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  1. Jason

    Guilty Pleasure Movies and Games?

    I listened to limp bizkit once but I hated durst's parts
  2. Jason

    Favorite OSTs Of Any Video Game

    Shiiiiiiiiit I found a question I can't answer.
  3. Are those free steak knives available without the maps
  4. Jason

    Looking for people to help me make a WAD.

    right so the link doesn't work, post a new one?
  5. Jason

    Looking for people to help me make a WAD.

    do I get to be graphics guy
  6. Jason

    Is Doom done being serious?

    i like both
  7. OH MY GOD FINE. I'll just scrap the whole idea because nobody will help. All I'm getting is backlash and insults. There are a few people saying helpful things but it seems as if (ESPECIALLY after my last response) most of what I'm receiving are people being against me. I'm no builder. I'm a designer. But everywhere I turn all the builders won't work with a designer like me. It's "do it yourself I'm gonna completely ignore the fact that you've clearly stated that you tried that and I do my maps myself so now you have to" It's like ALL I WANTED was someone else to work with here and judging by what I get mostly that's not gonna happen. Around 52% of these posts are unhelpful and only tell me I'll get nowhere. This was a cool idea that will be forever lost because not many people can see that I just want my idea to come true. And it won't happen if I take to the people of a toxic community like doomworld. Again, to the few of you actually being helpful to me, I really appreciate you. Mostly @Nine Inch Heels, @Pegleg, and @xvertigox. They seem to be the most helpful in all this. But then there are other users here only discouraging me and I think if I ever have a WAD idea I sure as hell am not sharing it to doomworld because this community can't stand it when I think of something. I'm definitely gonna take some time not checking this forum for some time after this. Again, I would like to give thanks to all of you who actually tried helping me. -J
  8. Well I had to select the "don't care" option because it truly depends on a few things. Are you wanting a challenge? Looking for a little realism? Maybe. Think about survival horror games. Friday the 13th on NES is a great example. That game is less challenging once you learn the ropes. That's because it doesn't have that extra bit of realism, that would make it challenging no matter what you know. That game would do better to have the feature. Think about action shooter games. The RoboCop arcade cabinet is a great example. That game is more about just having fun going around blasting assholes. It doesn't have that slow down feature when you get hurt, and it does well not to have it. It would be less fun with it because the purpose of the game isn't to be realistic; the purpose is to have fun. Doom3 should have that. Any other doom game should never have that.
  9. along with money if required. again cannot promise a large amount
  10. I'm not being impatient. I'm getting the idea out there as soon as I have it so I never forget it. I'm not rushing anything. I'm responding immeditely to these questions because some of them repeat and I don't want that. also, no insults? I can't say for sure these are meant as insults but they sure as hell come off as insults to me. Maybe it's just because of past experience with this type of thing -J
  11. That's reserved for those who offer to do it. I give them all of that. I don't post it on the forum for everyone cause some people don't want it. And my plan is to get people to actually play it. The more shit released publicly, the more people already know about the map, and everyone will know how to beat it before trying because it'll all be out there. To those saying it's a low price, you gotta understand that it's not because I'm being cheap, it's not because I'm not willing to pay large amounts for it, it's that I literally can't. I am constantly broke because where I live I'm not legally old enough to get a job (Believe me, I want one). I would pay a LOT more but you need to understand that I don't have a LOT more to pay you. Also I'm the one who plans out the maps. I draw it all down, I explain it all, and someone else builds it. They don't have to plan it out or design it because I already dun did that. Precisely 1. Doom II 2. Vanilla, classic format 3. There are many rooms and very many hallways but they are generally not very large. An example of room size would be that one room on MAP01 of Hell on Earth, the room with 4 lifts which each its own zombieman standing on top of it. It also has a secret with two stimpacks and a green armor. Hallway size would be around the size of the hallway on that same level leading to the room, only 1/3 longer. 4. I prefer to keep it as close to my idea as possible unless there is some issue or potential improvement to be made. I prefer the map builder to consult me about it first and ask whether or not to add/remove something. If they want to design one of the maps themselves (Not requiring it, not even suggesting it, would only allow it if the mapper asked me themselves) I would probably say yes as it saves me part of a job and it'd be nice to play someone else's map too. 5. Yes. Not required but allowed Providing map geometry, struggle with functionality I only said the exit would take less than that. I cannot say for sure the other 5 would take the same amount. CLEARING UP A FEW MISCONCEPTIONS: 1. No, it doesn't have to be 5$ a map. I can negotiate prices with anyone who wants to. 5$ is just what I can (maybe) afford and it is an example 2. No, it's not that I'm not willing to learn how to do it myself. It's just that I feel like the idea I came up with is the best one I have made yet. I want it to made and be as good as possible and if it's my first map and all made by myself, it won't be perfect. I know that "nothing's perfect" but perfect is an opinion that varies from person to person. Even if perfection cannot be achieved, I want the closest thing possible. 3. Yes, I have tried to learn. I have watched youtube tutorials. I have not gotten the hang of it even remotely. I get nowhere with it 4. I haven't already posted about my inability to make functional maps because I rarely even do anything doom-related in terms of creations and rarely think of it. I get it, the doom community hates it when people ask someone else to do things they can't. But I only wanted to make an idea a reality and need someone else to do what I can't. I know some of you don't like this proposal but if you are just gonna do anything like insult me, tell me this is a horrible idea, act like I'm lazy, just don't reply to this. Reply if you have some help to offer or something positive to say. To those of you who really offered help and asked questions that would help me find some takers, thank you. -J
  12. I wanted to make a 5* map wad called MAZE OF DEATH. I can design the maps myself, pick out and or compose music myself, and I can add textures to the map and things to it all myself in doom builder 2. What I cannot do is learn to build the actual maps and make things like lifts and exits work. I know I could learn--the thing is, I prefer not to. I still try to learn it myself and I fail with every try. I know someone will reply to this post with a "well just practice!" or a "if you learn how, you'll get better!" but I will ignore those responses** as I get them too many times when talking about inability to do certain things instead of people taking my word for it. I prefer someone with actual experience to do these. I want these maps to be as functional as possible*** because I want people to find and play them. The worse they are, the least people will want to try them out. I am willing to pay**** but if I must pay someone I most certainly cannot promise a large amount whatsoever. A good example would be 5$ a map. For a 5 map wad that would equal 25 bucks. I would not pay for the 6th one as it is only 3 rooms, 2 hallways, and an exit. Just to end the map. If you know how to make maps I estimate that this would only take less than 15 minutes considering the small amount of effort required and the lack of an ability to texture it and add things. I have stated that I can do that much myself. I honestly would ask Adam Post to do this but he is always busy. At this point I wish to respect him by not bugging him. Every man has something they need to do and I understand that. Should you choose to obtain more information, you can PM me. *6 only if you count the exit map. **If the response also contains an offer to help build the WAD, I will pay attention. ***You need to have experience in making WADs that are fully functional. ****I will pay ONLY IF NECESSARY. If you are willing to do it for free and I choose you I will not pay you. I will credit you whether or not payment is involved. -J
  13. Jason

    Was Doom designed to be played at walking speed?

    I've gotten used to holding down shift all the time so if I use autorun I end up walking because I'm so used to my pinky being on the shift key constantly and now it feels strange otherwise.
  14. Jason

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    oh I loved that one. story was very compelling, actors did a great job, and yes, the effects were great. also was nice to see sigourney in that one