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  1. I've done some more changes to MAP07 for version four. I think this is the finished version (or at the very least close to it) after taking the previous feedback into account. The map got a fair bit easier, but that's alright since the original version was already a difficulty spike compared to the maps before it. New screenshots I guess since there are technically some new bits: Full Changelog (Spoilered because of length) Download: DeadShingle_v4.zip On a different note, if I managed to work out all the issues on this one I'll continue working on the credits map to relax for a bit. Maybe also the credit screen graphic although at the moment there's still a couple names being shuffled around so that's on hold for now.
  2. DiR

    [Community Project] Morior Invictus (More Open Slots!)

    I'd like to take up the MAP17 slot if it's open.
  3. DiR

    Mapsets where you revisit "maps"

    Recently I played through DBP31: Santa's Outback Bender and it returns to the "airport" map a couple of times throughout your journey and you can see it being changed as time passes presumably while you're out playing the other levels. It's not a true hub map, but you do exit from a different part of the map every time you come back to it so I guess it connects the different areas a bit.
  4. DiR

    Share Your Sprites!

    Made a plasmarifle-esque weapon based on the beta doom rifle sprites. It took a long time to shade everything correctly so that they look like a part of one cohesive object, but I'm pretty proud of what I managed to end up with. Also a pun. I'm probably going to use this for a mod of my own, although same rules apply. Let me know which mod you're using it in if you ever use it!
  5. Here's a list that @ThatKidBobo sent me a while back, it's not up to date but it's got most of everything needed for the list. I think maybe some of the others can help me out with what changed since then, since I'm only aware that The Kingslayer dropped out and that I'm now making a small edit to the credits map with knifeworld.
  6. I think also we should have a maplist on the first post of the thread as to who's taking which map so people can see which map slot is open, maybe the playtesters and the graphic designers too so that it's easier to package up a credits screen when we're done.
  7. DiR

    real world bfg equivalent?

    Regardless if there's a real-world equivalent for the BFG or not the hard part is shooting 40 tracers out of your eyeballs, which is hard to train for.
  8. Lookin' good! So the people participating in the community project are finalized? If so I can get to making a credits graphics since everyone's here once I'm able to.
  9. The fixes for version 4 of my map are gonna take a while, busy with some real-life stuff at the moment but I'm still around.
  10. I had a CREDITPIC in mind but I'm waiting until everyone's maps and stuff are finalized because I wouldn't want to have to smush everything together if some people's names don't fit or if some people might drop out since there' still some missing maps.
  11. I remember D_RUNNIN the most, whether I like it or not. Numerous tests of mods, maps, and whatever have you burned the melody into my earholes. Jokes aside, I love "One Night In Neo Kobe City" from Snatcher (MAP01 of AUGER;ZENITH). It's just something that rolls together the experience of seeing the whole city from the starting area, and once the bassline kicks in you start playing the level. Good stuff all around. There's also this really good MIDI rendition of T-Square's "Samurai Metropolis" which was included in a T-Square MIDI pack post that someone posted on here a while back (The person who posted it escapes my memory). It's amazing that each part was articulated with all the bass slides, brass swells, and e-flute vibrato.
  12. I named the file wrong, it's supposed to be CWILV16 instead of CWIL18, I didn't notice the typo for a while.
  13. Ah, I guess I was just using an old version and the issue has since been fixed. I updated my version to 2.6.2 and it worked.
  14. What map number is "I Think" again? I might've put the wrong level number on it or something.
  15. MAP02 is the one on top lol The CWIL names are counted starting from zero, so everything's indented by one (MAP01 uses CWIL00, MAP02 uses CWIL01, etc.)