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  1. traversd

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    And in coop it resurrects dead players into evil marines with the last weapon they had selected.
  2. traversd

    Secret Exit Switch in Doom E3M6

    It appears to be because the ceiling is sky. change it to non-sky and in chocolate doom it renders in the lower position. I can remember having to alter ceiling heights a lot with some maps as they rendered lower unpegged differently at times to what was shown in the editor.
  3. traversd

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    Given the BFG is so effective against it - maybe it should be invulnerable to BFG tracers? It could even deflect the the main projectile and take ownership of the tracers (ie: meaning the tracers would hurt players if caught in the new "cone" and other enemies to start some infighting against the SMM)
  4. traversd

    Post your Doom textures!

    Flip the yellow upside down in the first example so it has a strip of arrows pointing up in the direction the door will travel.
  5. traversd

    Post your Doom textures!

    The Gargoyle w/BRICK10 and MARBGRAY combinations are great :)
  6. traversd

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Neat AD 🙂 My only comments/suggestions would be to avoid the vertical tiling of BROWN144 maybe keep the tekwall static instead of scrolling? maybe reduce the platforms used to get to the top switch to smaller defined lift sections - though I appreciate they are MAP30 hallmarks 😉 maybe change the tag of sector 33 to '13' so it lowers once instead of with the lift sequence - my lameness with gameplay timing showing here 😄 Trav
  7. If the teleport destination is blocked (possibly by the 1st monster that teleported) the next monster(s) wont be able to teleport. 1 option is to use a teleport line at the end of the conveyor to send any monsters that missed the required "teleport into play area" line to keep on looping until they can teleport. Another option is multiple "teleport into play area" lines along the conveyor with different, spread out, teleport destinations.
  8. traversd

    Jim Flynn

    Very sad to hear this :( RIP Jim - Thank you for contributing so much to a past-time we all value so greatly.
  9. traversd

    Keyed exit switch

    The activate this object message comes from the vanilla fast door linedef specials I think.
  10. traversd

    Kate Fox has passed away

    Awful, heart breaking to hear. Thoughts are with the family and friends of Kate and BouncyTEM.
  11. traversd

    BYTESIZE maps

    Many of the unclosed sectors have been used simply to split linedefs vertically for applying 2 or 3 textures to a wall. A godsend when you can't add in trim, alcoves etc :)
  12. traversd

    BYTESIZE maps

    Done! Thanks for the tip :)
  13. traversd

    BYTESIZE maps

    Hi All, This is BYTESIZE. A small pack of small maps :) that I've been making this year. Each map has been limited to 100 linedefs in total. Given the limit, I've tried my best to pack as much gameplay into them as possible. The general rule has been to use every bit of sector possible to make the maps interesting and varied, and to also have them fairly dense in monsters, weapons, ammo and items (though I hope I've not gone too far with that). A finished MAP10 eludes me so I figured I should put this out for some feedback on the other maps whilst I nail down the final parts of MAP10. I hope they are enjoyable to some you out there :) 11 maps (10 + a placeholder at MAP10) No skill setting refinement on all maps just yet sorry! Made for complevel9 (+using MBF sky transfers) Tested in GZDoom, DoomRetro, GL/PrBoomPlus and Eternity GZDoom has some rendering quirks which is the fault of some maps having unclosed sectors (Though the switch at the elevator in MAP01 has me stumped!) But for the most part I think I've addressed most of them. No music :( yet! BYTESIZE v0.2 --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/6y7mc3588em7bch/BYTESIZE_v0.2.wad?dl=1 Some screenshots (already posted in the "what are you working on?" thread
  14. traversd

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    BYTESIZE MAP05 - This is a rework of MAP02 from 100lineT.wad
  15. traversd

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    BYTESIZE MAP09 4 more maps needing cleanup and map10 is still a WIP then I might have something to show for this insanity to post up for playtesting.