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  1. traversd

    Do's and Don't's when making your first WAD

    Do it to have fun, learn and have fun learning Don't stress over the end result of said fun and learning
  2. traversd

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    It resurrects ALL the monsters at once.
  3. Yeh did think that, could even start the sequence maybe as a player runs over a damaging floor earlier in the map?
  4. I presume Dehacked features are not worthwhile in this space to try and mitigate or remove the damage to the viewport player object?
  5. Looks to be pretty limited. // Triggers that other things can activate if (!thing->player) { // Things that should NOT trigger specials... switch(thing->type) { case MT_ROCKET: case MT_PLASMA: case MT_BFG: case MT_TROOPSHOT: case MT_HEADSHOT: case MT_BRUISERSHOT: return; break; default: break; } ok = 0; switch(line->special) { case 39: // TELEPORT TRIGGER case 97: // TELEPORT RETRIGGER case 125: // TELEPORT MONSTERONLY TRIGGER case 126: // TELEPORT MONSTERONLY RETRIGGER case 4: // RAISE DOOR case 10: // PLAT DOWN-WAIT-UP-STAY TRIGGER case 88: // PLAT DOWN-WAIT-UP-STAY RETRIGGER ok = 1; break; } if (!ok) return; }
  6. In the vanilla source is it *just* the player object that can activate remote door, floor etc linedef types? Or is it that monster things are excluded? i know monsters can activate walkover lift types but not walkover doors, floors etc.
  7. traversd

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    Here is a new take on MAP07 in the Wolfenstein secret level theme --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/4arcja68mwkgoxb/map07_as_ZZWOLF1.wad?dl=0 Because it is not on MAP07 it uses Keens to access the exit switch.
  8. traversd

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    RE: Changing progression/starting location. If the changes "work" and the original layout is easily seen I think it is an OK option if the standard progression in the new episode isn't working. This was needed in a few maps in SR1 where teleporters in E1 didn't really fit for example. I suppose an issue with changing things up too heavily may work against the player misunderstanding the required progression vs the expected progression - and so something to consider if looking to implement progression changes.
  9. traversd

    just a little design rant

    I’m honestly not sure if it is “good” design or not but a “replay-ability” approach taken in the map Skillsaw and I made for BTSX E1 (Map12) was to use a non-linear hub-style layout and depending on which areas are visited first the unvisited areas could be played differently and or had additional enemies released into them. This approach could be expanded further with more alterations to pathways and enemies in unvisited areas. Whilst a player could replay the map almost exactly the same way each time, giving them the choice of progression and then changing expectations from prior playthroughs felt better than distinctly random events. Map12 of Mutiny (a collab I did with Purist) also tried to give some replay value in larger choices/tactics - though in this case it was largely a choice between a hard/rush option and a slower/gather power up option.
  10. traversd

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    And in coop it resurrects dead players into evil marines with the last weapon they had selected.
  11. traversd

    Secret Exit Switch in Doom E3M6

    It appears to be because the ceiling is sky. change it to non-sky and in chocolate doom it renders in the lower position. I can remember having to alter ceiling heights a lot with some maps as they rendered lower unpegged differently at times to what was shown in the editor.
  12. traversd

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    Given the BFG is so effective against it - maybe it should be invulnerable to BFG tracers? It could even deflect the the main projectile and take ownership of the tracers (ie: meaning the tracers would hurt players if caught in the new "cone" and other enemies to start some infighting against the SMM)
  13. traversd

    Post your Doom textures!

    Flip the yellow upside down in the first example so it has a strip of arrows pointing up in the direction the door will travel.
  14. traversd

    Post your Doom textures!

    The Gargoyle w/BRICK10 and MARBGRAY combinations are great :)
  15. traversd

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Neat AD 🙂 My only comments/suggestions would be to avoid the vertical tiling of BROWN144 maybe keep the tekwall static instead of scrolling? maybe reduce the platforms used to get to the top switch to smaller defined lift sections - though I appreciate they are MAP30 hallmarks 😉 maybe change the tag of sector 33 to '13' so it lowers once instead of with the lift sequence - my lameness with gameplay timing showing here 😄 Trav