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  1. SteelPH

    Is Sonic Forces really that bad?

    It's mediocre, but because it's Sonic, everyone has to exaggerate its flaws because that's the popular thing to do. Case in fucking point. Mania's not without flaws either(its boss design is absolutely horrendous, there's a lot of padding in the form of waiting around for things to happen, and the later stages can drag on for so long that the timer killing you is a real danger). But let's ignore that because bandwagon.
  2. May I suggest giving the Spider Mastermind's mechanical bits a more rusted, weathered kind of look? And maybe a more reddish hue than the Arachnatron for the its fleshy parts? Just a thought.
  3. SteelPH

    Super Mario 64DooM (PROOF OF CONCEPT WAD)

    Screenshots would be nice. EDIT: Seems the entirety of the Doom2 IWAD is in this wad. Miiiight wanna do something about that.
  4. Think I'm gonna follow this, I find it is both hilarious and impressive.
  5. SteelPH

    First megawad you ever played/beat

    Both: Requiem
  6. SteelPH

    Mods & megawads

    Requiem is one of my favorite megawads. Goes quite nicely with the recently released reimagined soundtrack.
  7. SteelPH

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    PSX Doom.
  8. SteelPH

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

  9. Anything I make, for I am creatively bankrupt.
  10. SteelPH

    Twitch Clips Thread

    Here's a clip of me screaming like a banshee.
  11. SteelPH

    where do doom psx sounds come from?

    Likely came from the Sound Ideas General Sound Library.