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  1. Szuran

    Any possible Doomguy actors of your choice?

    Either slightly younger Tim Olyphant... Or slightly younger Josh Brolin.
  2. Szuran

    How to make a spreadshot weapon?

    Amazing. Thanks.
  3. Szuran

    How to make a spreadshot weapon?

    Yeah i will use this as a basis. You are amazing. Thank you!
  4. Szuran

    Current Android release

    Oh yeah. It works now. Thanks.
  5. Szuran

    Current Android release

    When i run it it starts Freedoom, though.
  6. Szuran

    Current Android release

    Freedoom on Android is helping me survive long trips but i noticed tge current release includes Sigil? Can I run it with Freedoom?
  7. I want to make a weapon that fires a cluster of projectiles that either 1. go in an arc (left projectile travels 45 degrees left, middle goes straight, right goes 45 degrees right) Or 2. Travel like a wide wall of projectiles but when some of them get caught in a wall or enemy, the rest keeps going. I have no idea if the 1st one is even possible. But what about the 2nd? Should I spawn like 10 projectiles with every shot, each touching the one next to it? Could you help me code it? Here is a very rough visualization of what i mean.
  8. Szuran

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    BFG. I just don't like it, it doesn't look well, its effect is underwhelming (green flash - meh), it doesn't sound particularly strong and robs you of good and tense fights. :)
  9. The strength of these simple looking games was that everything in them was real. Like: if there's a ledge, it's not just a decoration, it's a ledge and you can probably jump on it. Now it's such a mess that new games need to have highlighted ledges or some kind of 'warning' tape plastered to let you know they're interactive. This makes me aware that the rest is just decoration. That's one of many reasons I prefer simple 'ugly' old games. Like in original Tomb Raiders - blocky as hell, but you could hand to ANY ledge, the ENTIRE level was playable. Now it's like 80% is non-interactive decoration and you see right through it because everything interactive pops out. But that's just me.
  10. Szuran

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Small step for anyone but a huge one for me. Animated textures! To be exact, neons to make the city look alive. Sorry for awful offscreen cap but my laptop melts using any recording software.
  11. Just for the record because this might seem like I'm looking through nostalgia goggles: I've played through Quake 1 for the first time 2 months ago. I was blown away. Doom 2016 is nowhere near it in terms of gameplay or level design. (In my opinion, I respect the fact you like it more).
  12. In the 90s it would be just another shooter, and one with not particularly good level design. I mean, Quake 1 trumps Doom 2016 in terms of level design. The new Doom is just... fine... but today it's outstanding because nothing even comes close to this level of speed and freedom.
  13. I'm not watching anything and I will play the game blind, but will play it mostly because it's Doom and not because I'm counting on a great experience. From what I saw, the game is woefully overdesigned. It's just a visual mess and most games are to my taste. I like my games simple and clear, I don't need 5 million polygons on a caco. Doom Eternal looks so detailed that it all blurs into a meaty mess. No space left for imagination or interpretation. I really don't understand how anyone can watch these trailers and get hyped.
  14. Szuran

    DOOM 3 "Hate"?

    Have you ever heard anyone criticizng GTA3 for being different from GTA2? "It's just not GTA, it's slow, it uses different perspective, everything is different." Difference NEVER matter if the next thing in the franchise is just good. Aliens is nothing like Alien. Half-Life 2 is nothing like Half-Life 1. Quake 3 is nothing like Quake 2 and Quake 2 barely resembles Quake 1. Yet somehow Doom 3's problem just that it's different? Let me say this: if you getting HIT has more punch to it than when you use the BEEFIEST weapon in the game, then there's a problem with the gameplay. Also, cheap enemy placement where you only are aware they appear because you get hit in the back; long dull levels with almost no actual exploration; weak gun sounds; underwhelming bosses... Well, you might like the game despite those (I like some objectively mediocre games VERY much), but I still admit they're not flawless.
  15. Szuran

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I've made some building wall textures and am slowly (can't stress enough how slow) making the city look like a city. I'm on map 3 out of a 6 map project and maybe around 2021 it'll be finished. Also, despite my initial wish to stay as vanilla as possible, I've redone what I already have to make it freelook-friendly, because some things simply look better when you look at them at an angle.