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  1. Here are the requested ammo crates: And here are some flats, with a pattern based on a flat in Suspended in Dusk. I didn't bother shuffling the tiles around, but there are only a couple with noticeable patterns anyway. And here are some alternate versions, with a slightly different border:
  2. Re: the final boss, perhaps you could use the Arachnorb Queen sprites that are on the Realm 667 bestiary?
  3. I actually did that a few years ago, as a map in a now scrapped project of mine was going to be set in an ammo factory. I'll try to post them here sometime tomorrow.
  4. Some sort of universal basic DECORATE type format would also be nice. (By basic I mean it would only allow new decorations, which would presumably keep those opposed to new weapons and enemies happy).
  5. As promised, here are the Doom 2 flats: And some bonus flats:
  6. Here you go: Some of them were pretty much noise so I didn't touch those. There's also two versions of FLAT23 as I wasn't sure which one I preferred (leaning towards the first).
  7. BTW you can have maps which have slopes in ZDoom and steps in other ports, since those ports will just ignore the slope line special. Freedoom MAP07 is a good example of this.
  8. Some diagonal squares, based on Doom 1 flats: I plan to make some Doom 2-based ones in the next day or so, too.
  9. Nope, definitely not a house. Maybe the latest revisions will shed some light:
  10. Personally I would say the Spirit World blows away most of E3. If only more of the D2 hell levels were more like that map... Not sure what Doom 2 you guys have been playing, but the regular version only has one new weapon :P.
  11. Another possible source of frames is if you set the red torches to use the green torch frames, and then use the red recolour flag. They won't look identical to the normal red torches, but I imagine they'd be close enough.
  12. COMPSPAN / SPACEW3 hybrid:
  13. The only still-in-development limit removing port I can think of which isn't also fully Boom compatible is 3DGE, and even that's partially compatible and aiming to be more so in the future. Are there any that aren't Boom compatible?
  14. Cheers Use3D. I'm actually working on two resource wads, one for Doom 1 and the other for Doom 2. At some point I'll also do a merger of the two. They're constantly WIP as I'm using them for a couple of projects of my own, but I do plan to upload "beta" versions in the near future. (I did release an early version of the D2 wad a few years ago, but a lot of stuff has been changed & added since then.)
  15. Here's my old GRAY computer walls: