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  1. Outside of add-ons, the music is stored in ogg format. It wouldn't make a difference even if you did.
  2. I don't think there's a single community out there that isn't toxic on some level. It's merely varying degrees of toxicity between them.
  3. SteelPH

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    This post has become a joke.
  4. SteelPH

    Did id really add Nightmare difficulty as a joke?

    Romero's on Twitter. Could ask him there.
  5. Wooow this thread got super derailed.
  6. Oh no wonder. I had an outdated wad. Woops. That said, the Motherdemon is quite glitchy, flickering back to Spider Mastermind sprites in pretty much all of its actions.
  7. The best port is whichever one tailors to your interests.
  8. Comparing it to GZDoom is utterly pointless, considering it was never based on GZDoom in the first place. It's like comparing an apple to an orange whose tree was pumped full of steroids that also seeped into its fruit.
  9. So Nerve/id/sponge can go shove it? Yes, how dare sponge actually take advice and suggestions from the community to improve this thing? How dare he provide a PC version as an easily accessible version of Doom for modern OSes that works out of the box without having to go out of their way to find a source port or don't want to deal with the clunkiness of setting up options in DOSBox? Totally pointless and a waste of his and everyone else's time, right? I'm sure that kind feedback is appreciated.
  10. You seemed to imply that Bethesda developed the port. Pay no attention to Nerve or sponge I guess.
  11. The kneejerk ignorance some people display is astounding.
  12. Running the crashing wads through DEUSF with the -app parameter will at the very least fix the sprite issue.
  13. It's a vanilla Doom quirk where in if a pwad replaces a sprite, all sprites must be present, otherwise the game crashes. The Unity port doesn't fix this.
  14. Upon closer inspection, Scythe 2's Map30 will crash if you attack at all. Seems to have something to do with the out of bounds areas containing teleporting monsters, the game crashes if I noclip over there as well.