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  1. Scorpius

    [RC1 Release!] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    I loved working on this, thanks for the opportunity! No jokes aside, MAP05 is probably the one of the best maps I've published.
  2. Scorpius

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 - RIP ASS

    I want to quickly update my second submission to fix a critical bug (and a couple texturing errors) - ZENITH-v2.ZIP
  3. Scorpius

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 - RIP ASS

    Name: The Zenith MIDI: Into the Belly's Beast (TNT) Themes: Romero head + JimmyExit (I think?) Build time: 2 hours and 30 minutes File: ZENITH.ZIP P.S. The slot is MAP12 to use SKY2!
  4. Scorpius

    Hardfest [Community Project]

    METAL-v2.ZIP (fixed texture alignments, added multiplayer monsters, adjusted some fights, etc.)
  5. DYSTROPHIA.ZIP (quick update to use a silent death exit - I don't want to explode anyone's ears with Romero!)
  6. Scorpius

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 - RIP ASS

    Name: Razor's Edge MIDI: Avalanche by Mark Klem Themes: Romero head + 45/90 degrees Build time: 2 hours and 15 minutes File: RAZOR.ZIP
  7. Scorpius

    Hardfest [Community Project]

    Damn... what a rush! Loved making this and took the "highly difficult" things in many different ways such as navigation, traps, enemy placements and types, etc. Name: The Metal Age MIDI: Dark Matter by Tristan Clark Build time: One week and many hours Tools used: Doom Builder X, SLADE 3 Tested with: GZDoom 4.8.2 File: METAL.ZIP
  8. Scorpius

    Hardfest [Community Project]

    Not sure if I can get this done by deadline... here's a screenshot!
  9. Fair enough. It is a little too open now. I thought moving the arachnotrons up and not moving would spice things up since the map is quite forgettable as some noted. I still think the old version is a little too claustrophobic though so I'll have another think about it. EDIT: Let's try this - DTHZONE-v2.ZIP (it's similar to the original but the mancubus and arachnotrons are swapped)
  10. lol i'm 10 hours late... I wanted to update my submission but I'm unsure if this version is better or not so may I post it here and get feedback on it! DTHZONE.ZIP
  11. You might get a 1.666 update lol. @Arsinikk Could you please remove the 64 in the title? that's fine by me. :)
  12. Sorry to be a pain but can I change my map name to: DEATH Zone 64?
  13. haha, did you want me to write a proper small description for the level? :) also thank you and arsinikk for the feedback!
  14. Heh... one night and this is what I created. Name: 128 x 64 = DEATH MIDI: Accelerator by AD_79 Tested: Chocolate Doom v3.0.1 File: XDEATH.ZIP Screenshot:
  15. I'll have a crack at MAP07 if possible.