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  1. Finnthemapmaker

    ANOMALY (WAD)- Udpate

    @LoneAlpha2401 Jesus how did you even made this.This looks great btw.
  2. @Marlamir Tbh bro really depends where the location is at. If it's a big ass open area everyone whill dodge a slow ass green ball , not to mention it needs to hit the wall (and would take a lot of time) while he is looking at them. And by that time they would already have tooken cover. If it's on a very tight map. Doomguy has to get very close and that is risky. They can just pull out their version of the SSG and rape him or just spam the corridor with rockets so he doesn't rush. So you have to be very stratigic with BFG. Not to mention most of them are fast.Not to mention the monent he kills 1 with the BFG , some of them would see an opening and would go for the easy kill. Edit- if it's a open map , everyone would have their hitscan out. So the moment he pulls out a bfg he is at a big Disadvantage
  3. This weapon kills all enemies on the screen and on the map itself so tbh no matter how fast your Garrie Sues are , they all die to this.
  4. @Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur Agh Doom guy reskin #3 who could forget him!
  5. Whichever has the strongest and most accurate hitscan.
  6. Short maps for Doom 2 , use Gzdoom and have fun playing!
  7. Finnthemapmaker

    What gives you ideas for DOOM maps?

    Music and pictures
  8. Finnthemapmaker

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    No it isn't it just has more vibrant colours. Plus Serious Sam Bfe tooned down the colour to be a more serious game and made the enemy models more realistic then serious-sammy. Serious Sam is way more Cartoony then Doom could ever be.
  9. Finnthemapmaker

    Any mapping discord servers ?

    Hi any mapping discord servers I could join?
  10. Finnthemapmaker

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Happy skelly
  11. Finnthemapmaker

    Shadow Zone (DOOM II)

    Hello , may I ask how you made the celling lights have that fade effect to a specific height?
  12. Finnthemapmaker

    How to make teleporting monsters in Doom:Doom 2 format

    Hey it worked. Thanks for the help again :p
  13. I don't know how to make them , please tell.
  14. Finnthemapmaker

    What makes a level fun?

    The title says it.
  15. Finnthemapmaker

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    @HAK3180 My bad i should have told what port you should use.This was the first time i helped with a project so sorry if the map felt bland and generic.this was also the first time i used A none Udmf format so i was limited to what i can do.I mean at the end of the day no matter what gimmick i give to you . you will still do the same thing. shoot. There is not much you can besides spicing up the combat a bit.Also you were right about the map having too much space in some areas.Anyway tnx for the feeeback!