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  1. Me too, I think it's cute too. But I don't know how it going to hold up. Besides, I'm neutral to "mobile" games. There's games that I'll pass on that platform like Candy Crush Saga and Best Fiends. Some other games on the platform that attract me more than the rest like PUBG Mobile, and the Infinity Blade series.
  2. Apaul27

    gimme some interesting mods that aren't HDOOM!

    Shadow of the Wool Ball, and it's sequel, Rise of the Wool Ball.
  3. Apaul27

    Micro Mages (NES) released today

    I'm buying it soon...
  4. Apaul27

    Old Science-Fiction Movies

    Does the The Matrix count?
  5. Apaul27

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

    Hedgehogless for Shadow & Rise of the Wool Ball
  6. Apaul27

    Just a new guy on doomworld

    Welcome friend, glad you be there
  7. Apaul27

    Cursed Doom Images

    This is for Shadow/Rise of the Wool Ball fans...
  8. Hi, nice to see you Tretiak.

  9. Apaul27

    The "FREE" Games Thread

    That's a nice game, I'll play it. Of course you can, and nice "Persona" profile pic too.
  10. Since I like The "Fresh Game Deals" Thread back from the ZDoom Forums, I decided to do one here. But before any posting "FRESH" deals, you'll need to read the rules in the spoiler below. Now we got the rules out of the way, I can show you my example in the spoiler below: (You don't have to put a spoiler.)
  11. This game is already look AWESOME when I first saw it, I want to join in the beta.
  12. Apaul27

    Random Image Thread

    Poor guy, he didn't anything wrong. I also respect his opinion.