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  1. Loud Silence

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Let me out! I should not be in this dirty manga!
  2. Loud Silence

    What are you listening to?

  3. Loud Silence

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Dragon Age: Origins. It is incredibly interesting and fun. I was shocked by how well it runs with maxed graphics and in native resolution (1366x768) on my HP Elitebook 8460p with i5 2520M CPU and Intel HD 3000 GPU.
  4. Loud Silence

    PLUTONIA 7 [32 Map Plutonia Megawad] (April Fool's)

    When i saw "Plutonia 7" i thought rest of name is "Back to Surface". Will try this WAD.
  5. Loud Silence

    Random Image Thread

  6. Loud Silence

    How to start Eternity Engine 4.02?

    Eternity Engine always launches in 1-4 seconds for me. I keep wads in folder named "WADS" inside EE folder (and it's in external Seagate HDD plugged to USB 3.0 port), have set environment variables "DOOMWADDIR" and "DOOMWADPATH" to that folder. I never drag and drop WAD on exe, i edit shortcut's target line to add pwads and everything works perfect.
  7. I never used random sound pitching in Chocolate Doom, because it seems to be buggy as hell (as well as in vanilla obviously). But i always have it on in Eternity Engine, everything sounds right to me.
  8. Loud Silence

    Ask John Romero Questions

    Q: Which one will be released sooner: Blackroom or Daikatana 2?
  9. The Eye by mouldy was probably made to be played with freelook. I never use it in original Doom or any WADs, so this map was nearly impossible for me. It took me 5-6 hours with breaks to beat it on UV.
  10. Most of videos on YT are not better than comments.
  11. Loud Silence

    what doom source port is your favourite?

    Eternity Engine.
  12. Loud Silence

    Discussion On "Opinion Threads"

    I wonder how many more people are thinking about this. Get ready for the thread storm. :D
  13. I feel tempted to make one... "Why do people despise opinion threads?" or "What is your opinion about opinion threads?" lol
  14. Loud Silence

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    Options, key bindings, basic movement, toggle autorun. It's not THAT hard to explore settings...
  15. Loud Silence

    What would you describe as a bad boss?

    Xaero (final SP level) on Nightmare in Quake 3.