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  1. I like your comment, because the first one is Wool Ball. XD
  2. Rise of the Wool Ball: It's Shadow of the Wool Ball all over AGAIN! End of the Wool Ball: It's Shadow & Rise of the Wool Ball all over AGAIN!!! WOW.wad 2: OwO The "New" Adventures of Square: Square's new quest
  3. Apaul27

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    Me too, I'm a teen also.
  4. Apaul27

    Made any DooM OCs?

    Yes, and also Scott and Rebecca from Wool Ball. Although Scott and Rebecca are not my OC's, but I'll add them anyway. XD
  5. Apaul27

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod, where you play as any of the champions from Paladins in levels from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This is same as Lambda Fortress for Half-Life 2, but it's in Unreal Engine 4.
  6. Apaul27

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    I just watched the first episode of DARLING in the FRANXX, and it was AWESOME!
  7. Apaul27

    Haaslok's Art Thread

    Well, you can check them out in your free time.
  8. Apaul27

    Haaslok's Art Thread

    You could make something from Wool Ball.
  9. Apaul27

    Rainbow dash HUD

    The Hud is made out of bricks, but at least the hands/hoofs and mugshots are aright. 3/5 Stars
  10. Apaul27

    What is your favourite flavour of Ice Cream?

    Mint Chocolate Chip, and anything Cheesecake.
  11. Apaul27

    Your favorite weapon mods.

    Although this might not be a weapons mod, but my favorite is Shadow & Rise of the Wool Ball weapons. The weapons that we're drawn in MSPaint is very awesome, and including the one-hit sneakers, golden shotgun, cucumber/pickel launcher, and the bird gun made the funny additions to the loadout. My other favorites are: Brutal Doom (& Project Brutality), Samsara, Lambda, HeXeReTiC Fantasy, Kriegsland, and Death Foretold.
  12. Apaul27

    i have a REALLY BIG doom level.

    You can PM me instead.