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  1. Loud Silence

    Question to Doom Soundtrack

    Microsoft GS Wavetable is extremely minimal version of SC-55 and laggy for composing, but possible for playing, balancing MIDIs. VirtualMIDISynth with Scc1t2 soundfont (sounds like MS GS Wavetable) would be better option. Real SC-55 was made 1991, so connecting it to new PC can be a nightmare or impossible. Also it has very limited polyphony: max 24 notes played at time. YAMAHA made very cool SoftSynthesizer S-YXG50. Original versions require XP or older versions of Windows, but have very high polyphony: 512. Also sound effects from real synth modules: reverb, chorus, variation. Supports GM1, GM2, GS (Roland), XG modes. Has no sweat even with very fast MIDIs (VirtualMIDISynth and MS GS Wavetable were laggy with them). There's VST version of this synth, it requires few programs to set it up, but will work on new Windows.
  2. Loud Silence

    Making Doom realistic

    Play with 5% HP cap.
  3. Loud Silence

    How you play DOOM

    Choco Doom and Eternity Engine (definitely the best ports). With Yamaha S-YXG50 WDM SoftSynthesizer. Doom looks best on Software Renderer. Even not filtered OpenGL can't replicate SW renderer's look 100% (same for Duke 3D and Quake).
  4. Loud Silence


    Sigiless? Screenshot looks cool.
  5. Loud Silence

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    Guys, just let him to make it. He definitely wants that. Own mistake is best teacher.
  6. Loud Silence

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    L stands for licking? Joke. I don't see anything new or original in new games. And yes, my current laptop and desktop couldn't run post-2006 games. I still have tons of games to play from that era. I could buy brand new gaming PC, but i don't think it would be worth it.
  7. Loud Silence

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Modern games. Newest games i play are from 2006.
  8. Loud Silence

    MIDI Originals [06/18/19]

    Here you go https://drive.google.com/open?id=1n0Bdz-GdqaQPvNq7ZbZI9feMNjSIP7ll S-YXG50 came with 2MB Wavetable when i installed it, but i downloaded 4MB version and replaced .tbl files in WINDOWS\system32 folder. I use around 15 year old laptop too and have no problems. Blue screen means that some driver is bad or some device/hardware is not connected properly.
  9. Loud Silence

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    Boom must be kept in name, so Boomerang should do. Boom is back! I wish much more people to recognize and admire Eternity Engine. I love that port!
  10. Loud Silence

    MIDI Originals [06/18/19]

    Incredible MIDIs. I have listened to them with YAMAHA S-YXG50 WDM SoftSynth (yep, on Win XP). Cybernetic and Titan's Rain are my favorites.
  11. Loud Silence

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    Of course Cacodemon!!! Pain Elemental is too scary.
  12. Loud Silence

    Get your super good monitor stand right now!

    Well, you can finish eating it. Company started it before making logo.
  13. Loud Silence

    Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface

    Shame on author for creating this and naming it Plutonia 3. Shame on me for downloading and launching this. It's not sin to try to make stuff, but THINK before naming it like "Plutonia 3", "Doom II expansion" "Most Ultimate Doom" etc.
  14. Loud Silence

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    Original untouched Doom looks and sounds best to me. I'm glad that this "Mod" (compilation of mods and stuff) got taken down.
  15. Loud Silence

    DOOM 3 "Hate"?

    If someone hates BFG Edition, i fully understand because it's embarrassing version of Doom 3. Original Doom 3 kicks ass, just some people cries for it not being like Doom 1-2. Or even Doom 3 made some players fulfill their pants. I agree that Doom 1-2 is more fun than D3, but D3 is damn tough and cool. Shotgun against long distance target is like fishing rod against pack of bears, but that gunny is enjoyable when you master it.