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  1. Very long time did not play Doom 3. It's nice to realize that mappers are still releasing a content for it. I'm really looking forward to.
  2. If everything is really bad, on the last day I'll do something in "startan-archvile-madness" style ... :P To relax ... Have you already submitted your map? We Is it worth waiting for something as amazing as Nightlife?
  3. I recently complete developind a map for the "Manhunt" contest. Yesterday I sketched out a map plan for this event. Only today I will begin to do the first trys in GZDB. Unfortunately, I can not promise anything. All this is very wrong for me... Maybe it will be something small, maybe simply nothing...
  4. Many thanks for the tip-off! This version sounds good. So, author of this track is another person or Sorrir Boy it's your avatar on YouTube? If this is not you, I would be interested to listen your version too. In case I use it in my work, I need to know for sure.
  5. Brilliant stuff! I would take a lot for my future work. Do you have any plans to make midi versions of any other tracks from Serious Sam? It would be cool to hear the midi version of Dunes (peace) someday ...
  6. Quite a long time ago, I made a map for Texture Extravaganza. Everything was done in a hurry, without a preliminary plan, so the map turned out to be confusing, with an abundance of switchhunting. On Doom Power, the map received different reviews, again, due to confusion and because of the "instant death marks" on the floor. I would be grateful if you pay attention to it. Original post, Screenshots
  7. @Zahid Only by "-warp" line command. And other maps to 36th too. @Spectre01 I mean only ZDoom and GZDoom maps. Vanilla maps tested in Chocolate Doom 3.0 and limit-removing and boom maps in PrBoom+
  8. I'll check it out later... All maps (including the hub) have been tested on GZDoom 3.2.0. I think, in newer versions should not be any problems.
  9. The first part of Chainworm Commando was an excellent project. Description of the new sounds promising. I'll wait for more news...
  10. This is my mistake ... There it is also recommended to make an info file by template, and I forgot, and did as I was comfortable ... Maybe this can be fixed manually ... So. Final version on /idgames (or here): 1. Updated maps 02, 06, 30, 36 and 45. 2. Replaced music on map 15. 3. Added author's comments to maps in the info-file. 4. Fixed technical bugs on the hub-map. 5. When you return to the hub, the player's health is restored to 100. 6. Something else, but i forgot what it was...
  11. @Pegleg Sorry, only in the next version, in a couple of months. I uploaded the project to /idgames yesterday (from the third attempt). At the moment the archive is available at /newstuff. (dmp2017.*)
  12. @Decay GothMash - a very good pack of textures. I'm interested in who compiled this collection, and who is the author of the original resources. I need this to mention the authors, when using this pack. As I understand it, GothMash is an abbreviation. What is the full name of the pack? I ask because Google has not given me answers to these questions.
  13. Wow, I didn't know anything about this project... Screenshots recalls your maps from JOM5 and DMP2017... and NOVA III i guess. Sorry, can I see somewhere full listing of your works? I'll take note about all in my "ready-to-playthought" list.
  14. @MarlamirThank you, but, unfortunately, now I really do not have time. I'm busy with a map for the Serious Sam's "Manhunt" contest until February 15th (and I'm very late). Then I'll try to do something for Vinesause Mapping Contest 2. It's not counting other things ... The final version will be released on the 10th. Until that moment, I expect to adding \ edits of author's comments. I remind everyone that even after the final release, you can send updates for maps.
  15. @Catpho As far as i remember this is DMPs of 2012 and 2016 years. In all other DMPs custom resources was allowed.