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  1. Awful, heart breaking to hear. Thoughts are with the family and friends of Kate and BouncyTEM.
  2. Many of the unclosed sectors have been used simply to split linedefs vertically for applying 2 or 3 textures to a wall. A godsend when you can't add in trim, alcoves etc :)
  3. Done! Thanks for the tip :)
  4. Hi All, This is BYTESIZE. A small pack of small maps :) that I've been making this year. Each map has been limited to 100 linedefs in total. Given the limit, I've tried my best to pack as much gameplay into them as possible. The general rule has been to use every bit of sector possible to make the maps interesting and varied, and to also have them fairly dense in monsters, weapons, ammo and items (though I hope I've not gone too far with that). A finished MAP10 eludes me so I figured I should put this out for some feedback on the other maps whilst I nail down the final parts of MAP10. I hope they are enjoyable to some you out there :) 11 maps (10 + a placeholder at MAP10) No skill setting refinement on all maps just yet sorry! Made for complevel9 (+using MBF sky transfers) Tested in GZDoom, DoomRetro, GL/PrBoomPlus and Eternity GZDoom has some rendering quirks which is the fault of some maps having unclosed sectors (Though the switch at the elevator in MAP01 has me stumped!) But for the most part I think I've addressed most of them. No music :( yet! BYTESIZE v0.2 --> Some screenshots (already posted in the "what are you working on?" thread
  5. BYTESIZE MAP05 - This is a rework of MAP02 from 100lineT.wad
  6. BYTESIZE MAP09 4 more maps needing cleanup and map10 is still a WIP then I might have something to show for this insanity to post up for playtesting.
  7. BYTESIZE MAP06 ... & MAP07
  8. BYTESIZE MAP02 - Currently untitled and skill settings not yet implemented. Debating on whether or not the plasma gun is "too soon" for the map set /shrug Complevel 9 (tested in GZD, PRB+, E and DR)
  9. Hi Brad, Something I noticed while making a new map is that Boom special 242 appears to have some issues when the sector (and the dummy sector) change heights. I've attached a demo map that uses 242 and 53 (W1-Start moving floors). It seems that the target sector will only mirror the dummy sector dynamically if the dummy sector is also visible on screen. In the demo map you should see that if you view both platforms it is fine. Turn left to only view the yellow skull plat and it stops moving, but then jumps to whichever state the dummy sector is if you then view both plats again. This was checked with 2.5.5 Thanks, Travers
  10. WTH. How have I not realised this awful pattern sooner? #rehash











    1. rodster


      I didn't understand, but I like the pictures, because it looks like the spidermind is going to fall/roll into the square holes :)

    2. esselfortium


      I think I would be pretty freaked out in real life if I saw this many giant spiders angrily crawling out of holes, but these pictures make me chuckle :)


      It's funny to only notice something like this 20 years on. I like the mega-effort moving trapdoor one from 1994tu.

    3. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      A monster...basement?

  11. The 100 linedef limited map pack (I've slowly been tinkering away at) now has the working title "BYTE-SIZE". This is the latest addition - MAP01 ENTRYPOINT EDIT: This map is Boom compatible; complevel 9 (hopefully the d/l works better than the super unoriginal map name) NB: There is a visual glitch in the "elevator" when using GZDoom that I haven't been able to address.
  12. Sorry if I missed it in earlier posts. Is this a vanilla only trick or includes boom/mbf.. other ports?
  13. Another option: At the start of the map implement the (gross hack) of merging sector type 11 below a -20 damaging floor and tag both sectors to crush the player as well. That should allow the player to get to <11% health without dying pretty quickly. You may need to give them an invul before exiting that setup so they don't get crushed on exit or something. Then keep using damaging floor types throughout the map and use the invuls as described above. EDIT: test the crusher a bit first though as it may push the player into the floor of the sector with type 11 and exit the map :)
  14. CL666 and if it gets updated CL667 (and then never more can it be updated)
  15. Hit the 100 linedef limit. Move a vertex and find a 0 length linedef. /cartwheels

    1. Breezeep


      100 linedef limit? Are you making something for some kind of limitation project?

    2. traversd


      Eventually should have a small pack (~9?) of somewhat randomly themed maps that are limited to 100 linedefs. Working on a map07 arena at the moment. I've got 2 others that are ready for a play test linked in the post below.



    3. rdwpa


      I did a casual max for the 9c map a week ago but forgot about it until now. 


    4. traversd


      Nice! Thanks! Still too many cell packs it seems