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  1. Wowie, good to see that we inspired this project, I hope everything will be alright, I maybe even join tad bit later!
  2. SpaceCat_2001

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    By the way, you should check Auger Zenith textures, there are quite a lot of good city textures. I can actually suggest some of my own texture edits from Duke Nukem:
  3. SpaceCat_2001

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    Wow, I really like the themes of each episode, I should try making something Interesting for it
  4. SpaceCat_2001

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    Is Grungo Homo Heidelbergensis or Homo Neanderthalensis?
  5. SpaceCat_2001

    Share Your Sprites!

    To win the game you must PAY THE TOLL
  6. SpaceCat_2001

    Post your Doom textures!

    @JustAthel Doom Andre is here
  7. SpaceCat_2001

    Profile pages are frozen in December 1723

    Thine problem is unacceptable and ludibrious for the prestige of our illustrious daemon poaching public forum, dear sire. Administrants should be in the deepest of shame for such fiasco
  8. SpaceCat_2001

    The Demonic Institute Of Technology

    This will be a trainwreck
  9. Don't eat Lenin shrooms, and you won't see ores from Terraria
  10. SpaceCat_2001

    Disease (DOOM 2)

    * Played the map, lets start with funky visual bugs, these middle textures are all clip through the floor in doom vanilla rendering mode(thus in a lot of older ports they would clip as well) fix for it is very easy, you just need to make sector in front of/ behind of middle textures one unit lighter or darker. Its just middle textures were programmed in a way so they would be used only on edges of the sectors.. * Some technical stuff were already pin pointed by Maribo. * Now about the gameplay, Blue key room trap can make the player get sandwiched between an archie and other nobles, which wont be fun for a lot of players, it can be fixed by just making the room wider. *Red key room suffers from lack of room aswell, but the player can save themselves using the plasma rifle, so i would recommend adding some plasma clips on the pillars where pinkies are residing. * And about the switch that lowers the red key, its very dark in this part of the room, and average player wont notice the switch, and they will get confused about the location of red key, so i would suggest making the blinking sector very bright, or to make another sector around the switch that would be bright. And to make it player understand that red key is in the room, it would be a good idea to lower the column the red key is sitting on, so the player would be able to see, but not able to reach it. * But over all, i really liked the map, quite hard, with evil traps. A little bit samey due to ceiling and floor using same flat. But great work, keep it up!
  11. SpaceCat_2001

    Disease (DOOM 2)

    We need TEKGREN appreciation day
  12. SpaceCat_2001

    Reflections and Aspirations: MBF21 in 2024

    Sorry, im just not very well versed in all of the capabilities of MBF21
  13. SpaceCat_2001

    Reflections and Aspirations: MBF21 in 2024

    "Pistol start only" flag for items and enemies (and maybe "continous play only flag"? but i dont know if its possible) Instantly killing floor More customisable Teleport action, like teleporting by activating the button, or by shooting into it; if its even feasible
  14. Not an office, but a labaratory, or well, public part of it, its the insides of the building from previous screenshot