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  1. Not yet, I'll update the main post when I get around to making a compilation of what is currently completed.
  2. You could, I think the instrument set for the healer stalks pretty recognizable depending on how you pull it off. Maybe throw in a short nod to the salsa section for good measure.
  3. Sure thing, I don't know if I have it in me to make two maps ever since I got tied up. Go for it!
  4. 15 are completed, although some with no MIDI yet. I think there are still people around working on maps but the current ballpark I'm expecting is 15-20 since some people have been inactive for a while after taking a slot.
  5. Yeah I'm kinda tied up right now since I have a lotta MIDIs to go through, There's also my own map but I'm not exactly pushing for a full megawad anymore if it becomes too much of a slog, since there's already plenty of good maps.
  6. I've been reading up on some actions and came across A_FireOldBFG which I'd like to use in a project, however since this is beta behaviour that was restored I'm not sure what complevel that would fall under, or which source ports support it and which don't. Wouldn't want to accidentally raise the complevel of the entire thing because of one action.
  7. Although several maps are done there's a lot of gaps between them, so I haven't gotten around to making a compilation WAD of what's finished yet.
  8. Someone took it over on discord but I am unsure if they're still around since it's been a while. If it does open back up, I'll let you know.
  9. Working on my own map at the moment, I should have something to show for it soon. Once I finish my own map I can go back to doing playtests and music composition.
  10. I could try a redo of MAP07 and readjust lower difficulties to be more difficult, perhaps try out making the gameplay more reliant on shotguns. Will post an update if anything comes of it. Maybe slide a couple more SHAWN textures to get a point across too.
  11. It's kinda in the incubation chamber right now since I got busy with college stuff as of late. I plan on picking it back up again soon though! Just gotta get real life stuff in order first.
  12. bonus points for a romero minifigure head built inside the wall
  13. Sky may be, most of the colours are already down tbh