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  1. WowozuelaSpammer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    What's up with anime characters always looking like exaggerated edgy psychos, am i missing out on some japanese trend?
  2. WowozuelaSpammer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A grey dog in some sort of LSD world, cool
  3. WowozuelaSpammer

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    OH GOD, i feel like an idiot for forgetting to put Opening to Hell in my post haha, definitely an amazing track
  4. WowozuelaSpammer

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    I Sawed the Demons, Sign of Evil and Victory Music (Doom 1) Into Sandy's City and Endgame (Doom 2)
  5. WowozuelaSpammer

    any "GZdoom" for quake ?

    As said by everyone else, Quakespasm is probably the best Quake source port out there, the only problem one could find is the lack of integrated music, but i personally feel it adds to the spooky and unnerving tone of Quake, hearing only gunshots and the screams of the Lovecraftian monsters around you, it's much more atmospheric than At Doom's Gate or stuff like that (although At Doom's Gate basically is "Adrenaline: The MIDI", which is perfect for Doom :P)
  6. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Yeah, we're one month before the relase of the wad. I'll TRY to add myself to Map32 in this weekend, i was actually thinking of changing my pfp since it looks crappy af. Btw, since i was gone for a long time, can someone tell me the new changes in a nutshell? I'm also really curious about how my baby in the form of a map (Map24) looks like now
  7. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Basically everything, it's pretty technical. The part i made of Map24 is the room with blood, the teleporters that lead to rooms full of monsters, the huge pit of cacos and the tech part with a cyberdemon. Basically, the original Map24 before it got merged with old Map04, i feel it's a good idea, since my Map24 was really short and could have worked as a secret area (which is what i asked some pages ago)
  8. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Ok, i've been digging through the texture and animated texture making, and i think i can't do it, it's not really a big problem for me, since i only contributed a small as fuck area in Map24 (which might be gone by now) So, yeah, sadly, i won't have credit for the wad, which i think i don't deserve. PD: Still, if anyone disagrees with what i just said, do what you want, whatever, if you want, put a big af milk carton on my Map24, or change all monsters into cacos in that area and name it "Caco hell", whatever you want
  9. WowozuelaSpammer

    do you know any doom wad/mod or retro FPS that has dragons?

    Not an FPS, but a retro game, The Elder Scrolls Redguard has a dragon, although it's a lame enemy (just like the rest of the game :P) but it's still a dragon. This one's neither, but it has dragons, dragons, dragons: The Elders Scrolls V Skyrim, the entire plot revolves around you being a human/elf/beast with the dragon blood that has to stop an evil dragon that wants to eat the world, you prolly already played it, since everyone knows it, but i wanted to name it. Actually, iirc, i remember reading somewhere that dragons got pretty big on Greek mythology because during the Ancient Greece, they found "dragon bones", but turns out they were probably the rests of either a big lizard (commodo dragon type lizard) or a dinosaur, the more you know :P
  10. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Not tryna sound rude here, but: If Map01 is still like the Map01 i played, then it's nice, Cyber Showdown, refering to the computery stuff in the level, but when i read it first, i thought of Cyberdemon's, then about that map with 2 cyberdemons at the end (i don't recall which), so, just adding my commentary on this, maybe a more specific name that still includes a computer pun?
  11. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    i don't see the difference, it's nice
  12. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    my to do list right now might be small, but i find it important for me: 1) learn how to make animated textures 2) add myself to the hall of fame
  13. WowozuelaSpammer

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

  14. WowozuelaSpammer

    Plutonia Experiment?

    Ok, so it seems i was right, Final Doom is the only way of getting a legit Plutonia.