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    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    To be fair, Thy Flesh Consumed is supposed to be on Earth. Also, Sigil & Sigil II don't necessarily take place after TFC, just look at Wolfenstein 3D where episodes 4-6 are set before episodes 1-3 and Spear of Destiny takes place before episode 4.

    Doom IP control/quality issue

    ROMs aren't inherently illegal. If you legally own the physical media there's nothing unlawful about creating your own ROM from it, but obviously you can't distribute that ROM. There are also places where you can legally download certain ROMs, sometimes for free and sometimes for money. The MAME website is a good example, as it includes only ROMS of games explicitly made freely available by their creators. There are also places like NES World that only have ROMS of homebrewed/fan games.

    is there any 30 map megawads with giant ass maps?

    I'm very surprised this took five posts to be mentioned. I don't think any other project has surpassed its total play time, not counting constant respawns in things like Sunder.

    What makes a good city level?

    My approach is to look at some of the existing city maps, and see what they did right (and wrong). Hellbound is my main go-to, but there's also Don't Turn Your Back On the City, Planisphere 2, Escape from Slime City, and Extermination Day amongst others. Real life city architecture has been a good source of inspiration, as well.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I assume it's a reference to the Metallica song of the same name. Or it could be because according to the Cthulu mythos, writing his name can summon him.

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    I'd suggest looking at the last few years' Cacowards. Even if they didn't win an actual award, any major releases will at least be mentioned in a sidebar somewhere. Perhaps a better topic would be releases of the last few years that seem to have been overlooked. Shameless plug, but Doom Negative of definitely falls into this category. It does have a brief nod in the Cacowards, but I've seen little other mention of it outside of a couple of Let's Play videos.

    Animated Textures

    I've started my job, been promoted three times, gotten married, bought a house, and had a baby daughter all since that second post :)
  8. @Jimmy Sorry, I only just saw this! The main thing that's been preventing me from releasing the WAD is the need to properly credit everything, as a lot of it is based on other people's work. There are also a few textures I need to tweak a bit. The good news is I've finally had a chance to start going through and noting both the credits and those textures which need touching up. I'm probably about half way so far.

    AI Midi generator

    Neither part of that statement is true. During the Stalanist era, workers in the Soviet Union received pay (in Soviet Rubles) based on how much work they personally produced/completed. They had a basic wage, but also had a quota, and could only get all of their wage if they fulfilled said quota. They would also receive an exponentially increasing amount of pay for exceeding their quota. Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to meet that quota in many industries, as materials used in production tended to only be delivered once a month. This effectively resulted in those industries undergoing "crunch time" after the deliveries were made. It also led to both workers and overseers manipulating or distorting results to make it appear quotas had been met or exceeded, when they hadn't. After the death of Stalin, reforms were gradually introduced that placed less emphasis on over-fulfilling quotas. Wages for the lowest paid workers were increased, and quotas were raised to make it much more difficult to over-fulfill them - this didn't necessarily mean having to produce extra work, as in some cases the worker's hours were reduced instead. Theft (especially of state property), bribery, and the black market were also fairly prevalent in the Soviet Union. I won't go into them in detail, but suffice it to say other communist countries such as Cuba and China pay their workers as well (with their own wage reforms over the years), and both are definitely not absent of theft and other crimes.

    Adding non stock textures into your wad

    Sorry, I always forget which wiki is the "good" one!

    Adding non stock textures into your wad

    Google Search Services Ltd, at your disposal! https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/Adding_custom_textures

    Can you make a fake roof in Boom?

    Every modern source port which supports Boom also supports MBF sky transfers, so you could just make a second (pitch black or starry) sky and use that.

    Share Your Sprites!

    According to Dante, the ninth circle. In D&D, it would be the fifth and eighth layers and parts of the ninth: Stygia, Cania, and Nessus respectively.
  14. My feeling is the opposite is true: allowing custom textures would allow individual levels to better stand out from each other. Without them, Doom 1 levels within the same episode/setting can end up looking very samey, especially KDitD-inspired levels which in stock will almost entirely consist of some combination of STARx and BROWNx.
  15. Doom 1 Community Master Levels wouldn't be very Community Chest-like if it didn't allow custom textures! Those projects probably used more custom textures than they did stock textures, especially CC4. Personally I would make the rule that custom textures are allowed, but they must either be from scratch or based on resources from Doom 1 (so no Doom 1 levels plastered with METAL2 or TEKGREN).