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  1. Well-designed maps with competently placed enemies. The only thing that spoiled my impression of passing, this is the place where I somehow hopelessly stuck, and could not escape without cheats. I probably went through the very first version, without fixes. I think in the new version there are no problems anymore. I also could not leave the room at the beginning of the second map for a long time. I had a full supply of shells and the shotgun is not pick up :) I should have guessed ... The use of 3D floors and slopes approve, but the fact that sector lighting at almost all levels is monotonous is a minus to the atmosphere. New opponents perfectly complement the standard. It is a pity that stone imps are found only on the first level. Fights with opponents are interesting and require you to save ammunition and change weapons under the situation, especially on the first maps - this is another plus. Nice run through. In my collection: - Visuals (4 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (4 / 5) - Atmosphere (3 / 5) - Difficulty (3 / 5) - Overall Rating (4 / 5)
    The map tests the player for strength and express the spirit of Plutonia. Gameplay requires accuracy and readiness for unexpectedness. Visual style is only classic.
  2. @Walter confetti The map is in a very well-seasoned style. I liked the texture of the boxes. I do not remember seeing anything like that anywhere. The gameplay is for the most part not difficult, but the architecture makes you lose your way. Not far from the beginning, I was long not clear where to take the blue key (this is my inattention). One more thing is the rising stairs. The fact that they are rising themselves, I discovered by accident. If this did not happen, probably another 20 minutes wandered around the map in search of a switch :]. At me always so. I found all the secrets! I do not understand what activates the switch near the column with arch-vile? By the way, if you fall in the gap between this column and the "invisible path", then you will not be able to get out. But I think that's what's planned. First Demo Attempt 13 mins, GZDoom 2.4.0
  3. @VirtualOwl13 I'm glad to know that the work is moving. I'm not so optimistic, because I did not even start making my own map for the project. If only I could make a map for Texture Extavaganza. Summer has come, but I have no time for anything ... :( In any case, I'm glad to any news here.
  4. Plenty of plasma made the passage of each map fairly easy. The only difficulty is the completion of the last map. To fight with a lot of arch-viles in a confined space was difficult. Difficult, but cool! Very powerful set of maps. First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0 No errors found critical for passing.
  5. Uh ... I just forgot about the contest. Well, and was busy. Excuse me. A complete compilation of all the work has not yet been created?
  6. @Bauul G.T. has been very good at translating recently. I remember, a few years ago, people who tried to translate something into Russian from English, it turned out something unreadable. Recently, I noticed that the situation has changed dramatically. Now G.T. translates very well into Russian. Not 100%, but very convincing. I think that this works in the opposite direction. Although G.T. often picks up the wrong words, they have to be corrected manually. For example, it confuses "map" and "card" or "difficulty" and "complexity" ... @Walter confetti I updated the map in my archive. @Ed @A2Rob I run through the maps as soon as I have free time. I now in an emergency mode make a map for Serious Sam: TSE...
  7. I would not like to miss the participation in this project. However, I now have three maps in development at once, which should have already been released for a long time ... While they are in priority. In a real development for this project and I can only start (hopefully) in late summer. I would like to take slot 12 "Space ships" and do something like an orbital station on the textures of the CC4. If by the end of the summer the project is coming to an end, I can cede my place to somebody, so that everyone does not have to wait.
  8. This is not my English, but a special version of it, which speaks Google Translator. Without it, I can not communicate here. I expressed the idea that the abundance of dynamic light could more diversify map visuals. The map would be more like Quake, which would strengthen it atmosphere. Sector lighting can not be called bad, but it is not enough. The brightness of the sectors on most of the map, both inside the base and outside, is 128. I said previously "total sector brightness at zero". I meant the total darkness on the map (as in Quake), and the lighting is only dynamic. This is just an idea, not a recommendation. I do not in any way present my opinion and ratings as something without alternatives. I just had some impressions after passing. I criticized the map for the monotony of the visuals, because I had previously received criticism of this kind for my first map. I hope now it all translated right.
  9. @everennui Great work with detail and scripts. Overall performance is good. Individual elements like a highly detailed bridge before exit leave a strong impression, but with them contrasts, in many ways, a rather monotonous style of the base and rocks. He could have been diluted more by the play of light and shadow. The problem of monotonicity could be solved by the abundance of dynamic lights + total sector brightness at zero. But this is an amateur, of course. I tested the elevator for lethality. It works ... :) Another elevator I managed to break again. Look in the demo. In order to fix this, you need to specify the TagWait (86) in the "Else" section of Script 3; Now there is TagWait (24). I also remember that Lost Soul at the very beginning can not attack the player, because he was stuck in the rock. Can it be decorative? :) Also, there were seen "flying" ammo in the far corner of the elevator with boxes. And yet, in the room behind the red door (first floor) one of the sides of the boxes is completely black. Though in GZDB it is not present. I do not even know what it is ... The gameplay is intense due to a lack of ammo. And this is a plus. Critical shortage was never. The balance is excellent. Music perfectly conveys the atmosphere. It's because of the Doom 64 right? I draw your attention that it is in MP3 format. Is there really nothing to replace it with? If not, I'm ready to revise the rules if the size of the MP3 \ OGG file does not exceed 3 MB. In your case, everything is OK, but nevertheless I ask while to look for an alternative. I would not want the final assembly to reach 500 MB due to music or sounds ... :) First Demo Attempt 9 mins, GZDoom 2.4.0 For a long time I thought about how to put the map in my collection. Visually, it would have been placed next to many others, but nevertheless I picked up some of it for myself, so 4 ... 3 with a plus ;] - Visuals (2 / 5) - Detailing (4 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (4 / 5) - Difficulty (4 / 5) - Overall Rating (4 / 5) I think it is already possible to add it into the title under the name "Strange Worlds" or is it too early?
  10. Cool stuff. Thanks!
  11. @Bauul I think we need more big maps in Quake style! I would fill up my collection with one more.
  12. @CWolf I did not allow the use of MP3 and OGG because of the large file size of this formats. There is a midi-cover of the track "The Hangar". I could not find more. I think it's worthwhile searching for tracks that suit the atmosphere in the MOD-music archives.
  13. I just ran a compilation. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the map 07 (Quick Jim) contains a lot of HOM and errors of switch texturing. Anyway under GZDoom. The "blue" and "yellow" walls ... um ... not too obvious a decision not to designate them. Only if the author specifically did not try to confuse the player. :) Because of the confusion, I used cheats. And I can't finish it, because exit portal will not work... At the last level (Temple Of Heck), I could not return to the center of the map, after selecting the blue key. I do not know why. I used the cheat ... I came across a flaw in my map, because of which you can greatly reduce the passage... Well, I was in a hurry ... ;] All other maps are passed normally. Some with moderate difficulty. Others make you nervous. The work turned out excellent. 30 minutes of my passing: First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0
  14. @DoomLover234 The map is fully playable. I did not notice any significant difficulties. I passed the map without ever having been saved. Although the moments with the spawn of hitscanners, quite tense. The very first fight, after the elevator, too. Probably, I just got lucky. The architect is very diverse for a map made in 2 hours.