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  1. Hey, I have been playing quite a bit Roboquest again and I would like to do the coop achievements over the weekend. I know I could just join randoms (I may in the end), but I figured I might as well ask over here first. Like I said, I mostly want to do those 3 achievements tied to coop, but I am up for some "New game plus" difficulty run or whatever. For anyone interested just reply here or send me a DM and we can figure out the rest. Thanks.
  2. I wouldn´t call it commercial crap, but as I person who played Duke3D and then Doom2... I would call it underwhelming and bit disappointing. I will admit I am not the biggest fan of D2 map design, that being said there are few really good/interesting ones. And yes, textures and engine limitations, I get... BUT in my personal opinion there are plenty of questionable textures that should have been swapped with something resembling buildings and other common "Earthly" textures. Like maybe having more traditional final boss enemy instead of few huge dodgy textures would have been a good start. Overall it is what it is. The good news is that new weapon and monster roster is a stellar base for custom doom stuff for generations to come for "vanilla" mapping.
  3. I would take map21 if it is still free.
  4. Since I have put that post together rather hastily yesterday before sleep I need to clear some things now. I can be a cynical and jaded person sometimes, but I believe in what I have said yesterday. There would be more to unpack there, but that is not important, just keep in mind stuff like that contributed to my response. I am not sorry about that at all. However... I genuinely feels bad for @shroomie and I do want to apologize. I should have made this clear in the original post. The frustration had been pilling for a long time and I should have dealt with it months ago. The issue is that I have never did and so I leashed out after the last time that section was mentioned, and it have been mentioned quite a lot, which indicates that the problem is the design of that section rather than players who get stuck there. The post that broke the camel´s back so to speak could have been posted by anybody. So I want to make sure that it is 100% clear that I am not blaming you or everyone else (even though my brain wants to) for what is essentially a poorly explained mechanic/gimmick. At the end of the day if I decided to do something "new/different" I should have made sure I also have the necessary skills to communicate the idea to the player clearly. That is that. I should probably stop before I annoy moderation stuff too much.
  5. I am just waiting until somebody more popular do something like this and be praised for how creative and innovative they are. I mean, I already have one obscure gimmick in mind that is mimicked into oblivion these days. I am sorry for sounding salty and annoyed, I am at this point. Even starting to wish I have never took that map slot, honestly. At the end of the day it is my bad for experimenting with/doing weird stuff. Anyways, I know I should have not posted this, but I feel like I REALLY want/need to get this off my chest. Moving on now...
  6. I will be preparing for night shift, sadly. So no recording from me this time. Anyways, GLHF.
  7. Shawny

    Voxel Doom

    I yet have to try it myself. The original is great IMO, there were some stuff that felt weird, but that may be just my brain. Will probably test my mapset since in last update I tried to rotate all the sprites the proper way to be "voxel doom ready". I am also surprised this was mostly just released without too much fanfare. Regardless, looking forward to take it for a spin.
  8. As VB mentioned above, I have played the wad again yesterday, this time with minicharge mod and I found some small issues. If played with software rendering there are weird lines in the sky in MAP01 and several tiny slime trails in various maps. There is a chance that in MAP04 a monster/monsters may not teleport into map properly. Got the same imp stuck twice. Other than that all seems fine. (I had adjust SMM closet in MAP11 since that monster is change into a flying one in this mod.) Full playthrough (unlisted with link for now). I wanted to edit the vod a bit, but editing on my old PC is kinda time consuming and I needed to get this out ASAP.
  9. Hey, thanks for playing, as I mentioned in the comment section on youtube, will not repeat everything I said there, I do appreciate your honesty and can relate to your fatigue and frustration playing the map, so no worries. Regardless, thanks for finding some of the small but crucial mistakes I have made with the rework, these will be fixed. Again, for more detailed info and my thoughts you can take a look at the comment section on YT. Thanks and have a good one. Youtube comment dump. This is probably more appropriate here anyway.
  10. To be fair, I can see sprite replacement for monsters and weapons that would look pretty cool, especially with that "Alone in the dark" MAP01 aesthetic. That being said, I think we are about ready to move on, and that is coming from me... Also, as mentioned above the mapset should be fine with mods, in fact I want to try High noon drifter with it now.
  11. So, the red blood room has 7 patterns* that are always the same and are on the loop. Basically P1-P7 - (repeat) P1-P7 - (repeat) P1-P7... until all 4 switches are pressed. There is a delay, that makes sure none of the "scripts" can cancel each other - this is done in multiple parts of the map, until the blood raises and changes texture and effect. After each press will/start TP(ing) monsters and supplies. These are also fixed. Platforms with light sequence will be dropping down into the blood pit after few seconds. Will agree that TPing supplies is not the most elegant way to balance the fight, but in this case is kinda a necessary evil and I was thinkng how I could do that in a different/better way, but got nothing in the end. *(I have .bmp file of 7 patterns in my PC that I had created while making this map, don´t rememebr if I have put all 7 in at this point.) 3 of 4 secrets are rocket launchers you can get fairly quick that help with the early game and are well hidden. I have seen some people complete the map in 45 minutes, but those are much better at doom than me. My time for beat the map is also about an hour and yes, it is one of those map I am not too keen to test over and over again. Such is process of trying different things in mapping. That being said me making maps like these is an exception.
  12. Thanks for poinitng this out. The thing is there a system to prevent this, but looks like it works just some % of the time. There is a 2 triggers system in place, but I made the corner switches too lenient so when you press the switch the "effect" of it is active for 9 seconds and if in that time the other check is activated the "script" progresses. Lowering the effect duration (which is a timed door) to 1 - 4 seconds should fix this. I am pretty sure that should fix raising the barons issue as well. I am not blaming you, the map is a bit overambitious and designed to be a bit lasting. That being said, the SMM room is not nearly enough as good as imagined so that one should have been done differently.
  13. Now go to do the blue section (not sure what version you are playing) and there you will learn how Korax switches work. You need to BOTH use the top part and shoot the bottom of the switch. Do that on both sides and you can progress. Doing BOTH is never needed again, you just need to keep in mind you can do that for section that comes later. If you playing RC2/RC3 you get "locked" with the switches so you will eventually find out what to do. In the initial release the whole thing is a bit more confusing.
  14. I, personally, like slower starts and have no great regrets about this. It is a bit weird to have a start like that after MAP10, will say that, but I designed the map to be "like a small episode of it´s own" - to build map slowly from killing cannon fodder to more chaotic fights. Not saying this design philosophy is good (or bad), just expressing why it is done like that. Plus, there are 2 secret rocket launchers (one on each side) early that mitigate this to an extent. (One of which will be hinted a bit more in future patch.) So technically once you know where they are the early stage pacing should be less of an issue. At least from what I tested, it is. Again, your experience may vary depending on your preference in maps/combat. I know exactly what you mean. I have seen people fall into the blood with no way out, and yes, it is one of the things I have been "monitoring". I thinking about just separating the "big door" into 2 smaller ones so that player will land on one of the platforms more/almost reliably. It may not be the best solution, but it is easy to implement and have a good balance between being functional and not being/looking too janky.
  15. Yeah, some cutting and adjusting of the map should have been done while in dev, but I couldn´t help myself. Described by that one from Jurassic park... Scientists something should/shouldn´t would/wouldn´t something. The SMM fight in perticular should have been havled, but I kinda realized it too late and just kept it as it is. That being said 45 minutes is a pretty good time considering there are several timed fights. Thank you for playing and enjoying the wad. I am sure fellow mappers feel the same.