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  1. Loud Silence

    Gzdoom 4.12 controller support

    You are almost there. You already reached Eternity Engine's sub forum. All is left to do is to download source port. https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/eternity/ If you want help with some other source port, look for it in appropriate place.
  2. Loud Silence

    what is wrong with people who like snow

    In childhood i liked to play with snow. Now watching @roadworx shovel snow would bring me happiness. Thank you, snow, for entertainment.
  3. Loud Silence

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    Oh yes, it's very bad for your health and counts as a sin. "Save Game" option is a bug, so so so much shame on you for using that. But don't press "Quit Game", it's even worse.
  4. Loud Silence

    Ever play Doom on a PHONE!?

    I have played some on Nokia C5-00 5MP with Symbian port of Chocolate Doom. It looked good on 240x320 screen, but controls sucked without mouse and proper keyboard.
  5. Loud Silence

    What's your favorite video game?

    Candidates: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls games, Might & Magic 6-8, Dragon Age: Origins.
  6. Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom - Eternity Engine, Chocolate Doom Heretic, Hexen, Strife - Chocolate Doom Duke Nukem 3D - eDuke32, xDuke Quake - Bengt Jardrup's Enhanced WinQuake, QuakeSpasm Quake II - Unofficial v3.24 patch Quake III Arena - Quake3e Doom 3 - Dhewm3
  7. Loud Silence

    Do you use the regular shotty after finding the SCG?

    Super Cell Gun? Damn, i have yet to find it... But i never abandon Shotgun.
  8. Loud Silence

    What is your favorite doom episode?

    What is your favorite thread about favorite Doom episode?
  9. Loud Silence

    Favorite "failed" consoles?

    Not really console, but gaming service N-GAGE 2.0. I managed to get it to work on my Nokia C5-00 5MP (officially not supported by N-GAGE 2.0). Reset Generation is most fun game i have ever played.
  10. OpenGL games does not use Direct3D, but still need video driver. Just install video driver already.
  11. Loud Silence

    React to the Username above you

    Dragon with Lady's manners? Now i have seen everything.
  12. Loud Silence

    What is the "nukage"?

    Age of Duke Nukem.
  13. Because people love to blah blah blah. Doomworld is full of dumb threads filled with answers and comments.
  14. But Doom is 3D. There should be something else OP is hiding from us. Something which made him play "Quake with 3D Mode On".
  15. Can you share your wisdom how to switch between ON and OFF?