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  1. DiR

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    While I have nothing against the current colours of the green and blue armour sets, it always bugged me a little bit how the green armour was called the "security" armour and the blue armour was called the "combat" armour in the manuals, despite green being more of a military colour and blue being more of a security colour. Not saying the colours should be swapped or anything, just that the names still throw me off from time to time. Maybe it's just me.
  2. Aaaand it has been a month. I am still swamped in stuff and haven't gotten a chance to work on doom stuff despite the extra month but I think it's time to make this kind of community project a "It's done when it's done" sort of deal. Anyways, I am in no big rush to get this done so I'm removing the deadline. I got a HUD finished for the project in the meantime as well as having done some CWILV graphics, but everyone knows what CWILVs look like so I'll just post the HUD. Lookin' neat! (I hope) Download here: THSTM-HUD.zip
  3. I'd want a chunk of Romero's old office door that John Carmack tore down with an axe if that counts
  4. Hey, glad you liked them! Coagulation Coast was my first foray into composing for general MIDI (but not my first song ever), and I've been hooked on making 'em ever since. Heck, I think I've kinda neglected making non-MIDI music for a while now :P
  5. Ah yeah, forgot about that one. The composition was around for a while already, but I haven't gotten around to creating the MIDI for it. I'll probably add it in later once I have more time.
  6. Recently added some more MIDIs I recently composed earlier this year. No preview video, but the archive has been updated with 6 new songs. - NEW MIDIs - 8. Bullet Train (3:47) 9. Central Fissure (3:44) 10a/10b. Any Second Now (0:11/5:37) 11. Teleport Trap (3:01) 12. Barons Per Mancubus (2:27) 13. Discotech Infierno (4:34) Individual descriptions and info have been added to the main post.
  7. DiR


    I swear to god when I realized that the V was from the GTA V logo I lost it
  8. Heya, I played through it, great map! Even though it's effectively the same as the original MAP02 but blown up in proportion, the detailing kept things looking gargantuan without looking devoid of detail. Admittedly it's funny seeing the tiny demons (and yourself) contrasted against this giant sewage pipe.
  9. Hey everyone, I forgot that ever since I raised the map count to 32 I forgot that the old due date for everything was still as if the set had only 15 maps. I have added some more time up until April 22nd (an extra month) since the April Fool's release window is way too slim for the larger scope of the WAD than the original. I have also updated the original post to reflect this.
  10. I'm a weirdo and use RROCK03, FLAT20 looked a bit too "clean" to me as well as not having an equivalent for the brown and green door textures. I like to imagine that the bottoms of doors are rarely cleaned so there's probably a couple decades of grime collecting along the bottom of the door after being closed on a dirty floor so many times. I also use it because it works across the different door textures and as well as for horizontal doors. (Guess it's my mapping trademark lol)
  11. DiR

    Do You Own a Device Capable of Playing Audio CDs?

    I'm too broke for vinyls (also I can't really deal with that kind of inconvenience) so buying CDs is how I get ahold of a lot of music still. Found a lot of great tunes I wouldn't have found otherwise if I didn't go diving for those loose CDs in the back of stores that go for cheap. I usually listen to the CD in its entirety once or twice back-to-back before ripping it to FLACs for the full experience. Once it's ripped though I don't really touch the CD all that much anymore. Buying music on a thumb drive is a neat idea, It might gather its own audience since it's not something you see every day. Doesn't quite have the same charm as a good ol' CD, casette, or vinyl though.
  12. DiR

    Midi first or Map first?

    I start the map first usually, but then if I lose steam I make a MIDI for it. Then I go "oh well, since I already made a song for it..." and I end up tricking my brain into finishing the map.
  13. Fair enough, may I ask for permission to detail your level? I'm not going to change the gameplay, just going to add some details here and there so that there won't be too much back and forth. Ah yeah, the link is dead on DW but on the discord server the file works. Here, I'll upload it on @Moustachio's behalf. MAP20 - Moustachio - Underhells.zip