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  1. Loud Silence

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

    I Don't Know where to Find Ammo.
  2. Eviternity map13. Stewboy - Polar Expedition.
  3. Is this one better than Florestan Basic GM GS (fixed SCC1t2.sf2) you shared before?
  4. Loud Silence

    Looking for feedback - I'm making a new map :)

    By looking at screenshots i would name map "When Lost Soul Hits The Fan".
  5. Loud Silence

    What are you playing now?

    Playing Rage for first time and loving it. I'm amazed how well it runs on Intel GPU from same year as game (HD 3000) with detailed textures enabled.
  6. Loud Silence

    What country are you from?

  7. Loud Silence

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    Tenebrae Doom - More Colorz Edition.
  8. Loud Silence

    Looking for some audio mods

    Load .zip archive like any WAD. I tested them with Eternity Engine and ZDoom.
  9. Loud Silence

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    E:\games\Eternity Engine\WADS\txt "E:\" is external HDD, "WADS" contains WADs obviously and is set in environment variables, "txt" contains text files that came with WADs.
  10. Loud Silence

    Best way to launch your game (on Windows)

    I edit desktop shortcut's target line to add pwads. For IWad selection Eternity Engine have beautiful launcher.
  11. Anywhere as long as i can hold white flag. I'm not gonna die.
  12. Loud Silence

    Can Doom be considered a horror game?

    Original Doom games - No. Doom 3 (NOT BFG Edition) - Yes.
  13. Loud Silence

    Your pc Specs?

    HP Elitebook 8460p i5-2520M (2 cores, 4 threads. 2.50GHz, turbo 3.20GHz) 16GB DDR3 dual channel RAM 1333MHz (Corsair Mac Memory) Intel HD 3000 (in your face, Nvidia) 1366x768 60Hz anti-glare display 120GB SSD 2TB external Seagate HDD Windows 10 Pro x64.
  14. Loud Silence

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    I have trained a cat to handle mouse for me. So it's the Cat Claw Technique i guess.