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  1. My first published map was actually a heretic map, wanted to whole episode, but... I stopped mapping for years for some reason. I was small map, linear map with awful sky clipping issue, not great even for a opener, but yeah... Maybe if I get back to Heretic maps I could make that episode with remake of this map... First "map/Doom" map created was like in 2006, when I only had a shareware version of Doom and like 7 years old, that is still sitting on my HDD. My first published Doom wad was a huge passion project created in span of about 2 years. Too bad the first version was rushed due to... events with a lot of thing that could/should have been fix or recreated before the first release. The updated version is much better, took like a week to make it better combat-wise with some tweaks to aesthetic also. After some more mapping I have learned how to fix more things, that still bugges me, so I will probably update this one more time in the future, just to make it as good as It can be.
  2. Shawny

    Can you judge a map based on its automap?

    No, you cannot fully judge the map but, as more people above mentioned, you can get a pretty good idea what kind of map you are about to play. Especially if you can see the kills/items/secrets counts.
  3. Shawny

    Megawad of the decade?

    Hellbound (aka what Doom2 should have been if the technology was there in 1994).
  4. Shawny

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    Doom Slayer, because I really like his personality and the way it was presented in the game. I was already impressed in the first 5 minutes (the elevator scene to be precise).
  5. Shawny

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Guest map for a (Boom) project. (Screenshots were taken in GZdoom)
  6. Shawny

    What wads do you prefer?

    More traditional looking/feeling limit removing/boom maps with/without just right amount of Z/GZDoom features. So a nice balance of old and new is just right. (Although I use GZdoom to run everything anyways.)
  7. Shawny

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    A combination of both. Map design from Doom 1. Extended bestiary and SSG from Doom 2. I would most likely replay Doom 1 rather than 2, so I guess if I had to choose one, I would go with Doom 1 (original 3 episodes version).
  8. Hey @HAK3180 , thanks for playing my map and giving a fine feedback, as usual. The current goal is to make 12 maps, (across 2 episodes) that is the main focus right now. The 32 map megawad is my ultimate goal. My slow mapping combined with my new crappy job... that may take a while. Anyway... First of all, that final fight is a NO NO. I can´t have you running around letting Cybie doing YOUR work. :-D I have to fix that, I was always trigger happy at that part so I never had that much infighting going on. (Sloppy testing on my part.) I need to figure something up in the next update (whenever that is going to be). I will probably be lowering the number of cells in the "late" game - after the blue key (maybe even in the blue key room itself, althought that room requires killing the Archvile to progress and player may skip the super shotgun for that fight that may result in harder/more grindy combat... which might be good ok thinking about it now) when player SHOULD have most of the weapons. One problem with the branching, more "open" maps (IMO) is that you can´t predict how player will progress, how much stuff will they kill etc. and the last thing you want is one of your choosen path to be much less viable/balanced than the other/others. But yeah, I will probably replace the cell pack in the crate area (that optional one behind the crates) and the other one in the shorcut room with the baron (or knight in the lower difficulties) and probably the cell charges in the blue key card room with shotgun shells. I´ll stop rubling about plasma gun ammo now... The revenants in the outher areas were mostly an afterthought and they were so good, that I was thinking about deleting them after I put them in, BUT in the end they were TOO good... TOO GOOD... (The number of them varies on the difficuly settings.) That chaingunner in the small monster closed, on the other hand, is getting fired... I am pretty sure he did so little that you didn´t even notice him. The good news for him is that Plutonia is hiring, I am pretty sure. :-D The button you were little bit confused does open the upper door to the outside area. You can see it through the window, but unfortunately you were facing the other way while pressing the button... which is not your fault... no, just kidding... it is your fault... 100%. :-D Have no clear solution to that right now, I need to think about that one. And lastly, that is a great educated guess about the style and asthetic of the map. The step1/2 flats are suppose to be conveyor belts and I took stuff that I learned from working on Hydrologica and made a smaller map in that style (with a slightly different theme). On that note, I am honored that you remember Hydrologica (that name seemed cool at the time, still does to me, but it´t kinda weird). I did add more detail in the most bland areas in v1.1 thanks to your feedback no less and the last thing for that is to convert it to UDMF and fix all the misalignments. Sorry for the long post with probably tons of spelling and grammar errors and thanks again. Keep up the great work.
  9. Hey @HAK3180. Making maps for GZdoom, that people don´t like much either is not the best idea, I admit. This is just a demo and the maps are not in their final slots so I hope you are right about the prejudice. Much worse alternative woud be (for me) that I just make/made bad, boring maps. Anyways, looking forward to your opinion.
  10. I wanted to wait a bit, for more maps to come out, but I really have no feedback about map02 in my demo set. And I would really like to know someone else´s opinion. You did me a great favour by testing and commenting on my first released map, so I would like to hear your thoughts on map02. (Ofc you can play map01, but that is was a single release that is just part of the set.)
  11. Hey everyone, thanks to positive reception of my past work I decided to start working on a mappack/megawad. Ofc the ultimate goal is to make full 32 map megawad, but for now I would like to do 12 map megawad divided into 2 episodes that represents act 1 of planned story. And because I cannot guarantee if / how much of the project will be completed, I will be updating this thread with maps and info about the progression rather then try to make a bigger chunk of maps at once. Maps that will be made are not unnecessarily in the "final" order and for now should be played with pistol start in mind. All maps will have jump and crouch disabled by default. Freelook is allowed (even personally recommended), though not necessary. It requires GZDoom to run. Tested on 3.6.0 and 4.1.2. Download the 2 map demo Shallow World 2MD Maps: Map 01 - Day 0 - previously released map that is now part of this project Map 02 - Fleshworks (Screenshots) That is all for now. Thank you for your time and have fun.
  12. Shawny

    When Do Your Maps Get Named?

    It depends if I have the map pre-planned or just messing with editor to a point when I have a map layout done/almoust done. So generally, in the time span from "I have a map name before I do anything at all" to "At some point during the"actual" mapping process".
  13. Shawny

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I want to believe, but I am bit sceptical. Althought that cover is pretty decent.
  14. Shawny

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    That is cool, everybody has to start somewhere, your commentary will be better over time with practice and sound quality when you eventually get better mic. Fair enough, I could use the white light, but that section of the map has quite a lot of white/gray textures already. I generally use the Doom / Doom 2 "logic" so I use the colored stripes and skulls to mark colored door or swithes. And just to clarify - you don´t need to use freelook for the map (although, it is easier and more convenient). Thet secret switch you found can be shoot from the balcony that is higher up. I know a lot of people prefer to play Doom with mouselook off, so I try to create maps around that. The premise of the map is the 2 way choice to get to the blue key, (I do like non-linear map, although they are harder to balance) so you can go throught the bars or use the elevator (you ended up using after you took the blue key). Bottom line is I am glad you liked it, after positive feedback I got after releasing this map I decided to create a multimap wad, (eventually maybe a megawad) and so I have some maps in development. I do take my time to create them so It is gonna take some time to release more.
  15. Shawny

    Looking for more huge/epic scale maps...

    Single map that is 30 minutes - 2 hour long depending on route, difficulty and map completion.