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  1. The trick to MAP07 is making sure all the mancubii are dead. There are a couple that are quite hard to find.

    Why you should start using 3D SKYbox instead of 2D.

    Skyboxes are quite possible in formats other than UDMF. (I would have thought this would be evident from the fact they're used in many ZDoom projects which predate UDMF, like KDIZD.)
  3. In the mean-time, you can still easily reach that ledge by going through an archway just behind and to the left of that screenshot, up a set of stairs, and through another archway to your right (the one you can just about see in the screenshot).

    Doom -2: The SECOND Doomworld Experiment (CURRENTLY SHELVED)

    Another factor to consider is that October is NaNoWADMo, so a lot of people are going to be busy with their own things for that. I may contribute the odd bit here and there, but I mainly want to get back to a couple of other projects that got neglected in favour of -1.
  5. When you enter the room with the blue key (from the direction of the start), go through the door on the left (with the silver and red lights). If you've already tried to get the red key there will be a teleport pad at the end of this area, otherwise it will be closed.
  6. MAP22: The three doors leading to the exit have no textures on their sides. General: Not really a bug, but the earlier levels have teleporters by the exits which lead back to the start of the map, and I think some of the later levels could do with this as well.

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I've just played through it from start to finish, and can confirm that it is. It took a bit of head-scratching, though. Also, make sure you avoid the middle of that red pentagram once you've got the red key, unless you like repeated backtracking! I also noticed that the sides of the exit doors are all missing textures (I'll post this on the bugfix thread.)

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Hi guys, can anyone confirm that MAP22 is actually beatable? As far as I can tell there's no way to get the red key, as you'll just teleport away every time you get near it. EDIT: Never mind, I finally figured out how you're supposed to get it. This is a little convoluted, especially as it involves going through a door which I had assumed required the red key because it's bordered by red lights. Maybe something else to consider adjusting for the "Remastered" edition.

    Would a TNT Evilution MIDI Pack be of interest to anyone?

    My interpretation is that the OP is planning to make all the midis themselves, although I could be wrong :)

    Doom -1: The Final Release.

    You don't "have to" do that if you're familiar enough with the differences between how the two ports do things. Besides, there are actually a few differences between PRBooom+ complevel 9 and DOS Boom so if you want to ensure a project is truly Boom-compatible you should really be testing with that :) (In fact, I think the reliance on PRBoom+ is why we ended up with sky transfers, even though they were introduced by MBF and not by Boom.)

    Doom -1: The Final Release.

    URROVA has already uploaded a version which should fix fatal crashes, here: https://mega.nz/file/yfhDAaAA#NheSIxTwsN91U6BYOaNceNQOurl2ZkvIRCvDG0r8cIk I've beaten every regular level (i.e. not including MAP33, MAP34, or MAP35) in GZDoom in the recent past, and played through MAP01 to MAP09 and MAP25 only a couple of days ago. I don't foresee any major remaining problems in other ports, especially as I spent some time earlier this week getting rid off "ZDoom-isms" like missing tags.

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Regarding Doom -2, I just wanted to mention again my suggestion of having multiple projects running in parallel ala Mayhem 2018 (with its Orange and Purple editions). My suggestions would be: - Limit removing (or possibly even vanilla) - Boom+ - GZDoom It could be interesting to create a very basic set of maps which are used as the basis for all three projects, and see where things go from there. Of course resources such as textures and sprites could be shared between all three. You could also have a different project lead for each one, e.g. CBM for the GZDoom project.

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    There's already CBM's GZDoom -1, which I assume is going to be revived as soon as Doom -1 is officially released. Personally I'm hoping that -2 is for Boom+ ports (PRBoom+ UMAPINFO branch, GZDoom, Crispy doom, and Eternity), so we can make use of features like DEHEXTRA and MUSINFO without being overwhelmed by an abundance of ZScript gimmicks and 3D floors.

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I think my "fix" of deleting the MAPINFO lump will solve that.

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I just noticed the music is out of order in the new MAPINFO (D_TENSE is on MAP06, everything is one slot off from there to MAP20, and then there's some more weirdness). Will upload a fix shortly. EDIT: v5.64b I think the MAPINFO has the right music for everything now :) EDIT 2: Doh, I broke it. Trying to fix it ASAP. EDIT 3: Ok, the problem was that ZDoom's MAPINFO format is different than DMAPINFO's: you can't just copy & paste the contents. Since there's no time to properly format it, I've just removed the lump. It's not needed anyway, since the level names are defined in the DEHACKED lump. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zM6sMlzxVPQveecsGeG5U2EiG3GtCYWb/view?usp=sharing