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  1. Now go to do the blue section (not sure what version you are playing) and there you will learn how Korax switches work. You need to BOTH use the top part and shoot the bottom of the switch. Do that on both sides and you can progress. Doing BOTH is never needed again, you just need to keep in mind you can do that for section that comes later. If you playing RC2/RC3 you get "locked" with the switches so you will eventually find out what to do. In the initial release the whole thing is a bit more confusing.
  2. I, personally, like slower starts and have no great regrets about this. It is a bit weird to have a start like that after MAP10, will say that, but I designed the map to be "like a small episode of it´s own" - to build map slowly from killing cannon fodder to more chaotic fights. Not saying this design philosophy is good (or bad), just expressing why it is done like that. Plus, there are 2 secret rocket launchers (one on each side) early that mitigate this to an extent. (One of which will be hinted a bit more in future patch.) So technically once you know where they are the early stage pacing should be less of an issue. At least from what I tested, it is. Again, your experience may vary depending on your preference in maps/combat. I know exactly what you mean. I have seen people fall into the blood with no way out, and yes, it is one of the things I have been "monitoring". I thinking about just separating the "big door" into 2 smaller ones so that player will land on one of the platforms more/almost reliably. It may not be the best solution, but it is easy to implement and have a good balance between being functional and not being/looking too janky.
  3. Yeah, some cutting and adjusting of the map should have been done while in dev, but I couldn´t help myself. Described by that one from Jurassic park... Scientists something should/shouldn´t would/wouldn´t something. The SMM fight in perticular should have been havled, but I kinda realized it too late and just kept it as it is. That being said 45 minutes is a pretty good time considering there are several timed fights. Thank you for playing and enjoying the wad. I am sure fellow mappers feel the same.
  4. Shawny

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    Day is slowly coming to an end when I am so some insight for those who care: I would like to thank all of you for your kind words, I am happy to hear you have enjoyed playing my map. (Also, I do apologize for A LOT of fluff but I feel like I want to cover as much as possible.) Regarding general contributions to community projects: Regarding the idea/map structure: ("Fun") facts:
  5. That section should teach player that later on in the map those switches can be activated by PRESSING them on melee range OR by SHOOTING them with hitscan weapon (and yes, punch works too). And yes, everyone else was confused as much as you. In fact, I had do rework that section with a "lock in" to make sure players are on the same page as me. That being said, I don´t think many wads use setup like this so I am no surprised people are getting stuck on that section. At the end of the day... it is what it is. I appreciate you liked the map even though it is a bit flawed and janky.
  6. Shawny

    Who here plays Weapon mods?

