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  1. Cinnamon

    Project AUQIPONING's E1M9

    Hey! I UV-maxed it yesterday (no saves if that matters) after 3-4 attempts. Solo, which is why I bring it up, because the map fits into an Ultimate DOOM slaughter style but your post indicates it was for co-op. The only stronger opinion I have off the bat is that I didn't interpret the exit as an exit, and since I currently do demos of all my map runs I sat there with my hands in the air, lacking 100% and having to redo it. xD A more minor comment is that DOOM1-restrictions on a sluaghterish map means maaany barons or many cacos... However, as a break map this works alright, but could do with some encounter variety. Anyway, fun enough to play, got the encounter timings/pulse down quite right, but visually pretty standard (add more height difference maybe?)
  2. Cinnamon

    Doom II enemies if they were insects (with pictures):

    Blockmap Bobby has (loud) opinions.
  3. Cinnamon

    I need help

    First and foremost, bob, feel free to contact me in DMs and via mail, as by your preference - if you'd prefer that. Secondly, you're not disturbing the peace of the community. I'm going to risk speaking for people I shouldn't be speaking for, but my sense of the DOOM community is that throughout its 30 years of pulse, it's seen the best we can be and the worst we can be. I urge you not to feel as if you're intruding, if anyone raises that point, the error's with them in my opinion, not yourself. Okay, fairly, I'm extremely sensitive to the topic of suicide. That's why I'm here. I've history with attempts, my current spouse too in a fashion, and moreover, I've lost a previous spouse (whom I'd come to dearly love back then) to suicide. Here's two things I managed to assemble for myself, after years of addiction, depression, and uninhibited nihilism. First is that in face of seemingly unbearable pain, the body reacts with anything drastic it can conjure up - the more drastic the more attractive. It is nothing but a gut reaction, a momentary feeling, a fleeting whim, that will pass. Yes, the depression may persist, the sense of pointlessness might remain, but believe me when I say that the palpable impulses can only live for so long. They burn fast and bright, but run out of fuel fittingly fast. Personally a few distractions turned out to be fruitful whenever the urge swept over me; working out (heavily, angsty, using your anger Palpatine-style), eating, playing DOOM (100% serious) or another of my gaming obsessions, drawing, writing... Anything that has an outward outlet that you can channel yourself into helps. Hell, yesterday I was about to go to a really dark place, and I planned the most sadistic map in DOOM I could conjure up, and I've yet to finish a single map. Just to get myself out of myself. It's as much a physical thing as a psychological, in my experience. Secondly. When I break it down turbo-rationally (as I'm wont to do when I don't double-check myself) - if I decide to upend my run now, I'll never now how far I could get. I'd never know the joy and happiness I could find. I would only now that I ended on a sour note. And I only know that I have this shot, afterlife or not, we can only guess or believe. This attempt we know we have. It took me a long while of introspection to get here, and I had to really listen to how my personality works, because often I will end up in a miserable hole without being able to trace it. But I have practiced patience with myself enough to know that the answers come afterward. I just need to ride/divert the moment.
  4. Cinnamon

    Doom II enemies if they were insects (with pictures):

    To 99% of us, they are. There's never been a moment in my life where being aware of a categorical distinction biologists use have served any purpose whatsoever. Skeletons and zombies are not demons in my book, but who cares?
  5. Cinnamon

    Early maps you've made.

    I might re-create my first few maps from memory at some point, since it's rather few, but the projects themselves are lost to history as I dabbled in it some 15 years ago the first time.
  6. Cinnamon

    Early maps you've made.

    Sewers can be good, Civvie. Come into the fold.
  7. Ah alright! I was speaking mostly from a surface understanding and hadn't delved too much into (or made sure that I correctly remembered) what your parameters were in regards to OTEX. Thanks for the clarification! As mentioned I probably won't fiddle around with the textures themselves too much, but I'm more than just a little bit likely to try it out. Still, good info. :)
  8. Cinnamon

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Ehum, not sure if to post this here, but I tried running dsda-doom on Windows 11 and the mouse is complete bonkers. Its sensitivity makes the game unplayable, and even if I crank it down on OS-level nothing really changes. I don't remember having this issue on older Windows, is this known?
  9. I did not get notifications about this. My apologies. Yeah, I figured; it's just generally how I like to play, and I'm not sure if there's any other somewhat centralized location for uploading demos. I might just try to get to terms with dsda-doom or prboom+ then instead, since SmoothDoom is one of the main reason I've run GZDoom for so long. (The other one never being satisfied with how the mouse feels). :') Anyhow, thanks for the grats and thanks for the info! :)
  10. Cinnamon

    Why are theyre so many inmost dens remakes

    Agreed. Once I started poking around the DOOM community (fifteen years of lurking heeyoo) and Inmost Dens was talked about I thought: "Which one was that now again..?" Not a favorite even if there's nothing wrong with it. Great fun in multiplayer though. :)
  11. Fair point. I do remember OTEX being a thing that you shouldn't alter. But that's because I recently stumbled on an article of Ukiro's where he talked about Anagnorisis so it was more a luck of the draw that I saw it. Not very relevant to me, but my spouse has expressed interest in creating textures so it's good info. I have no intention to do anything short of that. What the DOOM community has created throughout the years have made it a, quite frankly, inseperable piece of who I am, so I'd want to show all appreciation possible. Just without going to inhuman lengths to achieve that. xD About scolding: I assume benevolence until proven otherwise, so you're all good. Thank you, and same to you! They've practiced this map question a lot maybe. /jk
  12. Yeah if it's an explicit resource pack it's pretty self-explanatory. But yes, good pointer, I should scan the READMEs from WADs with stuff I like (OTEX comes to mind). I wonder though, conventionally, is this usually opt-in for the creators? As in, unless they state it, their resources aren't free to grab without asking.
  13. Agreed, and hope so! :) Aye for sure. I've been going back and forth between hobbies throughout life and just recently started settling on what few I want to keep in my life. DOOM being one of them. I'm for sure going to do a few. But I've also learned that I need somewhat ambitious things to keep me inspired, hence why I'm asking about texture packs and MIDIs already. xD Regardless, thanks for your answer!
  14. Hello! I've been considering getting into mapping for many years, but yeah, life and stuff. I have poked around with it a bunch before, so for editing and creating a functional map I kinda know how to research. I am wondering what to do in regards to non-vanilla (music) midis and texture packs, et.c. Essentially custom-made resources other people worked on and released. I've understood that it's usually regarded as completely fine to grab stuff without asking in advance, as long as the original artist/author/creator is credited in a README or similar. But is that how I should go about it practically? I.e., just use stuff, credit the creator, release a map, and see if that's fine? Or it's really just regarded as the modus operandi for DOOM mapping? I am asking mostly since I've heard quite a few MIDIs that would go well with the maps I want to create, and also for future reference I would hate to end up in a spot where I've used stuff I wasn't supposed to for a map and have to completely rework it (which I would be quite unlikely to do). I intend to make a few maps using vanilla textures first, so the question is most burning in regards to music (because damn the original MIDIs are worn-out by now), but I'm asking for future reference as well. :) ... Also I tried to look around for individual creators' statement on their specific pieces of work, but that felt like a crapshoot, so I thought I should ask here first.
  15. Okay, so I hope this is okay... I used an older GZDoom version (4.8.2), forgot to set compatibility level (think it's 2) and used two additional .pk3 files (SmoothDoom and pistolstart). Am *not* trying to compete obviously. But I did Scythe MAP30 UV-max. And man, it felt good to accomplish irrespective of all my technical heresy. sc30x013329.zip