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  1. Shawny

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    Having that "Freeman" facial hair... more rugged beard when too lazy to shave.
  2. Back in high school I played with Hammer editor (goldsource) for a bit and created 3 CS1.6 maps. I wanted to create a small Half life campaign but that endevour was fruitless in the end. Lack of focus and dedication. I have also tried Build engine, but that experiment never got anywhere.
  3. Shawny

    Shallow World Episode 1 (Now on IDGAMES)

    @Shepardus I am happy you are enjoying the wad so far. The project shaped quite a lot during the development including the name change. The final product is a retelling/reimagination of Doom2, hence the names and similarities with the original wad, but in my mapping style. The pacing and monster introduction is also a reason why the first maps, arguably even the whole E1, is easier than most of the modern wads. Slower pacing, on the other hand, gives me more room to have different encounters and more varied combat scenerios in the future episodes. That though, remains to be seen. For now I very much appreciate you playing the wad and commenting. I hope you enjoy rest of the maps.
  4. Shawny

    Shallow World Episode 1 (Now on IDGAMES)

    Bumping the thread, as I explaind above, E1 is finalized and has a IDGAMES link now. Dev thread was updated with new link but was not bumped.
  5. Shawny

    What country are you from?

    Slovakia/Slovak Republic. Eastern region to be more specific.
  6. Yeah, I also got excited for a second... what a shame.
  7. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    With no external testing coming my way and with internal testing done, this is the final patch for E1. This version was also uploaded to IDGAMES. Any further changes to E1 will be implemented when/if another episode releases. Patch notes: General Several visual fixes and minor adjustment (texture alligments, textures changes, adding imapassable lines etc.) Transparent EXIT signs now have pass actions so player can exit maps proper in non ZDoom ports. MAP06 Conveyour belt at the start was adjusted to work better with different ports and mods. MAP10 Minor visual update to the tubes room near the red key area. Tested and working MODs. Supercharge (GZDoom 4.7.0) High noon drifter (GZDoom 4.7.1) Trailblazer (GZDoom 4.7.0) Naku Naru (GZDoom 4.7.0) - personal recommendation Vesper (DSDA doom 0.24.3) - personal recommendation Dead marine (GZDoom 4.7.0) - forgot to mention in the .txt file Mods that use satisfying "bullets" weapons work pretty well - like Vesper and Naku Naru Mods that change monster properties are most likely to break stuff. D4V comes to mind. Finalized build download Shallow World E1 (First post was updated with current build link)
  8. Shawny

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    I have no idea how much is this relevant (or maybe I am just doing something wrong). I was testing my mapset with the mod in DSDA doom (same happens in PRBoom+) and found out that hell knight seemingly ignore all kinds of (or maybe all, haven´t tested all of them) TP lines. I made a test map with few kinds of TP trigger lines to make sure. 3MB gif of TP testing. Barons have no issue with TP lines apparently. Like I said, not sure if it is a bug or what. I searched this thread if anybody asked or reported this, but I haven´t found anything. So if this is known or mentioned elsewhere, my apologies. NEVERMIND -nodeh solves the issue... for a price.
  9. Shawny

