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  1. What the heck Disney, why!? I can't even stand Frozen, and now that "overrated" movie got a sequel. What's wrong with you Disney!? ...And yes, I don't like Frozen at all.
  2. Apaul27

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    I love Back to Saturn X, I'm totally hyped for episode 3.
  3. Apaul27


    It's coming back guys!
  4. Apaul27

    Random Image Thread

    That reminds me of 12/21/12, on that day where the end of the world was just a joke, such memories.
  5. Apaul27


  6. Apaul27

    Random Image Thread

    Kris + Ralsei + Susie = Kralseius (And there's ill' Lancer too)
  7. Apaul27

    Id software is 28 years old today

    Happy Birthday Id Software, you made me a proud person that I'm happy about it, thank you so much.
  8. The Ultimate DOOM 3 The Ultimate DOOM 3: BFG Edition The Ultimate DOOM 2016 The Ultimate DOOM Eternal
  9. Apaul27

    Your most epic Doom experience today?

    The boss battles of Shadow & Rise of the Wool Ball.
  10. Apaul27

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    How do I use these PBR textures? Edit: Never mind, I know how to play this and other doom mods. :P
  11. Apaul27


    You maybe right about Cube World. But I've never tried out Cube World, and maybe never will.
  12. Zootopia (for movies) Paladins (for video games)
  13. Apaul27


    Me too, I hope this game is better than Cube World.
  14. Apaul27


    Thanks, your help is pleased. Thank you.
  15. Apaul27


    If you guys want, there's the beta sign up on there official website in the link below. https://hytale.com/signup Edit: The sign up is not for the beta itself, but the information for the beta. Sorry guys if you want to play it.