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  1. It is probably a good time to ask for testing. Maps 01 - 05 would be appreciated, map07 is up to you. Wanted to wait until map06 is finished, but that may take a while since I am working on other project atm.
  2. Updated (3.4.2021) download link in the first post. (Only one more map to go for chapter 1, though with Skulltiverse community project on the way it may take a while) - Small visual update in map01 - as noted by @FrancisT18 - Small changes in Map03 to hopefully fix bugs when running in ZDoom - found by @FrancisT18 (not tested, too lazy to download and configure ZDoom, will do that next update) WIP version from 6.3.2021 was tested on livestream by Francist218 on Twitch. Archived on FrancisT Youtube channel. Map04 was added Map04 The Locus Music: Underground Lake - Stewboy Screenshots
  3. Shawny

    Best wads with OG textures

    Agree with E.M . Hellbound is my definitive choice, especially considering the project is "vanilla" (limit-removing).
  4. Shawny

    Do mappers use Wolfenstein SS in maps/wads?

    I am pretty sure stats-vise chaingunners are a bit superior in every way. Besides they have specific use if you don´t want to give player chaingun, but you want something stronger than a zombieman.
  5. Shawny

    Do mappers use Wolfenstein SS in maps/wads?

    I feel like SS (unmodded) is pretty good enemy, but pretty hard to use it in context. If you can do that, mapper should go for it. On the other hand you will probably raise some eyebrows if you use SS outside map31/32 whatever you do. I did that like 5 months ago in a project and some people were a bit weirded out about it.
  6. Shawny

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

    I honestly stop carrying about the DE story. I really didn´t like how the story was presented to the player. (Never played the any of the DLC.) Doom 2016 has some "forced" lore moments but it was presented by interesting characters in form of monologues all during gameplay (with optional text). In DE... I feel the whole story thing was "here is a character you will never see again and if you wanna know more go ahead and read all the text". The stuff they presented by cutscenes, narration and whatnot was a mixed bag. Some was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, lot of it was quite frankly cringe and in the end It wasn´t that helpful to see the grand picture. I know they had to build whole DOOM universe so they couldn´t get all the lore in narration and stuff, but the problem is the stuff they shown didn´t comp me enough to care and read all the lore, except demon codex, that is still very interesting to me. (The fact I didn´t really like the combat/mechanics didn´t help either.) So the bottom line is I really stop carrying about the plot about 2 hours in and everything I know is from what was presented to me during gameplay (which was not that much, considering). And because I am not that invested in the universe, it is fine by me.
  7. Updated (6.3.2021) link in the first post. - Added few blocklines in map02. - Some light textures were swapped around in map03. - Added new shortcut switch in map03. Map05 was added Map05 Waste disposal Music: Watching you - Jimmy This is the converted, reconstructed and rebalanced Day 0 speedish map I have created for my personal (now) canned project Shallow world. This is an extended version with updated visuals, slightly changed layout and theme with revamped combat. Screenshots
  8. April, huh... See how things gonna be in April. Would like to be back for map or 2, but only time will tell.
  9. Thank you very much, I appreciate your playtesting and feedback, in fact my mapping skills and experience was vastly improved by following said feedback since my first published map. My maps would not be what they are now without your help and for that I am grateful. Good luck with your mapping project (and everything else). Your playtesting will be missed in the meantime.
  10. I see. I am familiar with quite few of those due to other project I have been mapping for used good chunk of those I am pretty sure. Those are neat (mostly). I will take another look though. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. @Scypek2 Much appreciated. I do like stock textures, I wish there were some more of them. @DavidN The multiplayer starting positions overlook both choices, but are closed in a room until player 1 picks a route. I could reconstruct whole starting area, or alternativelly, push both switches back, put bars in front of them and place open trigger in a place where player can see both routes. On the other hand both choices are viable and I should probably not care about what and how player made a decision so I will probably skip fixing this. From my perspective just kinda sucks not seeing that pointed in the video is all. It may be even better for people to find that for themselvs.
  12. @DavidN Hey, thank you for your playthrough, enjoyed that one a lot. Thought... I am kinda sad that you didn´t notice map03 has 2 ways of playing. Taking the RL or SSG at the start. The map plays a tiny bit different with each weapon... oh well. And yeah, this is a reimagine project, in my mind that means that I want to take Doom2 overall progression and story, but remake it to my liking. Resemblance with the original maps depends on how much I liked the original Doom2 maps. Good example is map01 and 02. Never really liked Entryway so that map is changed a lot, not being really regognizable even. On the contrary I really like Underhalls so that one is more inspired by the orginal than full on reimagination. And yes, all textures (execpt waterfall - even though to this day I wonder why that never was a stock texture for doom2, probably having a rest with all the other city textures that don´t exist) are stock. Though I am already gathering and putting together some nice stock-esk texture that will be used in the future maps. Next maps should be map 5 which is gonna be a remix and extended vesrion of previously released "speed-ish" map of mine. Also before I had an idea for map07 (which I made suprisingly fast considering my mapping speed) I have already made layout for map09 so that may have priority, even though my goal is to make maps01 - 07 ASAP to at least have one chapter of the project done.
  13. Update 18.2.2021 (Updated link) Map03 was added. Map03 Rust Music: mist - Stewboy Screenshots
  14. I was thinking for a while if should I ask. This is first Doom 2 map I have submitted few years ago. This was made before I had a good grasp at how good maps operate and focused like 90% on the layout. This map was on/off in development over 2 years and it was my passion project and include some stuff from that period. I haven´t seen a full playthrough of the v1.1 (which has slightly improved combat). There is a lot of accidental combat and teleporting enemies. I have already started on reworking the map with all the experience I have now (although this project does not have priority at the moment). The map takes up to 2 hours depending on how much you want to explore.