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  1. SteelPH

    I REALLY hate key and secret hunting

    If that's giving you trouble, don't ever play Hexen.
  2. SteelPH

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    Hitscan enemies.
  3. SteelPH

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    Crunch is abuse. Deal with it.
  4. SteelPH

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Okay, let's clear up this bit of misinformation. It's not running at 90% speed. The reason the it seems slower is because of how analog movement is handled. It works in the way moving the mouse moves the player in Vanilla Doom and straferunning doesn't work with that alone, thus it seems slower. If you were to use the single joycon mode, which uses the shoulder buttons for strafing, you'll be able to straferun like usual, thus moving at the speed pretty much everyone is used to.
  5. Set it to hardware accelerated and then play with the Sector Light Mode settings.
  6. Oh, are you running it in the software or hardware renderer?
  7. Try changing the sector light mode in the OpenGL options.
  8. SteelPH

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Looks like it.
  9. SteelPH

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Some things never change.
  10. SteelPH

    Is switch doom 2016 just as good as ps4 doom 2016?

    Other than being capped at 30fps and the absence of snap map, it's a pretty good port.
  11. SteelPH

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Complaining about monster variety in an Ultimate Doom wad is like complaining that water is wet.
  12. SteelPH

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Blood 2 remaster when?
  13. To be released at some point.