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    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some 16-24 high ledges with NUKE24 could help here.

    Are there mods that change music?

    You can have different music in different parts of the same level (e.g. faster paced or heavier music in a boss fight or arena area) using MUSINFO. This is supported by numerous ports including PRBoom, Eternity, Crispy, Retro, as well as the ZDoom family. While this isn't exactly what the OP is after, MUSINFO changes are triggered when a player enters a sector in which they're placed so in theory you could get some interesting effects by making use of Boom conveyor scripting. I.e. have a copy of the player on a conveyor belt, have at least one MUSINFO thing in a different sector on that conveyor belt, and have a floor or ceiling that blocks the player copy from reaching the thing until something triggers that floor to lower or ceiling to raise. If you need the music change to be repeatable, you can have something move the floor or ceiling back, and a teleporter at the end of the conveyor belt to take the player copy back to the start. The caveat to this is I've never even used MUSINFO myself, so I've no idea if this would actually work or not :)

    Top 10 Infamous Wads 2 - 25 Years Of Doom Edition

    Surely a Christian so strict they can't use the word "sigil" (a word which has multiple meanings and which Christian ministers often use in sermons, incidentally) also can't use the word "doom", since one of its meanings is "fate or destiny" and obviously that is opposed to the Christian concept of free will and the bible's clear condemnation of fortune tellers, diviners, horoscopes, etc?

    MUS conversion this songs

    Apparently there are a few AI based music transcribers in development. From what I've heard they're not that great at the moment, but hopefully at some point in the future we'll be able to convert from MP3 to tablature to MIDI.
  5. The OP is talking about texture packs from Realm 667, rather than the IWADS. Normally you should just be able to open the TEXTURE1 entries for both .wads simultaneously and copy and paste from one to the other - pretty sure this works regardless of the number of patches. I've never tried copying from TEXTURES to TEXTURE1, though.

    Is there DOOM 4 maps for DOOM 2?

    I doubt even Zenimax would issue a cease & desist for map remakes - that's farmore likely to be done for the usage of genuine assets ripped from the game such as textures, sounds, music, etc (and the Doom 3 texture wad so far hasn't been targeted, so even these may be safe).
  7. I remember seeing at least one recent .wad which had a 128x128 version of this texture - maybe Hell-Forged?
  8. For a couple of megawads that are REALLY Doom-like, try Doom the Way id Did and Doom the Way id Did 2. The whole point of these wads was to recreate the style of the id Software mappers as closely as possible.

    Self-referencing door

    I haven't used it in a while, but IIRC this is the method to make a transparent door work in vanilla: - Create the door sector (NOT self referencing), but make sure it doesn't touch any walls. - Reduce the ceiling height to at least 1 unit above the floor height. - Add the door texture as a midtexture to the front and back linedefs of the door, with a Y offset of -128. Make sure you remove any lower or upper textures that may have been added to the door's linedefs by your level editor. - Make sure you use a non-repeatable door opening linedef type, e.g. D1 Door Open. - Use a GL friendly node builder if you want the map to work in ports which use hardware rendering. If you want a working example, I think some of the old The Innocent Crew wads used such doors a few times - I want to say Evil Unleashed had a couple of them.

    realistic vanilla?

    I've done some work on revamping many of the maps from both Doom 1 and 2 over the last few years, and one of my design "rules" is to add an extra element of realism. So far the maps which have proven most amenable to this are the city levels in Doom 2, particularly Industrial Zone, Downtown, Suburbs, Tenements, and The Courtyard. If you can imagine the city levels in Hellbound except with custom textures, that's kind of the look I'm going for. There are also a lot of influences from real life architecture I've seen in person and on-line (I've been looking at a lot of pictures of both New York and various cities in Texas, the latter in honour of where the game was developed), on TV, etc. Other maps which have proven relatively easy to make more realistic are the darker, more industrial-like tech maps, such as Underhalls, The Waste Tunnels, The Crusher and the earlier Shores of Hell levels. As for maps that are difficult to make more realistic, the hell levels are the obvious ones, particularly the more surreal maps (hello Sandy Petersen!). Obviously you can look at real life caverns, canyons, etc for rocky environments, but when it comes to demon-made buildings that's a bit tricky, as that sort of architecture has never really existed except in the odd movie. One map that's proven surprisingly hard to make more realistic is Doom 2 MAP01. Despite working towards the clear goal of having this level resemble an airport terminal and looking at lots of photos of airports on-line, most of it is currently still looking very "game-like".

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    Hi all, apologies for not posting an update a while. I've been suffering a lack of both free time and inspiration over the last few months, but things have finally calmed down and I now have rough plans in my head for the rest of E1M2. Here's a link to everything that's been done so far. As you can see I haven't started placing any monsters yet, and items have only been added to the central, southern, and eastern areas. Detailing is pretty much complete in the existing areas, with the notable exception of the monster closets in the southeastern area and the big nukage room in the west. http://www.mediafire.com/file/52oautq2vwvx8wh/SHE1M2.WAD/file

    Modern AAA gaming sucks now!

    A lot of what the OP is complaining about in "modern" games has been going on for years. For example, EA started churning out yearly FIFA games in the same year Doom 1 was released! It's also ironic Microsoft aren't mentioned, as they were one of the first - if not THE first - companies to start charging for DLC back in the early 00s. In fact, DLC is really just a development of the shareware model (especially crippleware) that's been around since 1982 or so. So yeah, there's a definite case of rose-tinted glasses here.
  13. Actually, a solution to the sprite problem has existed for over two decades :) Just use sprite names other than those in the iwad. See STRAIN for a perfect example.

    Is Requiem That Good?

    I would say that old megawads are actually better than many newer ones in this regard. The maps in MM, Requiem, AV, etc are all quite unique in terms of texturing and architecture while Scythe, BTSX, Ancient Aliens, Eviternity, and others are built around episodes which utilise specific sets of textures and detailing styles. While that creates a great sense of atmosphere and consistency, it can cause fatigue to kick in a bit sooner. A lot of this is explained by the fact the earlier megawads tended to be community projects while these days we get a lot more one person or small team megawads, but I personally think even the more modern community projects like Community Chest, Nova, etc don't have the level of uniqueness of the older ones.