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  1. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a joke about your homepage since it has that 1998 vibe to it hehe, anyways this looks really interesting, can't wait to check this out!
  2. So this was made with Doom 64 For Doom II on DosBox or Boom in mind? Other than some of the sprites being a little low res and the shotgunners and zombiemen looking so much alike, great job, actually works really well with D64 for Doom II:)
  3. Beezle

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Is there a way to play Keyboard + Mouse but without looking up and down, and disabling forward and backward movement? Just using mouse to look left and right.
  4. Beezle

    What are you playing now?

    Yeah I kinda have to agree, while its very original and I really appreciate what it was going for, the combat is kinda clunky. Liked the 1st Action Doom a lot more. Right now I'm currently playing through the Joy of Mapping series, about halfway through the 3rd in the series. Briefly played 4,5, and 6 beta and really love each one in the series, it seems like each time they get better and more maps are added. Thinking of also giving Bloodspeed a try as well since I hear such great things about it.
  5. Beezle

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    This might be the wrong place to ask since it might not be a specific wad but what are "magewads"? Was recommended as good practice wads for Vanilla, CF, and BD.
  6. Beezle

    Doom 2 - Rescue of Earth

    My apologies if you've already answered this question, but is this meant specifically for D4T? I don't have an issue with that, in fact I love seeing map packs made with a certain mod's gameplay in mind. This looks good, definitely looking forward to giving this a try:)
  7. Beezle

    Project Brutality 3.0 Crashing?

    That's good to hear, I didn't realize til you brought this issue up that it had updated from 3.7.0 to 3.7.1, thanks dm5k!
  8. Beezle

    Project Brutality 3.0 Crashing?

    An earlier version would work, I don't think anything below 3.0 will, however 3.7 is SUPPOSED to be more stable and so far has been working well for me.
  9. Beezle

    Pistol start mod for ZDoom

    I was just gonna mention that one by m8f lol. Yeah he's a really talented modder but I think all his mods are in zscript. I like how Shotgun Guy's is more customizable, look forward to trying this out:)
  10. Beezle

    does any one like passenger of shit

    Who or what is Scotch? I never knew about this song til I went over CF's music sheet lol. A lot of really good songs there btw;)
  11. Beezle

    does any one like passenger of shit

    Haha it amazing how much that last song grows on you. Its pretty terrible, I've only heard a few of their songs but yet I still kinda like listening to em.
  12. Beezle

    Project Brutality 3.0 Crashing?

    Are you playing with a pre 3.8 Dev Build of GZDoom? I had downloaded yesterday's build and it kept crashing, even with nothing but the Doom 2 iwad loaded.
  13. There's the ZDoom Community 2018 Hexmas Special for Hexen, I believe the deadline was extended til sometime later this month. That's the only one I know of at the moment. Hopefully it turns out great since there isn't a lot lot of community projects for Hexen or Heretic.
  14. Not quite like I used too, though I really love playing it and Project Brutality. Its come a long way from the earlier versions and I love Sarge's dedication to it. I'm not tired or bored of it, but I find myself playing Vanilla Doom and mods that enhance Doom but leave Vanilla style gameplay intact like Random Deaths And Decorations, Enhanced Vanilla Project, and Beautiful Doom.
  15. Will this include "No Rest For The Living" later on? If not, no big deal. Just curious.