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  1. Sorry for the long delay, but i got plenty fixes, additions, tweaks and compatibility patches to make up for it! v19 has dropped and with it, Brutal Doom v21, LCA and Q compatibility! To quote myself: I recommend reading the full changelog in the first post. Download link in the first post as always! If anyone can upload a Youtube video showcasing the bots (2 minutes is plenty) and send me a link, that would be fantastic. I haven't been able to do this myself with my bad internet connection.
  2. It appears to be the same executable compiled with a different compiler, likely for speed or better support for old hardware, and the fact that the OpenGL renderer is stripped from it supports that claim.
  3. Yes, it's supported as far back as 2.5.0 so ZDoom 2.8.1 and Zandronum will be perfectly fine.
  4. By the way, sorry for explaining it to you like if you were some sort of idiot but i seriously didn't want you to mess it up a second time (As unlikely as it is but still) and then have to wait for the next update. The reason why that MAPINFO lump breaks Odamex, is because Odamex does support MAPINFO, but a really old version of it so newer versions cause all crazy sorts of stuff to happen. ZMAPINFO is only read by modern GZDoom, and Odamex just ignores it's existence so that's why there's no issue with that.
  5. I recommend using ZDoom32, which is more up to date and also includes a truecolor software renderer. If your worry is performance, ZDoom32 is not slower, in fact, it's WAY faster if you enable multithreading, with it disabled it's the exact same speed as old ZDoom. @Noiser Fixing the Odamex issues is really easy, just rename the MAPINFO lump to ZMAPINFO. I told you this and instead of renaming it, you copy pasted AND renamed it, which causes the exact same issue. So read very carefully: REMOVE the ZMAPINFO lump that's already in the WAD, and RENAME the MAPINFO lump to ZMAPINFO. And from that point on, edit ZMAPINFO instead, DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER MAPINFO lump. This fixes Odamex compatibility and doesn't affect ZDoom and it's derivatives at all.
  6. -TDRR-

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    It's a different limit. The PSX's limit is because it has really low amounts of VRAM and having to load things from a CD, but the Atari Jaguar is probably able to read from the cartridge often since load times on a cartridge are much faster than on a CD so it's kinda like having the whole game loaded in RAM (Not THAT fast but still acceptably fast) so the impact of only having 2MB of RAM is far less noticeable. EDIT: Just in case, i'm not 100% sure if the Atari Jaguar can really do that reliably but that's what i assume could work. If not, just traditional stuff like lowering monster variety is what helps the Jaguar here.
  7. -TDRR-

    Old Nerd Playing Doom On PC

    It's a pretty good console shooter tho. Don't think it's the pinnacle of FPS but it's quite good to have fun for a while, still replay it occasionally on my homebrew-enabled Wii (Emulation might be better but i got no money for a PC that good!).
  8. -TDRR-

    i dont know what to call the art style in doom64.

    I actually really like how Doom 64's bestiary looks. Yeah they're a lil'' bit too blurry, but honestly i think the new designs look pretty good and fit in with every other change D64 brought in. It makes them look beefier and much more menacing, and the sounds are great for them. Except for that overused pain sound, i hate it.
  9. -TDRR-

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Heretic has never been this sp00py! EDIT: lmao just noticed the "dank marine" custom title
  10. -TDRR-

    Would it be worth playing through doom 3?

    Depends, do you like repetitive corridors and ambushes? If so, then do give it a shot. Never finished it either, got way too bored. But i think the best way to decide is booting it up and playing for 10-30 minutes and then decide if you really want to continue.
  11. -TDRR-

    Freedoom 0.12.0 is released!

    Nice! Glad to know that Vanilla compat. is really, really close. The new flame bringer sprites look pretty good as well as the new HUD face, looks less strangely thin. All in all a pretty good update, haven't checked out the new FreeDM maps and the new music but i'm sure i'll like them a lot! Congrats to everyone involved, great work as always. EDIT: I think a link to the manual would be nice to have in the home page.
  12. I don't know if i'm going bonkers, but apparently hiding behind a wall moments before a Pain Elemental spits a Lost Soul, makes it not come out at all. Doesn't seem to work at all in ZDoom though, so do this only in stuff that's not a ZDoom derivative or K8Vavoom. Alternatively, if you have the chance, hug the Pain Elemental and it won't do anything. When chainsawing a Pinky, it's usually smart to backpedal while doing so, to avoid getting harmed. Make sure you do this if you are using the -fast parameter, because they will get the bite on you most of the time if you don't! Revenants can be tricked by running into melee range and backing out before he hits you. Repeat as many times as needed. Strafing in circles (Not circle strafing) is helpful when facing a crowd of Pinkies that have you surrounded, it's not a perfect strat but a lot of the time it will save you some health. Using the SSG for these situations will be helpful too, or the Plasma Rifle if that's available. EDIT: I forgot this one! Never, NEVER, NEVER grab an invisibility sphere unless you are in a room chock full of hitscanners, because it's not going to be fun running straight into your enemies' projectiles.
  13. -TDRR-

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    Yes, those GUI surfaces were a chore to get working. I don't have the manual at hand, but IIRC it said that there are 3.000+ lines of code for the GUI surfaces alone. I also hated how boring it made everything. GUI surfaces are a really cool idea, but they put so many of them that it gets tiring real quick. TBH I think Doom 2016 did it fine.
  14. UDMF doesn't matter here, it's just something to store map data (originally separated in LINEDEFS, SECTORS, THINGS and a few others AFAIR), but stuff like custom monsters and props is definitely out of the scope of what it can do. This could be done, but the editor needs to support it, and anyways adding new things is so easy that it's not needed at all. Literally all you need is like 5 minutes, something like SLADE/XWE and your required files, and that's it. Not like it takes a 5000 IQ and years of learning. Actually, you can even do it without any of that, just Windows' integrated .zip file handler. Create a new .zip file, then drop all Realm667 .wad files here (Yeah i know waste of RAM bla bla bla, but this is meant to be super simple so...) and then just rename the file to have a .pk3 extension, and that's it. Whenever you want to pack it up for release, drop your map .wad in the .pk3 too.
  15. -10 for reading comprehension, i thought you wrote ways that an actor could drop something, my bad. In that case, using a RandomSpawner that replaces whatever monster you want with whichever other random selection of other monsters would work here. In a DECORATE lump, use this: ACTOR RandomZombieman : RandomSpawner replaces Zombieman { DropItem "TypeActorNameOfOtherVariant" } And keep adding more "dropitem" lines for more replacements. By the way, have you tried Scalliano's 667 Shuffle? That might be what you are looking for, and it has many Realm 667 guns and monsters.