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  1. act

    St. Anger isn't bad

    the only good metallica albums are Kill 'Em All and St. Anger.
  2. act

    What are you listening to?

    Let me tell you hwat, there's nothing like getting off of work, lighting a joint, and listening to Steely Dan's "Can't Buy a Thrill".
  3. act

    What genre is DOOM?

    he's the illest rapper
  4. act

    Sewerslvt has returned, now known as Cynthoni

    trans girls when you ask them about them when they were 13 to 16:
  5. act

    MS DOS 4.0 source code released under MIT

    Oh, ain't that lovely. Quite a shame it took them this long. Honestly an idea I have is that software should be legally changed to where it is treated as a patent as opposed to a copyright; treating it as a mechanical machine as opposed to an artistic work.
  6. act

    Discuss your daily driver

    my fucking feet. They're about size 9, mens. I usually put them in a nice pair of boots with a zipper in winter, during the warmer months I wear doc martens, if it's particularly hot out I wear sneakers, and if I'm going to work then I wear these walmart steel toes.
  7. act

    thoughts/experiences with weed

    I mean hey, this is going to sound absolutely ridiculous but I use the vveed in a shamanistic-like manner. I try my best to avoid the classic "stoner activity" of sitting in my room while high, wolfing down copeous amounts of food and watching videos; that's just boring. I try to at least meander around the neighbourhood in the middle of the night, doing my best to not be noticed as I'd rather not peturb neighbours nor people in the next neighbourhood over, while high. Anyways, a lot of the stuff I've written on my little website - including something I think I'll finally bellow out from my mind for today - has been while under-the-influence; gonzo-style. (The website is https://fearandloathing.neocities.org btw, pls check out :3) You know, I - statistically speaking - probably descend directly from the first users of recreational cannabis; the Scythians. I'm serious, back in their day they had double-jointed transgender shamans running around smoking weed. I likely descend directly - at least paternally - from them. And furthermore, fringe, borderline conspiratorial (but fun to believe in for the sake of some added "lore" to life) theories list the ancient Scythians - and according to these theories, the Saxon tribes of North Germany and most of the English people and diaspora - as a descendant of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Statistically speaking, I probably have the Y-Chromosomal haplogroup (as in, patrilinial descent) associated in Jewish communities with that of Aaron; the brother of Moses, and great-grandson of Levi, one of the patriarchs of the 12 total tribes of Israel.
  8. but you're always winner
  9. act

    Fun, easy, little weird food

    Oh yeah I made some straight heat last night while smoking that Whoopi Goldberg Furburger Mega-Millions Deluxe Scratcher Skunk Bubba Kush; 1) Toast a slice of bread. 2) Spread sour cream on the now toasted bread. 3) Put a thin slice of onion on the toast. 4) Apply Frank's Red Hot. 5) Put chives on it.
  10. yeah well it still applies to me please God just give me an anyeurism
  11. well i should probably delete myself cause that just makes me feel worthless