) - Atmosphere (5 / 5) - Difficulty (4 / 5) - Overall (5 / 5) P.S. ...And I'm not forgot about Shadow of the Nightmare Realm, Umbra of Fate and other cool stuff. Hope, I can play it all in this year.
  5. StormCatcher.77


    Looks pretty good! I'll try this in near time.
  6. StormCatcher.77

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    Outstanding work! There is nothing more to say... First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.4.1 In my collection: - Visuals (5 / 5) - Detailing (4 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (5 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall (5 / 5)
  7. StormCatcher.77

    'Verse Hopper: Community Project (Final release!)

    How I waited for this! Congratulations to everyone on the release! Unfortunately, I did not have time to try the participant's maps myself on project server. In the near future, I finally find time to evaluate the whole project.
  8. StormCatcher.77

    MEMBRANE - Commercial Alien Shooter made in GZDoom

    Looks very promising! I wish you good luck with your project, and of course I will wait for the release.
  9. StormCatcher.77

    Inside The Feared Madness (Feedback Appreciated)

    I'm very glad to see new maps for GZDoom! This one left a good impression after playing, due to the variety of locations. Almost every room has its own recognizable style and different color schemes. In addition, almost everywhere player can meet the elements of a microdetail. All this is a signs of excellent skills, considering that the map was made in just a month. The duration is also pleasantly surprising. The gameplay is not hard at all, but I was died several times. This was mainly due to the reckless use of berserk-pack. In spite of the fact that I played rather sloppy, there were enough health and armor on the map, so that the gameplay did not turn into a cycle of permanent save-loads, which indicates a well thought-out balance. I love all these features in GZDoom (slopes, dynlights, e.t.c.) and am glad when they are abundantly used. Thanks to use of sector and dynamic lighting, the standard textures look fresh to me. Lastly, I would like to mention about one bug. These are metal bars with a tag 3. When the player passes over them and provokes their rising, he can fallback behind them and will be locked, without the possibility to pass on without noclip. You can seen this in demo. First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.4.1 In my collection: - Visuals (4 / 5) - Detailing (4 / 5) - Gameplay (4 / 5) - Atmosphere (4 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall (4 / 5)
  10. @Bauul Level design is absolutely outstanding!! For me, this is the most expected project.
  11. StormCatcher.77

    Haunted Base

    From the first minutes I realized that this is not a typical job. Atmosphere here is a special emphasis. I also love Doom 3, and I'm very imbued with this map. The gameplay of most of the map did not seem difficult to me, although I managed several times to die by stupidity. The difficulties arose only closer to the finale, and then they could be avoided. It seems to me here is alot of ammunition, even too much. In the visual plan there is a certain monotony, diluted only by entourage, which sets by the sprite surroundings. Due to the large number of different rooms and ventilation shafts, the map attracts to explore itself. Most valuable in the experience of the gameplay are various unexpected situations, as well as moments denoting the presence of infernal power. This made the strong atmosphere in Doom 3 and works great here. First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.4.1 In general, keep it up! I see great potential here and I hope to see more your GZDoom maps in a future. In my collection: - Visuals (3 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (5 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall (3 / 5)
  12. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Bauul Many thanks! :D Your words encourage me to create further. I regularly see amazing shots here (including yours), so I try to experiment more to keep the bar of quality. Although, it turns out purely by chance, since haste is very much influenced, all decisions come spontaneously. On all the pictures that I've been published recently, a map for the 'Verse Hopper project, developed in 2 weeks. A couple more:
  13. StormCatcher.77

    What are you listening to?

  14. StormCatcher.77

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)