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  1. Can I grab map 26 please?
  2. Anarkzie

    How I make convincing looking 90s doom maps?

    Play a bunch of maps that feature the style you're going for and base your wad off of that. You could also use an older map editor so that you're mapping under the same conditions that people were back then.
  3. I'm pretty sure you can sell a wad along as it did not come packaged with any of the commercial assets. The bigger issue is to do with are people willing to buy it, which is probably going to be no.
  4. Anarkzie

    What are some good map tropes?

    what does "1.9 exe line specials/sector specials" mean?
  5. It's really sad to see you're feeling down about the project. I obviously don't know you personally but it seems to me that you're being overly hard on yourself and that you're reading into people's behaviour in an overly negative way. I can tell you that the concept of this wad is really good but it's also a real challenge for those of us that are not as experienced as some of the other mappers here. I'm finding that creating windows, managing the ratio of room space to believable building proportion is far more challenging than the more abstract stuff I've done in the past. If you're feeling down that more people(particularly big name contributors) have not joined or expressed an interest in mapping for the project bear in mind that people are going to be more likely to take part in a project that has a lower commitment and skill threshold, take for example the 1 hour Xmas project. It does not mean that projects like this are not needed or are not good. It's not personal so try not to read it that way. This wad has only been in development for about 4 months, I think? That's not actually all that long. So maybe for your own mental health, take a break from it all and get back into when you're feeling better. I really hope I get my map finished soon and that it's up to a good standard but if I don't then know that it's nothing personal, You're a great mapper bro.
  6. I was thinking about this thread on the way to my gym. It's going to have an interesting affect on the combat, as Doom 2 introduced a whole mid tier class of enemies, we cannot simply spam Imps when placing monster. The early levels are going to especially need to think about this, it should be fun.
  7. Okay put me down for map 6 and I'll see what I can come up .
  8. Shouldn't it be limited to only the super shotgun as all the other weapons were in Doom 1?
  9. Anarkzie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    The Transformer  I have always loved this level, it's simple in all respects but that works to its benefit. If this level were a scene in a film it would be a montage of the protagonist using his/her newly discovered super powers to kick all kinds butt. If I am going to try and provide a halfarsed analyses of the chaos, I think I would say that the crude chairs compliment the shotgunners play style, allowing them to pop in and out of cover.
  10. Anarkzie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    The View Best of the bunch so far. It's placement elevated the fun I had from it immensely. It kind of reminds me of how amazing Obama seemed after having 8 years of Bush. A tech base set in the mountains with walls that you can see your surroundings from, this is such a simple premise that I'm surprised I've not seen it done more often. The combat is good and the journey you take is an interesting one, first seeing areas through the cage walls and then being able to actually set foot outside. Cool To Hell and Back The Flange that this guy is peddling just keeps getting better and better. I actually remember this level being a bit of an ordeal but I actually loved it this this time around. The combat was good throughout and the visuals were as good as his last level, it's just that this levels now makes that one seem redundant. This one is quite the epic, with slight puzzle elements that I liked. The final hell sections functioned as a cool crescendo to the whole affair. Good stuff. Question, how was the Hell filter pulled off? The Pit It's really jarring going from gourmet Flange to this. I'll say this, the opening room is one of the most odd structures I've seen in a Doom map. The combat was pretty intense but I found it very boring. I'm not much a fan of sequels to Doom wads As they almost always end up just being an exercise in plagiarism but I think a wad based on Gene Bird maps would be a cool project as his maps always have something memorable about them in this case it's the start room and the lift. Anyway just a thought I had.
  11. Anarkzie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    Monsieur E and others have so perfectly summed up my feelings for this level that it feels redundant for me to make the same points all over again. I will only add that this level is fantastically detailed and that its clearly the work of a skilled artist, sadly he or she is not skilled at placement of monsters, health or weapons/ammo. I'm not sure if it was just a trend at the time to just fill rooms with as much shit as you can but this is not the only level to have this problem in the wad, this however is the most extreme. That Cyberdemon at the end, I just don't have the words.
  12. Anarkzie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    If you've not seen any hate, mocking etc then that's how you see it, I'm really not motivated to change your mind.
  13. Heres some footage of people playing a level I made for the 3 texture challenge. I used BRNSMALL, CRATINY, DOORTRAK to make a level with. Here's the thread:

    Played by Clippy Clippington. His channel: https://youtube.com/@ClippyClippington

    The Lamp has two playthroughs below. His channel: https://youtube.com/@the_lamp


    This was filmed in the wrong comp level, so there are some issues hence the second play through above.

  14. Heres some footage of people playing my level in Ultimate Doom wad: Solar Struggle E4M2 Customs Office.



    Played by itnaklipse on Hurt me plenty. His channel: https://youtube.com/@itnaklipse1669

    Played by Sandwich on Ultra Violence. His channel: