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  1. SteelPH

    Community Chest 64

    Slowly but surely.
  2. SteelPH

    Community Chest 64

    By the way, how are we handling artifact distribution?
  3. SteelPH

    Community Chest 64

    Mind if I grab a slot in the 20s? Like maybe 23 or 24? Just something I've been throwing together.
  4. SteelPH

    Community Chest 64

    Having hidden monster teleports isn't even necessary anymore since the game can simply spawn things directly.
  5. SteelPH

    Community Chest 64

    You tag the teleport destination thing instead of the sector it's in.
  6. SteelPH

    Community Chest 64

    Clearly it should be called Community Chest 64 EX. In all seriousness, I'm glad to see Doom 64 EX getting some mapping love. Really looking forward to this!
  7. SteelPH

    Thoughts on the /idgames archive?

    I know little about the upload process, but as a 20+ year old archive of damn near every wad produced for Doom, it's pretty fantastic.
  8. Can't wait to see this released.
  9. SteelPH

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    The puzzle is also stupidly obtuse. Having a mouse and keyboard does not justify forcing a player trying to figure it out to take damage every time they screw up. The original puzzle couldn't kill you. That's treating the symptom and not the disease, so to speak.
  10. SteelPH

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    MAP06: I'd say remove the hurt floor in the area with the red key. It seems unnecessarily punishing of the player for not being an instant expert at an already obtuse puzzle.
  11. SteelPH

    Is Sonic Forces really that bad?

    It's mediocre, but because it's Sonic, everyone has to exaggerate its flaws because that's the popular thing to do. Case in fucking point. Mania's not without flaws either(its boss design is absolutely horrendous, there's a lot of padding in the form of waiting around for things to happen, and the later stages can drag on for so long that the timer killing you is a real danger). But let's ignore that because bandwagon.
  12. May I suggest giving the Spider Mastermind's mechanical bits a more rusted, weathered kind of look? And maybe a more reddish hue than the Arachnatron for the its fleshy parts? Just a thought.
  13. SteelPH

    Super Mario 64DooM (PROOF OF CONCEPT WAD)

    Screenshots would be nice. EDIT: Seems the entirety of the Doom2 IWAD is in this wad. Miiiight wanna do something about that.
  14. Think I'm gonna follow this, I find it is both hilarious and impressive.