    When I played stuff in GZDoom by default I always paired it with Dead marine mod, which is more of "enhanced doom" than a weapon mod. There are so many mods I tried and liked it is kinda hard to choose favourites, that being said I would probably choose Trailblazer and High noon drifter that are my most used mods in general (especially when I actually played a lot of doom). These days I don´t play that much doom, but if I do and feel like playing some modded GZDoom Supercharge and Naku Naru are great. Another thing is I started to prefer DSDA in recent months. For that I play Minicharge (which is a "fork" of Supercharge that works in DSDA), Vesper and D4V.
  7. I don´t think anybody figured out the Korax switches, that will be fixed in RC2. I have already version with the fix ready. There is a good chance that monsters may get stuck if destination is blocked for too long. I am currently thinking how to fix that. The red square platform room... well, I had hard time with that fight myself, on the other hand I have seen people doing that first try. And yes, health penalty is working as intended, in fact on Skill1/2 the map is scripted in a way you can get out of the blood. There will also be better signposting for when player is able to leave the SMM room.
  8. Hey, everyone. Last update to this thread/project (E1). Final version 1.2 is on IDGames, even though initial .txt file is from previous version. Downloaded files (.wad .txt) are up to date, I have tested Napsalm demos for v1.2 with it and everything works. For the final time I want to thank all of you, from people involved in making and archiving the wad to all the players, both casual and speedrunners.
  9. As I mentioned in the previous post, you can get that. Actually getting the BFG is technically a one time secret, even though you can tag the secret sector without dying anytime.
  10. Definitely few of them... yeah. I am not too happy about it either. I haven´t test how many are gone since not all maps have been edited. I also notified Napsalm in advance and basically asked if I should do this, so I don´t feel that bad.
  11. Hey again, everyone. After Napsalm made some pacifist speedrun of the wad I decided to update the episode one more (hopefully the last) time. This update is aimed mostly at pacifist and NoMo parameter speedrunning, though there are some tiny changes and fixes for casual play. This is, hopefully, the last patch for E1 so I can focus on other episodes/projects. Patch notes: General - *Fixed incorrect TP angles that matters *Changed various texture mistakes Map03 - Map is now beatable with NoMo parameter. Some small improvements to boom "scripting". Map04 - Moved trigger line (and added pass action just in case) before the door in the starting room. - Moved hitscanner at the end of the map further from the switch that open bars to exit room. - Changed geometry where the world hole was located . (I could not replicate the glitch for some reason so I have no idea if that fixed anything.) Map06 - Changed doors/door switches around mid section to be more consistant. - "SMM cover" and corresponding triggers are now branded for better clarity. Map07 - Most of the monsters behind the bars will teleport outside their cages if not killed to a certain point. - Added monster portal with 4 additional monsters that will spawn after a certain point. (4 imps on Skill 1/2 ... 2 imps and 2 knights on skill 3 ... 4 knights on skill 4/5.) - Swapped imp for a hell knight in the left bottom corner of the map on skill 4/5. - Added NoMo route since the door doesn´t automatically open. (To open the door player need to press 1-st (normal progression) button in each corner.) Map08 - Using a tiny switch in the first secret that sets a pattern for the 4 switch blood room in bottom right now also swap mancubus for a hell knight in the next room. (The other is crushed near the end of the map. Other patterns still have the mancubus in the way.) - Moved dummy sectors for the 3-key room so that raising the room back up is not too loud anymore. Map10 - Fixed wrong difficulty tag that prevented 100% on skill 1/2/3 Map11 - Sped up the opening process of the courtyard door not to slow player too much. - Added death exit and secret continuous play exit for future proofing of the map. (That includes any speedruns that would otherwise in incompatible with planned full megawad.) (Normal exit is accesable by hugging the exit sign for 9 seconds and then quickly pressing revealed exit sign on the west/left wall.) * I probably still missed some. Notes I Forgot to mention in the .txt file. - This version of the wad was tested in GZDoom 4.10.0 and DSDA 0.25.6 (Had some weird interaction in map06 in GZDoom where red key ignored SMM hitbox and teleported before she died. Not really an issue, but it is weird nonetheless, I may have just missed something in the options.)
  12. And I missed it... then again... probably for the best, considering I can´t shut up once I start spamming chat. Anyway, thank you so much for playing, I will check the vod ASAP. I am always happy to see new playthroughs of my stuff NGL. So I watched the VOD and here are few notes: Wad was made in contplay in mind with death exits after map11 map15 and map20 (hopefully one day with the final product), which is how I usually play megawads. Pistol starts are perfectly doable, in fact Vile pistol started each map, and even though that was "pre-release" build not a huge amount, balance vise, has been changed. Map03 have slightly different progression depending on chosen weapon. Rocket launcher is the faster route going through the middle, SSG route takes the player around. Map04´s hole in the wall is now hole in my soul. Map05 has a non tagged secret BFG that is quite obsure and uselful only in contplay. (It was a normal secret in v1.0, but in v1.1 I added that one berserk as official secret.) Map06 has those spider closets in case player kills the SMM before starting the crusher so that you have to deal with the spiders instead, ammunition in those closets are for balance purposes. Map08 is a bit of a mess under the hood, I should start using joint sectors to distribue sound as a sane person. So... the bfg you have figured out during the stream. Basically the hint is in the "normal" version of the map (the skull with the glowing eyes) where you get the soulshepere. The "alternate" version´s version of that wall is also interactable, but instead it opens 4 monster closets with imps, one of them has the switch to move the BFG out of kill range into the secret tag sector. Player can tag the secret any time, but actually getting the BFG is a one time secret. That brings me to the sound tunnels and walls openings that occures after the player leaves the area. Since the "alternate" version of the map is accessable only once, I tried to make it that unkilled monsters follow player to the main map. This worked pretty well during testing, but I wouldn´t say with confidence that it works 100%. Icon of sin pain sound when opening the door was actually Vile´s idea. I liked the idea and was quite easy to implement so I did. Map09 soulsphere secret is marked by the candles (only 2 candles in the map) and that out of place blue trin on both the switch and door that opens. Map10 has a monster only teleporter in one of the rooms. I tried to make it that if player gets too far from the initial area, cybie will follow and teleport to the final section of the map. Works suprisingly well considering Doom AI is tied to planet constalations and current weather. I think that is all the major things to point out from the vod that I remember.
  13. Thank you, I am very happy that people enjoy the mapset since it got the to the runners-up with... 0 mentions in the cacoward thread. Good to hear that even modded the mapset is fun to play, I did try and compiled a list of tested mods prior to release. Quite a lot of secrets were reveamped to be a bit less obsure and easier to activate, none all of them and there are some "non-secret" secrets as well in v1.1. My intent is to make a full megawad as I mentioned before, but that is gonna take A LOT of time for multiple reasons. The bonus maps are not accessable by normal means, you have to warp to them and work only on GZDoom. The first bonus map is an "early version" of MAP05 that has been reworked and ported to work on Boom and the second bonus map is also planned to be reused at some point the same way. Again, thank you for playing and enjoying the mapset.
  14. Shawny

    Should I get steam?

    Those 2 games specifically you can buy from GOG, which have OPTIONAL client (for automatic updates and achievements), but you can just buy games, download the install files and play games completely offline. Since, MOST of the games there (besides some of the AAA games like hitman etc.), are not tied to any launcher or server, you can easily preserve games you buy there. But yeah, steam is a long, long time digital distribution platfrom and you gonna have to get it eventually, most likely, anyway.
  15. Oooops, yup, that is a typo. It should be Underground Lake. Also, I took a quick look at the doomwiki entries, thanks for that to all people involved, and there are few additional details about the secrets that can be added, like untagged BFG in MAP05 (relevant only on continuous play) and a way to actually get BFG in MAP08. Do with this information as you will.