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  1. traversd

    A New 100 Line Mapset (Demo)

    You can save some lines by using the boom elevator (down to lowest or next floor) specials for monster closets. Saves having to build in a door to hide the closet. Not 100 lines specific but using some angled lines (instead of 90 degree corners) can help with areas feeling short on detailed geometry etc, and using things like tech lamps, columns etc can help with detail in place of detailed geometry as well. Enjoy the process :)
  2. Hey thanks for the feedback, super glad that you enjoyed them. I saw the demos you posted as well - very clever. Can't say I thought about those aspects. The irony of this set is I thought a series of smaller maps would be quicker to make and release (looks at date of first post and winces). Instead I sweated over whether a vertex should have 6 linedefs coming off it or 5, can I make do without a rectangle here and where can I put a transfer heights reference sector for liquids :) Oh well, fun was had making these, good to hear fun was had playing them as well.
  3. Finally published to Id Games - huge thanks to Biodegradable, Clippy and GarrettChan for feedback, Alfonzo and Tarnsman for level contributions, and Jimmy for music. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bytesize
  4. traversd

    Post your Doom textures!

    Would be cool to animate the skin texture inside the crate and have it move a little.
  5. Thanks @GarrettChan I'll go away and do some homework on these to hopefully improve as many of the aspects you have mentioned as possible :) Clippy is at Map05 so I've suggested they wait until I complete a v1.2 with most of the above homework implemented. The Arch-vile placement is certainly a mechanism used in the later maps to replace monster closets given the limit on geometry. Every triangle used to hold monsters is a lost triangle to the map itself ;) With Map06 and Map10 I had to use thing decorations to help create off-map monster closets. But yes, not much chill in the maps because of this approach. Unless I've added one and forgot - yes, I've purposely left backpacks out of the set so that whilst giving the player lots of ammo its not all picked up at the start of a map - but I do concede it has the other impact of sometimes wasting a large ammo pickup. I went with small cell packs in Map07 for that reason but dotting the landscape with single rockets felt a bit silly :) My sincere thanks again! Travers
  6. Thanks @Clippy and @GarrettChan I've made a bunch of notes from your videos for updates to some maps - I've clearly under cooked map05 D: Thanks again for the feedback :) Travers
  7. Yikes - 4 years goes rather fast. I've come back to this finally and finished up with 12 maps in total, skill settings, some Jimmy tunes and a laughable attempt at a Titlepic replacement. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qigkba2fgg9elxw/BYTESIZE_v1.1.zip?dl=1
  8. traversd

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    It might only minimise the issue, but maybe try putting a non-scrolling sector between each scrolling sector such that the amount of time the objects are considered on both sectors is reduced?
  9. traversd

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    The triangle sectors contain the light level/texture/type you want to transfer but are not tagged to scroll like the surrounding sector to avoid the additive effect. The highlighted linedefs have the actions to perform the transfers.
  10. traversd

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    If you are looking to use the linedefs that border each sector in the arrangements on the right of your screenshot to make a pattern of light changes, you can possibly make all of the sectors a single sector with linedefs inside it so the scrolling action is only applied once. If you are need to activate floor texture changes etc then a single large sector like on the left of your screen shot and small enclosed sectors within it, with the necessary floor can be used for the script action.
  11. traversd

    Block player from only one direction (Boom)

    If you apply friction to the conveyor as well that should prevent the player from moving much at all and being taken on the conveyor path until they leave the conveyor sector and friction returns to normal.
  12. traversd

    MBF21 Specification v1.2 Release

    Nice! Any chance of? a proper voodoo doll thing that activates all specials like a player but also obeys skill and gametype flags level exit specials that go to the map coded by the tag (101=e1m1 1=map01) random teleport destination chosen if multiple destination things exist in the same tagged sector a "Sector Group" flag to stop movement of all sectors with the same tag if one of the sectors movement is blocked (to allow for multi sector lifts/elevators)
  13. traversd

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    D'oh, plus they drop clips. Sprite reducing suggestions are replace some sets of 9 SS with 2-3 Revs or 1 AV? Also an earlier version of the map had the final cyber teleport from the exit room platform to the general play area which may reduce the change of it specifically disappearing whilst being in that single location? (sorry!)
  14. traversd

    Scroll Floor is slower in PRBoom+?

    Try not to rely on how fast the scroller moves, use sector barriers (doors with ceiling into the floor) to determine delays.
  15. traversd

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I've noticed a couple of texture misalignments on MAP32. Will post an update soon.