    [URGENT] Save Melissa Lucio

    I knew I have seen this before... The story was also quickly featured on Last week tonight with John Oliver. Also mentioned in the recent episode about police interrogations... This is truly sad...
  10. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    Since it was almost a week and no more feedback is coming my way, it´s time for RC patch. Patch notes: General: All mid-tex exit signs are now transparent. All par times are now balanced around pistol starts and getting 100% kills and secrets. (All are possible to get with efficient routing in non-linear map, they are balanced around my best times + few seconds to spare.) Added "Test/Beta build feedback" with 2 names to the credit screen Map03 Fixed brightness transfer for some sector lamps. Added a shortcut after player gets out of the nukage room with the yellow key. (A step will now appear after player gets out of the yellow key room.) Map05 Fixed brightness transfer for some sector lamps. Map08 Section of the map that was missalligned is now fixed. Spots with supplies in the red stone arena are now brighter. Added an "effect" after opening the three keys door. (Thanks Vile.) Map11 Adjusted timing of the central switch so that scripted sequence is less dramatic, but quicker. Download link (also updated first post) Shallow World E1 RC (This may be the only RC before uploading to IDGAMES, depending on feedback and internal testing.)
  11. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    @Vile Hey, so I watched the playthrough. Had a great time watching it. In fact, I am downloading it right now and minting it as NFT. (JK) First of all - yes, the mapset is made with both pistol starts and continuous play in mind as you corretly deducted. Cells in few first maps, both secret/non secret, are intented for use with the early BFGs you get from secrets in MAP01/MAP05. I think of it like BFG from DOOM (2016) where you had limited ammo. You have like 1 - 2 shots per map until like MAP06, after that cells are more common and you also can get your first plasma gun. I fancy that idea, but I also see why people would not like that, especially finding cell in a secret that is worthless pistol starting. So yeah, that one is take it or leave it, I guess. That makes some interesting contrast between PS/Con play IMO. For example MAP06 when you killed the SM before you started the crusher and arachnotrons were released. If you started the cruhser without/before killing her, the door would never open and the arachnotrons would have gotten crushed along with her. Playing PS you normally don´t have resources (early) to kill her. And by killing her game "assumes" that you play continuous and you get to deal with arachnotrons instead of her. Anyways... The exit signs were added not too long ago as one of the earliest feedback I got was that the exit doors are not always so obvious and people sometimes accidentaly left the level early. So I decided to add an exit sign to every exit trigger... it makes faking the exit a bit dodgy, though. ;-D MAP03 - Yup, the map plays a bit differently depending on what weapon you choose at the start. Though it is designed in a way you can max the map (including items) regardless. I may want to design a shortcut at the end if possible rather than have player to backtrack around the map. MAP05 - I noticed a sector floor lamp where I forgot to transfer ceiling brightness. Will be fixing that. MAP06 - Good job grabbing that blursphere. Need to fix that... MAP08 - Along moving that one area of the map to properly allign the floor and ceiling textures I will be adding light sectors where the supplies are. Because yes, there is ammo and stuff in the red stone arena, I just got a bit carried away with making the place look really dark... again. I also MAY steal that 3 keys door idea. :-D Also, that definitely not sketchy BFG. LUL (It is technically a one time secret, but you can tag it without getting the BFG as you found out.) MAP09 - Those candles were added just recently as a hint, mostly because one needs to trust in candles. The usefulness of that secret blurshphere is like 50/50 since there is A LOT of distant hitscanners/hitscanners in general, but there is also other stuff that is not so blurshpere friendly. I am really happy you liked it, even though the set it is much easier than you are usualy used to. Also, there is MAP33 and 34 in UDMF format if you want a bit more, although MAP33 is the "early" version of MAP05... (Or rather MAP05 is revamped version of, what is now, BONUS MAP33 and MAP34 is planned to be redesigned and reused later.) Both are part of the "original project", but only 2 maps were ever created for that, mostly because shortly after that I realized mapping in BOOM suits me better. Or BOOM having MOST of the mapping features I really want.
  12. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    Thanks for playing. Will watch the vod asap. I had a feeling I am going to miss the stream due to the timezones... On the bright side the playthrough is more "honest" without me commenting on everything.
  13. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    I tried to make that BFG as sketchy as possible. :-D I am happy you enjoyed your time. And yeah, revs are mostly my go to, especially with more limited roster. Very much appreciated. The point of the project was pretty much that, good to see that final product reflects that. Wonderful to hear that flow of the maps is good, that (layout and gameplay) was the priority even though the maps are, arguably, on the easier side. I want to keep the custom textures to minimum, that being said I will definitely use some urban textures and some snowy maps are planned as well. The bonus maps are from the "original Shallow world project" back when I was mapping in UDMF by default. Some time after that I realized Boom has most features I really need in mapping, so I canned the project and moved on. And after some mapping I decided to use the original name and revamp the old maps into Boom rather than using name Re-Doom2 since it didn´t really fit nature of the project. Most people expecting something else and my ambitions were also kinda changing during development . MAP05 was adapted from what is now MAP33 and I plan to do the same for MAP34 at some point. I kept these old ones in as "legacy" content as I they, in the original form, are no longer needed, but are still part of the wad... kinda. I also want to thank you for words of encouragement/liking the post, that helped me stay motivated and focused on the mapset. Thanks for playing, hope you all had/have/will have a good time playing this. And of course, any feedback would be appreciated. Edit: Watching a playtest video right now, MAP08 has a ceiling/floor missaligned section. (Doing last minute changes without proper testing is bad). Added to do list and will be fixed next patch.
  14. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    EPISODE 1 RELEASE build EPISODE 1 TEST/BETA BUILD Updated/released 13.4.2022 Patch notes: General Added MAP08 that finishes the episode Texture fixes, adjustments. Fixed MAP04 soflock similar to MAP01 Map08 Lies Music: Ice by Jimmy Screenshots To do: Fix any issues found in the future Test mod compatibility/more testing in general Revamp par times
  15. Shawny

    Shallow World Dev thread

    Oh yeah... I am both shocked and not surprised at the same time that I managed to have such softlock for like 2 years. Thank you. Newest build with map01 fix 4.4.2022 For everyone who managed to read this far, here is a link to the current build with MAP01 fix. Including MAP10. MAP08 is like 75% done. I was hoping to have E1 out already, but alas... Hopefully next week since I managed to do some more work on the final E1 map. Patch notes: General Added MAP10 (awaiting testing, some changes may occur with the release patch) Cleaner automap ("unused" lines are now hiddden for less bloated map with "automap powerup") Some slight changes to lighting (mostly sector lamps now have transfer ceiling/floor light level for cleaner look) Each exit trigger line is now signposted by floating exit sign (frequent mention by testers was that exit wasn´t always obvious) New credit screen (because I managed to misspell 3 names, my English is as good as my self quality control) Changes in music selection. Some was shuffled, one was removed and some was added Intermission screen was proofread and edited by MarketAnarchy (special thanks) Slight logo adjustment Map01 Fixed soflock by the elevator mentioned by previous post Some slight visual changes (gameplay remains the same) Map11 Sniper enemies near the rocket launcher now teleport after a certain conditions are met Map10 Refuelling and transit station Music: Hydrocarbon by AD_79 Screenshots